Petrochemical growth spurt expected despite rising desire for fewer plastics

first_imgCompanies mentioned in this article: (TSX:IPL, TSX:PPL)Dan Healing, The Canadian Press Follow @HealingSlowly on Twitter. CALGARY — Canada’s slow-growing petrochemical industry is headed for its biggest surge of expansion spending in five years in 2019, thanks in large part to incentive programs by federal and provincial governments.The government support has angered environmental groups who point out that almost 90 per cent of plastics used in this country wind up as litter or in landfills.But it’s welcomed by the industry as a necessary factor if Canada is to keep up with its competitors in the United States.Capital spending on industrial chemical industry projects in Canada this year is expected to jump by 65 per cent to $1.9 billion, the highest since $2.2 billion in 2014 and third-highest in a decade, according to a year-end members survey by the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada, which represents producers of 75 per cent of the country’s chemical products by value.Employment is expected to rise by about four per cent or 640 jobs to 17,670.The growth is coming despite rising concern over single-use plastics. Many jurisdictions are banning plastic straws and grocery bags in reaction to scenes like the great Pacific Ocean floating garbage island between Hawaii and California and dead and dying sea creatures.“Yes, we need plastics. What we want is to stop wasting plastics,” said Keith Brooks, programs director for Environmental Defence, who says voluntary initiatives by industry aren’t good enough.His organization is calling for a national strategy with performance standards and tougher enforcement to get Canada to zero plastic waste by 2025.Capital spending in Canada this year will come mainly from construction already underway on two projects to turn petrochemicals produced with natural gas into plastic pellets: Inter Pipeline Ltd.’s $3.5-billion polypropylene project in central Alberta and the $2-billion expansion of Nova Chemicals Corp.’s polyethylene plant at Sarnia, Ont.The former is to receive $200 million in royalty credits under a 2016 Alberta NDP government program — the latter is backed by $100 million through Ontario’s Jobs and Prosperity Fund and $35 million from Ottawa’s Strategic Investment Fund.“On a global basis, as all jurisdictions are trying to attract investment, the governments at various levels — federal, state and provincial — play a role,” said Nova CEO Todd Karran in an interview.He said it’s always been so — the company’s $1-billion polyethylene expansion at its central Alberta complex, opened in 2016, benefited from a multimillion-dollar provincial royalty credit program created by a Progressive Conservative government to spur new sources of ethane to remedy a shortage of feedstock.Last year, Alberta announced two programs worth $2.1 billion in royalty credits, grants and loans to encourage investments in petrochemical feedstock and manufacturing facilities. Winning bids are expected to be announced soon.Meanwhile, a final investment decision is expected soon on a $4-billion polypropylene project by a joint venture of Calgary-based Pembina Pipeline Corp. and a subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Corp., eligible for $300 million in royalty credits under the 2016 Alberta program.“Our made-in-Alberta plan means new projects must do the right thing for the environment, and by upgrading more here at home instead of shipping our raw product south of the border, we reduce emissions and ensure Alberta is among the most responsible and lowest emissions petrochemical producers in the world,” provincial Energy Minister Marg McCuaig-Boyd said in a statement.David Chappell, senior vice-president of petrochemical development for Inter Pipeline, wouldn’t say if the company has applied for further government funding, but conceded it would be “crazy” not to consider it.“Even in a low-carbon future, you’re going to see huge demand for petrochemicals and that’s good for the future of Alberta and the oil and gas industry,” he said.Canadian petrochemical expansions are dwarfed by the activity south of the border.A total of 333 new U.S. chemical industry projects using shale gas had been announced as of September, according to the American Chemistry Council. Those projects account for US$202 billion in new capital investment and are expected to create 431,000 direct and indirect jobs by 2025.In both Canada and the U.S., the main driver of growth is an ample and inexpensive supply of natural gas-based feedstocks like methane, ethane and propane that can be transformed into chemical building blocks such as methanol, ammonia, ethylene and propylene, said Stephen Zinger, senior vice-president, chemicals, at consultancy Wood Mackenzie.Provincial and federal government supports, and Ottawa’s recent decision to allow a 100 per cent accelerated capital cost allowance for new investments, are being noticed by investors, said Bob Masterson, CEO of the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada.“Where for most of the last decade the global chemistry community has just bypassed Canada … now we’re back on the radar. We’ve got the resource, we’ve got the people and now we’re starting to see the favourable investment conditions at the provincial and federal level,” he said.The Canadian industry is well aware of its environmental reputation.The CIAC supports a target of 100 per cent of plastics packaging to be either reusable, recyclable or recovered by 2040 (and 100 per cent to be recyclable or recoverable by 2030), although it acknowledges it can’t accomplish that without the co-operation of manufacturers, regulators and the general public.On Wednesday, Nova Chemicals announced it was one of 30 founding members of the international Alliance to End Plastic Waste, which is making a combined initial commitment of US$1 billion to find ways over the next five years to eliminate plastic waste in the environment.last_img read more

UNbacked body says reconstruction plan for Afghanistan on track

1 May 2007The high-level United Nations-backed body tasked with overseeing the Afghanistan Compact, a five-year reconstruction blueprint for the war-ravaged country, said today that since its inaugural meeting last year, the implementation of the plan – which aims to bolster security, economic development and counter-narcotics efforts – is on track. However, the Joint Coordination and Monitoring Board (JCMB) also noted that while the Compact is capitalizing on momentum to meet both short and long-term goals, it is necessary to translate these efforts into meaningful changes for a majority of Afghans.“Last year was successful,” said Ishaq Nadiri, JDMB co-chair, professor and senior economic adviser to Afghan President Hamid Karzai, referring to the problem-solving mechanism established and implemented. “We are glad that there is progress to report, but we must focus more energy on implementation to ensure that this progress soon becomes more evident on the ground.”He added that the Compact’s success was challenged unexpectedly by the unstable security situation in the south and south-east of the country.Meeting at the Afghan capital Kabul, the body welcomed increased commitments to meet the country’s most pressing needs. The number of Afghanistan National Police officers has been raised temporarily to 82,000, and enhanced coordination on energy issues has yielded beneficial results. In addition, the Government and its partners have made progress in attaining the benchmarks of the Compact, which was adopted last January.In terms of short-term targets, successes include the functionality of the National Assembly, the start of Government discussions with its partners on investment in natural resource harvesting and the coming into effect of four key laws regarding investment and the private sector.Regarding longer-term benchmarks, the JCMB reported that school enrolment has surged 12 per cent to 5.4 million students, of whom 35 per cent are girls. Over 80 per cent of Afghans now have access to basic health services, while 132 million square metres of land has been cleared of mines since last March.“In healthcare, in education, in community projects, in microfinance, in government revenue collection, in the modernization of the Afghan National Army – in each of these areas and many others we are moving forward,” said Tom Koenigs, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan and JCMB co-chair.“But now, as the Afghanistan Compact enters its second year, we must look beyond this room and devote our attention to ensuring that the JCMB and its associated consultative mechanisms produce even more tangible outputs and visible action.”In another development, the head of the UN World Health Organization (WHO) met with President Karzai to discuss how to stamp out polio, once and for all in Afghanistan, which is one of the four remaining countries yet to eradicate polio.WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan met with President Karzai at the Arg, or Presidential Palace, in Kabul yesterday to discuss the next steps to stop the spread of the disease, including how to reach migrant, nomadic and displaced children so they can receive the vaccine.“Afghanistan can win the polio race,” President Karzai told Dr. Cho. “As we rebuild our country, we will ensure that no Afghan child will ever again be paralyzed by this terrible disease.”Afghanistan, which recently vaccinated over 7 million children against the disease, is the only country among those still affected by polio to not have reported any cases since last November.Dr. Chan’s visit is the first leg of a two-part journey to Afghanistan and Pakistan to encourage joint efforts to curtail polio transmission, which straddles the long and porous border between the countries, which are considered a single “block of transmission.”She also conferred with President Karzai on synchronizing plans with Pakistan to curb transmission of polio. Although Afghanistan has been polio-free so far this year, Pakistan has reported cases which are genetically related to the virus detected in Afghanistan last year.During her stop in Afghanistan, Dr. Chan met with NATO and the International Security Assistance Force to investigate ways of negotiating pauses in the fighting to allow medical workers to vaccinate children, since the security situation in the southern region of the country and in areas bordering Pakistan makes it hazardous for health professionals to operate.“Days of Tranquillity and a sense of security for health workers are indispensable for Afghanistan to protect its children from polio and to lead the world towards the complete eradication of this disease,” Dr. Chan said.Last year, the country reported 31 cases of polio, up from just nine in 2005, and most of the new cases were in the Southern Region.Afghanistan still needs almost $20 million to meet its immunization needs for 2007 and 2008.The Global Polio Eradication Initiative, a worldwide effort spearheaded by WHO, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Rotary International and the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, was launched in 1988 when over 125 countries were impacted by polio. read more

Dehiwala brothel raided

The police raided the premises yesterday and made the arrest. The police media unit also said that among those arrested was a woman.The police also seized a car used to transport the prostitutes to the hotel. The police said that they had raided a brothel operating in the Dehiwala area and arrested three people.According to the police media unit, the brothel was operating inside a mini hotel along Belanthara Road in Dehiwala. The suspects are to be produced in court today. The Dehiwala police are conducting further investigations. read more

Meet Scott Behie Presidents Surgite Award winner

Scott Behie is a President’s Surgite Award winner. The President’s Surgite Award is given to current students to recognize those who have been outstanding in one or more of the following areas: leadership, advancing the University’s reputation, contribution to life at Brock or valuable service to the University or broader community.This is the first in a series of three stories featuring the graduate student recipients of the 2015 awards.***Scott BehiePhD student in BiotechnologyHometown: Calgary, AlbertaGraduate award highlights: 2015 President’s Surgite Award; Dean of Graduate Studies Excellence Scholarship; Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship in Science & Technology (September 2013 to August 2014); NSERC Postgraduate Doctoral Scholarship (September 2014 to August 2017)You can inspire and lead someone with words and with setting good examples, says Scott Behie, a 2015 winner of the President’s Surgite Award. But now and then, he says, it’s a “kick in the bum” that makes all the difference.“I don’t have a leadership philosophy per se, as everyone needs something different,” says the PhD student in Biological Sciences when asked about his personal leadership skills.“I guess I just try to make people comfortable with me, set a good example, and try to inspire the people around me to do well. I think a good leader is someone who can recognize when a student, or friend, or colleague needs a push, when they need a soft approach, and when they need a kick in the bum.“Through my time here at Brock, and in my family life, I’ve been given some great examples of leadership. My supervisors in my fourth year thesis and PhD, Dr. Michael Bidochka, and Dr. Paul Zelisko, as well as my dad and my sisters, have all just been confident and amazing people in my life.”Behie has had a stellar research experience at Brock with an impressive list of publications.“The best example of how I have contributed to Brock would be my academic publications,” says Behie. “With my supervisor and research team, we have published in a number of international journals, Science being the most notable. Our research has therefore been noticed internationally. It’s really exciting that I was able to add to the research profile at Brock.”At Brock, Behie has been part of a research team that studies properties of Metarhizium, a widespread soil-borne fungus that feasts upon more than 200 different kinds of insects. Metarhizium has long been known to be an insect pathogen, destroying soil-borne pests by robbing them of nitrogen. Metarhizium is currently used as a bio-control agent in agriculture around the world.This research is the first of its kind to show that the Metarhizium fungus is also able to transfer nitrogen from the insects that they kill to plants via their root systems because it’s a plant endophyte. That means the fungus lives inside the plant without causing any harm to its host. And that may have tremendous implications for nitrogen-poor soils, especially in developing countries.Behie is closing out his graduate career at Brock in the next few months. He’ll be defending his thesis this summer and then he’s off to begin a post-doctoral research fellowship at UC Berkeley.“I’m very excited about being part of the Berkeley team that has some really new ideas on how to potentially find some new antibiotics,” he says.Julian Petrachenko, Master’s student in Applied Health Sciences will be featured next week. read more

