Hualong Xiang Qian Yu the localization of community operators vision story

he spent five years in Changzhou to consolidate the "vision" status, now a two or three magnitude Internet market impact. Money, people, management, the test of the young man.

text / Qu Lin

Have their own local communities around

, the owners also have their own circle, this circle is Qian Yu’s eldest brother, he readily dare, willing to share, as a missionary, but peers are more willing to call him "".

everyone knows, the boss is not good. In recent years, public comment, and the group purchase site in the search room into the two or three class market, the pressure to do the local community portal from Qian Yu feel. "Other local community dare we grab a meal to eat, but outside of the ‘Wolf’, in Changzhou, we must dig deep, otherwise Changzhou long lane will be eaten up." read more

Sources said the network will sell two senior executives to withdraw cash

June 21st, ChinaNetCenter just resumption time limit, eventually closing down 5.1%, triggered the wave of gem fell. In June 17th before the suspension, only 6 trading days, the cumulative increase of ChinaNetCenter has reached 44.17%, up two, or top once. The performance of face behind a series of problems of company executives change frequently, the core technology, far away from the expected performance has been questioned, let ChinaNetCenter market qualification examination much outside. With the "times weekly" reporter in-depth investigation, this frequently questioned the company, or will make another one more bad move: will be listed only 9 months the company "for sale", "two times cash"! If the rumor is a prophecy, ChinaNetCenter will become the history of A shares on the "worst" company. read more

Group purchase network in the second half closed down 1800 part of the site at tieqian data

after the explosion of the Sturm und Drang, now the "chaos" group purchase website, into the crossroads. Is the speed of fast-growing death or disillusionment rebirth? As the originator of group purchase industry, the United States gourpon is always China imitation and learning to the group purchase website, but the cruel reality tells us that the development of China road group purchase website or rely on our own "step out".

tieqian red data confusion


took the price of 200 yuan, the price directly to achieve 170 yuan, the 30 pieces of their upside down. It is even hard to shoot in suppliers. Why? read more

Perfect analysis of China’s free forum community

      comprehensive analysis of free (my analysis, I explained, super exciting, must see) at present, more than one-third of the world free forum, so, we are currently relatively large separate regime, there are several.

      1 my territory

      2 free forum
      the Quartet forum


      at present, the strength of the domestic

      my domain: read more

Google today announced its withdrawal from the earliest China moved to Japan and South Korea market

March 22nd news, according to foreign media reports, sources said, Google will soon be announced on Monday to withdraw from the Chinese market, so that Google’s success in the Asian market will be pinned on the Korean and Japanese markets.

American research firm Broadpoint AmTech analyst · Schacht (Ben Schachter), said Google shut down the Chinese search engine has no doubt. Informed sources said last week, Google will be announced on Monday in April 10th to withdraw from the Chinese market. read more

Group purchase difficult mode of war 24 investors staged a protest staged farce

The internal contradictions of the

24 coupons founder and investor oriented the worst results: suspend operations (TechWeb above)


24 coupons founder and investor internal contradictions have led to the worst results this month, from the beginning of 20, the company set up two and a half years to suspend operations, will enter a period of long holiday".

last month, 24 coupons were exposed to the founder and CEO of Du Yinan and investment disputes, Du Yinan and investor on behalf of KK in e-mail accusing each other to set air company, the latter is Du Yinan unilaterally dismissed. October 19th, with the company’s other managers and employees signed a statement, said the company invested $2 million 400 thousand of the company without authorization, resulting in the plight of the company’s operations. In order to win rights, management decided to leave all 24 tickets to protest, to put pressure on the investment side, to resume normal operations pending shareholder level to solve the funding problems after reasonable and team motivation. read more

This time Google chose a vulnerability triggered with Microsoft just positive

recently, Google specifically disclosed vulnerabilities Department "threat analysis group" (Threat Analysis group) announced a major vulnerability level threatened the Windows operating system, and issued the relevant patch to protect Chrome users. The problem is that Google’s Chrome protection patch out, but the official Microsoft patch has not yet been born. Google’s move infuriated Microsoft.

