Stock Tencent business private suck, investment is not good

our last inventory of Tencent over the past year to get rid of unhealthy addiction for strategic stake in the new model of cooperation, we talk about the business of the electricity supplier Tencent.

The main terms of cooperation

the first account of Tencent Jingdong, business assets of Tencent to pay $214 million in cash and 15% shares of the Jingdong in exchange for its acquisition of Jingdong, Tencent B2C online shopping platform QQ and C2C platform pat net 100% interest, logistics personnel and assets, as well as a minority stake in the network fast and easy and fast and easy to buy the remaining stake in the network rights. read more

Personal or business wireless site name was born

The birth of the Internet, making people’s lives have undergone tremendous changes, this change, not only make people’s way of life has changed, but also achievements

by accessing the wireless web site 114, you can easily learn to use, wireless web site registration method, to understand how the first generation of SMS wireless Internet website is what. At the same time, in the tip of the message 114, you can personally register a wireless domain name, the construction of their own wireless Internet site. I personally feel the convenience of the wireless web site 114, edit the SMS "114" sent to the local area code + 1660 (mobile) 9690 + local area code (China Unicom), will receive the following information: read more

Deep throat broke the bug again Yonago electric lead starry boss dissatisfaction

September 3rd, known as the business district of Southern China, deep throat electricity supplier representatives Gong Wenxiang (micro-blog ID mrbrand Gong Wenxiang) broke the Taobao August sales in the Mengliao micro-blog, followed by Taobao’s famous brand Han clothing general manager Zhao Yingguang (micro-blog ID starry Zhao Yingguang dissatisfaction).

What is the cause of the

September 3rd afternoon Mr. Gong Wenxiang published an article on the bug Yonago crisis public relations case in the micro-blog Sina micro-blog. Reads as follows: "just friends from Taobao that bug because of the event, lost about 1 million in cash to solve the problem, really to win customers: customers saw their sincere approach, double buy back. New users also increase a lot. Learned from the women’s Taobao data, August bug home orders jumped to the first count Taobao (more than OSA in 2011, Korea) is the best Chinese electricity crisis PR read more

Fresh four minefields look at your move

due to the special nature of the industry, there are many fresh minefields and restrictions in the product selection, transportation, storage, sales, distribution and other aspects. It is precisely because of this situation, although fresh electricity supplier in recent two or three years is very hot, but really bigger, stronger businesses are still difficult to reveal.

days ago, fresh new entrants and fresh daily said that the fresh electricity supplier operating optimization. And, daily and fresh COO Ceng Bin lists four major minefields fresh electricity needs to pay attention to the state power grid (the following contents according to the exchanges between the two sides finishing): read more

DedeCms recruitment because you can be more powerful!!!

actually, Dedecms2007 official development time, only a month, a lot of things and have been determined as everyone says, but it is absolutely Dede to return the majority of our webmaster and support to accelerate the introduction of things.
DedeCms team continue to recruit the following personnel:
1, PHP programmer programmer 3-5
2, 2
3, art 1 (reserve)
read more

The general assembly can also open

not only pay attention to exchange and sharing, but also pay attention to easy entertainment is the mother of the previous meeting of the characteristics of the webmaster, guess what is today’s game?

"to see who stands in the end?" do stand do stand, do the webmaster first to stand, the host please all friends stand up!

rules of the game: all problems appear in the "yes" or "no" answer, answer "yes" please raise their hands, answered "no" to stay in place and the wrong answer, please sit down and see who we stand to three webmaster friends finally will get our prizes (stick to the meeting finally, all my friends will receive a gift, each with a handbag in the YAHOO card affixed to the office to receive attendance statistics) read more

Farewell! Official website of the official website of China’s official website closed

a week ago, everyone released the film website is cleaning up the contents of the announcement, and its domestic server has been sealed. Then all television announced that the site has been closed is clean ", American TV fans almost cry blind.

