Need to open a restaurant which put


why so popular among consumers, it is because sometimes people emotional sustenance can use food as a medium. Which is mainly has the spicy sichuan. It has always been the consumer choice of modern people under the pressure of life very much love, everyone is eager to find some excitement in the ordinary life, so hardcore Sichuan consumers become the good choice. However, with the Sichuan project increasing competitive pressure is constantly increasing.

need to open a Sichuan restaurant which put? What are the details? See the following specific combination: read more

The most sexy female anchor stolen fear of losing 360 million

angel face, the devil figure is doomed to focus in front of the fluorescent lamp, beautiful person also has a risk of being afraid of stealing. Recently, the United States the most sexy female anchor, stolen fear of losing 360 million. In the face of such a staggering figure, Xiao Bian just like to ask the media, after dare just steal afraid of beauty?

American "sexiest female anchor" called Elin. Andrews had been tracking were photographed in the hotel, brutally exposed naked video. Afterwards, she angrily will track and hotel together with the court. After two weeks of trial, the jury ruled on the 7 day, Andrews can get $55 million (about RMB 358 million yuan) of the loss compensation, compensation were borne by the hotel and the tracker. Pictured 2010, Andrews presided over the American College students. read more

Let entrepreneurs benefit from the eight principles of life

a, Peter principle

        each organization is composed of a variety of positions, levels, or classes, each of which belongs to one of them. Peter’s theory is the study of the phenomenon of the promotion of personnel in the United States, after the study of the phenomenon of the promotion of the staff in the organization, Laurence concluded that: in all kinds of organizations, employees tend to be promoted to the status of their incompetence. The Peter principle is sometimes referred to as the climbing principle. This phenomenon is ubiquitous in real life: a qualified professor was promoted to the president of the University, but was unable to do; an excellent athlete was promoted to director of sports officials, and do nothing. For an organization, once quite some people were pushed to the level of their incompetence, the organization will result in low efficiency, resulting in more personnel than work available, mediocre stagnation rise head and shoulders above others. Therefore, it is necessary to change the basis of the contribution of the decision to promote the promotion of enterprise staff promotion mechanism, not because of someone in a position to do a good job, it is inferred that the person must be able to perform a higher level of duty. Will be promoted to a worker can not play a good job, not only is not my reward, but it can not play a good ability, but also to the enterprise losses. read more

The importance of daily management of home stores

is now in real life, there are a lot of people are paying more attention to details, while some store operating process, pay attention to a part of some marketing details of the product is also very important, so Home Furnishing stores need to pay attention to what the details.

now product sales Home Furnishing decoration good, choose the investment management Home Furnishing stores are also popular in the market under the premise. Can get maximum benefit from this shop, many investors are concerned about the problem before it joined the business investment management, best can fully understand the market situation, in the shop after investors in all aspects of the Home Furnishing joined the store to shop should pay attention to. read more

Jiangsu 6 chemical enterprises monopoly checked fined 3 million 810 thousand

the development of market economy, can not do without the supervision of the relevant departments! At present, Jiangsu province has 6 chemical enterprises monopoly, malicious raise prices has been investigated, and for their bad behavior, take the penalty measures!

24 day, the provincial Price Bureau informed investigate the situation with chemical enterprise price monopoly case, Lianyungang (601008, shares), Yancheng, 6 chemical enterprises to jointly improve the chlorophenols product sales price, and through the sales company unified foreign sales, which exclude and restrict the market competition, and ultimately damage the downstream company the interests of consumers, in violation of the national anti-monopoly law, a total of 6 enterprises was fined 3 million 810 thousand yuan. read more

Plug the pot should you invest Hot pot shop

winter is a good time to eat hot pot, now on the market a lot of hot pot brand, want to eat delicious and full of creative ideas, where to go? You are welcome to shop Hot pot pot plug. The brand distinctive style, taste to meet the public needs, make the operation more peace of mind, worthy of attention of franchisees.

consumer identity, is the key to a restaurant can be maintained, to plug a pot of entrepreneurial projects, is one of the most popular consumer items, because the headquarters of the continuous research and innovation, a plug is more delicious, more by the majority of consumers love and recognition. read more

Starting from prison break

"escape" in recent years is a very red hot TV viewing time, the ratings soared, won a lot of praise, has attracted audience love! So, "prison break" and what are the relevance of entrepreneurship, what are the links? May wish to come together to understand!

Funding and execution (
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The details of the management of the curtain store can not be ignored

What are the matters needing attention in the process of investment and management of

window curtains? What are the problems that businesses need to make clear? If you are a novice, you need to learn more, learn more business skills, take every step of investment.

A small curtain stores need only a few million yuan investment

normally, if you want to open a brand with the size of the shops in the city, it will cost more, according to the brand and store size different from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands, there are many types can be selected. A lot of people to invest in the operation of the home curtains from the store, but would like to shop on the success of the operation, to solve the problem of store location is also an important step. read more

The package to Peru big business you joined in 2017

New Year approaching, whether you are ready for the new year in a big, at your feet on the territory of break a new world that belongs to you, you want to start. You will say: venture capital is not how to do? Never mind, package to join – a big secret for all the small investors venture project. 2017 small business entrepreneurs do what? To Peru bag bag, vegetables and meat with a variety of delicious sauces, special health stuffing. Eat well, eat well, but also to eat healthy, is a new concept of the current popular dining. Meet the people’s appetite, highly recognized by the market. read more

Invest in a coffee shop to give yourself a coffee flavor entrepreneurial dream

led by Starbucks, large and small coffee shops in mainland China are everywhere. The coffee shop is a good place for modern people to seek peace and rest, 35 friends gather together, each successful coffee shop has its own loyal customers.