China criticizes US opposition to Chinese 5G telecom tech

BEIJING — China has criticized Washington’s opposition to Chinese-made next-generation telecoms technology after Vice-President Mike Pence called on Iceland and other governments to find alternatives.A foreign ministry spokesman, Geng Shuang, accused American leaders Friday of “abusing the concept of national security” to block commercial activity by Chinese companies.China’s Huawei Technologies Ltd. is a leader in next-generation, or 5G, technology. But Washington says Huawei is a security risk, an accusation the company denies.Pence said during a meeting this week with Iceland’s prime minister, Katrin Jakobsdottir, that Washington wants to “work with Iceland and other freedom-loving nations to find alternatives to essentially China’s state-based 5G operation.”The Associated Press read more

Queensway West endurance test

A Toronto developer said this week that he had tenants and buyers for a 35-store plaza project in Simcoe but lost them all because of “hurdles” in the county planning process.Ed Bain, managing director of S. Land Development Corporation, said his firm has spent $500,000 over the past five years satisfying all requirements for Norfolk’s site-plan approval process.Two years ago, he had the development on the Queensway West at Cedar Street fully tenanted. However, Bain told Norfolk council Tuesday that interest faded as the site-plan process dragged on.It was a familiar story for Mayor Kristal Chopp, who said she’s “deeply concerned” by Bain’s report.“There are reasons why people don’t want to come and don’t want to develop in Norfolk County,” Chopp said. “It shouldn’t take this long.”Chopp asked her colleagues to remember this story as council considers ways of making the Norfolk planning process more user-friendly.Chris Baird, Norfolk’s general manager of public works, was general manager of development and cultural services for most of the five years in question.Baird said council didn’t hear the entire story.“The development is only as fast as the developer,” Baird said during a break in Tuesday’s meeting.“It would not be fair to say staff was delaying them. They were working at their own pace and staff was there to facilitate them.”S.Land Development has cleared the site-plan control process and is ready to proceed. Once a shovel is in the ground, Bain said the $12-million project could be finished within a year.Bain and partners were at Governor Simcoe Square to get council’s blessing for a property-tax rebate under Norfolk County’s Community Improvement Plan.The province allows municipalities to give developers breaks when they re-develop problem parcels such as brownfields.The 5.2 acres in question once had a rail line running through it.The parcel is also in a low-lying area. Bain’s company has raised it six feet with 13,000 cubic metres of clean fill.The improvements made plus the increased assessed value of the real estate qualifies S. Land Development for consideration under the county’s Community Improvement Plan.A previous owner wanted to build housing on the land but thought better of it when methane gas was detected from an underlying peat deposit.S.Land Development intends to build on a pile-supported slab foundation. Problem gases will be vented away from the buildings and will not impede or complicate commercial activity.At Tuesday’s meeting, Norfolk council supported economic development officials and county lawyer Nicholas Loeb drawing up an agreement that would commit the county to a tax-incentive rebate.The document and the magnitude of the rebate will be presented to council at a later read more