this afternoon, a number of users reflect, everyone has been able to re visit the video site. After testing, most of the site’s video resources, subtitles can be downloaded. But there are also some of the film "due to copyright issues, do not provide resources to download", such as "super body", "differences", etc.. read more

315 consumer complaints network was closed because of extortion has been a thousand complaints

yesterday, from the Beijing City Internet publicity management office news shows, according to the "315 consumer complaints network" mandatory service, mandatory fees and other illegal acts, Beijing Internet publicity management office, the Beijing communications administration, Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce, the Beijing municipal cultural market administrative law enforcement corps and other units jointly investigated. To close down the site.

the network was more than 1000 complaints read more

Daily topics those years we computer standard on the storm you use

A5 ( station network March 11th news, storm as ever in the computer standard, you will not be unfamiliar! But now there are many people in the storm? As the video industry veteran, storm in the online video and the wave of mobile Internet has been unable to


storm video was founded in 2003, is the first batch of Internet video companies, often by the media as "early in the morning, catch up late set". Now the American control, control, control the British drama drama who may not understand the storm in the hearts of a generation of netizens status. The first storm is a packaged foreign player source code and its simple work finished, and that time most of the software product, word of mouth almost is the main means of circulation. It is characterized by supporting multiple formats and saving resources. read more

2010 Internet Application Innovation Conference grand opening

2010 China Internet Application Innovation Conference will be held in Zhenjiang, August 28, 2010 and 29. The conference is sponsored by the Zhenjiang Municipal People’s government, the organizer for Runzhou District People’s Government of Zhenjiang City, Zhenjiang economic and Information Technology Commission, Jiangsu Rui Tai Investment Company limited. The conference will explore the post creative era Internet companies’ competitiveness reengineering problem.

the meeting is the Internet industry for the first time, sponsored by the municipal government, the government and the people gathered in the union, on behalf of the government leadership, Internet experts, entrepreneurs, venture capital institutions, with "industry integration and innovation" as the focus of the forum, the government will put resources agglomeration have an important impact on the Internet industry and talent. read more

A number of well-known network involving pornographic literature websites checked

Beijing News (reporter Xu Luyang) reporter yesterday from the "information to combat Internet pornography special action case investigation briefing was informed that, amidst the red novel network", "Cuiwei novel network", "91 Panda Reader network and other well-known network literature sites, suspected of spreading pornographic information has been banned. On or off.

days ago, the national pornography Office of the state Internet Information Office issued "on the development of information to combat Internet pornography special action notice", announced in mid April to November, a nationwide unified information in the fight against online pornography special action. read more

Another piece of the sky of the Internet a new future of artificial intelligence Baidu sing

during the National Day holiday, the technology giant Google in Beijing on October 5th morning held a hi conference. In this conference, Google has released a Pixel mobile phone, a VR glasses, a router, a TV and voice assistant and other series of artificial intelligence Google products, but this conference has sparked a series of China media Tucao, even a lot of people have this question: Google is not in technological innovation has come to an end?

although Google’s conference is nothing new, but one thing is undeniable, Google is putting its future on artificial intelligence. Google as a leader in the global Internet technology, their future man’s life and family possessions are in charge of the artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence has become an inevitable trend that the future of the Internet and the development of science and technology, this field will release greater value. read more

Dialogue Robin Li Baidu new home is still difficult to predict the impact of income

Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li

              Sina Francisco September 2nd afternoon news, Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li said today with Sina and other media dialogue, the new home of Baidu today on-line search times is the effect of income, but in the long term there will be There’s no telling, solution. Robin Li also said that the future of mobile Internet focus on cloud services rather than operating systems.

including Baidu new home, Baidu mobile operating systems and other products, today unveiled Baidu world conference. How to look at the impact of these new products, as well as the competition strategy of Baidu future? The following excerpt from Robin Li readme: read more

Editor’s time complex promotion methods, which is more suitable for grassroots website

