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  • How to more accurately determine whether a site is down right

    visible from above, the author used the query tool when the station’s home position is not in the first place, then you can not blindly judge this site is down right. We can see from the chart, the snapshot of the station time, love Shanghai and Shanghai website traffic is expected to love the weight is 2 and PR is 3 and the station is not clear from this single aspect to judge. Obviously, the station did not fall right. Site:www.xxx贵族宝贝 is not in the first place, only one method of judgment is right down, can not separate from this point to judge.

    two. See included, the weight of the website, keyword ranking

    as a Shanghai dragon Er staff, but the heart is the most optimized site is down right, with the search engine algorithm more humane, rational, compared to the previous Shanghai dragon is much more difficult. Especially a few times adjustment and upgrading, this year in Shanghai, such as: love algorithm algorithm algorithm 2 green pomegranate and other upgrades are made of many site is down right.

    . First use webmaster tools to query

    whether a site is down right, for the novice webmaster may appear in the blind judgment. I remember in August when a group of webmaster webmaster suddenly sent a URL over said his station was drop right, when I asked him how to judge the right to be reduced, he said that the site:www.xxx贵族宝贝 site is not the first home page, I said to him: the first site domain name is not in the first page that is not necessarily right down. So I also use webmaster tools on the web site for a simple analysis of the data, found that the home is not in the first place, but the weight is still there, at the same time I also query the station keyword ranking is there. The author of the owners said, don’t worry, your station is not right down. I knew that this must be a novice webmaster will appear such judgment. In the view of whether a site is down right from the web data comprehensive analysis is the most sensible judgment. Today I to take this opportunity to brief summary judgment, a website has what expression is down right, hope to help some novice webmaster.




    in judging whether a site is down right can view the collection is not in a decreasing trend, if a site included suddenly from 3 digits to single digits, "


    for the use of webmaster tools, believe that every webmaster is very familiar with, is used in Shanghai dragon industry in the most many webmaster tools for love: webmaster tools, the home station of Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive query. I generally use the home station of Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive query, webmaster tools for a simple understanding, the following is to use this tool to help analyze Shanghai Longfeng data as shown below:

    How to carry out the data analysis of the hospital website

    analysis: from here can see, know and love Shanghai forum to bring a part of the flow, then can strengthen this part of work.

    Analysis of


    has fast channel optimization for more than a year, beginning like many owners are busy, stop the chain every day. In the "content is king, the chain for the emperor" era, many webmaster to do outside the chain as a very important task. At the beginning of May because the chain included and ranking or lifting or joy or sorrow. Can be a long time, will inevitably be sleepy, watching their every day to do a lot of the chain has no effect when the heart began to sweat. So, start thinking about how to improve their work efficiency. Look at the A5 station a lot about Shanghai Longfeng paper, that benefit. This is thanks to A5 owners to give me a platform, so that I can continue to learn, continue to grow. Below, how do the website data analysis on his Xiaoshan Kowloon andrology hospital? Well written, also hope you heroes exhibitions. QQ1048056038, welcome to the station with the learning exchange, improve together.

    PV data



    3 site analysis

    1, website traffic analysis of the source of


    2 site

    back rate of By visiting the page data analysis

    5, visitors to the site area

    was 4, visitors to the site

    Analysis of

    analysis: visitors back rate reflects a website for users of the "sticky" degree is high enough. This can be seen from the user, the viscosity of the Xiaoshan andrology hospital is not high enough, the need to improve the user experience of the website.

    analysis: from the figure can be seen, the foreskin, premature ejaculation, syphilis the visitor list page number is high, the average residence time is long, these are of great value to the patients, the next work will focus on.

    How to analyze the data of Shanghai dragon

    analysis: PV from the side to the user experience of the website is good, this can be seen from the daily 10:00 AM and 15:00 PM PV of the user is very high, this time visitors greatly. Note: edit daily updates in the station, can you pay little attention to the time.