Royal baby Duke and Duchess of Cambridge leave hospital with the new

Theresa May, the Prime Minister, has led the messages of congratulation to the Royal couple, wishing them “great happiness for the future”. Sharon McEwan is ready to welcome the third Royal babyCredit:Dominic Lipinski /PA John Loughrey (left) and Terry Hutt hold dolls outside the Lindo Wing  1:07PMKensington Palace statement: ‘Duchess of Cambridge has been delivered of a son’ Prince George of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge attend the wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews  The world’s media are gathered outside the Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital ahead of the birth of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s third child.— Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) April 23, 2018 As the Great Kate Wait goes on, Royal supporters remain in buoyant mood outside the Lindo Wing. This video has the latest from the scene. A close-up of the Royal baby’s faceCredit:Eddie Mulholland/The Telegraph The University of St Andrews, where the Duke and Duchess met, dug out a picture from the archives. Natasha Archer, the Duchess’s stylist and personal assistant, has been spotted leaving the St Mary’s hospital complex.Ms Archer was photographed walking from the Mary Stanford wing, a neighbour of the Lindo Wing where the Duchess was taken after going into labour.Royal fans will be hoping this suggests an announcement is imminent. Mazal Tov! Congratulations to TRH the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their son #RoyalBaby. Together with Nechama, and all the Israeli people, I send warmest wishes to Her Majesty the Queen, & all the Royal Family. Looking forward to welcoming the Duke to Israel soon.— Reuven Rivlin (@PresidentRuvi) April 23, 2018 The Duchess of Cambridge faced having to appear in front of the world’s media just hours after giving birth to her third child.Kate and the Duke of Cambridge have traditionally introduced their newborns to the public with a brief photocall on the steps of the Lindo Wing, and they delivered again on Monday afternoon.Here’s a look at who from “Team Kate” was on hand to help the now mother-of-three prepare for the appearance with the Duke and their son. In the Lindo Wing, Kate will again be given a bespoke experience akin to a five-star hotel with en suite rooms available “providing a modern, homely environment in which to start your new or expanded family life”, the unit’s website states.Deluxe rooms and suites are also available. The latest price list, from July last year to March, states that a standard room package, including a one-night stay, costs from £5,900, while a deluxe package is £6,275 – with an extra night priced at more than £1,000 for both options.The price of a suite of two rooms, with one used as a living room, is available on application but five years ago it cost £6,265 for a one-night stay.With standard and deluxe care packages rising by around £1,000 since the birth of their first child, William and Kate could spend close to £7,500 for a suite.Each room has a satellite TV with major international channels, radio, bedside phone, fridge, free wi-fi and a choice of daily newspapers.All meals are freshly prepared in a dedicated kitchen and there is even an afternoon tea service, for parents to celebrate their new arrival, the website suggests. After the Queen, other members of the Royal family and the Middleton family have been told that the Duchess has given birth, the Royal communications team will email media organisations with the sex, weight and timing of the birth.Moments later, the news will be announced via Royal Twitter and Instagram accounts before a traditional paper announcement is placed on an easel outside Buckingham Palace. The Duke of Cambridge grins at the cameras, flanked by his eldest son Prince George and a waving Princess CharlotteCredit:DASA On behalf of Londoners, I want to send our warmest congratulations to the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their baby boy.— Sadiq Khan (@SadiqKhan) April 23, 2018 10:29AMRoyal fans camped outside hospital for 15 days The Duchess of Cambridge pictured during her final public event before going on maternity leaveCredit:Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty  Mother and baby are “doing well”, while the Queen, Prince Philip and other senior members of the Royal family are said to be “delighted” with the news.It is expected the prince’s first name will be announced in the coming days, with predictions including Arthur, Albert, Frederick, James and Philip. A police officer stands outside the Lindo Wing on Monday morning Credit:HENRY NICHOLLS /Reuters 3:05PM’Delighted’ Queen pictured horse riding days after 92nd birthday John Loughrey (left) and Terry Hutt hold dolls outside the Lindo Wing Credit:Dominic Lipinski /PA The new royal baby will be fifth in line to the throne, behind the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Cambridge, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. It means Prince Harry will drop down to sixth in line, and every other member of the Royal family will be one step further away from the throne.Because of recent changes to the laws governing succession, the baby’s sex will make no difference, as boys no longer have precedence over girls.If the change had not been made and the third baby were a boy, he would be fifth in line instead of Princess Charlotte – however that will now not be the case.The new baby will be an HRH and a Prince or Princess of Cambridge – thanks to the Queen who stepped in ahead of Prince George’s birth to ensure all William’s children had fitting titles. 12:31PMWill the Duke and Duchess take maternity and paternity leave?   The Lindo Wing’s internationally renowned obstetric unit caters for complex pregnancies and deliveries as well as multiple births and it has the benefit of being based in an NHS hospital if further complications arise, including its facilities for premature babies in the Winnicott Baby Unit.In 2006, William visited the refurbished NHS neonatal unit at St Mary’s, cradling two tiny premature babies – one weighing just 5lb.At the forefront of specialist care for premature babies, the Winnicott looks after some of the most critically ill newborns in the UK.It treats around 350 sick and premature babies from across the country each year, caring for up to 18 infants at a time.Diana returned to St Mary’s in April 1997 – four months before her death in a Paris car crash – when she toured the paediatric intensive care unit, meeting poorly youngsters. Credit:Stefan Rousseau /PA A notice is placed on an easel in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace  The baby son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge could be named after the mythical King Arthur – if punters are to believed.Bookmakers have seen a flurry of bets placed on William and Kate’s infant boy being given the moniker of the famous leader of the Knights of the Round Table.William Hill’s Rupert Adams said they had a very busy day with bets totally almost £100,000 placed by punters, with the 2-1 favourite Arthur and second place James 4-1, best backed.Harry Aitkenhead from Coral said: “At the moment Arthur is now 7-4 with Coral. James 4-1 with Philip and Albert at 6-1 the only other two with single figure odds.”Anything else would be a big surprise.”The moniker has a strong royal pedigree as it is one of the middle names of both Charles and William.Arthur supposedly lived in the 5th or 6th century and is said to have unified the country and set up his court at Camelot before being killed in a final epic battle.Once popular, the name fell out of fashion but has had a revival in recent years. Former prime minister David Cameron has a son called Arthur.There were similar odds on offer at Paddy Power too, with a spokesman saying: “Kate and Will might be keeping tight-lipped in public, but we think enough people have ‘Arthur’ clue as to the name.“Rumours have been swirling all day, and we’ve seen a royal flood of bets on Arthur, forcing us to pay out early.”Arthur (2/1)James (4/1)Albert (6/1)Philip (12/1)Michael (14/1)Jack (14/1)Edward (14/1)Louis (14/1)Henry (16/1)Thomas (16/1)(Top 10 from Paddy Power) Assistant to the Duchess of Cambridge’s Private Secretary Sophie Agnew (left) and the Duchess of Cambridge’s PA and Stylist Natasha Archer carry items of luggage in India back in 2016Credit:Dominic Lipinski/PA Town crier Tony Appleton announces the birth outside the Lindo WingCredit:Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP Prince Harry just got demoted again. #royalbaby— David Walliams (@davidwalliams) April 23, 2018 She has a prime spot outside the hospital and sported a full Union Jack checked suit. Hearing the news of The Duchess giving birth to a baby boy, she said: “It’s very exciting to be here and an incredible moment. “This is such an exciting year for the Royals and I’m already preparing to be in Windsor next month [for the wedding of HRH Prince Harry and Ms Meghan Markle]. “Today really has filled me with happiness and pride for the royal family and our country and I send them my congratulations.”  Kenyans took to Twitter to celebrate the birth of the royal baby, with the new arrival leading the trending in a country that has deeply cherished links with the House of Windsor.Donald Kipkorir, one of Kenya’s most prominent lawyers, tweeted: “As a fully-fledged supporter of the House of Windsor, I celebrate the #royalbaby as it guarantees the continuity of the Royal Family.  May the good Lord watch over our royal Prince.” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offers his congratulations to Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their third child. 🇨🇦 🇬🇧— CanadianPM (@CanadianPM) April 23, 2018 The Duchess will be expected to head home to the sanctuary of Kensington Palace in a few hours, just as she did with Charlotte in 2015 – but not before introducing the new royal baby to world on the steps of the Lindo Wing.George and Charlotte might even visit the hospital to see their mother and baby sibling, just as George did when his younger sister was born three years ago. An easel is placed in the Forecourt of Buckingham Palace in London to announce the birth of a baby girl. An update from our US Editor Ben Riley-Smith. America’s cable news shows are getting suitably excited by the royal baby news, with reporters stationed outside the hospital doing regular down-the-line reports. But one CNN presenter, John Berman, has got into hot water after merging the royal news with another British franchise success, Harry Potter. Mr Berman suggested that the new royal baby should be named Severus Albus Windsor – an apparent ode to Harry Potter’s fictional son Albus Severus Potter. JK Rowling picked up on the suggestion, tweeting that it had triggered “one of my regular out-of-body ‘how the hell did all this happen?’ moments”. Mr Berman later joked his proposal had caused an international incident. He said the name would be “awesome” but conceded on Twitter: “I get my fairy tales mixed-up sometimes.” Ms Archer has been credited with revamping the Duchess’s look, and is said to be tasked with ordering clothes and ensuring any necessary bespoke adjustments are made.She joins the Cambridges on their overseas tours and is believed to have previously worked for the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.Amanda Cook TuckerAmanda Cook Tucker is responsible for caring for what the Duke of Cambridge once joked was Kate’s “nightmare” hair.She was called to the Lindo Wing to help prepare the Duchess’s brunette locks after the birth of Prince George and Princess Charlotte.This trusted member of Team Kate was said have been on standby for a month ahead of George’s arrival.She is well used to working with the royals – she has been cutting the hair of William and Harry for years.Maria Teresa Turrion BorralloGeorge and Charlotte’s full-time live-in nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo was tasked with caring for the prince and princess, and preparing them for the visit to the hospital.The indispensable Norland nanny has been with the family since 2014, joining them when George was eight months old. Royalist Terry Hut is adorned in Union Jacks as he waits outside the Lindo WingCredit:Samir Hussein /WireImage 4:53PMPrince George arrives in his school uniform as Princess Charlotte waves at crowd Prince George, still wearing his school uniform, was the first to get out the Land Rover Discovery, which was driven by his father. He was followed shortly afterwards by Princess Charlotte, who waved to the cameras with one hand and held the Duke of Cambridge’s hand with the other. Hand-in-hand, all three walked up the steps into the hospital to meet the new arrival – but not before Princess Charlotte turned around once more to wave at the massive crowd outside. 11:08AMNew parents emerge from Lindo Wing to face world’s media 12:49PMIs announcement imminent? Duchess’s stylist spotted leaving hospital 1:24PMDuchess expected to head home in a few hours With the baby on its way, press pens are now open outside the hospital as journalists, photographers and camera crews wait for confirmation of the baby’s arrival.Royal watchers will be expecting a swift delivery. With George, the duchess gave birth 10-and-a-half hours after being admitted to hospital, but Charlotte was born just two hours and 34 minutes after Kate arrived at the Lindo Wing.  As news of the Royal baby spreads around the world, messages of congratulation have been emerging far and wide. It’s a boy! @RoyalNavy sailors and @RoyalMarines on board @hms_albion have sent their best wishes and congratulations to @KensingtonRoyal with a special flight deck photograph from operations in the Asia Pacific region. #royalbaby— Royal Navy (@RoyalNavy) April 23, 2018 12:06PMDuchess faced severe morning sickness again in pregnancy The royal baby has arrived just over three and a half weeks before the royal wedding.Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are due to tie the knot in Windsor in only 26 days’ time on Saturday May 19.The Duchess of Cambridge is expected to be attending but, with her baby son only a few weeks’ old, she is not likely to stay for the entire celebration which will stretch into the evening and probably the early hours.Her attendance is likely to depend on how she is feeling and how the baby is feeding.When around one month old, the baby prince will be able to coo, gurgle and hum to express feelings, will have fully developed hearing and be able to focus a bit better but still only see around 30cm. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit Oslo in FebruaryCredit:Chris Jackson /Getty It is understood the Duchess was taken to the private maternity unit of St Mary’s hospital before 6am.When the Duchess was pregnant with Princess Charlotte, her labour began in similar circumstances, with Kate being admitted around the same time and her daughter born just two hours and 34 minutes later. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital in London, with Princess Charlotte Baby joy for Fife graduates – #congrats to Catherine Middleton, art history Class of 2005 & William Wales, geography Class of 2005, on the birth of their 3rd child. #RoyalBaby 👏— Univ of St Andrews (@univofstandrews) April 23, 2018 Prince George of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge attend the wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews Credit:Max Mumby/Getty Historian Judith Rowbotham predicted William and Kate would pick Philip for the new baby prince, in tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh.”I strongly suspect that Philip will be either a first or a second name,” she said. “It’s plain that they like the Germanic sounding names but at the same time they’re looking within the Windsor traditions.”Arthur has been the bookmakers’ favourite for a boy, followed by Albert. 2:40PMOfficial announcement of Royal birth goes on display The Duchess of Cambridge opted for patriotic red and white – the colours of the England flag – as she made her first public appearance with her St George’s Day babyCredit:Eddie Mulholland/The Telegraph Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (left) turns to wave at the media as she is led in with her brother Prince George of Cambridge (right)Credit:Ben Stansall/AFP 11:05AMWill he or she ever be monarch?   Kate was dressed in a vibrant, block red Jenny Packham shift dress with an oversized, delicate white floral lace collar.The prince, whose name has not yet been announced, wore white – wrapped in a lace shawl with a matching bonnet.The flag of Saint George – a red cross on a white background – is the flag of England and is incorporated into the Union Flag.St George, who lived in the third century, is heralded for his honour, bravery and gallantry.Surrounded by myth, one legend tells of St George’s slaying of a dragon. 6:48PMWhite House press secretary Sarah Sanders offers congratulations ‘mother to mother’ Arthur, Albert and Philip are all thought to be in the running for the new Royal baby’s name.As is tradition, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have not immediately announced the chosen name of their third child and second son. They are likely to wait until they have informed the Queen and the rest of their family. Welcome to the family.— Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) April 23, 2018 Our reporter Francesca Marshall has been on the ground in Paddington soaking up the atmosphere with Royal superfans.  Here’s an update from her:Across the UK people awaited news on the arrival of the newest member of the royal family. But not many can say they camped out outside the hospital for 15 days just to catch a glimpse of The Duchess of Cambridge with her new child.Princess Diana superfan John Loughrey, 63, from Streatham has waited at the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington for every one of The Duchess’s births – but he said the wait for the latest arrival had been the longest of all. “We’ve been here for 15 days and I’m ready to go home but it’s been absolutely worth it. “It’s such an honour to be here and I’m so excited – I also came to see the births of George and Charlotte.”During the agonising two week wait Mr Loughrey and his fellow fans were provided with showers and porridge from the hospital, and also used their new spare time to run errands for patients.  Royal fans John Loughrey (left) and Terry Hutt (right) pose with baby dolls outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital ahead of the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's third child on April 23, 2018 in London 3:55PMMessages of congratulation from Canada and Israel The first picture of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's newborn son's face Mr Loughrey, from Streatham, south London, said he plans to celebrate the birth with English flags and a portion of fish and chips.”It doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl as long as it’s a healthy baby and a healthy mother,” he said.”It’s very good for our country and of course Her Majesty the Queen.” 10:00AMAge-old custom behind announcing a Royal baby 11:40AMAerial picture shows world’s media outside Lindo Wing Unlikely. It’s rare, but not unheard of, for a third-born royal in direct succession to become king or queen.This Cambridge sibling will live their life happy in the knowledge they will not be expected to wear the crown, leaving that role to older brother George.William IV, a Hanoverian king who ruled from 1830 to 1837, was a third child – of George III and Queen Charlotte. He acceded to the throne when he outlived his older brothers, George IV, who died without an heir, and Frederick, Duke of York. Close-up of easel Here is the first picture of the Royal baby’s face.  4:26PMJeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon congratulate the Duke and Duchess Well-wishers were very excited to see George and Charlotte arrive at hospital to visit their Mother and new baby brother. One woman said: “I’m was visiting the hospital and couldn’t believe that as I got here so did they.”It was very exciting and brightened my day – it’s probably also brightened a lot of other people’s day who are visiting the hospital or working here.”Another added: “I was passing with my daughter after school and thought it would be lovely to see and it was very exciting.” Meanwhile over at Buckingham Palace, hundreds of royal well-wishers gathered at the gates as news of the new prince’s arrival was announced in a tradition which stretches back to the 19th century. The Duchess of Cambridge opted for patriotic red and white - the colours of the England flag - as she made her first public appearance with her St George's Day baby The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital in London in 2015, with Princess CharlotteCredit: Dominic Lipinski In a statement shortly after 1pm, Kensington Palace said: “Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a son at 1101hrs. The baby weighs 8lb 7oz. The Duke of Cambridge was present for the birth.”The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry and members of both families have been informed and are delighted with the news. Her Royal Highness and her child are both doing well.” The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have introduced their baby boy to the world, standing proudly on the steps of the Lindo Wing with their son.The royal infant, wrapped up against the cool Spring weather, nestled in the arms of his mother as the couple posed for pictures.The Duchess looked in good health after giving birth this morning to her as yet un-named prince, who is fifth in line to the throne.They appeared on the steps at the front of the private hospital with the Duchess wearing a red dress, before heading back inside. The Duchess had initially held her newborn in her arms, but when they re-emerged to head back home to Kensington Palace, the baby was in a car seat and being held by his father Prince William. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge outside the hospital today with their newborn 2:19PMArthur, Albert and Philip all tipped for new prince’s name The scene outside the Lindo Wing is one of chilly calm, reports Royal Correspondent Hannah Furness. In a cold wind, the world’s media has assembled opposite the now-famous brown door of the hospital flanked by uniformed police officers. Kensington Palace staff have marshalled the national print Press, broadcast media, photographers and members of the public into their respective pens, in a tried-and-tested system perfected after the births of Prince George and Princess Charlotte. As a full-pledged Supporter Of the House of Windsor, I celebrate the #royalbaby as it guarantees the continuity of Royal Family. May the Good Lord watch over our Royal Prince.