The province’s largest distributed photovoltaic power generation

6 17, Nanchuan Industrial Park of Xining economic and Technological Development Zone 10.1 MW photovoltaic power plant roof distributed formal grid, the project in Qinghai province is currently the largest distributed photovoltaic demonstration project, started construction in November 2015, the construction area of 110811.72 square meters, the total installed capacity of 10.187MWP. Municipal Committee, deputy director of the Xining economic and Technological Development Zone Administrative Committee Yao Lin attended the launching ceremony. read more

Xining Federation of trade unions to promote the work of land tax collection

March 20th, the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions, according to legal fees, commissioned on behalf of the levy, scientific integration and other measures, trade union funds to promote the work of land tax collection.

union funds is the main source of funding for trade unions, is an important material basis for the work of trade unions and the basic guarantee. The implementation of tax collection work, is to implement the needs of Scientific Outlook on Development, is the union funds collected into the legal track, is the need to build a service-oriented society. In recent years, the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions to actively implement the provincial Party committee, municipal Party committee proposed "to put more resources and means to give trade unions", to lay a solid foundation, exploring the tax work "the same sign, with the tube, with the" integrated management mechanism and the tax Department, fee source control mechanism implementation of dynamic management of trade union funds and key monitoring. With the trade union funds collection work to achieve new breakthroughs, functions, and further promote the healthy development of the trade union work has played a positive role for trade union organizations at all levels to give full play to. read more

Since the implementation of the smooth flow of traffic accidents in Xining significantly reduced

Xining since the implementation of the smooth project since the continuous efforts of the traffic police and traffic departments, traffic congestion has been improved, traffic accidents decreased significantly.

Xining City Public Security Bureau Traffic detachment

, the provincial capital since the implementation of "open project" since, has taken to optimize the road structure and traffic facilities, reasonable distribution of traffic and other measures, to alleviate traffic pressure in the city. At present, jaywalking pedestrians, motor free U-turn, the road and Luantingluanfang traffic illegal behavior was significantly reduced, the overall decline in the number of traffic accidents. Compared with the same period last year, more than half of the reduction of traffic accidents since 17, reducing the number of deaths of 7 people, reduce the number of injured 25 people, especially the amount of traffic accidents greatly victory road, 54 street, Changjiang Road and lower north and South street. read more

Xining Federation of trade unions investigation of wages and salaries of employees

in order to establish and perfect the income distribution policy science, protect the rights and interests of workers, to realize the harmonious development of economy and society in Xining, from the beginning of July 12th, the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions to carry out comprehensive investigation for half a month of income of the enterprise workers wages.


research activities take listening to the reports, questionnaires, individual interviews and discussion interview etc., into more than and 60 different types of Xining City, different scale state-owned and state holding enterprises and non state owned industrial enterprises (including construction industry), foreign enterprises and trade, catering and other service industries, to survey nearly three thousand front-line staff wages the status quo, the wages of workers in constitution, the implementation of policies and regulations, payment of wages, and the income of enterprise managers. On the basis of first-hand information, a careful analysis of the problems, study and formulate solutions to the relevant departments, put forward the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions, so as to further promote the enterprises to establish and improve the collective wage negotiation mechanism, growth mechanism and the payment mechanism, the wages growth and the level of economic and social development to adapt. read more

Xining power company to take measures to cope with the peak winter electricity consumption

Xining power company to take measures to deal with the peak winter electricity, as of now the sale of electricity has more than 15 billion kwh.

in 2007, Xining power supply company has made great efforts to carry out capacity expansion, renovation and maintenance of urban substation and substation, which greatly improved the health level of the equipment. The smooth operation of several new urban substation, make the layout of urban power grid more reasonable, ease the pressure of power intensive areas. At the same time, in the winter peak of electricity, the Xining power supply company from the organization, technology, materials, materials and other aspects of reserves, careful deployment, careful planning. The production units to carry out the "winter" activities to strengthen the transmission, distribution, distribution equipment operation monitoring and maintenance. Xining power supply company will also serve to move forward, streamline the work process, the focus shifted to the marketing market and pay close attention to the quality of service. The establishment of service enterprises in intensive Xining economic and Technological Development Zone and the Gan River Industrial Park, to provide personalized service zero distance for large customers, to solve the previous winter heating peak power supply "card neck" phenomenon at the same time, to protect the Xining industrial and agricultural production and urban and rural residents demand for electricity. read more

