Electric animal War Tmall and suning.com lions to swallow Beijing dog

days ago, with suning.com released a new "lion head" of LOGO, the three giant electricity supplier (Tmall, Tencent, suning.com ALI) war, has become a "animal world" war against Tmall and suning.com, the lion dog beijing.

business competition between the three giants of the electricity supplier seems to have become an animal world of cats, dogs, lions. In addition to Tmall’s "cat" and "dog" Jingdong, before suning.com announced LOGO new and added "lion". read more

Internet users on the electricity supplier price war aesthetic fatigue electricity providers need va

day before the domestic electricity supplier industry once again staged a new price war: old home appliance retailers Gome vowed to "comprehensive online and offline prices lower than Jingdong", and said "if you find an internal system which is three times higher than the price for the Jingdong, responsible directly to pack up leave, a time triggered concern.

however, in the face of the electricity supplier price war as one falls, another rises, especially some of the electricity supplier in the promotion cheap trick, so many users have been fatigued". Experts stressed that the electricity business expect to get rid of the price war quagmire, and effectively improve the quality of service, from price competition to value competition. read more

Zhu Zerong a group purchase may fail in Chinese

The marriage of

Groupon and Tencent do not guarantee "gaopeng.com China in the competition to win, sometimes not necessarily about the power of capital market, customer service service strategy may become the short board of Gaopeng, the fatal flaw is the cooperation between the two sides.


management scientists, Zhuo School Management Science Research Institute president Zhu Zerong the day before: the biggest difference between Germany and Chinese situation is customer service service. He said: read more

A Hua talking about the local community with e-commerce

on the Internet and fought for so many years, it is a failure. Because until now there is no success on the Internet do make me proud of things, no real earn money. The experience of success is less than the experience of failure. There are so many failures to accumulate experience, I see some things, but also understand some things. Let me reflect on a lot of things. Recently prepared to implement this forum + e-commerce business model. Because I give myself the way is arranged, has been mixed in the Internet, has always insisted on doing network marketing, electricity providers to take the road. Although I have not been successful, but I have some of their own ideas and opinions, and I hope to share with you here. read more

Registered a number of well-known enterprises suddenly increased

According to the China’s largest domain name registrar Chinese network business information display, in a series of fake websites after the incident, the registration of multiple domain names of well-known enterprises suddenly increased, but most of the financial and business needs of online business website, still rely solely on a single web site run, make online transactions, online payment is still is facing a great risk of phishing.

Three words network marketing

ha ha, friends if you can seriously look at this article, and can be implemented according to this, it is difficult to succeed.

      today saw a call in the middle of a friend’s message, for network marketing, he said a "diligent" word. Yes, "Qin" is indeed one of the secret network marketing. But in biaoju opinion, and "hold" and "understanding is also important".

      can do these three words, ha ha, no matter what you do, will be harvested. read more

Ten – the birth of a new hot sale mode of ecological electricity supplier business forms

November 11th at 2 in the morning, who lives in Hangzhou, Jianggan District buyers Chen received his day to buy imported milk powder at 0 points. From the order to receive goods, cross-border parcels with only 2 hours, the reason for creating this miracle, is a combination of C2B pre-sale bonded mode brings miracle.

this year eleven, C2B model is widely used in the sale of fresh, large appliances, clothing category and success — from the United States and Australia sea cucumber, dried cranberries steak and other food was sold out pre-sale of navel orange; 4K large screen LCD and inverter intelligent air conditioning C2B way through the pre-sale, just a few days tens of thousands of people reservation. read more

I use Baidu, Ali product experience summed up the 9 product design methods


line has the means of all sorts of occupations. At the Internet for many years, in many projects, many have seen the product manager, too many product candidates also contacted many colleagues on product itself. This will be combined with these considerations, combing the nine commonly used product design methods, to prepare students to participate in the product, as well as the product has many years of actual combat did not sum up the method of product managers.

a, product design method? read more

As a high level product manager, what is the right attitude to analyze the problem

a high level of product manager, always able to clear the product line, a clear understanding of what should be done at the moment, catch the core of the problem. So how do they analyze the problem?

today I share my method, I called "chain splitting method", can help you clear ideas, more important is to let PM understand their true location! We use software called the car as an example, a case analysis.

Step1 finishing business link / module

our first step is to figure out what the whole business process is, the important aspects are sorted out. read more

Those who are good at playing emotional people and emotional playing XXX

in the market today, more and more enterprises begin to use emotion as a weapon, so with the so-called emotional marketing, with the help of emotions can sometimes reach a lot of unexpected things. So, how to do a good job of emotional marketing, emotional marketing have laws to follow it?

can be an easy job to do something, to manipulate the human, it can let the upright man burst into tears; also can let people mourn unceasingly smile through tears. This is what distinguishes us from other living things. Very sorry…… It seems that no words can explain it accurately. In my understanding, the emotion is dense in the air " " infectious disease;, but also full of cure or soundless and stirless. Therefore, in the market today, more and more enterprises begin to use emotion as a weapon, so with the so-called emotional marketing, with the help of emotions can sometimes reach a lot of unexpected things. read more

The use of thunder to download website promotion


method is as follows:

profit terminal: we are doing sex maniac terminal, specifically what is not to say, is the product category.

1, do a forum, attention must be forum.

2, find a use of the thunder station download.

3, lease a server, with special attention, do not bind any domain name on this server.

4, to find the download resources below 10M upload up, and a post a post put forward the real download path, are IP path.