    Xiaoshan Kowloon andrology hospital



    analysis: the search engine is more and more localized, search for the same word in different regions, the search results may not be the same. This can be seen from the website, users 50%>

    The three basic factors of the choice of keywords

    ?Correlation of

    keyword, this problem is many webmaster mentioned, combined with some recent cases in the us to talk about how to choose the site location keywords today? We must first understand what is the key? What is the meaning of the words in the search engine keywords? In fact it is called by a few words of vocabulary words the most critical is to summarize a website. The shorter words usually search volume is high, the relative degree of competition will be greater. The longer the words the relative search is low, there are some words of good can improve the conversion rate of its own website. Then search for keywords is how to locate sort? This question is very valuable, the earliest time of the search engine is just a simple page content to crawl the site and then to the content of Analysis of classification, then this type of page correlation is high and the page weight is relatively high compared to the list in the front of the search results. (keywords ranking is not only by the high correlation can be ranked up, if your pages are not even the basic requirements are not weight? To ask what is included then the Internet ranking said?) after several years of development, the quantity and quality of Internet users have been rapid growth, so natural as domestic love Shanghai and global use most noble baby the mainstream of these search engines have been greatly improved. The factors of the website rankings are more and more have those? Keyword selection factors to

    so now that you know the location not only to the general name of the company or organization to position, so how do we choose keywords? In to talk about the public can accept those words? In fact, from the beginning of school, we are aware of these things, the school language text, our impression in the memory of Xinhua dictionary…… These words, phrases, since when we accept these things, the search engine in the legend Dictionary (the exact number of phrases is not clear, but some methods and principle of Xinhua dictionary which is very similar.) so when we keyword positioning to meet the public’s ability to accept.

    accepted 2. words

    3. is the best suitable keywords

    network company website basically is the name of customer company or organization to name a network feel this way is not appropriate, most companies are the first relates to the field of electronic commerce, a great site may have been done for the first time, may be the company or organization in the entity in the reality has a certain reputation however, the Internet is not very famous (except for the influence of the big company or organization.) so the keywords with a company name to absolutely is not appropriate for the.

    1. website

    site when words positioning, a network should be focused on the most popular choice. That is not the best, why do you say that? You think popular vocabulary competition is relatively high, the current in the.

    The A lot of It is important to choose the

    How to beat the competition of the enterprises in 2013 Shanghai Longfeng paper Station

    old station domain name for a long time, the general words have the PR value, but now the PR value has been less important, for the love of Shanghai is even more so now, when Links will love Shanghai weight, but the old than the new domain name domain name weight is high, even if there is no love sea weight it does not matter. If the search engine to an old station impression is not good, so naturally will not give you good rankings, like this man has been pulled into the blacklist. We need new faces make the old station better, let Baidu to accept him.

    in Shanghai Longfeng strategy old station

    is also done to the construction of the chain, is also doing updates, why do you do not stand up? This question is very difficult to use one or two words to say, what is to stop doing business in Shanghai dragon what we fight? The chain resources or original content? Or is the user experience? As a Shanghai dragon practitioners we can do is probably the only content and the chain, but do these may not be able to let up, Shanghai dragon road is still very long, we need to constantly practice and exploration. The station is divided into two categories: old and new station.

    I had an old station optimization, keyword competition is moderate, but the optimization of two months ranking is stable in a range, suspended in midair. So I think a lot of Shanghai dragon people are met, why the old station is hard to do? Of course, this is relative to the railway station, according to the author’s experience, many of the old station due to long-term neglect, in addition to some wrong understanding of Shanghai dragon, such as pens of many companies see the station anchor text a large number of applications, an article appeared in many anchor text point to the home page, like this page is very hard to love Shanghai included, station anchor text optimization flooding also has excessive suspicion. And so on the problems often arise in some domain name enterprise long station, so this received a list of the first thing we need to do Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, then a rectification.

    Hello, I am a rock. There are a large number of personnel and the like in Shanghai Longfeng do enterprise stand optimization, in optimization has the same, is nothing more than a website update, the chain construction, Links exchange. But we will still have to do a lot of keywords for three months, or even longer can’t love optimization to the first page of Shanghai, what is the reason? Because the keyword competition is too large, or the implementation of force is not, or simply Shanghai dragon strategy problem? We have to seriously consider this a few aspects, and breakthrough Shanghai dragon is the most difficult to try. We are committed to customer 1-3 months on the first page of Shanghai love, but if you do not go up not only to lose a list, have lost a customer trust. So in the commitment to customers before must think, I can assure you what, I can’t guarantee what.

    now love Shanghai more optimistic on new sites, especially the enterprise.

    first class:

    in Shanghai dragon new strategy


    How to quickly find a new chain specialist can do signature Forum

    due to flooding machine register and click on the software, it is easy to find some new chain specialist registered in the chain, the forum mostly introduced artificial audit and anti irrigation set construction forum outside the chain can become more complicated. Some inexperienced often encountered, their hard registration website to release was found outside the chain, the chain is not allowed with signature requires a certain review period is the need to a certain accumulation, and according to the size distribution level of signature words. It makes a short time to rely on the construction of the chain forum idea is difficult to achieve, also increased the working efficiency of the chain commissioner. In fact, as long as we work to adopt flexible measures, or the increase of the chain of the forum can easily find a lot of registered.


