Pleasure makes the station go farther

has been in the station for so many years, and has never been able to find anything particularly good. Music, novels, programs, movies, all of them. Every special effort, really. Take care of it every time you take care of your child. Boil until three or four every day, only to find the good content, enrich it. It’s really not easy to be a station. Few people come, really not a taste of the heart. Humble people for change a link, post everywhere. Oh, can not meet the AD jar, put the address to write signature in the jar, post top stick, improve our address on rate. Of course, we must do everything possible to please BAIDU, GOOGLE these big brothers. read more

Talking about the four abilities of novice webmaster to do website

, a newbie, wants to make a profit on the site. This is quite an easy task. However, it is not easy, does not mean that the new Adsense does not have the opportunity to make money. Because a lot of websites can make money, it is to have a unique advantage. If we have the ability to develop our strengths, we can find a way to make money. However, do not have the ability in the network will be frustrated. The new station has no experience and no great chance. Therefore, the new webmaster must have those abilities, can really make money, read more

The 2008 concept network in the world

opened the gun has been sounded early in the tide, the road has been a sea of people, primary and secondary schools have been opened……

although the Lantern Festival has not yet passed, our expectations for the new year’s "better up" have been settled in early trading.

Yinianzhiji is spring, so we are always special to remember it.

and in 2008 of the network world, Wenzhou this keyword has a special gratitude to me.

lies in the spring of 2008, is because of the heavy snow and ice in winter, so that tens of thousands of want to go home and think of Chinese can not return home, but in a different but equally feel the warmth of home; special gratitude, because in the snow and ice road closure days, so the prime minister within 44 hours, the two went to Hunan the disaster area, general secretary at the airport and air force officers together personally carrying relief materials…… The Internet enables us to know a lot of information. read more

To achieve the ideal, tomorrow will be better

, I started studying websites last October, and at that time I became more and more fond of making websites, because it made my life in college no longer empty and boring.

When the

before the new year, I have the honor to meet my two brother, they told me I was very touched by the selfless help, so I will work harder to make a website, my achievements, not to live up to their expectations.

I love entertainment forum, is the time of birth, although the duration is not long, but this forum does focus all of my heart, until the beginning of March when the forum registered a total of more than 200 members, there are more than 1000 posts, the heart is also very clear, so the data for those stations for it is just a drop in the bucket, as my blood, watched her slowly grow up, my heart is really very happy. read more

Three shameless webmaster is such promotion website

"shameless webmaster" is not really shameless, this is just a soft writing skills, just look at 3 pictures,

above the 3 webmaster is adopted on the street website promotion way, the offline promotion work out, let more people know, let more understanding of the virtual website in real life show out, to improve their visibility. Is the most successful cross network, are more television newspapers and media reports, this is undoubtedly with the website promotion.

cross network Internet first sideways to look at the site, at the grassroots website is also a controversial website, mixed, with not much said. As a whole, the development of the network is swift and swift, and the investment has been made and several other personalized websites have been set up. The webmaster to ask some information, after the revision of the webmaster about confidentiality, so high, it seems a great action. But under repeated questioning, stationmaster Duan Fei just said, the new cross all material broke the news, TV stations, network media promotion planning online after have been prepared, and some media in Beijing have also established a link, which will undoubtedly have an elusive cross network adds a bit of mystery. read more

Several excellent foreign tools are recommended for managing websites

, when the website is built up, just a small part of it. As a webmaster to build a web site, but just started, really difficult, but also the most test, often how to run their own web site. When it comes to running a web site, you first have to know your website and keep it informed.

if you are doing foreign websites, then it is necessary to use some foreign management tools. Here are some tools to help you better understand and monitor your website. These tools are free, but they are powerful, including keyword ranking, traffic statistics, running status monitoring, speed testing. read more

Raise funds to make yourself the most basic cost

When it comes to raising money,

says, I can only hold a "shake head, sigh" attitude to a lot of personal webmaster.

really do not know what a dream of cold, neither the technology nor other characteristics, no financial strength of the owners, he can use what means to compete with others online to find a piece of "cake"? Dream of cold station is not a few, but most of them are "poor stationmaster alliance" was born, a a website can be out of money are about several hundred yuan. read more

Road. Always looking for my own network road

even if it starts right now, it’ll take at least two weeks to complete. After finishing, you’ll have to be lucky, and you’ll have to make.

three months later

but, as far as I’m concerned, is it allowed three months? Obviously not. Well, after three months, I’m not sure I can make a profit for.

, the second way… That’s what I’m doing now, buying a promising website and coming back to business… But I can see a promising website… Can’t people see it, so it won’t be cheap, read more

Will the price war come as scheduled, and what is the commercial value behind it

will soon be arriving on May 1st Labor Day, with the exception of the statutory three day holiday. For the author, there is also a temptation that businessmen may have to lower their prices. Why do you say, because based on past experience, in addition to 51 is a golden week tourism, shopping or a golden week, in addition to offline businesses online crazy promotions, the seller will use to exhaust all the skills for consumers, for example, in May last year, Jingdong, even Suning Gome’s price war, and lasted nearly two months, so in accordance with this Convention, today in May, these businesses should be again the price war, and we must be willing to consumers to see this happen. read more

Several concerns about website revision

because of the old version of the deficiencies, the site of a systematic revision, including programming language, System CMS, functional architecture, etc.. After the revision of the website, personally believe that both in terms of technology, function, structure, have improved greatly, I believe the revision should have a greater improvement.

through several days of observation, some doubts slowly, I hope you tidianyijian.