5, these files are RAR files, which are packaged in the file, there is a HTML file in the file, double-click the time, directly into the advertising page. read more

Three line city recruitment website promotion strategy

three line city recruitment website how to do marketing? The first talent network extension can be divided into the promotion of online and offline promotion of the ground two, the first is from the search engine optimization ranking began, added through the QQ group, forums and other forms of promotion! The line promotion is mainly local talent market open recruitment when to send some on site logo and site name card or recruitment information with DM newspaper. The promotion effect is obvious as compared to the coast and a second tier city three line city network development is slow, many still remain in the official site recruitment and occupation introduction, so the three line city local talent net market operation needs the webmaster to open up, which means that market opportunities exist. read more

2012 electricity supplier transactions in the first half of the size of 511 billion 900 million year

China in the past 6 years the growth rate of online retail market transaction size

Sina Technology News August 6th afternoon news, China Electronic Commerce Research Center (100ec.cn) of the latest data show that the first half of 2012 China’s online retail market transaction size of $511 billion 900 million, an increase of 46.6%.

China Electronic Commerce Research Center released today (2012) (China) online retail market data monitoring report. The report shows that Tmall mall accounted for 47.6% of the market share ranked first. Jingdong mall ranked second, the market share of 20.5%. Third Tencent B2C’s market share was only 3.8%, and subsequent 3-10 ranking were: suning.com, Amazon, Chinese Eslite, Kuba, dangdang.com, Yi Xun network, Newegg Chinese. read more

E-commerce professional graduates to see the phenomenon of e-commerce talent touted

as the saying goes, "give a man a fish, as delegate to fish". This is the truth since ancient times, "fish" and "fishing" in the struggle, needless to say, victory will be "fishing".

with the rapid development of e-commerce, e-commerce market demand for talent has come to a desperate stage, while e-commerce graduate students are no longer a minority, but there is a very strange phenomenon, as our graduates can not find jobs and professional counterparts, e-commerce companies do not always feel myself need talent, what is the problem? read more

Seize the time-honored third party e-commerce platform precision marketing is a pressing matter of t

with the electricity supplier model has gradually become the people’s daily spending habits, many old companies are seeking their own electricity supplier development. Due to many conditions, many old companies are difficult to have a mature self built electronic business platform, so the third party platform has become a breakthrough in these old. Beijing Daily reporter recently found that the enamel factory, Sheng Xifu, in conjunction with brands such as beginning to enter the third party platform. Although these platforms can quickly make the old business to develop electricity supplier channels, but the future of how stable development is the main problem facing the old. read more

Why Taobao and listed 3 reasons for the lack of disk live Taobao

November 9th news, Taobao has not yet listed, the reason of its not listed, the famous Internet commentator Cheng Lingfeng said: there are 3 "practice door" temporarily "disc" live Taobao, the three "practice" seem a be made one solution: B2C and B2B2C, mainstream products. The first did not fake and deception, second will occupy the mainstream of the future of online shopping, the third opened up a more realistic based on the sale of such a more realistic fee charging mode. read more

Haier transformation highlight Sales of goodaymart production oceanus

has always been low-key Zhang Ruimin recently frequent sound mention high-profile network Haier’s strategic transformation and business innovation, at the same time, Haier’s business overall layout surfaced, goodaymart, Oceanus two platforms have appeared. Haier learned to rely on "production" and "selling" on the way to the electricity supplier to the two legs.

in sales, in addition to the early years have been basically completed the layout of the traditional retail market, Haier layout in the electricity supplier market has been basically completed. The brand of its own electricity supplier website Haier mall, responsible for the independent operation of Haier products; in the Tmall flagship store, platform business covering a wide range of consumers; marketing mode into Suning, Jingdong and other platforms, improve the electricity supplier channels; to create a new "goodaymart platform", the advantages of large commodity trading market lock flow. read more

Huaxia Red Lenovo launched a new domain name Ali Taobao mall

said in November 1st, Chinese Taobao mall opened the independent domain name, and not long ago, Chinese Baidu and Japan jointly build the cool days of the mall, and the Alibaba to start small independent domain name, this is a coincidence?


has been entangled in it, but it is old not good, Robin Li finally put a horse, teamed up with the world’s top Lotte giants re create electronic mall. "The cool days mall are genuine, fake a compensable three" from the beginning to launch cooperation, saying the slogan, to let everyone know that I do not like the other mall is genuine, please rest assured. Think this can let oneself from a variety of shopping malls to separate, make their own characteristics. read more

Darunfa flying cow Network Co CEO Yuan Bin attended the international business exhibition

in May 20th at the Wuhan convention center a 2016 session of the second open up a fresh outlook to the activities of the China International (Wuhan) electronic commerce exhibition held. One of the electronic commerce platform Darunfa flying cow net as the current domestic rise fastest, influential and innovative force continued to grow, with "living on the flying cow" as the theme, bring Darunfa flying cow network launched over the past year blockbuster business exhibition debut, showing the Darunfa flying cow network currently in self B2C, mall, cross-border imports and partner programs of business innovation. At the same time, Darunfa flying cow Network Co CEO Yuan Bin, in the exhibition entitled "the Internet plus time, RT & innovation and perception of" flying cow network forum speech, the speech a comprehensive introduction to the Darunfa flying cow network in the past two years, take the initiative to adapt to the "Internet plus" era. Business O2O full channel retail and Darunfa flying cow network innovation. The main media in Hubei, the central and the national media in China, attended the forum activities. read more

Do e-commerce is to fame or profit

often see e-commerce forum or QQ group promotion we will discuss this website more cattle, the web site is famous, but personally think that the electricity supplier will naturally be profit oriented, not known will be able to make money, many large commercial or flat state or temporary peibenzhuanyaohe state, of course, that famous website it was necessary, but early or mainly practicing internal strength more practical, a lot of Taobao store or do foreign B2C mall also has a lot of big money secretly secretly happy, so if you do you want fame or business profits to choose, if you choose the former do not look down, if you choose the latter please some quick profits continue to look at the sum of the elements of the read more

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