— Donald B Kipkorir (@DonaldBKipkorir) April 23, 2018 Town crier 5:32PMCNN presenter suggests baby should be named after Harry Potter’s son The age-old custom of placing a paper proclamation for the public to see at the Queen’s London residence took place when Prince George and Princess Charlotte were born.A brief formal announcement – on foolscap-sized paper set in a dark wooden frame – will be placed on an ornate golden easel on the forecourt of the Palace. 9:20PMWe take a look back at how the Duke and Duchess’s young family has grown Natasha ArcherKate’s PA turned style adviser Natasha Archer was spotted leaving the Lindo Wing early on in the day, possibly having delivered Kate’s carefully selected outfit.She was seen entering the Lindo Wing after the arrival of Prince George in 2013, carrying a car seat for the newborn future king and a dress bag. It is likely if Kate does attend, the baby will stay with the Cambridges’ nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo.The Duke of Cambridge is expected to be carrying out the role of Harry’s best man.Some 800 guests will gather in the gothic St George’s Chapel to witness Harry wed American former actress Ms Markle, to whom he got engaged after a 16-month whirlwind romance after meeting on a blind date. He said: “The fact that she went into hospital at around 6am and had the baby by 8.34am would not imply that she was induced at all.”Second time labours tend to be quicker than first time labours. Everything tends to go faster. The dilation stage is quicker, the pushing stage is usually quicker and easier as well, and the baby comes out more quickly. You would expect it to be an easier labour anyway.” The Duke of Cambridge Waves to the crowd as he walks out of St Mary's Hospital in Paddington He said: “The love we have gotten from patients and staff has been incredible. “Everyday we have been given porridge and tea and coffee from staff and patients have come and spoken to us. “And I’ve gone and run errands for patients to be of some help. “We’ve also been able to shower in the hospital but getting home tonight I hope will be brilliant – 15 days is the longest I’ve waited for a royal baby to be born and I was beginning to wonder when it was going to happen.”The 63-year-old’s love affair with the royal family began with Princess Diana, who he said today “is there is spirit for them, and for Kate, she went through this and knows how it feels.”He added: “I really can’t put into words what being here means, it’s just so special to me. And I want the Dutchess of Cambridge to know how proud her country is of her and thank her for all that she has done. “My prediction was that it’d be a boy and I hope they call him Philip. “I do bell ringing at my local church and on Tuesday I will be ringing the bells for them.”After being camped out for 15 days Mr Loughrey said he’s heading for fish and chips for dinner, with champagne to raise a toast to the new Prince. “It’s been worth every minute spent here but now heading for food, drink and home for a good night’s sleep,” he said. Though he has decided to leave his temporary sleeping quarters outside the hospital intact as it was a new record 15 days here.”The superfan added: “I have to say I don’t think I’ve ever seen Catherine look so radiant and I already can’t wait for the next royal baby and I’ll absolutely be here again.”  1:12PMNew Prince of Cambridge is fifth in line to throne The birth of the prince was announced formally to the world when a bulletin, printed with brief details about the birth, was placed on an easel erected in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace.The bulletin – on foolscap-sized paper set in a dark wooden frame – was put into place by Royal footman Heather McDonald and and senior footman Olivia Smith at 2.30pm. It said the Duchess was “delivered” of a son and gave the time of birth as 11.01am. 7:38PMThe Duchess’ ‘Tea, Kate’ who got her ready for the world’s media Kensington Palace said in a statement at 8.22am: “Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge was admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, London earlier this morning in the early stages of labour.”The Duchess travelled by car from Kensington Palace to the Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital with The Duke of Cambridge.” The tiny fingers of their son could be seen moving as the couple looked around smiling at the crowds.The duchess wore a red Jenny Packham dress with a contrasting white collar.They went inside for a few minutes to put their son in a baby carrier and emerged hand in hand. Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, has sent his congratulations to the Royal couple.  Celebrities and politicians have been sending their best wishes to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on social media.After Theresa May wished the couple “great happiness for the future”, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan sent his “warmest congratulations”. The Queen on a horse ride at Windsor Castle on Monday morningCredit:Kelvin Bruce  The Duke of Cambridge departs St Mary’s Hospital to see Prince George and Princess Charlotte at Kensington Palace.— Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) April 23, 2018 Excitement is building outside St Mary’s Hospital, where some fans have been camped out for 15 days hoping for a glimpse of the Royal baby.The timing of the announcement, falling on St George’s Day, added to the occasion for waiting royalists outside.John Loughrey, 63, who is part of a group who have been camped outside the hospital, said: “We are so pleased. We have been here for 15 days.”I’m so pleased it’s St George’s Day. St George himself would be very pleased if the baby’s born today.” Alice or Mary? Victoria or Elizabeth? Albert or Philip? – the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are likely to seek regal inspiration for their imminent arrival.After opting for the traditional names George and Charlotte for their first two children, William and Kate are expected to keep it classic once again for baby number three.According to bookmakers, Mary has been the front runner for a girl for some time, closely followed by Alice and then Victoria and Alexandra.But an hour after the Duchess’s labour was announced, Alice pulled away as the favourite. The female name is now joint favourite with Arthur for a boy at 5/1 – odds cut cut from 7/1 this morning. For a boy, the other favourites are Albert, Frederick, James and Philip.Click here for more on the Royal baby name runners, riders and rank outsiders. Sarah Sanders, the White House press secretary, said: “I want to congratulate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their third child, a baby boy. “And from one mother to another I know the reality of being outnumbered can be very scary but I know she and Prince William will continue to be amazing parents.” Half an hour after the Duke of Cambridge left the Lindo Wing after his wife gave birth, the now father-of-three returned with his two eldest.Prince George, still wearing his school uniform, was the first to get out the Land Rover Discovery, which was driven by his father.  The notice was signed by the senior medical team caring for the duchess including Guy Thorpe-Beeston, surgeon gynaecologist to the royal household, and consultant gynaecologist Alan Farthing, surgeon gynaecologist to the Queen. It will remain in place for around 24 hours. Assistant to the Duchess of Cambridge's Private Secretary Sophie Agnew (left) and the Duchess of Cambridge's PA and Stylist Natasha Archer carry items of luggage in India back in 2016 He went back to Kensington Palace to check on the new Prince’s older siblings – Prince George and Princess Charlotte – before bringing them back to the Paddington hospital to meet the newborn. Prince William, wearing a shirt and a jacket, smiled as he left the hospital and drove himself in a Land Rover Discovery.  He was heard telling the gathered crowd he would be “back in a minute”. The new Prince was born at 11.01am with Prince William alongside the Duchess, who had been taken to hospital having gone into labour at at 6am.  Kensington Palace announced the new prince weighed 8lb 7oz.The baby is fifth in line to the throne and the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh’s sixth great-grandchild.Champagne corks popped and cheers rang out outside the Lindo Wing as the birth of a new Prince of Cambridge was announced at just after 1pm. The baby’s sex was a surprise to William and Kate, who chose not to find out in advance. Duke and Duchess of Cambridge 9:04AMInside the £5,900-a-stay Lindo Wing The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Prince George and Princess Charlotte in July last yearCredit:Christian Charisius/REUTERS Margaret Tyler The mood is one of calm anticipation, with reporters and royal admirers waiting for nature to take its course inside the hospital.While some pass the time by guessing the sex and name of the third Baby Cambridge, no one has forgotten that at the centre of this is a woman, albeit a Duchess, in labour. he Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their newborn son outside the Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital in PaddingtonCredit:John Stillwell/PA The Duke of Cambridge is visiting Israel sometime this summer, for the first official visit by a senior Royal since Israel’s founding 70 years ago.  Royal fans John Loughrey (left) and Terry Hutt (right) pose with baby dolls outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital ahead of the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s third child on April 23, 2018 in LondonCredit:Jack Taylor/Getty 4:12PMDuke of Cambridge leaves the Lindo Wing  Duchess of Cambridge 8:33AMDuchess arrived at hospital by car and is in ‘early stages of labour’ The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge outside the hospital today with their newbornCredit:Tim Rooke/Rex/Shutterstock 9:08PMCelebrities congratulate the royal couple  Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, hold their new born son George The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their newbornCredit:David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock He may be able to hold his head up briefly but his neck muscles will still be weak.Prince George and Princess Charlotte are tipped to be page boy and bridesmaid at the ceremony in St George’s Chapel.When the royal youngsters carried out the same duties for their aunt Pippa Middleton, Kate was on hand to guide them and keep them in line. He was assisted by Alan Farthing, Surgeon Gynaecologist to the Queen, who was the fiance of the television presenter Jill Dando at the time of her murder in 1999, and has been part of the Queen’s medical household since 2008.In 2014 Sir Marcus Setchell, the recently retired surgeon gynaecologist to the Queen who delivered Prince George, told BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour: “What happened in labour is an entirely private matter, but I do think there are certain situations when someone is giving birth that it’s important…to have a specialist…in the same room to deal with anything that’s immediately going to be wrong.” 7:49PMArthur the bookmakers’ favourite for the prince’s name  The senior medical team that looked after Kate during her labour were named by Kensington Palace, with Guy Thorpe-Beeston, surgeon gynaecologist to the royal household, and consultant gynaecologist Alan Farthing, surgeon gynaecologist to the Queen, joined by two familiar colleagues.Dr Sunit Godambe, a consultant neonatologist at Imperial College NHS Trust, which runs St Mary’s hospital, was part of the group that cared for the duchess during her previous two births alongside Mr Farthing and Mr Thorpe-Beeston.Professor Huw Thomas, physician to the Queen and head of the medical household, completed the team. He was also involved with the birth of Princess Charlotte. Congratulations to her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge Kate and the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William on the birth of their baby boy! #RoyalBaby 👶🏻— Liam (@LiamPayne) April 23, 2018  The Queen celebrates with a morning ride at Windsor Castle Other high-profile events as her pregnancy developed and her baby bump grew included an away day to Sunderland, a Royal Foundation engagement with the duke, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and the launch of an expert panel to look at supporting the early years development of children.Kate bowed out of official duties with a flourish, attending two Commonwealth events with her husband before her maternity leave began. 8:51PMThe blue floral dress worn by Princess Charlotte to meet her new baby brother Princess Charlotte wore a £45 dress from a label founded by the Duchess of Cambridge’s old friend as she smiled and waved to the crowds outside the hospital where she visited her new younger brother. The Telegraph Fashion team have identified the dress as a Periwinkle dress from Little Alice London.The design comes in periwinkle-printed cotton fabric, with puffed sleeves, blue daisy smocking and a white Peter Pan collar with coordinating piping.    Little Alice London, which specialises in 100% cotton smocked dresses and rompers, is owned by Alice Avenel, a friend of Catherine’s from their time at Marlborough College.Formerly Alice St John Webster, she married Gerald Avenel, a French banker, in 2012; the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Pippa Middleton attended the wedding. Sharon McEwan The medical team in charge of safely delivering Princess Charlotte was led by Guy Thorpe-Beeston, Surgeon Gynaecologist to the Royal Household.Mr Thorpe-Beeston, an obstetrician who specialises in high-risk pregnancies, has a private Harley Street practice and is a consultant at the Portland private hospital and at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in the NHS.A Cambridge graduate, he worked at King’s College Hospital in London before becoming a consultant in foetal medicine at Chelsea and Westminster in 1996. The first picture of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s newborn son’s faceCredit:John Stillwell/PA The Duchess of Cambridge dances with Paddington bear at an event in October last yearCredit:Jonathan Brady /Getty 8:49AMRoyal watchers expecting swift delivery of Duchess’s third child Congratulations to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the safe delivery of their baby, a brother for Prince George and Princess Charlotte. May God bless them and all of their children with love, happiness and health.— Archbishop of Canterbury (@JustinWelby) April 23, 2018 11:20AMPrince William ‘in denial’ about having third child A large Union Flag has been raised over Buckingham Palace and a State Standard over Windsor Castle to mark the birth of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s third child.— The Royal Family (@RoyalFamily) April 23, 2018 Holly Willoughby, Liam Payne and Ellen DeGeneres are among the celebrities who have sent their congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge after the arrival of their third child.TV star Willoughby posted a picture of the trio on Instagram and said they were “such a gorgeous family”.”Welcome to the world little prince,” she said. 5:35PMKenyans take to Twitter to celebrate the birth of the Royal baby 1:41PMIt’s a boy! BT Tower and Royal Navy messages after Royal baby birth By having more than two children, William and Kate are following in the footsteps of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, who went on to have four children – although there was a gap of 10 years between their second child, Anne, and third, Andrew. 1:54PMNew Prince of Cambridge is Kate’s heaviest baby yet Liam Payne, who has a baby son with his partner Cheryl, tweeted: “Congratulations to her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge Kate and the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William on the birth of their baby boy!” The new baby Prince of Cambridge weighed 8lb 7oz – heavier than both Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Charlotte, at 8lb 3oz, weighed slightly less than George’s 8lb 6oz – but was still above average.The average weight of a baby in the UK is around 7lb 7oz (3.5 kg). All three of the Duchess of Cambridge’s children have weighed more than 8lbs. he Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their newborn son outside the Lindo Wing at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s two other children both weighed more than 8lbsCredit:Chris Jackson /Getty But the new prince is not the heaviest royal baby in recent years. That title falls to Savannah Phillips – the daughter of the Queen’s grandson Peter Phillips – who weighed 8lb 8oz in 2010.George was the heaviest future king to be born in recent history. Prince William weighed 7lb 1.5oz in 1982, while Prince Charles weighed 7lb 6oz in 1948. Prince Harry weighed 6lb 14oz in 1984.The Queen – then Princess Elizabeth – was born by Caesarean section in her maternal grandparents’ London home and was also third in line to the throne at the time, but her weight was not announced, as was previously the custom for royal babies. 6:35PMThe Royal superfans who camped outside the Lindo Wing for 15 days Private secretariesKate’s private secretary is Catherine Quinn – the head of Oxford University’s business school, while William’s is Miguel Head.The pair of top aides were tasked with keeping the royal offices running smoothly, rescheduling meetings and acting as gatekeepers to the royal couple.Mr Head has been a trusted member of the Kensington Palace team and is leaving his post as private secretary in July.A warm tribute was paid to Mr Head when his departure was announced, with William described as feeling “incredibly lucky to have benefited from Miguel’s advice and support over the last decade”.Ms Quinn took over in October from Kate’s former private secretary Rebecca Priestley, nee Deacon.Communications SecretaryJason Knauf, William and Kate’s press spokesman, has visited the hospital, ready to arrange the photocall outside the Lindo Wing. The BT Tower in London lights up in blue as it displays the news of the #RoyalBaby #ItsABoy— Royal Central (@RoyalCentral) April 23, 2018 10:52AMHow the third Royal baby will affect the succession 3:42PMDuke of Cambridge expected to leave Lindo Wing soon Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (right) waves at the media as she is led in with her brother Prince George of Cambridge (left) by their father Britain’s Prince William (centre) at the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s HospitalCredit:Daniel Leal-Olivas/Getty/AFP Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge will be leaving St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, London this evening.The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their son will travel home to Kensington Palace.Prince George and Princess Charlotte have now returned to Kensington Palace.Their Royal Highnesses would like to thank all staff at the hospital for the care and treatment they have received.They would also like to thank everyone for their warm wishes. 2:03PMThe medical team who looked after Duchess during labour The Duke of Cambridge has left the Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital after his wife gave birth to their third child. On Monday afternoon, Prince William walked down the steps outside the central London hospital where the world’s media and well-wishers had gathered to celebrate the Royal family’s new arrival. It is understood he will head back to Kensington Palace to check on the new Prince’s older siblings – Prince George and Princess Charlotte – with the plan being to bring them back to the Paddington hospital to meet the newborn. Prince William, wearing a shirt and a jacket, smiled as he left the hospital and drove himself in a Land Rover Discovery. He was heard telling the gathered crowd he would be “back in a minute”.  The Queen acceded to the throne while staying at Treetops Lodge in Kenya’s Aberdare Moutains in 1952 after the death of her father, King George VI. Princess Margaret was a frequent visitor, while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were engaged on the slopes of Mt Kenya.”May God save the queen, bless the House of Windsor, Britain and the Entire Commonwealth,” wrote another Kenyan Twitter User, Political Ixion.The news was also widely covered on Kenya’s leading news websites. Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (right) waves at the media as she is led in with her brother Prince George of Cambridge (left) by their father Britain's Prince William (centre) at the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital Waiting in the growing crowd outside St Mary’s Hospital for a glimpse of the new prince was Margaret Tyler, also known as Britain’s Loyalist Royalist, reports Francesca Marshall.Ms Tyler, 74, proudly has more than 10,000 items of Royal memorabilia in her north London home. “I waited for George for six days and Charlotte for 11 but today I just timed spot on,” she said. “I couldn’t have been waiting here for days and days as I was outside the palace to celebrate Her Majesty’s 92nd birthday.”She is possibly Britain’s largest collector of royal memorabilia. The Guinness Book of Records has asked her to start counting her items to find out for certain. Prince George and Princess Charlotte arrived at St Mary’s Hospital to meet their baby brother for the first time at 4.45pm before being whisked back home via a back exit.  In a statement, Kensington Palace said: “Their Royal Highnesses would like to thank all staff at the hospital for the care and treatment they have received. The new Prince of Cambridge is fifth in line to the throne and a younger sibling to Prince George and Princess Charlotte.The new-born baby becomes the first in history not to leapfrog a female sibling in the line of succession, reports Robert Mendick.Under the 2013 Succession to the Crown Act, the male-preference primogeniture was replaced with absolute primogeniture. The act meant any royal born after 28 October 2011 would precede his or her siblings, regardless of sex.It means Princess Charlotte remains fourth in line to the throne with the new (male) baby at fifth in line. Prince Harry drops down to sixth in line. 8:22PMA timeline of the day’s events  The names given to royal babies are not usually revealed straight away, and the public is often left guessing for several days.William and Kate took two days to announce both George and Charlotte’s names, informing the Queen of their choice beforehand.Mike and Zara Tindall used Twitter to unveil their daughter’s name six days after she was born in 2014, with proud dad Mike tweeting: “For everyone who has asked what our daughter’s name is, it’s Mia Grace Tindall.”When Princess Beatrice was born in 1988, it was two weeks before her name was known.In 1982, the Prince and Princess of Wales waited seven days before deciding upon and announcing Prince William’s name.The Prince of Wales’s name, however, remained a mystery for an entire month and was only declared ahead of his christening in the Music Room of Buckingham Palace in December 1948. US talk show hots DeGeneres said: “It’s a boy! Kate Middleton’s new baby is now 5th in line to the throne, and season 43 of “The Crown.””Congratulations to all!”Comedian David Walliams quipped: “Prince Harry just got demoted again.” 