Xining city street to the civilized comity excellence party to build a new pattern of Qi

Xining city street comity street party around the "12th Five-Year" plan of building rich civilized and harmonious Qinghai as the center, to strengthen the cultural image of the most beautiful street blocks of comity, enhance the street reputation and visibility as the focus, combined with Excel and third grassroots organizations "activities, strengthening grass-roots party organizations" five good "activities to create a new pattern of innovation, deepening street party building work. read more

The results of soil testing and formulated fertilization in Huangzhong county were significant

Since 2007, the implementation of the national soil testing and fertilizer subsidy programs, our county in strict accordance with the implementation of the project requirements and technical specifications, focus on measurement, distribution, production and application of "five links, strengthen organizational leadership and promotion, and vigorously promote the fertilization technology has made remarkable achievements in promoting grain production and high efficiency agriculture and fertilizer technology to enhance service capabilities etc.Since the read more

Bamboo fiber home textile stores how to open

Many kinds of

textile, it is because people now demand is constantly changing, so businesses need to change, with the advent of the bamboo fiber, far-reaching significance for the entire textile industry,! In such a gap in the market, the bamboo fiber textile franchise to investors is the first to fight down, they can do business big money investors! Still hesitate, decisive attack, wealth between investors think


open bamboo fiber home textile chain stores, not only products, bamboo fiber home textile stores also need to provide consumers with quality services. The service is good business of bamboo fiber textile chain stores the tips of the most important and major, and the consumer is always bamboo fiber textile chain stores Yisifumu, especially older consumers, they can not only bring subsequent sustained consumption, more important is he who can bring a good reputation for investors. Gold silver cup as consumers reputation, good reputation, the number of old consumers are more and more, the market is also growing, investors will become more and more prosperous business. read more

Changzhou college students entrepreneurship Park for college students entrepreneurship

now, the government’s support, so many entrepreneurs have a more relaxed entrepreneurial environment. "Less than half the time, I felt the park gave me really big help, not only in terms of policy has given us 2 years 50 square meters of rent free concessions, more important is to provide a lot of entrepreneurial projects declaration guidance and comprehensive services, the development of our company more smoothly."

discount, the new office of college students venture settled municipal college business park, within two years, according to the provisions provided by the free use of business park 20-50 square meters of business premises;

read more

Hebei Fengning county to create Saibei organic brand

now everywhere in the development of organic agriculture, at the same time, there are a lot of local organic agriculture has developed to a certain scale now, in Fengning County of Hebei province in order to cater to the development of organic agriculture, established its own brand of organic.

: Fengning Manchu Autonomous County read more

How to open the fruit shop Weapon Master

fruit shop if you can open, the profit is natural to make people look forward to endless, however, in the end how to open it has become a matter of many people. So, how to open the fruit shop? Let the master to see what is your weapon, how to open such a shop.


fruit shop how to open? Opposed to the fruit store opened in the downtown area, first of all, the price is too expensive, more suitable for a single product profit margins such as clothing, restaurants, etc.. Secondly, the downtown area is usually used for people to go shopping. When you go shopping, you will buy a pair of clothes and shoes, and you will have a meal to buy a water. The fruit is the daily consumer goods, consumer groups is the main cook uncle aunt, so the shop location should be near the residential area, or a relatively large bus station, if it is first-tier cities, a parking lot near the best. Of course, it is best to avoid competition, if there is a butcher, near the fish shop, is better, the convenience of customers one-stop shopping for food. read more

And the money is good to suffer

even if the store is good, then the price affordable, but all day and customers are noisy, lose a customer, so I’m afraid there is no way to store for a long time. In fact, we do business also need to insist on one thing: Friendliness is conducive to business success. is a blessing. Of course, not just to do business, in daily life, but also need to keep in mind these.