: the grassroots webmaster do website, more or less have some disadvantages, and in the resources and capital accumulation has not reached the level of company level, advertising can not afford to do, engage in activities of the industry and the poor, and all kinds of free promotion methods are used in the case of the site the flow of many friends also only stay in 100 wandering up and down, why, if the general method didn’t really have much effect? Or in the operation of some of these errors? In this study slightly.
read more

China Telecom closed 130 thousand sites not fully shielded SP service

recently the central media reported continuous industry mobile phone pornographic websites, China Telecom spokesman said today that the company attaches great importance to, has launched a special action resolutely combat remediation mobile phone pornographic websites on the WAP SP service; the first full screen, itemized audit, qualified after the opening.

full screen SP services itemized audit

China Telecom spokesman said, in view of the current WAP business management, especially for blocking foreign pornographic websites still have some difficulty, they by changing the IP address, and even take different time, on different content of despicable means to evade supervision, make the China Telecom through the means and measures of the original is difficult to eradicate. read more

The Qihoo 360’s $3 billion 686 million super Sina Sohu 2 times

[introduction] until now, the Qihoo 360 has jumped to China Internet market ranked fifth companies, the top four are: Tencent, Alibaba (Baidu, NetEase, delisted).

Qihoo 360 and Sina shares in the past year change in


technology news (Wang Hui) January 5th news, Qihoo 360 has been confirmed by collaborating with Google news, Qihoo 360 shares closed Friday at $31.67, up 1.87%, the market value rose to $3 billion 686 million, has exceeded Sina’s $3 billion 525 million.

over the past year, the Qihoo 360’s share price rose 101.84%, while Sina shares rose only 1.46%. read more

KFC hacked has sent a letter to the 1 million 200 thousand member to modify the password

[TechWeb] reported on December 14th news, according to foreign media reports, the fast-food giant KFC has sent a letter to 1 million 200 thousand members, admitted that the site was attacked, to remind the user to modify the password as soon as possible.

this Monday, the club’s 1 million 200 thousand members to Kentucky Colonel email, inform the member companies found that web site network attacks, the user account may be stolen, to remind the user to modify the password as soon as possible. read more

Ali completed the investigation of China’s financial disclosure of tax and other irregularities

Chinese aliying predecessor culture

[TechWeb] December 10th news reports, the Alibaba Film Group Limited announced yesterday evening, released a survey report of its predecessor China culture media group of historical financial problems, the report by the aliying commissioned an independent third party PWC completed.

Hua Yongdao reports confirmed that Ali pictures exist in inappropriate financial processing involving financial year years before Alibaba group initiated the acquisition of culture are China. Its independent review and analysis of the retrospective financial cycle for the cultural China from June 30, 2014 to 2012 financial year. read more

Who says there is no beauty in China IT circle

China IT circle 10 Super wealth elite beauty

graphic: first Yan Wang Jia: network security industry the first female

Wang Jia Yan

was born in scholarly background makes looks like a typical Jiangnan woman, gaunt face, long hair, little and dainty, gentle and soft eyes.

Wang Jia Yan Notebook:

1990, graduated from the Department of computer science, Fudan University,

1990~1996, to master and doctorate in Temple University and the University of Pennsylvania;

was founded in June 1996 so far, Venus information technology limited company, and served as CEO. read more

Baidu electric reconstruction layout the Philharmonic live over $50 million of financing

It is difficult to

the initial logon Philharmonic live users from one like "beauty" and as public comment website to know this company what to do, of course, it is difficult to see a clear future profitable, but the Baidu was born in and out of the Baidu project has been support Baidu Robin Li, he believes that even if a Philharmonic live, will become the Chinese Internet and a large platform company.

this is called "is still in the early" project won the IDG and Qiming two more than $50 million investment. Especially IDG Li Feng, partner of the company said, this is the earliest Philharmonic live in Chinese investment Internet Co established the risk investment fund in the history of Chinese TMT in the area of the biggest investment of more than $30 million. read more

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