10:17AMDuchess admitted to hospital before 6am Kensington Palace said in a statement: “Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a son at 1101hrs. “The baby weighs 8lbs 7oz.  The Duke of Cambridge was present for the birth.  The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry and members of both families have been informed and are delighted with the news. Her Royal Highness and her child are both doing well.” Despite suffering from another bout of severe morning sickness, the Duchess of Cambridge battled through to carry out a significant number of engagements while pregnant.Kate’s pregnancy was announced on September 4 last year, after she was forced to cancel an appearance the same day due to the condition known as hyperemesis gravidarum.At the start of all three of her pregnancies, Kate has suffered from the same problem. But unlike her first pregnancy, when she was admitted to hospital and treated for a number of days, the duchess did not need that level of care this time.A few days after the announcement that she was expecting her third child, Kate missed Prince George’s first day at school as she was too poorly to attend.She made her first public appearance almost five weeks later, attending a mental health reception at Buckingham Palace with the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry.Kate was well enough to make a surprise appearance at Paddington station in October, joining William and Harry at a charity event, where she danced on the platform with Paddington Bear. The Duchess of Cambridge opted for patriotic red and white – the colours of the England flag – as she made her first public appearance with her St George’s Day baby.Kate gave birth to her son – her third child – on the morning of April 23 – the feast day of St George, the patron Saint of England.The duchess looked glowing as she cradled the new prince of Cambridge on the steps of the Lindo Wing, less than seven hours after giving birth. 1:25PMNew Royal baby born on St George’s Day The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their newborn 12:41PMVideo: Royal fans in excited anticipation outside Lindo Wing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said: “Congratulations to Kate and William on the  birth of their baby boy. I wish them all the very best.” Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon took to social media to send her best wishes to the family.She said on Twitter: “The birth of a new baby is a special and joyful time for any family – my congratulations and best wishes to William, Catherine and the new baby’s (no doubt very excited) big brother and sister on this happy occasion.” Members of the media gather outside the Lindo Wing They have on previous occasions: after the birth of Princess Charlotte, the Duke took two weeks’ statutory paternity leave from his job as an air ambulance pilot, which he quit in July 2017 to become a full time royal, and the Duchess took maternity leave from her official royal duties.After the birth of Prince George, the Duchess was back in action after five weeks, joining her husband to start the Anglesey Coastal Ultra Marathon. However, she maintained a light workload for several months after both births. The new royal baby has been born on patriotic St George’s Day, which celebrates the patron saint of England, and arrived just two days after the Queen’s 92nd birthday.The baby also shares a birthday with Lady Gabriella Windsor, daughter of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent.Lady Gabriella was also born in the Lindo Wing on April 23 in 1981, and is celebrating turning 37. The Duchess was taken to the private Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital, in central London, before 6am on Monday in the early stages of labour, with the Duke of Cambridge at her side. Royal watchers had correctly predicted a swift delivery.Video: Moment the Royal birth was announced The Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a son weighing 8lbs 7oz, Kensington Palace has announced. 10:34AMHow soon will we know the baby’s name? 2:30PMWorld congratulates Duke and Duchess on birth of son After the birth of Prince George, the Duchess left hospital the next day, while she left the hospital to go home on the same day after giving birth to Princess Charlotte.But the length of the Duchess’s hospital stay this time around will be entirely down to how she is feeling, so there is no guarantee we will see the baby within 24 hours of its birth.The Duke and Duchess are expected to leave the Lindo Wing by the front door to give the waiting media the chance to take the photographs that will no doubt adorn the front pages of newspapers the next day. 5:52PMDuchess of Cambridge leaves hospital with the new Prince The practice of posting a bulletin announcing a royal birth has gone on for at least as long as Buckingham Palace has been the Sovereign’s official residence – since 1837.After it comes down, the notice will be sent to the Privy Council Office so it can be kept in their records. 7:02PMThe Duchess of Cambridge’s patriotic red and white dress 3:29PMBritain’s ‘Loyalist Royalist’ has prime spot outside Lindo Wing Another member of his group, 82-year-old Terry Hutt, also welcomed the news.”It’s fantastic to have another newborn baby,” said Mr Hutt, who turns 83 at the end of the month and was hoping to share his birthday with the new royal. “If they were born on my birthday, I would have got a birthday cake.”Maria Scott, 46, from Newcastle, added: “I think it’s going to be a boy and I think it’s going to be quick.”The group were talking in front of their make-shift camp, including royal memorabilia and a Union Flag tent. Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge … welcome to the world little prince……— Holly Willoughby (@hollywills) April 23, 2018 Speaker John Bercow told the Commons: “I am sure the whole House would want to join me in sending Their Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, our warmest congratulations on the birth of their son.”Meanwhile, comedian David Walliams quipped: “Prince Harry just got demoted again.” It was always thought that William and Kate would go on to have three children. Kate is one of three and had a happy home life with her sister, Pippa Matthews, and brother, James Middleton, and is close to both of her siblings.But William may need to adjust to caring for a newborn once again. Kate joked in the months leading up to her due date that her husband was “in denial” about having a third. Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a daughter at 8.34am.— Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) May 2, 2015 The notice is placed on an easel in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace Credit:Stefan Rousseau /PA He was followed shortly afterwards by his sister Princess Charlotte, who waved to the cameras with one hand and held the Duke of Cambridge’s hand with the other. Hand-in-hand, all three walked up the steps into the hospital to meet the new arrival – but not before Princess Charlotte turned around once more to wave at the massive crowd outside.  the Duke of Cambridge, his wife Princess Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (left) turns to wave at the media as she is led in with her brother Prince George of Cambridge (right) Police officers watch as a couple pose for a photo while holding a baby outside the Lindo Wing 9:25PMDuke and Duchess of Cambridge introduce Royal baby to the world If the Duchess of Cambridge gives birth by the end of the day as expected, the Royal baby will be born on St George’s Day.The patron saint of England, St George is heralded for his honour, bravery and gallantry. Surrounded by myth, one legend tells of St George’s defeat of a dragon.The Royal baby would also share their birthday with Lady Gabriella Windsor – the daughter of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, who was born at the Lindo Wing, where Kate is in labour, on April 23 in 1981.Famous names celebrating their birthdays on Monday include the model Gigi Hadid and actor John Hannah.The baby has just missed arriving on the Queen’s 92nd birthday which was on Saturday.William and Kate are set to celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary on April 29, while Princess Charlotte turns three on May 2. 1:03PMBreaking: It’s a boy! Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to son “My warmest congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their baby boy. I wish them great happiness for the future.” – PM @theresa_may— UK Prime Minister (@10DowningStreet) April 23, 2018 What it’s like inside the private wing of St Mary’s HospitalEverything we know so far after Duchess gives birth to boyDuchess emerged with Duke and baby just before 6pm MondayThe Royal couple then drove home to Kensington Palace New Prince of Cambridge born at 11am weighing 8lbs 7ozPrince George and Princess Charlotte visited the newbornChampagne and cheers: Judith Woods outside the Lindo WingHow ​the Duchess’s third baby changes the Royal family treeThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge emerged full of smiles outside St Mary’s Hospital as they proudly showed off their third child, now named Prince Louis, to the waiting world. Just before 6pm on Monday, the Royal couple posed on the steps outside the central London hospital where international media and well-wishers had gathered to celebrate the Royal family’s new arrival.Wearing a red dress, the Duchess held her third child – a son who weighed 8lb 7oz – who could be seen wiggling his fingers.   The Royal couple posed for pictures with the Duchess  holding her son who was nestled in a white blanket. 10:45AMName guessing game starts: Alice and Arthur joint favourites A close-up of the Royal baby's face The crowd waited patiently for the formal notice of the arrival of the fifth in line to the throne, which involves the presentation of a bulletin, placed on a golden easel in front of the palace.In the crowd was Luigi Ritacca. He was celebrating his 31st birthday and said he felt happy to share the day with the new royal arrival.”I’ll never forget the date, that’s for sure,” he said. “Of course, it’s stolen my thunder a little, but as long as they don’t name him Luigi, I’ll be fine,” he added.John and Susan Gill were having tea at the Ritz when they heard the news of the birth.”A lady stood up and raised a glass of champagne and said: ‘to the new prince,” said Susan.They then walked down to Buckingham Palace to soak in the atmosphere.”This is what Britain is all about,” added John. “The more the merrier.”Vicky and Mike Greenslade arrived at the palace as soon as they heard the news of the royal birth.”It’s a great atmosphere, and very well organised,” said Mike. “It’s very British,” added the 71-year-old.The easel is set to stand in front of the palace for 24 hours. When it is taken down, it is sent to the Privy Council Office so that the details of may be recorded in the Privy Council records, according to the palace. 5:18PMDuchess of Cambridge to leave hospital tonight Supporters of the royal family stand outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital 1:34PMPrime Minister offers ‘warmest congratulations’ to Royal couple 6:02PMThe first picture of the Royal baby’s face And Reuven Rivlin, the President of Israel, sent his “warmest wishes” to the Royal family. 6:11PMThe Royal baby’s tiny fingers could be seen moving  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. As the day of the royal birth concludes Hannah Furness, our Royal correspondent takes in the day the new prince was introduced to the world:The Duke of Cambridge was bursting with pride, the Duchess clearly besotted. And the third Cambridge baby? Fast asleep, but seemingly secure of his new place in the world.The newborn Prince signalled his arrival with three tiny fingers as he made his public debut, fast asleep in the arms of his mother.And while his newborn son was oblivious to the excitement he had caused, the Duke embarked on his new life with three children with no illusions, joking his enlarged brood would give him “thrice worry now”. Prince George and Princess Charlotte have arrived at St Mary’s Hospital to meet their baby brother for the first time. Half an hour after the Duke of Cambridge left the Lindo Wing at after his wife gave birth to their  third child, the now father-of-three returned with his two eldest.  On Monday afternoon, Prince William walked down the steps outside the central London hospital where the world’s media and well-wishers had gathered to celebrate the Royal family’s new arrival.  10:24AMWhen will we see the Royal baby?   6:00PMThe Royal baby makes his first appearance outside the hospital And the following day Kensington Palace announced that the Cambridges’ baby was due in April, interpreted as indicating the duchess’s 12-week scan had taken place.It is thought a number of Kate’s engagements were postponed due to her illness, and in the new year she carried out a significant number as her baby bump became more prominent.During January, Kate attended a string of official engagements and appeared to be back in good health, and at the end of the month she travelled with William to Norway and Sweden for an official visit. Royalist Terry Hut waits outside the Lindo Wing After the birth of Princess Charlotte, the Duke and Duchess spent the first nights of her life at Kensington Palace before driving north to their country home, Anmer Hall, on the Queen’s Sandringham estate, where they were likely joined there by the Duchess’s parents, Michael and Carole Middleton, who often stayed over to help look after Prince George.However, the family permanently relocated to Kensington Palace last year, after deciding Prince George should be schooled in London, so it’s unlikely that they’ll head back to Norfolk for a while. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson offered his “huge congratulations to Their Royal Highnesses”. Britain’s Prince Harry and his fiancee Meghan Markle arrive at a service at St Martin-in-The Fields to mark 25 years since Stephen Lawrence was killed in a racially motivated attack, in LondonCredit:Reuters 9:42AMAll eyes on Lindo Wing as ‘Great Kate Wait’ gets under way 4:45PMPrince George and Princess Charlotte arrive to meet their brother After waving at the cameras, they re-emerged with the baby Prince in a car seat being carried by his father and as he left, the duke told reporters he was “very happy, very delighted, thank you”. He added: “Thrice the worry now.”He said: “We didn’t keep you waiting too long this time.” And when pressed on any clues for the name, Prince William said: “You’ll find out soon enough.”Kensington Palace tweeted a picture of the couple with the caption: “Welcome to the family.” An easel outside Buckingham Palace announces the birth of Princess CharlotteCredit:Steve Parsons /PA Although it varies from woman to woman, some mothers report a speedier delivery third time around. For first-time mothers, active labour may take around eight hours and in a second labour around five hours, according to Livingstone, professional policy adviser at the Royal College of Midwives, said: “It will vary from one woman to another. Some women report a quicker labour with their third baby but not everyone.”It seems to be though that they do go more quickly. It’s a very individual thing.”It is not known how long the Duchess was in labour with George and Charlotte before she was admitted. Kate had a straightforward, natural birth with George and Charlotte with no complications.  The Duke of Cambridge grins at the cameras, flanked by his eldest son Prince George and a waving Princess Charlotte Royal supporters wrapped in flags outside the Lindo WingCredit:HENRY NICHOLLS /Reuters Show more Royal fans have begun gathering outside the Lindo Wing as the “Great Kate Wait” begins. Supporters decked out tents in Union Jacks and put up flags around the area outside the private unit. Both Prince George and Princess Charlotte are believed to have been born by a natural delivery, meaning the Duchess of Cambridge will presumably be planning to have a natural birth this time as well.In 2015, Pat O’Brien, a consultant obstetrician at University College Hospital, said that because of the speed with which the Princess Charlotte was delivered after the Duchess was admitted to hospital, it is likely that she went into labour naturally. Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, hold their newborn son George in July 2013Credit: Lefteris Pitarakis Margaret Tyler has been dubbed Britain’s Loyalist RoyalistCredit:DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS /AFP The Royal family’s Twitter account posted a video of a Union flag raised to mark the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s third child.  Britain's Prince Harry and his fiancee Meghan Markle arrive at a service at St Martin-in-The Fields to mark 25 years since Stephen Lawrence was killed in a racially motivated attack, in London The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said in a statement: “May God bless them and all of their children with love, happiness and health.” Nanny to Prince George and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, Maria Borrallo, walks to the church ahead of the wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews at St Mark's Church in Englefield, west of London, on May 20, 2017 The Duchess of Cambridge dances with Paddington bear at an event in October last year 9:16AMWho will deliver the Royal baby? The couple pose for photos outside the Lindo Wing in front of the world’s mediaCredit:HENRY NICHOLLS /Reuters Members of the media gather outside the Lindo WingCredit:Kirsty O’Connor /PA 5:43PMExcited well-wishers celebrate the arrival of the new Prince “They would also like to thank everyone for their warm wishes.”On Monday afternoon, at 4.21pm, Prince William walked down the steps outside the central London hospital where the world’s media and well-wishers had gathered to celebrate the Royal family’s new arrival.  9:08AMWill the Duchess of Cambridge have a natural birth? We are expecting Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, to leave the Lindo Wing alone soon in the next hour.It is thought that he will go to see Prince George and Princess Charlotte before possibly bringing them back to the hospital to visit their mother and meet their new brother, but that is not yet confirmed. The Lindo Wing on Monday morningCredit:Sky News The Duchess of Cambridge has emerged from the Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital after giving birth to her third child. Late on Monday afternoon, Kate Middleton posed on the steps outside the central London hospital where the world’s media and well-wishers had gathered to celebrate the Royal family’s new arrival.  7:12PMHow will the Prince’s  birth impact the Royal Wedding? A police officer stands outside the Lindo Wing  The self-proclaimed Royalist Town Crier has announced the birth of the baby prince on the steps of the Lindo Wing, marking the moment by saying “God save the Queen”.He drew cheers from the crowd of royal watchers outside the hospital. The Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital, where the Duchess of Cambridge is due to give birth, is a private facility offering “world-class maternity care”.Kate’s first two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, were born in the exclusive unit in Paddington, central London, as were their father, the Duke of Cambridge, and uncle, Prince Harry.William made his public debut with the Prince and Princess of Wales outside the hospital, wrapped in a white blanket and carried in Diana’s arms, with Charles by her side.Only a handful of midwives and medical staff, led by consultant obstetrician Guy Thorpe-Beeston, were in the delivery room to supervise Charlotte’s birth but waiting in the wings were more than a dozen experts in case of emergencies.Theatre staff were on stand-by along with a lab technician, replacement anaesthetists and paediatricians – 23 in total – from Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, which runs St Mary’s Hospital. 1:30PM’God save the Queen’: Town crier announces birth on steps of Lindo Wing Huge congratulations to Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the safe delivery of their baby boy today! @KensingtonRoyal— Boris Johnson (@BorisJohnson) April 23, 2018 9:25AMRoyal baby looks set to arrive on St George’s Day Lindo wing Duchess of Cambridge It will confirm the sex of the baby and the time of birth, but will give little else away, other than usually revealing that the baby has been “safely delivered” and mother and child are “doing well”.It used to be hand-written, but is now typed. It will also be signed at the hospital by the doctors who tended to the duchess, and then ferried back to the Palace by car. The Queen, who celebrated her 92nd birthday two days ago, was pictured riding a horse in the grounds of Windsor Castle on Monday morning. She was later said to be “delighted” with the birth of her sixth great-grandchild. An unsuspecting couple have emerged from the Lindo Wing with their newborn baby to be greeted by the world’s media.They posed for photographs outside the famous door in front of a larger crowd than they might have expected included dozens of journalists and photographers before leaving in a taxi. The Duke of Cambridge Waves to the crowd as he walks out of St Mary’s Hospital in PaddingtonCredit:Pete Maclaine/i-Images Nanny to Prince George and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, Maria Borrallo, walks to the church ahead of the wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews at St Mark’s Church in Englefield, west of London, on May 20, 2017Credit:Justin Tallis/AFP 3:16PMUnion flags raised to mark Prince of Cambridge’s birth read more