my shop in addition to commodity is the books, so I read is in the care of the store apart, I most love to read a book is "complete" course of business life, he not only helps me through some daily business encounter troubles, find the interpretation of happiness password. But also for the depths of the soul into infinite courage and power. Bring me hope and love! I am both spiritually and materially more productive. read more

Entrepreneurs how to open a clothing store in the town

What the

industry is very popular, is the apparel industry, actually opened a clothing store is not easy to open, no matter where are more trouble, some people think that it is easy to open a clothing store in the town, as long as do simple decoration and simple display on the line, because the people of the town to product requirements is not high, to the shop the grade is not high. In fact, this idea is biased, there is no factual basis. Now consumers are more picky in small towns, in the purchase of clothing, but also to see the shop grade. read more

Have the skills required to open the snack bar business

snack many high streets and back lanes, some bustling, but some business is bleak. In order to let the more open the more popular snack bar, but also to master some skills. How to invest and operate a snack bar? The successful development of the snack bar first of all you need a good mentality, but at the same time also have the relevant knowledge, please see the details below!

1, you can engage in the Internet cafes and the surrounding boss engage in cooperation, you give him cheap meals, and then he will give you an Internet cafe to brush your home meal. It also allows you the boy to his throat to yell a few Internet cafes. read more

How small hotels attract customers to make money

food and beverage industry in today’s society, is a very popular industry, because there are a lot of people are very keen on delicacy, now the local restaurants, are like the bamboo shoots after a spring rain, in people’s eyes.

1, store environment analysis


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How will the Lucai store profit maximization

you don’t think Lucai store is not a matter of how to operate the project, if the operating properly will bring no small gains for you. So the question is, how to let oneself as the restaurant operator investment does not make sense, how can we do open Lucai shop to maximize profits? We need investors to pay attention to the following aspects:

, a Lucai store location

open Lucai store location is to choose the location of business premises Lucai shop. It is not only related to the enterprise market development ability, attractive to consumers in size, more important is the strategic impact on the long-term benefits. According to the relevant data show that the direct and indirect effects of the quality of the successful operation of Lucai store address on it in many factors accounted for about 60%. We can see that the Lucai store address selection is an important factor to determine the successful operation of the Lucai shop. read more

Chinese students studying in the United States are rear abandoned car escape was arrested the murder

recently, according to foreign media reports, a Chinese female student in the United States while driving the driver was rear shot, the suspect has been arrested. The other man was killed in the car.

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The West will promote cooperation and development in Western China

The western region of the

occupies an important geographical position in China, and the development of the western region has always been concerned by people. The sixteenth session of the Western World Expo, also received the attention of countless people, the Expo to promote cooperation in the west, but also to promote the development of the local economy.

in the sixteenth Western China International Fair, intelligent air conditioning project from Inner Mongolia Wuhai City, California Hotel and Xinjiang Mongolia Chongqing logistics company settled in Sichuan Chengdu Pujiang county. "This business is not only a preferential policy for our Pujiang, the beautiful environment of the region is also an important reason for their choice of Pujiang." Pujiang County Investment Promotion Bureau official said, the project is located in the area of cooperation, although not large, but there are mountains and water, like the industrial town of Europe, is very suitable for high-tech enterprises settled." read more

Look at the cows taro barbecue shop how to location

barbecue industry hot degree let you see, this is a very popular brand investment, of course, for those who want to grill the people who make money, not only to consider what satay, but also consider the various operating factors, for example the shop location problem. Take the cow taro barbecue franchise, want to make money site skills.

1, select the remote lot

cattle taro barbecue franchise location is not only lively area or suburban areas, in fact, relying on the customer’s reputation, in the relatively remote location can also be full of customers. In this place to set up a barbecue shop, should have as far as possible the outstanding features, in addition, it is necessary to get together as much as possible in order to create an atmosphere of consumption. Of course, if the location is too remote, resulting in extreme inconvenience to customers travel or surrounding facilities is not perfect, it is not a wise choice. read more

Wisdom Jiangsu entrepreneurial innovation award award for excellence in Suzhou

now with the Internet affect all aspects of people’s lives, many entrepreneurs have begun to start from the mobile phone software APP entrepreneurship, the use of technology and social networking in the field of the development of a new rich project.

It is reported that the selection of
read more

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