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Entrepreneurs have to know the six business principles

for the first time, many things happen in the future that they have never experienced before. In addition to creativity and ideas, there are some basic business rules, if the start-up companies in advance to understand, then you can let them in the process of entrepreneurship, a lot less detours.

1, set realistic expectations:

BrianHamilton’s two son’s first idea was to build a web design company. But soon, they found that the idea of competition is that they can not make a firm foothold in a summer. So they changed their minds and cleaned the house. BrianHamilton’s advice is to start a business (especially first business) you need to ask yourself, "what is the easiest way to earn a dollar?" your first attempt, or reject all Create Company make up the idea of running, then you continue your business dream. read more

Five retail profit maximization model to help

is the retail sales terminal directly with the customer contact, numerous tentacles is like enterprise, sensitive and lethal, because demand in the rich society consumer more and more personalized and diversified, modern circulation enterprises to establish a distribution system widely and most close to the customer terminal, can use this to provide value-added services.

except financial mode, retail profits mainly through the following five ways:

expand into the sales price of

centralized procurement, plus additional services to certain storage and transportation and other simple, into the sales price can obtain the purchase price and price. This is the most primitive circulation industry profit model, now is still the basis of the circulation of enterprise profit. The larger the size, the more the bargaining advantage of procurement. However, the only way to obtain income is not competitive, this is because a single source of profits, the lack of core competitiveness, higher transaction costs. It can be predicted that the future of this way can not become the main source of profit for modern circulation enterprises. read more

College students how to join the initiative to fall into the temptation to fall into the trap of hig

to join the chain is a good form of entrepreneurship, especially for those who do not have high start-up funds, there is no rich entrepreneurial experience of College students. But inexperienced students can easily fall into the trap of the join venture, the temptation is high rate of return.

alert to the temptation of high returns

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Entrepreneurs how to operate a small bookstore

to do business is not easy, for example, to open a small store, but also need to spend a lot of energy, about how to do this business, Xiaobian gives his own advice, the distribution is a one-time investment, low price, good content is two points. The variety is more affordable but. Don’t taste at the beginning, the taste is gradually formed according to the actual situation, the lowest to score some more books when leaders discount low to attract readers. Here we look at how to operate it! read more

How about Zhejiang Shaoxing chicken in wine tastes very good.

we all know, in Zhejiang, there will always be a lot of delicacy, is the best place for delicious food. So, how about Zhejiang Shaoxing chicken in wine? Traditional food with characteristics. Healthy and delicious, but also rich in nutritional value.


Zhejiang Shaoxing chicken in wine?

Shaoxing chicken in wine in cooking, cooking oil is in line with the principle of less nutrition, if the chicken skin first then cooked, less oil, angelica, medlar and also has the function of health care of traditional Chinese medicine. Shaoxing chicken in wine wine thick, soaked with tender chicken, and chicken are drunk, and pepper Xiang Ma wake. read more

Do these four snack bar business will be better

snack market is very hot, many friends want to invest in a snack bar. Perhaps we think it is not difficult to open a snack bar, but if you do not have the skills to successfully open a snack bar is not easy. How to open a snack bar? Pay attention to the following four aspects:

Customer positioning

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Easy to open shop in the investment business which is more appropriate

many women particularly want to have a flower shop, not only can see flowers every day, and the flower shop is also very suction gold. Open shop also want to pay attention to the location problem, which is more suitable for the opening of the flower shop? How much do you know about the location?

in downtown

in the downtown shop, store from the main business center and the main station should be closer, the flow of people in front of the door should be relatively large, and the sidewalks should have sufficient width for parking (making floats very convenient). Where do you make money? However, such stores are generally not very cheap. read more

How to seize the focus of the mainstream crowd

People’s Republic of China since its inception to the present our country has occurred changes in turn the world upside down, China reform and opening up thirty years ago was an agricultural country to industrial country in the process of change, now Chinese is facing a greater migration, that is from the industrial country to the Internet era of change, now is a Chinese an innovative country in mainstream social groups 80, 90 eyes, novel is the key point to attract their attention, marketing businesses want to bring the traditional marketing way is tantamount to nothing, the effect will be more and more small, brand loyalty is also more and more low. Unfortunately, most of the domestic marketing is still using outdoor advertising, leaflets, car advertising and other traditional line, not only covers the limited population, but it is difficult to expand brand awareness. read more

Brand wallpaper shop operating recommendations

how to improve the store brand profit? Many operators have come up with many ways, which is worth learning from? If you want to have a secure investment business, you need to observe, learn more. Today Xiaobian to share a few suggestions, I hope to help you.

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How to open a fruit store in order to earn more profits

since the shop, who want to earn more money, but want to achieve this goal, often need to do more work. But in today’s market, the fruit is a kind of comparative income welcome fresh products; especially in recent time, the rise of health craze, with people to lose weight dedication, this also makes the market today, the demand for fruit has been increased greatly; and this also makes the majority of investors are beginning to join the fruit shop as their investment direction.

of course, a high heat industry, if we want to in this industry, to create one of their own new stores have great difficulty, because the competition in this industry pressure is very large, if we are entrepreneurs in this industry, so if our personal project can not have obvious advantages; for us, it is easy for us to venture on a large scale under the pressure of death. If we want to enter the fruit retail industry, how should we open a fruit store to bring us more profits? read more

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