MIT discovers 5000degree exoplanet with an 85hour year

first_imgIn the large emptiness of space, we know some amazing planets and conditions exist. Even in our own solar system, Jupiter has a persistent storm larger than the size of Earth. MIT researchers have discovered a new exoplanet to add to the growing weird-things-we-find-in-space list. This time around, the exoplanet orbits its star in 8.5 hours time, which means it has a year that’s about the length of a workday.In order to have such a short year, the exoplanet — named Kepler 78b — is very close to its star. It’s so close that the temperature on the planet hovers at about 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and the orbital radius is only around three times larger than the radius of the star itself. It’s about 40 times closer to its star than Mercury is to the Sun. Due to the extreme heat, the planet’s surface is theorized to be a flowing ocean of lava. The proximity of Kepler 78b to its star leads the researchers to believe that they can measure the gravitational influence on the star, which in turn could reveal the star’s mass. This would make it the first planet similar in size to Earth outside of our solar system with a known mass.Kepler 78b was discovered in a batch of 150,000 stars, a group that the researchers are studying in order to identify habitable planets similar in size to Earth. In order to find the planet, the scientists used a method by which they observed a star’s light, and measured if there was a drop in the output. They can determine the difference between a planet or star passing over by way of analyzing the size of the drop in light output. A smaller drop is likely caused by a planet.We can’t live on a lava world, of course, but researchers have determined that it could be possible to live on a planet with a very short orbital period. It’s star, though, would have to be one that didn’t ignite, such as a brown dwarf.last_img read more