    2. from the predecessors of resource sharing

    etc.anyway, directly into today’s topic, the following is the Dragon methods at work:

    3. in Shanghai to search keywords "

    recently a dragon in order to verify his observation of the love of the Shanghai algorithm testing forum outside the chain to the influence of the website ranking, so a large number of registered forum outside the chain, whether it is the anchor text or text is stored or signature, and the website industry is related to the authority of the forum platform and activity, as long as the signature can be issued the chain can be. So in the pursuit of quantity under the principle of the dragon shaped chain in the short term to obtain a large number of registered can sign, for the next discussion to validate the effect of the fast search for the signature of the chain today talk about summed up the dragon.

    smart webmaster know, want to get outside the chain of resources, in addition to learning from competitors will be rich with internet information. "The love of Shanghai, You’ll see." for the majority of Internet users in the problem is very easy to love Shanghai, will be able to search a lot of content related. We can also use the new chain specialist love Shanghai powerful search engine, search "can take signature forum resources, " at night there will be a lot before the Shanghai Longfeng summary of good resources, even in the Shanghai dragon also marked this forum with anchor text or text, there is no level limit etc.. Although some resources are outdated, but better than our chocolate but do not know how to do, not easy to find but do not use the dilemma.

    1. is the most direct and simple domain:

    through the relevant domain query the competitor’s website, we can easily know what competitors are in development of the forum outside the chain, but can imitate. But looking at competitors forum outside the chain, we must pay attention to a skill, is to see people in the level of competition on the forum. If you are just getting started level we can rest assured to register, if the level is very high that we need to carefully look at other posts in this forum, in order to avoid level restrictions can not be released even registered forum outside the chain, thereby wasting our energy.

    Note that prohibited words affect the trust website

    The importance of

    gold as was in good faith, this is Sima Qian in the records of the idiom "promise" just four words out of the credit value, people walk in without faith and not made. In the world of the Internet, websites such as individual in the society, and the search engine as the network is the social network of rivers and lakes. You want to get good rankings in search engines, not to win the trust of the search engine can not, therefore Shanghai Longfeng optimization trust first.


    for web information problems caused by the case of

    website information content is not my site I master

    I listen to my site, my site I decide, this ad was popular in the country and by 80 on both sides of the Changjiang River, the group preferences, remember my college notice tied bundle of mobile phone card is this ad. My blog I decide my blog site, listen to me, this idea also has independent blog website. But the blog site is a public service of mobile phone products, not just listen to your own phone card. We usually published articles in the forums and blogs, otherwise I will encounter some violation of state regulations and information processing method is often forbidden to publish or replace words. But when published in his blog site without this function limit, if it is free or inadvertently made some sensitive words related to the search engine will not reject, but must be on the web site of the serious drop right, the amount of information so as to give you a sea billion page article sank in every day the. Because if not your site drop right, site information may be inopportune or inappropriate through the search engine wide spread, when the first caught pigtail is the search engine, the relevant departments will first of all that is the result of search engine supervision. So the search engine will be out of contraband sensitive words site, the serious drop right processing.

    Website Trust

    my site "network marketing front", originally after more than two months to write original articles and soft Wen submitting, website is part of the article also love Shanghai news source to collect.

    Shang Yang reform did not move, but the letter first, Ma Taobao arborescens, trading failed, trust first. Whether it is in the reality of the society, or in the virtual network, trust is a precious quality, can reduce the communication cost and improve the economic benefits, can build a personal brand, the establishment of social status. The establishment of good faith to win the trust of people, has become a shortcut to success. When it is website optimization with this, "I in the solution of Shanghai dragon secret Zac blog ranking can not be copied" and "Shanghai dragon new algorithm: public convincing effect" website ranking in this paper a detailed analysis of the site’s trust problem method and build trust website. The website trust establishment is a long-term process of accumulation, but the Website Trust failure often in but in the moment of their. Don’t let the weight of some small problem Website Trust website.

