Rural entrepreneurship entrepreneurial skills

In fact, the rural

shop is the most simple, the migrant workers are now back home shop can accumulate a lot of good entrepreneurial experience. Look at how they have successfully set up shop.

A, let the customer rest

in the store dedicated to vacate an empty place, put a few tables and stools, free supply of boiling water, let the pedestrians in the store have a rest and drink slobber, so virtually enhance the communication with customers, so that customers feel good service, sincere, conveniently buy take a few pieces of goods. read more

The Spring Festival to hold the feast for the elderly and young migrant workers in Hunan deeds

a lot of people in the old age due to inconvenience, their economic conditions are limited, so the standard of living is not very good! But a new generation of people, a lot of young people don’t forget the pay, "I wish the old people’s health, longevity, happy life!" is the beginning of the six month, with the event sponsor Huang Wen to a nearby, CO sponsored by the young migrant workers "feast for the elderly in Hunan Miao Autonomous County in Mayang Province Ping Xi Xiang Zhu Mu Cun have. read more

Nine dumplings Museum three years of entrepreneurial ore boiling water 8 stores

the difference between ordinary people and great people is a think of doing much less done a little more, sometimes we will have a lot of great thoughts, such as entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial thought almost all of it, but a few can really do it today this is about the students she had! Start boiling water dumpling shop, business is good for three years, opened 8 stores!

startup: />

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Liangjiang International Film City with the people of Chongqing happy Spring Festival

in the eyes of many people, can go out to play, you can let your mood to relax, so that more people will pay attention to the overall strength of the enterprise, while winning recognition. And you can feel the special activities, let people have a feeling of human, a rickshaw, listening to storytelling, building products exhibition of Yanzi shopping streets…… Reporters from the Chongqing Liangjiang International Film City was informed that the Spring Festival Golden Week Liangjiang International Film City received a total of 1 million 60 thousand tourists, feel prosperous in taste. read more

How to locate the handmade leather workshop

relative to the expensive store products, some of the small manual workshops are now hot business, the most significant is that we are familiar with leather products. But if we come to open a handmade leather square, how should the site?

for manual leather workshop, the location of the key is not the flow of people, but in the atmosphere and gathered lots of studio where the product positioning crowd. The most suitable place is to take place in the quiet, there is a certain cultural and artistic atmosphere. The reason is to avoid the city to avoid the high rent, because the customer is not handmade leather agency for the general public, not busy in crowd with your customers, and in the read more

Heng 8 Fasthotel to teach you how to choose the right address

October is almost over, but the eleven major well-known holiday hotel to earn a pocket full of gold but still people only think of themselves as the acme of perfection, but also immediately joined the hotel business, own brand chain in the country to open. But do you know the hotel brand is important, but the choice is really the key to profitability.

Heng 8 Fasthotel teach you how to choose the right address

what kind of address, which can help lots of hotel chain wide popularity? And according to our survey found that the choice of shops, can be accounted for more than 50% of the success of the operation, should not be overlooked. The first small tips of sites of different industries is different, but the principle is the same: looking for a place to target customers in the cluster. read more

4G is not yet universal 5G is coming

mobile phone communications industry development is amazing, a few years ago, 3G has triggered a heated discussion, now 4G has been popular, but more surprising is that 5G is coming to us.

South Korea announced the

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How to operate the convenience store to get people’s attention

When people buy

supplies, will consider the community to the entrance of the store, although it is not, but has everything, is expected to win the attention of the people, let more people feel that the cell door should have a convenience store. Do you know how to run a convenience store?

how to run a convenience store

now there are many domestic convenience stores to join the project, and now want to operate their own stores, we must first have the owner of quality service, but also to the introduction of a number of high-quality goods, now how to operate a convenience store has become a problem for many to join the. Want to run their own convenience store, the owner first need to find some better projects, now the domestic convenience store to join the project more, when joining in the choice, also need to choose according to their own economic situation, after joining in, to continue efforts to learn more business methods. read more

Do business and become a good customer

talk about the degree of familiarity with the product, customers can hardly match the owner. Therefore, when there is a demand for shopping, shopkeepers often need to become the customer’s staff. However, only do this staff, will be recognized by customers, will make the business even more popular. No, my own experience is all about it. Speaking of my customers fat aunt, the first time to the supermarket shopping left me a deep impression.

that time, she opened the shop, go straight to the food area, take 80 grams of 50 independent packing Nestle wafers, 1.5 yuan 1, a total of 120 yuan. She is busy with business checkout, I did not ask, just in the heart of a "exclamation point": the customer time to buy so much Nestle wafers! read more

Children’s clothing stores to focus on these sites

with the second child of the new policy, children joined the development potential of the industry continually increase, many entrepreneurs have to set up a children’s clothing store to get rich, to set up a distinctive children’s clothing stores, sloppy location problem.

pedestrian traffic should pay attention to what?