The AAIAs exclusive tour to Greece

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram In the second half of 2015, the Australian Archaeological Institute of Athens will be conducting an exclusive tour to Greece. Set to kick off on September 19 until October 3, 2015, the 17-day expedition will take tourists on an itinerary designed to cover and highlight the fieldwork undertaken by Australian archaeologists in Greece since the 1960s. Destination highlights include Athens, Thessaloniki, Santorini, Zagora and Torone, with the tour being led by two Australian professional archaeologists and experienced tour leaders, Helen Nicholson and Archondia Thanos.A boutique tour with a maximum group size of 18, those taking part will have the unique opportunity to meet the Australian team members working at the site of Zagora and to hear about the important research they are undertaking, spend time off the tourist trail on the Sithonia Peninsula and go behind the scenes of current archaeology in Greece, amongst various other activities and outings. The cost of the tour, excluding international flights, is $7,450 per person (inclusive of domestic flights in Greece). For further information and bookings, email or call (02) 9351 4759.last_img read more

Matt Damon returns to catch you up on Jason Bourne in 90

first_imgThere’s no denying that Matt Damon is an accomplished actor, writer, and producer. He’s also been incredibly smart when it comes to his career. He’s managed to do, at least, one project a year since he made his movie debut in Mystic Pizza in 1988. Well, he missed ’91 and ’94, but he was still a relative newbie at that point.That sort of longevity is rare in Hollywood and, in Damon’s case, he’s been able to crossover between indie films and blockbusters with relative ease because he’s had the financial security to do so.And when it comes to Damon and blockbusters, one stands above the rest: Robert Ludlum’s most well-known characters, Jason Bourne.When Damon starred as Jason Bourne in 2002’s The Bourne Identity, he became a bonafide action star almost overnight. The movie did so well that The Bourne Supremacy followed on 2004 and The Bourne Ultimatum soon after in 2007. All three movies were box office hits and there’s no doubt that Matt Damon and the Bourne name were synonymous.Of course, doing a Bourne movie every couple of years is liable to cramp your style if you’re the kind of guy who wants to work with other directors or make different types of movies. So it makes sense that, when he was approached to do a fourth Bourne movie, Damon passed.That’s how Jeremy Renner ended up starring in 2012’s The Bourne Legacy, the first Bourne movie to miss at the box office badly enough that it didn’t make back it’s original budget.I don’t think we’ll ever know if Matt Damon has returned to the role of Jason Bourne because he’s helping resuscitate a franchise that’s given him so much or if he just wanted to get back into Bourne’s shoes and run around a little, but he’s bringing both his star power and sense of humor to the game and it’s definitely working to remind people why they love Jason Bourne.Here he is, breaking down everything you need to know to be ready to see Jason Bourne in 90 seconds.Having watched all of the Bourne movies to date, I likely would have seen the new installment no matter what, but having Matt Damon back is much more likely to put my butt in a theater seat –– which is what I’m betting everyone’s hoping for. Jason Bourne is out July 29.last_img read more

Griezmann handpicked Lemars transfer to Atletico

first_imgWe go over the whole process Atletico Madrid went through to pick Thomas Lemar as their new transfer, Antoine Griezmann was directly involved.Right before the World Cup began for France, Atletico Madrid forward Antoine Griezmann was convinced by his club to stay with the promise of signing new players like Thomas Lemar from AS Monaco. We believed that the Colchoneros had been the ones who chose this young French midfielder but we weren’t aware that Griezmann had a lot to do with his arrival, turns out Antoine practically hand-picked Lemar as the new signing for Atletico Madrid and that was the reason he ultimately decided to stay with Diego Simeone’s club. The two players ended up making history for their country at the World Cup, Lemar had a lot less participation than Griezmann during the tournament but they were both important in getting France’s second ever World Cup success. Now as World Cup champions, the two players came back to Atletico as teammates and have already strengthened their bond as friends and also on the field. Thomas Lemar is arguably one of the players that a club like Atletico needed in their ranks, a creative midfielder who could distribute the football to the strikers.Entretien exclusif avec les trois Bleus de l’@Atleti à lire ce week-end dans le magazine @lequipe !— le magazine L’ÉQUIPE (@lemaglequipe) September 7, 2018But the whole process of signing Lemar wasn’t easy, because the Monaco midfielder was being procured by many of the biggest clubs in European football. The list of squads included FC Barcelona, Manchester City, Bayern Munchen, Chelsea FC, Manchester United, and even Tottenham Hotspur. All of those clubs knew the kind of special talent Lemar is, but Griezmann as his teammate in the national team had a special type of bond with Thomas that worked perfectly during the negotiations with Atletico Madrid. The season may have started slow for the newly arrived player, but nobody doubts his capabilities and everybody feels like his best football will come sooner rather than later. The period of adaptation for any player who comes from a different country tends to be different depending on the man, Lemar doesn’t speak the language and he is still learning how to get used to the lifestyle in Madrid. Fortunately for him, Lemar has Griezmann and also Lucas Hernandez to help him get more familiar with the club or culture.? Vigo, we’re here! ?⚪#AúpaAtleti #CeltaAtleti— Atlético de Madrid (@atletienglish) August 31, 2018Gerard Pique, Neymar, BarcelonaLa Liga Betting: Match-day 4 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Despite it being very early into La Liga season, both Barcelona and Real Madrid have had unprecedented starts to their campaigns. With this in…“Lemar is only 22 years old and what he does is very difficult for a young man his age. We really need a player who can give us that last pass, that was our weak point and Thomas will bring that to us. He has started the season as a starter which already turns him into a very important player for us. It is also up to us to help him, especially when he doesn’t participate in the game as much, which is something very normal during the adaptation process. He can have a very good moment during October for instance but it depends on each and every one of us to stay at that level of performance. Thomas is actually in very good hands, and he is the very first name I come up with when people ask me who I feel the most comfortable with. He is very smart and he understands the game of football very well, he also knows how to stop or pick up the speed during a game. He does everything well, always with a lot of experience which would transform any player into a top professional,” said Griezmann in the most recent interview with French journal L’ words necessary.— Atlético de Madrid (@atletienglish) September 3, 2018Thomas Lemar’s objective with Atletico.Even if everybody at Atletico knows that winning La Liga is very important for the club, this is a different season for everyone because the Champions League final will take place at the Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid. The Colchoneros are obviously looking to get that spot in the final this season, because they would absolutely love to win their first ever Champions League trophy in front of their own fans at home. Atletico Madrid is arguably one of the most underrated clubs in European football, they have already reached two of the last five finals but they lost them both against Real Madrid. For Diego Simeone the whole process has been very stressful, which is why he believes this season will be different given all the new players who arrived at the club and the fact that they didn’t let any of their best players leave to new clubs this season. Thomas Lemar is one of Atletico Madrid’s biggest hopes for this season, alongside Antoine Griezmann.??Before kick-off, @AntoGriezmann, @LucasHernandez and Thomas Lemar wanted to share something special with all the Atlético fans out there! ?⚪?➡️úpaAtleti #AtletiRayo— Atlético de Madrid (@atletienglish) August 25, 2018How many trophies do you think Thomas Lemar will win this season with Antoine Griezmann? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img read more

Columbia Springs looks to hook donors

first_imgo What: Hooked 2010.o When: 5 to 8 p.m., Thursday.o Cost: $50 per person.o Where: Columbia Springs, 12208 S.E. Evergreen Highway.o Information: or call 360-882-0936, ext. 222.In the shadow of the Interstate 205 bridge, between major roadways and within clear earshot of passing trains, the nonprofit Columbia Springs environmental education center provides lessons to young and old on an 82-acre urban green space.“We like to say we’re providing environmental education opportunities to people from the cradle to the grave,” said Gala Miller, executive director at Columbia Springs.Miller and the rest of the staff hope to continue their educational services by raising $50,000 at a fundraising event scheduled for Thursday at the Columbia Springs campus.The event, dubbed “Hooked,” is back for the second year as a “carnival for grown-ups” after the 2009 event attracted 175 people and raised $34,000.This year the staff hopes to raise important unrestricted money that can be used for on-site education programs and overhead costs. With most of their funds coming from grants and partnerships that include restrictions on how money can be used, the dollars from “Hooked” will cover practical costs associated with the center.“The unrestricted funds allow us to build on our programs and support our infrastructure,” Miller said. “Those dollars are harder to come by and a fundraiser like this finds those dollars.”last_img read more

Having taken zero actions House ends special session

first_imgThe House ended its special session Friday, having taken no actions during the five days.Listen nowSpeaker of the House Mike Chenault, R-Nikiski, wields the gavel of the second regular session of the 29th Alaska State Legislature on Jan. 19, 2016. Photo: Skip Gray/360NorthHouse Speaker Mike Chenault said the Legislature has already considered the Permanent Fund restructuring and tax increases that Governor Bill Walker asked them to pass.“Staying here for another 30 days is not going to resolve the revenue issues before us,” Chenault said. “We have discussed ad nauseam all the different proposals and I cannot see any significant changes within the time allotted for this special session.”The Senate declined an invitation from the House to meet to consider overriding Governor Bill Walker’s budget vetoes.Senate President Kevin Meyer said there wasn’t enough support to reach the 45 votes needed to override the vetoes. They include a reduction in Permanent Fund Dividend funding that’s expected to cut dividends in half, to one thousand dollars per person.“When we looked at all of the variables, all of the pros and cons, we just felt it was best to not accept the invitation to meet for the purpose of overriding the vetoes,” Meyer said.The last House floor session was filled with speeches on the state’s fiscal crisis.Anchorage Republican Representative Craig Johnson attacked Walker’s PFD funding veto.“This time, Walker’s reached into the pocketbooks of every man, woman and child in Alaska and – in my opinion – stolen one thousand dollars from each of them,” Johnson said.Juneau Republican Representative Cathy Munoz said Walker did the right thing by issuing the vetoes, even if she didn’t agree with all of them.“I think the governor demonstrated a great deal of courage in his actions,” Munoz said.Anchorage Democratic Representative Les Gara expressed concern that the Walker administration’s projected budget cuts could play into the hands of opponents of a fiscal plan.“I think what he did was he told people who want major cuts, take no action and you get the cuts that you want,” Gara said.Eagle River Republican Senator Anna MacKinnon said she’s interested in working with Walker’s administration and all four legislative caucuses on a task force that would consider a couple of the major issues that have stalled in the Legislature.House Speaker Chenault expressed an interest her idea.The Senate could vote to adjourn when it meets on Monday.last_img read more

Congress to give 50 percent of tickets to BCs Muslims

first_imgHyderabad: Accusing TRS government of doing utter injustice to the Backward Classes in Telangana State, Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) President and MP N Uttam Kumar Reddy on Sunday announced that the Congress party would give 50 per cent of tickets to BCs and Muslims in the next municipal elections. Addressing the preparatory meeting on municipal elections at Sangareddy, Uttam Kumar Reddy strongly condemned the TRS government for slashing the reservation percentage for BCs. Also Read – Warrant issued against Renuka Chowdhury in cheating case Advertise With Us However, he said that the Congress party would not allow Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao to suppress the BCs by denying them their due share in municipal elections. He directed all Congress workers to hold dharnas at all district headquarters on July 23 in protest against the injustices being done to BCs by the TRS Government. Uttam ridiculed the claims being made by the BJP about its strength in Telangana. He said there was no space for the saffron party in Telangana State. He said BJP had secured only 7 per cent of votes in the recently held elections. Also Read – Parts of Hyderabad witness heavy rainfall Advertise With Us The TPCC chief also condemned the TRS government for discrepancies in fixing the new boundaries for municipal wards and errors in the reservations. He said even the High Court has found the procedures adopted by the State Government to be incorrect. He described the new Municipal Act as an insult to the people of Telangana and said it goes against the spirit of democracy. He directed the party workers to organise party flag hoisting programmes at a massive scale in all municipal areas from July 27 to 30. He said the programme should be organised with the slogan “Intintiki Congress, Vaada Vaadallo Congress Janda”. Advertise With Us He expressed confidence that the Congress party would win majority of seats in all 140 municipalities. The TPCC Chief demanded that the State Government immediately sanction a medical college for Sangareddy. Further, he said that the party was fully supporting the agitation by MLA Jagga Reddy seeking supply of Godavari water for Sangareddy. Earlier, addressing the meeting, AICC Telangana Incharge RC Khuntia said that the new Municipal Act was full of errors and it was detrimental to the interest of people of Telangana. Senior leaders including CLP leader Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka, TPCC Working Presidents Kusuma Kumar and Ponnam Prabhakar, AICC Secretaries Bose Raju, Saleem Ahmed, Vamshichand Reddy and A Sampath Kumar, former PCC President Ponnala Laxmaiah, former ministers Mohammed Ali Shabbir, J Geetha Reddy, TPCC office-bearers, DCC Presidents and Municipal presidents were present in the meeting.last_img read more