    Why do we need to analyze the secret key words

    contact site keywords is the core of a website, as described as a feature of a person, but also need to have a web site keywords to describe, but often this keyword is hard to find. Often in the website optimization before, we need to own website for analysis, keyword analysis. The blog to tell you why the keyword analysis.

    We all know that Keywords:

    : first need to analyze keywords. It is necessary to choose the core to the site, of course the core things to have certain heat, at least one would go to search words, this website can bring the user keywords. For example, now many webmaster do in Shanghai dragon form + keywords region, want this keyword to pick up a single optimization, but the owners have not thought about, do not understand the Shanghai dragon company executives will go to search this keyword? This keyword is also relatively well-known in the station long inside, but the user’s point of view look, it is difficult to think of such words, such words would not be valid on the web site for the keywords. So the keyword of the website is not optional set, is needed to get the analysis.

    second: select the appropriate keywords. Keywords for this core, it is to choose the high heat, but it does not mean that we must choose the highest heat, sometimes with high heat keyword optimization difficulty is there. The final decision to choose what keywords or keyword analysis under the difficulty of the competition, to analyze from the top several pages of the website, see others using the page or home page, others site optimization analysis method, analysis of key words in others site density, the intensity of competition is more popular keywords, if the intensity of competition great, but you are a new station, it must choose a keyword to give up the heat, select other appropriate keywords. As bloggers do micro-blog marketing site, micro-blog heat is great, new sites to do this is not easy, so the blogger will give up, after micro-blog has chosen to do marketing.

    analysis of effective flow again. After screening in front of the 2 step, the keyword of the website is basically can be determined, but this does not mean do not need to go to the analysis of key words. Website operation later in the process, the webmaster to real-time traffic from the keyword analysis, through the analysis we can see Google keywords bring effective flow analysis, can see the site keywords can bring effective flow, keywords may appear before we choose although very popular, but could not bring us effective flow too much, we need to abandon such words, re select the keywords optimization. The keyword of the website must be straightforward, and their correlation to products, many optimization company in order to complete the task, to the user optimization directly to optimize the site name, or the name of the company, but the key words on the site itself, there is no any meaning, then hot nor effective flow. ;

    New Shanghai Longfeng optimization analysis three erroneous views of personnel entering the workplac

    first, Shanghai dragon why need to work rather than a fixed modular running account. We need to understand what is the purpose of our website. The answer is yes in order to obtain accurate and effective target customers, in order to achieve maximum flow, improve the site conversion rate, effective orders to bring. Understand this, the following things are very easy to understand, is the user experience with the love Shanghai algorithm upgrade user experience of our strategy and the way to change.

    to solve the above problems, the author to understand their own mistakes in the next to do an analysis, hoping to provide some reference for everyone.

    first, Shanghai dragon is not simple repetitive work, but an extremely meticulous, an art behavior need to operate carefully. Secondly, the content and the chain is the key to do is to do every day? Every day work will have no meaning, this is worth every one in Shanghai Longfeng work friends to self review and summary. Finally, Shanghai dragon is the network promotion as long as the website ranked at home will Everfount orders. Shanghai dragon is only a part of the promotion, get more traffic and orders but also for their own websites of various effective website data analysis.


    as everyone knows, website maintenance optimization of content and the chain work can be said to occupy the main work 8 hours a day, which leads to some entry-level novice friends think Shanghai dragon is very simple ah, nothing more than doing some fixed modular work such as every morning update, the afternoon visiting the forums outside chain etc.. These things on the surface can not see what technical content, but once love Shanghai algorithm update or every Monday a small update of a monthly update, your site weight and ranking do not, or has this time facing the boss questioned his ability, suddenly epiphany, the original Shanghai dragon is not a simple repetition, it must there is a doorway, a good talk with the short continued his three years of experience to share with you to optimize Shanghai dragon three problems entering the workplace facing and solutions.

    solutions, optimization is actually very simple, I want to say only two words carefully. Specific performance in the aspect of web design, good user experience, taking into account the reading habits of users and spiders crawl mode, add all kinds of navigation, navigation, page open speed, statistics for the website keywords analysis and long term, always pay attention to industry news and change trend of search engine, any details of his optimization to explain the reasons why this operation, cause what is the result of good results and bad love, such as Shanghai increased click principle, this time how to make users as much as possible to read our article, we need to think about is to delve into the part, such as a web site content fresh degree, the original degree. Each article at the bottom of the related articles and so on, all can effectively improve the click rate. The author thinks that the website optimization website is not built on the line of the.