: my first website is a virtual host, can not do 301 permanent redirection as their own server, only a 404 error page Jump, in order to prevent the flow loss, I wrote the error page to jump to a new web page code, it will jump will not be regarded as cheating in read more

What should be done before the convenience store location

open a convenience store, in addition to do a good job purchasing, positioning, decoration, the most important thing is to choose a suitable shop location. Once the location of the shop, business model and business strategy will be determined. Here are some of the survey should be done before opening a convenience store, look at it!

(a) customer quantity and quality

analysis of the customer’s consumption ability, including the following:

1. information on consumer characteristics and consumer habits in the region; read more

Personal webmaster to improve the site traffic 8 tips

how to improve website traffic, has been the most troublesome personal Adsense problem. Increase the amount of visitors to attract new visitors, but more importantly, to retain repeat customers, but some of these people in total statistics accounted for an absolute proportion of passengers. You tell me, the worm translation of a Newsletter, is the story of how to keep coming back.

1. investigates

do a little research on your website and ask an interesting question for visitors to vote. Voters may come back tomorrow or next week to see the results of the survey. You can refer to the details of the website. read more

Some attention webmaster anti cheat

novice friends just started, because there is no experience, and seek cheap, heart, it is easy to be fooled. In this paper, summed up the easy to be taken into account, summed up the bad, I hope the novice can use it.

one, don’t believe in free space,

some of the lack of integrity of the company or individual, with the name of free space or collect the entire station program for sale, or placing Trojan malicious programs like benefit, and usually the name of public image, such posts, they will be sent to the forum, and the forum of stationmaster is not good; read more

What should pay attention to the green dry cleaners

with the improvement of people’s living standards, people are buying high-quality clothing, and clothing dry cleaning has long entered the lives of ordinary people. Today, people are pursuing the green living conditions, after a lot of equipment behind the traditional dry cleaners will gradually be eliminated, replaced by a green dry cleaners.

        required equipment and raw materials of

        benefit analysis: wash clothes only costs about 2 yuan, charge 10 yuan, renovation, cleaning a leather jacket cost 1, 2 yuan, 50 – 80 yuan, day live in more than 50 pieces, plus a variety of difficult problems in clothes processing, deduction industry and Commerce, taxation, utilities, rent and other expenses, will be more than 80 thousand yuan. read more

Tell you how to make a travel agency website

tells you how to do a travel agency website,

sent a few posts, and in the last two days, a lot of friends have contacted me via QQ and MSN, and hopefully I’ve been able to give them more advice at the Internet level, which makes me very happy. I once said, I am a theoretical research, the tourism industry is also a lot of unfamiliar, specific practice and feasibility, but also with you a lot of deliberations, and ultimately let everyone success is my duty and desire. Although many people told me that most of the travel enterprises in the same way do not come with learning attitude, I still believe that those who are willing to think and learn can get what they want. I would be happy to answer a friend who still has questions about it. read more

What can we do before the Google PR update

what is Google PR?


Google PR is part of a Google search ranking algorithm in the level from 1 to 10, 10 for the full score, the higher the PR value that the web search rankings in the status of the more important, that is to say, under the same conditions, have the priority in the PR value high site search results Google ranking.

, according to officials, Google’s massive PR updates are made every 3 months. Since the 2008-12-31 update has been around for almost 3 months, and in the next 1 weeks, GOOGLE’s PR will be updated. What can we do before the update, read more

Share 5 types of websites suitable for personal webmaster

network life is never a lack of vitality, never a lack of popularity, as personal webmaster, you may think that will register a domain name, buy a space, and then install CMS to build the site since think personal webmaster. Because the Internet, the website carries our dream, but also hope that their website will one day who, who, who has achieved, at least can bring profits, improve their quality of life. Therefore, the interpretation of our every day in the constant establishment of websites, updates, promotion, as well as various forums, Q group exchanges. Most of the people spent every day in the busy day in and day out, and finally found what no achievements, most experience to see a certain success is to see who today released the collection screenshots, who heard the monthly income is considerable, envy, then try to find, and then copy the success. read more

Investment qianrui lighting brighten your road to riches

2017 entrepreneurship to choose to join the dry Rui lighting? To light your way to riches? Join dry Rui lighting, less investment costs, but large profit margins. For the small business of the franchisee, the entrepreneurial choice to join the dry Rui lighting project, is very wise, very choice of business opportunities!

is a production, research and development, sales in one of the professional lighting manufacturers. The company has a close design team, with "modern fashion, creative techniques, taste style" reshape the lighting fashion, long-term occupy the forefront of the trend. How about the lighting, energy saving, health, environmental protection, the choice of tens of thousands of families. read more

The Ministry of Education issued a joint venture to promote entrepreneurship

college students to start their own businesses is the implementation of the public entrepreneurship, innovation, the main work, therefore, recently, the Department of education and other departments have a new policy, entrepreneurship students need to know, look at it together!

read more

Shenzhen venture guarantee loans up to 2 million

now the whole community in an entrepreneurial era, at the same time through entrepreneurial approach to entrepreneurship, has already received the support of the state, all in for some independent entrepreneurs to provide loans to help.

read more

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