Googles CO2 Emissions Some Puff Lies Good Old Fashion Hype

first_img Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. ( — A January 11, 2009 article in the London Times (on-line version) entitled, Revealed: The Environmental Impact of Google Searches quoted Harvard Physicist, Alex Wissner-Gross that “two Google searches generate the same carbon dioxide as boiling a kettle for a cup of tea.” As one might expect, the Google Team went into overdrive to correct the perception that Googlers are energy hogs. Citation: Google’s CO2 Emissions: Some Puff, Lies & Good Old Fashion Hype (2009, January 14) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Google kettle. Image (c) Modeling platform shows environmental impact of retrofitted buildings As it turns out, the study of the environmental impact of web searches authored by Wissner-Gross soon to be published is not about Google, except in a very general way. It would appear, the London Times was trying to sell newspapers and Google always generates interest on the Web. According to Wissner-Gross in an exclusive interview with Technology News, the tea kettle analogy, “They (London Times) did that, I have no idea where they got those statistics”.Harvard Physicist Alex Wissner-Gross manages a web site whose aim it is to educate Web site owners about reducing energy consumption and offers a seal of approval logo for compliant sites. Wissner-Gross did say, “a Google search has a definite environmental impact” and “Google operates huge data centers around the world that consume a great deal of power.” Additionally, Wissner-Gross stated, “Our work has nothing to do with Google. Our focus was exclusively on the Web overall, and we found that it takes on average about 20 milligrams of CO2 per second to visit a Web site.” As one might expect, there was an immediate rebuttal from Google posted by Urs Holzle, Senior Vice President, Operations. First, Google disputes that a typical Google search produces 7g of CO2, instead Google asserts that a typical search produces 0.2g green house gases. Secondly, Holzle points out that Google has made great strides to reduce the energy used in its data centers and plans to do more. In 2008, the philanthropic arm of Google invested $45 million in breakthrough clean energy technologies. Google co-founded the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, a group with the goal of reducing energy consumption by computers 50-percent by 2010 thereby reducing global CO2 emissions by 54 million tons per year. There’s more from Google’s perspective, if you are interested see: … g-google-search.html .In other rippling effect news from the blogosphere about the London Times Google CO2 story other cracks may have occurred. Apparently, the Times reporters did interview a Google engineer whose job it is to review and analyze Google’s data centers, but it failed to include any of the information supplied to them in the published article, according to Google spokesperson, Jamie Yood. Comments about the story, include “What about the Google private wide-body jet and questions the lack of transparency of Google’s server infrastructure.” Other comments include, the ‘greenwashing’ of Google’s energy consumption by its public display of cute electric cars and more. In conclusion, the Times story opened up a discussion on the high energy demands of all Web data centers. Going Green is not a logo, TV commercial or press release. A little transparency would go a long way to dispel rumors and perhaps allow cooler heads to prevail in reporting the news.© 2009 PhysOrg.comlast_img read more

Humanitarian obligation to give refuge to migrants Mamata

first_imgKolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Tuesday said that it was a humanitarian obligation to give refuge to migrants. On International Migrants Day, she stated that her government to the best of its abilities would take care of anyone seeking shelter in West Bengal. “Today is International Migrants Day. It is our humanitarian obligation to give refuge to migrants. In #Bangla we will take care of anyone who seeks shelter in our state, to the best of our abilities,” Banerjee tweeted. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal life Banerjee, the Trinamool Congress supremo had been critical of the the BJP-led Central government after over 40 lakh people were left out of the complete draft of Assams National Register of Citizens (NRC). She had also expressed her willingness that people whose names were not included in the list can come and stay in West Bengal. International Migrants Day is observed on December 18 in accordance with Resolution 55/93 of the United Nations General Assembly, adopted on December 4, 2000.last_img read more

TimescaleDB 10 officially released

first_imgOn Tuesday, the team at Timescale announced the official production release of TimescaleDB 1.0. Two months ago, the team released its initial release candidate. With the official release, TimescaleDB 1.0 is now the first enterprise-ready time-series database that supports full SQL and scale. This release has crossed over 1M downloads and production deployments at Comcast, Cray, Cree and more. Mike Freedman, Co-founder/CTO at TimescaleDB says, “Since announcing our first release candidate in September, Timescale’s engineering team has merged over 50 PRs to harden the database, improving stability and ease-of-use.” Major updates in TimescaleDB 1.0 TimescaleDB 1.0 comes with a cleaner management of multiple tablespaces that allows hypertables to elastically grow across many disks. Also, the information about the state of hypertables is easily available which includes their dimensions and chunks. It’s important to have a robust cross-operating system availability for better usability. This release brings improvements for supporting Windows, FreeBSD, and NetBSD. TimescaleDB 1.0 powers the foundation for a database scheduling framework that manages background jobs. Since TimescaleDB is implemented as an extension, a single PostgreSQL instance can have multiple, different versions of TimescaleDB running. TimescaleDB 1.0 manages edge cases related to the schema and tablespace modifications. It also provides cleaner permissions for backup/recovery in templated databases and includes additional test coverage. TimescaleDB 1.0 supports Prometheus Prometheus, a leading open source monitoring and alerting tool, is not arbitrarily scalable or durable in the face of disk or node outages. Whereas, TimescaleDB 1.0 is efficient and can easily handle terabytes of data, and supports high availability and replication which it makes it long-term data storage. It also provides advanced capabilities and features, such as full SQL, joins and replication, which are not available in Prometheus. All the metrics recorded in Prometheus are first written to the local node, and then written to TimescaleDB. So, the metrics are immediately backed up, in case of any disk failure on a Prometheus node, would be still safer. What’s the future like? The team at Timescale says that the upcoming releases of TimescaleDB will include more automation around capabilities like automatic data aggregation, retention, and archiving. They will also include automated data management techniques for improving query performance, such as non-blocking reclustering and reindexing of older data. Read more about this release on Timescale’s official website. Read Next Introducing TimescaleDB 1.0, the first OS time-series database with full SQL support Cockroach Labs announced managed CockroachDB-as-a-Service PipelineDB 1.0.0, the high performance time-series aggregation for PostgreSQL, released!last_img read more

Myanmars democracy leader runs in Nov 8 polls to keep seat

first_img 3 international destinations to visit in 2019 Early signs of cataracts in your parents and how to help Patients with chronic pain give advice Top Stories Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Comments   Share   Mesa family survives lightning strike to homecenter_img Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall Sponsored Stories New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies THANLYIN, Myanmar (AP) — Myanmar’s democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi on Wednesday registered for November elections to keep her seat in parliament and challenge the ruling military-backed party.Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy will contest almost all the 498 parliamentary seats in the Nov. 8 polls, and expects heavy gains, according to party spokesman Nyan Win. He said the party will announce the first batch of candidates on Wednesday. Suu Kyi submitted her papers amid flag-waving, cheering supporters who shouted “Long live Mother Su,” at Thanlyin township for the Kawhmu constituency, a poor district south of Yangon, which she also represented during the 2012 by-election.In the by-election, she and 42 other party members won all but one of the seats, which nonetheless represented a small bloc in a parliament dominated by a pro-government party.“We have to support Aunty Suu as she is the only leader who can change our country,” said Daw Yee, one of more than 100 supporters who had waited for hours to catch a glimpse of the democracy icon.Parties have until Aug. 8 to submit their candidates.The 70-year-old Nobel Peace laureate is still unable to run for presidency after lawmakers recently turned down efforts to amend the constitution, which grants the military a quarter of the parliamentary seats, ensuring it has veto power over amendments.The upcoming polls will be the second since Myanmar ended a half-century of brutal military rule and handed power to a nominally civilian government in 2011.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Accor opens four new Mercure properties in Pacific

first_imgAccor has announced four new Mercure hotels joining the group from the Pacific, increasing the number of Mercure hotels across Australia and New Zealand to 49.The Ballarat Lodge & Convention Centre will be rebranded to Mercure Ballarat Hotel & Convention Centre in March 2015.The 71-room hotel is located opposite Sovereign Hill and boasts two restaurants, 24 meeting and conference rooms of multiple configurations, a Day Spa and swimming pool.Hotel Launceston in Tasmania will be rebranded to Mercure Launceston in April 2015, complementing Accor’s other Tasmanian property, The Sebel Launceston.The 74 room Best Western Goulburn in New South Wales will join the Accor network in March 2015 and be rebranded as Mercure Goulburn.In New Zealand, the Abel Tasman Hotel in Wellington will rebrand to Mercure Wellington Abel Tasman as of March 2015.The hotel exists of 73-room hotel is located in the heart of Wellington’s business and entertainment district, and is within walking distance of Lampton Harbour.Accor Pacific chief operating officer Simon McGrath, said the addition of four Mercure hotels will strengthen the existing footprint in the Pacific.“We are thrilled to have a presence in the local communities of Ballarat, Launceston, Goulburn and Wellington and by bringing internationally branded hotels into these areas we look forward to fostering and growing tourism in these regions as a result,” Mr McGrath said.Source = ETB Travel News: Lewis Wisemanlast_img read more

Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires

first_img Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires New York Jets cornerback Marcus Williams (20) breaks up a pass for Buffalo Bills wide receiver Sammy Watkins (14) during the second half an NFL football game on Thursday, Sept. 15, 2016, in Orchard Park, N.Y. The Jets won 37-31. (AP Photo/Bill Wippert) The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo The Arizona Cardinals perhaps have caught the perfect time to prey on the injury-plagued Buffalo Bills.Third-year receiver Sammy Watkins highlights the Bills’ injury list, and due to foot soreness, did not participate during practice on Wednesday or Thursday. The status of his availability for Week 3 is still unknown. The fourth overall draft pick 2014 and Bills’ most dangerous receiver has six catches for 63 yards through the first two weeks of the season. ESPN reporter Mike Rodak reported that head coach Rex Ryan is hopeful Watkins will play. If not, the Bills will have to rely on their running game with LeSean McCoy.“I think there’s a little more concern because of the fact that it’s another day he didn’t practice,” Ryan said. “We’ll see how it goes, but I certainly hope he plays. You talk about ground and pound, we would be back to ground and pound.”Rodak also reported that offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn said the team is going to be cautious with Watkins’ injury. If Watkins doesn’t practice but plays on Sunday, Lynn is confident Watkins will still perform at a high level.“I think the best way to get better and develop skills is to practice. And when he doesn’t practice, that is a concern,” Lynn said. But he’s an elite guy, so we feel like he can go out on Sundays with limited reps and get it done.”Receiver Greg Salas and tight end Charles Clay are also struggling to get back to the field. Salas suffered a groin injury during practice on Thursday, while Charles Clay was listed as DNP due to knee issues on Wednesday.Salas has four receptions for 89 yards, including a 71-yard touchdown last week — one of the team’s two receiving touchdowns. Clay’s production is similar with 67 yards on seven catches. Top Stories center_img If the three offensive players are unable to play Sunday, the Bills would take a huge hit as they would only have Marquise Goodwin, Walter Powell, Robert Woods and Brandon Tate as receivers. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Comments   Share   Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more