Microsoft angry also reasonable.

first, Google in the exploit was originally discovered promptly inform Microsoft, Microsoft after that also began to develop the relevant patch, but 10 days, Google suddenly the vulnerability disclosure, while Microsoft has yet to complete the patch development. read more

The first time the web game was halted VC more prohibitive

3 9, the industry came out of the web game, blood * * * because of pornography by way of propaganda and the Ministry of culture to stop the news. This is the first stop of the web game. In fact, the blood of the propaganda model is more common in the industry, and it was halted means that the government issued a signal to the outside world to rectify the web game.

an online game company executives told reporters that the government’s great efforts to control the web game, the relevant governance measures will continue to launch, this year’s game will certainly shuffle the game. Currently, the game industry has also begun to self-help self-help. The occurrence of this event, for the sake of their own funds but not for the wind industry is optimistic about the web game, is undoubtedly worse. read more

Google foster kids, come on

      at the same time today launched not only Google / Tianya quiz, and "come", what is "come"? Baidu post bar is the end of the world version of Google, different from the horizon of the Google Q & A interface, the end of the world to use a set of their own. It is estimated that the division of labor between the end of the community and Google, Google in accordance with the Russian version of the question and answer service style production question and answer, according to their own style of the end of the world to come". read more

First forecast of chicken! Comprehensive interpretation of 17 +2 capital markets in 2017

fifth welcome the God of wealth. Welcome the God of wealth in two ways, one is the use of incense, a glance.

we chose the latter, and by our various industry groups and ECM and the securities department colleagues to produce this report, as the first greetings of the chicken, to you. In the front of the report is the forecast of 17 market segments, the last is about the A-share market and private equity market forecast A.

1, video entertainment

trend change

and video paying customers to maintain rapid growth, become the new engine of the entertainment industry: 2016 is the year of the establishment of the paid video market, this year the Chinese paid video users is close to 60 million. We expect this figure to close to 2017 by the end of and reach 2.2-2.5 billion in 2020. This year, the compound growth rate of more than 40% of the market is to replace the compound annual growth rate dropped to the single digit box office market, becoming the new engine of China’s entertainment industry". read more

Standardize competition order MIIT will further improve the Internet competition and regulatory mech

in the news office of the State Council on the afternoon of 18 2013 held the annual industrial development of the communications industry press conference, chief engineer, Ministry of industry and information technology news spokesman Zhang Feng said, the Ministry will take measures to further improve the mechanism of competition and regulation of the internet.

, the Internet industry has become an important force in promoting China’s economic and social development, the competition in the Internet industry from a single field of competition to cross-border integration of competition, competition means by the client or web pages, to change the single client, application store, operating system and other mixed carrier competition, competition has strong concealment and complex, and some non-standard competition of enterprises, to consumers caused varying degrees of damage. read more

The third phase of the Shanghai station and Shanghai webmaster Association

June 30th, the third meeting of the owners of Shanghai held as scheduled, and the owners of the 102 Internet operators to participate in the party. The meeting was sponsored by Tai Chi Union, vigorously support and co organized by China domain network, know the marketing planning agencies. Meet the results achieved expectations, participants and guests on the five themes of interactive communication.

read more

Site enabled 4006758885 customer service calls for transactions and IDC

    with the increase in business, the site starts today with 400 customer service calls (4006758885). Mainly used for Trading Consulting Hotline and IDC consulting services. You in any city, local calls can call the telephone consultation on any mobile phone or fixed phone, answer you all about trading safety, details of the transaction process, the problem of.    the hottest Adsense Trading Forum    Admin5 IDC has been among the ranks of well-known IDC channels read more

In March 12 strong domestic users of geographical distribution Guangdong topped Jiangsu back to seco

IDC network ( on 20 August 04 reports: according to the latest data from Baidu statistics show that in March domestic Internet users accounted for significant changes in the geographical distribution, the largest number of Internet users in Guangdong, accounting for an increase of 1.58% compared to last month, rose to 16.10%. Last month, the number of Internet users in Henan second, due to the end of the Spring Festival holiday Exodus, the proportion of Internet users to reduce 1.36%, down to 5.66%, ranking fell back to fifth. Next, IDC comments on the network will be specific data analysis. read more

