The West will promote cooperation and development in Western China

The western region of the

occupies an important geographical position in China, and the development of the western region has always been concerned by people. The sixteenth session of the Western World Expo, also received the attention of countless people, the Expo to promote cooperation in the west, but also to promote the development of the local economy.

in the sixteenth Western China International Fair, intelligent air conditioning project from Inner Mongolia Wuhai City, California Hotel and Xinjiang Mongolia Chongqing logistics company settled in Sichuan Chengdu Pujiang county. "This business is not only a preferential policy for our Pujiang, the beautiful environment of the region is also an important reason for their choice of Pujiang." Pujiang County Investment Promotion Bureau official said, the project is located in the area of cooperation, although not large, but there are mountains and water, like the industrial town of Europe, is very suitable for high-tech enterprises settled." read more

Look at the cows taro barbecue shop how to location

barbecue industry hot degree let you see, this is a very popular brand investment, of course, for those who want to grill the people who make money, not only to consider what satay, but also consider the various operating factors, for example the shop location problem. Take the cow taro barbecue franchise, want to make money site skills.

1, select the remote lot

cattle taro barbecue franchise location is not only lively area or suburban areas, in fact, relying on the customer’s reputation, in the relatively remote location can also be full of customers. In this place to set up a barbecue shop, should have as far as possible the outstanding features, in addition, it is necessary to get together as much as possible in order to create an atmosphere of consumption. Of course, if the location is too remote, resulting in extreme inconvenience to customers travel or surrounding facilities is not perfect, it is not a wise choice. read more

Wisdom Jiangsu entrepreneurial innovation award award for excellence in Suzhou

now with the Internet affect all aspects of people’s lives, many entrepreneurs have begun to start from the mobile phone software APP entrepreneurship, the use of technology and social networking in the field of the development of a new rich project.

It is reported that the selection of
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Xiaobian for your detailed analysis of electricity providers fine operation

now, more and more people choose to start the network, therefore, the electricity supplier is a topic of concern. Many of my friends said that 2013 is the electricity supplier operating fine, fine operation just is a direction, is a concept, different levels of understanding will vary greatly, especially those big sellers and Taobao market many business practitioners, many people do not know what is called fine operation.

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What is the choice of clothing store store

now, more and more people want to invest to clothing sales, all know that clothing is a huge industry, but also because many investors to find a suitable store and distress, then choose what clothes shop store trick, let’s take a look at it.

investment to join the clothing store location

need to consider what factors?

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South Beauty event the frying oil, said it had to terminate cooperation with the Nanjing store

          for the recent media reports of "beauty frying oil" incident, catering enterprises have responded to the South beauty. On Saturday evening 23, South Beauty Group President Wang Xiaofei micro-blog apologized in person.

this, 17 evening, Wang Xiaofei responded to this personal micro-blog, said the guests to patronize those who work there and apologize. "Whether it is false or true beauty has been lifted, joining or being lifted, I should apologize to those who visit the guests and the employees working there, you are to go to the South Beauty of the three characters. Good management of outlets and promptly destroyed those fake beauty is our responsibility and our work. Thanks to the supervision of the guests and the media, so that we understand the situation in a timely manner to help us continue to progress." Wang Xiaofei said on its micro-blog. read more

Join the convenience store what investment advice

convenience store is now everyone’s favorite shop, choose the right store, so that the investment can get a good shop income. So, if you want to join the convenience store, then what investment advice? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

location by interpersonal

according to the calculation, the total turnover of 360 thousand yuan per month to join stores, in the deduction of costs, waste and profit and loss (by joining the main burden), how to join the convenience store? Join the master in the hands of only 120 thousand yuan. After pumping into enterprise 38% per month, 15 employees left, 20% rent utilities in 70 thousand yuan to join the main hand will be covering 100 square meters of shops and positive, deputy manager of the. The real profit is not high. So investors in order to obtain higher profits must be done on the rent. read more

Wang Xiaoli opened a clothing store in Shandong woman

can be ordinary but not mediocre, unfortunately, many of us are in a mediocre life, life is like a backwater not angry, there is such a Shandong girl, she did not want a boring life, so they start to open a clothing store, the business is very good, here is a look at how she was a successful step by step the!

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What are the steps you can refer to

many people want to start their own business to achieve the dream of wealth, but there are a lot of novice do not know where to start. Operators lack of experience, you can learn a lot of entrepreneurial experience. Xiaobian finishing some of the knowledge about entrepreneurship, I hope you can help establish the direction of entrepreneurship, a clear entrepreneurial goals.