    Love Shanghai and zoom trick speed intelligent search, to search into the prophet

    is the core focus is the "speed" and "smart", faster search speed, higher search efficiency, not only can quickly react more to analyze your behavior through big data love Shanghai, give you the results, more intelligent and humane.


    : a core speed intelligent search, the future of

    as usual, open the Shanghai love search, find love Shanghai search process is a bit different, fine look, found:

    as we know, Chinese search to solve the input side of the search results page side technology far more difficult than English, why?

    this change, save 4-8 seconds for the users to search every day so you can save the user 5610608208 seconds to love Shanghai.

    2, the search box by the original position of the top and bottom to retain only now at the top of the search box and top form, easy for users to search type.

    1, Chinese input method of keyword type, and >

    2, now the search engine has a smart, it can guess what you want

    after the author’s some understanding, the original love Shanghai search to update the official external argument is "love Shanghai speed intelligent search, embodies the" one center and two basic points, namely:

    any innovation of science and technology, has experienced a long process to capture technology, although the final presentation to the user’s seemingly simple products, but the technology and difficulties behind the need is that we cannot imagine, but to achieve speed and intelligent search function, technical ability really love Shanghai behind is not to be underestimated.

    is changed slightly, but compared to the past search process, intelligent completion and predict the current search, so the search process is very good experience.

    2, you can see the prophet: accurate guide users, to see the

    two basic points: the prophet you want, you can see the prophet

    as always step by step

    compared with ordinary search speed, love Shanghai speed intelligent search can improve the search efficiency more than 3 times, not only greatly improves the search speed, more is to improve the search efficiency.

    1, the last search engine is just a tool, it can be found that you want to

    1, you want to predict the prophet: user search demands, instantaneous results show users want to.

    3, the future search engine it can insight into the needs of the prophet, you did not want to

    1, in Shanghai love search box enter the keywords, do not click on the "love Shanghai" or "enter" button to show real-time results and related content, at the same time, with the changing of input, the results obtained is the real-time dynamic change.

    Love Shanghai and what are the differences for Google keywords ranking

                a love, Google pays more attention to the website weight


                website weight is very important to a website, the high weight of the site you want to put a keyword up, the time spent is far better than a low weight website will come easy. Love Shanghai pay more attention to this website weight, many keywords are those keywords weight relatively high occupied, it often do not consider the update, enter a keyword often appear some weight higher 2010 post; and Google more pleasure by those new articles, if you are a the quality is high, being included, this article will let you into a good position, even if you are a low weight of the new station. From this point we can see that love Shanghai pay more attention to the weight of the website than Google.

                with love Shanghai algorithm change, now many webmaster for a website written title have a big change, before is completely, pay much attention to the key words, for example: This is the whole person SMS short message Daquan _ whole _ funny _ the whole person SMS the new XXX – the whole person SMS SMS network, so you can completely match the way to do the four keywords, and now many webmaster is summed up in one sentence the title of the website, such as just writing written: the latest Funny SMS Daquan whole person SMS -xxx network, this approach completely covers the overall keywords. But the need to use the principle to word love Shanghai to sort out those key words; while Google still attaches great importance to complete the matching mode, and the 28 SMS network www.28dx贵族宝贝/ enter a keyword, Find a related article is far more than the love of Shanghai to find out.

                two, word segmentation: Google more perfectly matched

                love Shanghai and Google webmaster friends is the most intimate friends, friends China mainly engaged in site optimization to love Shanghai search engine as the goal, and engage in foreign trade, mainly to Google webmaster optimization, although there is a search engine, but there is a big difference or in the keywords ranking, many webmaster found Google keyword is easy to go up, but no matter how love Shanghai are difficult to break through the competition, actually this is only a webmaster friends feeling, not all of the station will have this idea. Through long-term practice we can see that love is different for Shanghai and Google keywords ranking, below, love Shanghai and Google keywords ranking for what are the differences.

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