IDC market analysis cloud data is committed to Hongkong server rental

According to

report data Chinese IDC industry 2011-2012, 2011 Chinese IDC market size has reached 17 billion 80 million yuan, than the same year growth of 67.1%, the rapid growth of value-added business has become the main factor in the growth rate continued to rise.

with the application of SMS, voice, video and network integration, e-commerce has become increasingly popular, the Internet observation center forecast, 2015 Chinese IDC market will reach 30 billion yuan, a huge market demand for our IDC, China’s IDC industry development has brought a strong push. read more

The reward activity promotion method is the network marketing tips


site is operation success and the number of users and loyalty has a relationship, the site without the user, like a fish without water, and you don’t treat it like a water user, the ship is likely to run aground or capsize, so the user for the website is God, and when God love your website, you can get around the natural site


but how to make your web site to get user acceptance? We may be able to find the key to open such a password from the Tencent’s road to success, to know when Tencent began to appear, only ICQ is the industry leader, but OICQ has completely localization, one was obtained under the huge amount of users in a short time. At the same time, QQ also can enjoy a lot of free meals, registered when need to charge for a period of time, the user QQ suddenly dropped to the lowest point in history, then Tencent executives immediately change strategy, let QQ main products are all free, including email, including e-mail and so on, through the free swinging stick once again, get a huge amount of users, so many people become Tencent loyal, of course, Tencent in the operation will be launched during the various awards, So as to help consolidate the number of users, the development of user loyalty! read more

The top-level domain name.Tel on sale is expected to become the Internet telephone book

‘s new top-level domain.Tel registered operator Telnic ( today began to accept the global business and a variety of institutional trademark applications. From today until February 2, 2009, the trademark owner can register.Tel domain name for its brand and company name, and in the first global mobile optimized online directory to provide a comprehensive list of "real time".

Telnic CEO Khashayar at the beginning of the review priority registration (Sunrise) period, said:.Tel is the domain name system since the launch of the.Com domain of the most important innovation since the launch of Mahdavi. Fundamentally,.Tel provides a fast, efficient, and applicable intelligent service for companies of all sizes, which will enable customers to interact with the company in any way they like. Any organization that wants to communicate better with customers should buy a.Tel domain name." read more

Chat will not do any advertising.

do advertising, first learn to pick up. Brand personality, to the user as the object to tease. To get in touch with an object, and then leave a good impression, and finally become a good friend. So is advertising.

1 chat occasion must be suitable for

hooked up, to the right place.

advertising platform to choose the right, select an object you want to appear.

you’ll find that the chances of success in the elevator are far less than the restaurant. Everyone in their way, this time does not want something. read more

Accelerated Music the United States IP is the number one source of government education website atta

May 20th news, yesterday the United States Department of Justice announced the theft of so-called network sued 5 China officer, after this announcement, causing a Tucao users, since the American public agreed that the NSA eavesdropping incident after exposure, the United States has never officially apologize to countries, but stop thief, an exercise in self deception.

today, cloud security vendors know that last week’s data security weekly Chong Yu acceleration music product released in China’s government, education website attacks, the United States is the number one source of the attack website. This report confirms the letter of the United States Office of the United States before the attack on China’s website data. Accelerate music data show that only last week, the United States from the malicious IP attacks on our government, education, as many as 400 thousand important sites on the. read more

I see the marketing from my daily life

yesterday, I asked myself. Why do some people no matter what so smooth. Why do some people do nothing? Actually, I know that none of us can understand. But one thing is very important. That is the environment is very important. Why? I’m a fast food takeaway. Do it more difficult. Yesterday, when I went to the zoo to buy clothes, I found a few square meters in the zoo inside a few small places. Almost no need for publicity, traffic is also great! I believe you see here, but also understand it. A place where the traffic is very important. Choice is very important. read more

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