1, how to find a business model

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Qingdao Airport the Spring Festival home to ride a plane adorable pet can carry

in our daily life, with the gradual increase of living standards, many people in the usual time, all love feeding a small animal, but the Spring Festival is coming, a lot of people in order to avoid the traffic jam by plane, but the flight of adorable pet can carry? This is also the issue of concern to the majority of passengers. Reporters learned from the Qingdao airport, there are passengers when the opportunity to do not understand the relevant provisions, in an attempt to directly with a pet over security boarding, the result of the delay of the trip. read more

Wang Ganwen and WeChat sell cake earning over 50 thousand

if you think WeChat is just a chat tool, then you really are OUT, and may also miss the opportunity to get rich. In fact, one of the WeChat marketing is also very good marketing, before we understand a box lunch boss, greatly improve the lunch sales stories using WeChat marketing, for you today is to use WeChat to sell cake, cake cake shop as easily increase sales achievement.

Houjie there is a pair of cousins, they will not only parents run a 26 year old cake store carry forward is leveraging micro-blog, WeChat, and other new marketing channels, will own the cake to sell monthly over 50 thousand yuan in sales. read more

New ideas of active Entrepreneurship

The development of the

era is constantly changing with each passing day, so is entrepreneurship, a lot of entrepreneurial ways are springing up, endless, but now, some fresh ideas are attracting a lot of people’s eyes.

mode 1: part-time business

advantage: for office workers, part-time business, without giving up their jobs, and can make full use of the accumulation in the work of the business resources and connections of entrepreneurship, can realize the dream of both fish and bear paw, and Jintuiziru, greatly reducing the risk of entrepreneurship. read more

Zhoushan launched a new way to protect the development of new services

The successful development of the New District of Zhoushan has been supported by the government of Hangzhou and Zhejiang, so that people can see the development of Zhoushan’s economy. At the end of March this year, Zhoushan Boeing 737 main project completion and delivery center will be officially started construction. Major projects, the total investment amounted to 6 billion 500 million yuan, will be included in the full range of daily supervision. A project, corresponding to a contact, a leader of the discipline inspection group stationed, a monitoring system, referred to as the "four" of the daily supervision service mechanism, Zhoushan is the innovation of supervision and discipline, to protect one of the many initiatives of new construction. read more

The suspect’s nose to play a unique point of play like a mosaic of digital coding skills

recently released a set of Beijing, pocketing the police suspect in the theft of micro-blog pictures, and mosaic suspects in the nose. This special skill mosaic point lead users praise, the police responded that this mosaic method is to avoid being diverted to download photos.

1 months, Anhui police arrested a few celebrities, when the release of photos, in the forehead of the seller to write the mosaic three words caused heated debate, the relevant staff responded, saying that out of the suspect’s disgust. In January 31st, Beijing micro-blog released pocketing police pickpockets in the photos of the suspects are mosaic in the nose, once again sparked heated debate, many netizens shouted out. read more

Shenzhen University will set up an entrepreneurial college to lay the foundation for College Student

innovation and entrepreneurship in the next few years will be China’s basic national policy, want to better train people’s concept of innovation and entrepreneurship, improve the ability of young people to innovate and entrepreneurship, we should start from education. Therefore, the Shenzhen University will set up a business college, to take the actual situation combined with teaching, to lay the foundation for entrepreneurial students.

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O2O entrepreneurship and innovation industry alliance was established in Hefei to support local O2O

Internet entrepreneurs who do, will certainly have a profound understanding of the word O2O. In order to promote the development of O2O industry in the region, Hefei has set up a O2O venture innovation industry alliance to provide a full range of regional O2O entrepreneurial assistance.

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Tea shop how to make money site

many people like to drink milk tea, taste good, but also to bring people a good mood. Some entrepreneurs seize the opportunity to open their own tea shop. As everyone knows, to open a tea shop, you must first choose a good location, then the tea shop how to location more money?

community entrance

is now a large community has gradually improved to become a separate social life area, a variety of functions is very complete, like the Internet cafes below, the supermarket business has always been very fire. Choose the community population density, good position of commercial and civil building door open a unique, advanced mode of operation of the tea shop, people at leisure will frequently benefit CD, are generally good. read more

To Zhengzhou jinshuiqu for business students nest

now college students entrepreneurial activities by the help of the whole society and at the same time, social support, college students entrepreneurial activities but also help to solve the social problem of local employment, Zhengzhou jinshuiqu provides accommodation and office for college students entrepreneurship.

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What shop to make the most profitable female supplies amazing profits

female friends like to buy things online, if you want to open shop to make money, may wish to consider the money to earn a woman. So, open what shop the most money? Xiao Bian this is recommended for you to make a profitable project, you want to make money to see it right away.

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Seventy-two change 3D human face doll fee is how much

human face dolls, has been very popular toys. So, seventy-two change 3D human face doll? As a leader in all the figures, is very popular among consumers. Well known brands, entrepreneurs choose to join the seventy-two change 3D face doll project, worry free business. So, what are you waiting for?

so, for 72 3D face this doll brand, how much money would join the doll face people? Small first tell you the answer, as long as the brand you choose, there is no need to worry about this problem, as long as ten thousand to thirty thousand can be achieved your goal and start to join, this project will be given. Business headquarters to join the comprehensive support, what are you waiting for? read more

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