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How do young entrepreneurs start their own business

young entrepreneurs are how to do poineering work? In order to become a successful entrepreneur, who has a young people experience all love how they venture, what is a step toward success, the whole network Xiaobian for everyone to explain.

1, when you have a good time, you should do it at once. Do not listen to what others say, as long as you try, to explore, will know how good the idea, even if the failure, it does not matter, because you will learn a lot of things. The result is important, but it is more important that you do, in the process of learning a lot of things, this is the capital, is wealth. read more

12 things to do before 2014

is at the end of 2013, are you still a lot of things unfinished? But during the Christmas holiday, you can finally have time to sort out the chart and see what needs to be done in the new year. I asked 12 successful entrepreneurs from the youth entrepreneurship Council (YEC), to see how they plan their own planning before January 1st.

1.  for the new year ready marketing

–  Patrick  Conley,   Automation  Heroes

2.  />

–  Corey  Blake,   Round  Table  Companies read more

How much is the investment fund of the Chinese noodles congee fast-food restaurant

do you believe that as long as thirty thousand yuan you can open a fast food shop? Yes, this is the truth, as long as you choose to join the Chinese noodles congee fast food restaurant, this is the truth.

How much is the price of

Chinese noodles congee? Now we only need thirty thousand yuan to join the Chinese noodles. Porridge can be very good to moist curing effect on human stomach, so choose porridge became the choice of many consumers, but also more and more bright future of this industry, become very wide. Now join the Chinese side of the sweet porridge, easy to operate low risk earnings, laugh every day wake up. read more

Agent hemp sweet spicy sweet pot good business opportunities

fast pace of life, has lived our best way of life. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to enter the catering industry is very market development project selection. How about the spicy spicy pot? Delicious snacks, is our choice of power!

hemp spicy hot pot?

spicy delicacy human taste buds can be said to be the ultimate experience, for people to create a rich enjoyment of taste. Entrepreneurial agent spicy incense pot can be said to be a very popular choice today, the market prospects of a good, popular hot, is a good choice for entrepreneurs to get rich quickly. read more

The employee is burned euthanasia company many medical expenses owed

Fujian, an employee with work-related injuries caused by the body 99% burns, the company repeatedly in arrears of medical expenses, the person in charge of the family members have been asked to ask for mercy, in exchange for the death of their families to pay compensation.

from Yunnan mountains in Yiliang County 38 year old Yuan Longhua had the ball mode in Fujian Quanzhou Zhongquan glaze Co. ltd.. The morning of August 1, 2015 9 pm, about 13 hours of continuous Yuan Longhua accidentally fell into the hot plasma pool, causing burns up to 99%. The rescue in the ICU ward after 2 months, Yuan Longhua finally saved a life. His family said, since October 8th last year, the company has repeatedly Zhongquan glazing treatment delays the payment of fees, even hinted that they give up the treatment to death after compensation. read more

Recycling O2O companies will develop Internet online market

O2O industry is seen as one of the most popular entrepreneurial field. With the development of the Internet, more and more traditional enterprises to integrate into them, will be a number of online services to move online, open up new channels of profit but also to facilitate the masses.

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Service robots into a deep entrepreneurial hot spots

is now a technology pioneering era, in the society appeared many kinds of technology start-ups, in the Shenzhen area, now the service robot has become a new business focus, attention.

9 8, Huaqiang made incubators and national IC design industrialization base of Shenzhen co sponsored "Hi tea Salon", invite the person in charge of Shenzhen several robot start-up companies, the business focus in the robotics and the future development are discussed. Reporters learned that, in recent years from the salon, service robot has become a hot field of Shenzhen enterprises, accelerate the development of customer record, function research mainly concentrated in the children’s early education, smart home, security monitoring, and other aspects of the elderly and the disabled. read more

Those years we have a good project to pursue online Entrepreneurship

era of big data, online venture projects can be described as everywhere, but it is really worth careful management of online venture projects to be carefully selected. Xiaobian for everyone carefully selected a number of good prospects for entrepreneurial projects, for your reference.

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Trap you absolutely can not think of summer business opportunities

special season, the decision of different entrepreneurial projects, for this summer is extremely high temperature, to bring a lot of challenges for the time, a lot of entrepreneurial projects. A summer of entrepreneurial projects, is only in the summer, that is to sell the new trap, do wholesale, retail or stall.

summer flies, it is impossible to avoid. The harm of flies, most people are very clear, then, how do we do? Method 1, with a fly swatter. Method 2, sticky fly stick: effect can also sometimes. Method 3, with the hand: every shot a let you full of sense of accomplishment. read more

Summer creative coup open a tea

with the arrival of summer, many people can think of to open a cold drink shop or fashion casual drink, but who wants to open a creative shop? Why don’t you open a teahouse?

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