Honesty is the best shop management skills

how can we make the shop business more popular? How can we do a good job? This is a problem that many people are troubled by. While others have their own view, which is to adhere to honest business. Relatives of both husband and wife after being laid off in order to make a living, opened a small shop in the west end of the county comprehensive, mainly engaged in tobacco and some daily necessities etc.. They have a name for their little shop: honest shop.

two couples will respect the summer to winter and go, "honest" business philosophy, painstakingly built their own shop. A few years to take care of fast store. Sometimes, I will go to the shop. The continuous customers and their busy figure, showing the small shop flourishing. When it comes down, I asked him, "in a relatively remote location, what methods do you use to make the person so popular?" Relatives smiled and said, "no way, I am two words, honest. With sincerity, sincere hospitality." read more

Children’s clothing store chain display skills are very important

‘s doing business has become nowadays many entrepreneurs choose to do business, should pay attention to master the relevant skills for children’s clothing business entrepreneurs, how to display is particularly important.

on the market because the number of children’s clothing chain store brand is more. Therefore, children’s clothing stores entrepreneurs in the business, understand the principle of display the correct grasp of this project in the market, so this project in a tough market is promising, you can easily create wealth. Next, we will be on the children’s clothing chain of entrepreneurs to master the display principle to make the following analysis. read more

How to enhance the value of the shop

for the "Yan value" of the word, I believe we are not unfamiliar, Yan value to enhance the nature of the current society has become a very high rate of a word. In a word, "Yan value" is the 2016 network buzzwords, generally refers to the actor heroes and villains in TV series is not only good-looking, but acting is also very high, by chase drama of love, especially a step in a lot of drama are beautiful and handsome, so that "Yan value is very high. As a retail household, store color value is very important, especially the owner of the Yan value is also related to the survival of the store. read more

Captain attached to the nternet generation migrant workers legendary business case

is now a lot of entrepreneurs, there are a lot of people are eating a lot of pain, with others dare not have some entrepreneurial dreams, in the end, with their persistence and efforts have been successful, but also worthy of our admiration.

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Handan College leaders visited the Congtai district street four Park entrepreneurial base

under the call of the central government, colleges and universities are to reform its education system, strengthen the infrastructure for entrepreneurship and innovation education, the establishment of new incubator service platform, to provide more comprehensive and more characteristics of the times of the support of students.

1 4 afternoon, the vice president of Handan College Zhao Xinsheng, Chai Hing Chuen, under the leadership of the two colleges (Handan College, center), the Organization Department, science department (Committee), teaching and research, teaching a line of more than 50 people leading quality control center and other departments, for a tour to Congtai District Handan Venture Street, students Pioneering Park, cultural creative park, science and technology incubator, Hebei network operators Park "four Park Street". Congtai district leaders accompanied the inspection, the person in charge of a street four Park "project carried out the whole explanation. read more

From the age of the enterprise network domain name registration Chinese domain name protection is ur

  – Tao Jinghua / text

Beijing vigorously build green projects to create a beautiful blue sky

haze is very serious in Beijing, every year to the autumn and winter season, people’s lives have brought great distress. Now people have realized the importance of environmental governance, and therefore attach great importance to green projects. Beijing actively build wind channel, hoping to disperse the haze, but also the people of Beijing a blue sky.


section of Changping Wenyu River from Forest Park to the Olympic air channel, sent about 20 km long will be the year through. In August 3rd, the reporter learned from the Changping District, Olson north extension greening project this year has entered a crucial stage, through the illegal green way, Changping District will open the Beijing north wind corridor on the "obstruction", to the city sent a gentle breeze. read more

How happy a pot of hot pot on your side

we all know that the food and beverage market has always been a very hot market. When the advent of a pot of hot pot, is to attract a lot of franchisees and the eyes of consumers. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, join the happy one pot is very Hot pot project, has the advantage of choice!

happy pot hot pot?

happy one pot of delicious Hot pot is not blown out: it will be the traditional craftsmanship of the old Hot pot improvement and innovation, on the one hand, retain the original flavor and essence of Hot pot; on the other hand, health and fashion is more modern ideas about diet. So, in addition to the Hot pot, pot of spicy and delicious taste, dishes and food diversity, the unique flavor of beef, dry pot, Sichuan and so on, the real read more

Catering industry has the most potential industry

as the saying goes, hunger breeds discontentment. The billions of Chinese "one day does not eat hungry", so that the food and beverage industry the most potential is a point. The catering industry because of the investment threshold is low, the outbreak of the strongest, has also been big business people are welcome from all walks of life. Analysis of

  another place with a lot of Chinese city construction in recent years gradually forming, entrepreneurs in business ideas to change the past to operate "passerby" based thinking, and to cultivate the "regular customers, repeat customers and create customer loyalty. />

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How to operate more popular children’s photography franchise

now no matter what industry, what brand, what products, must have their own characteristics, their own style, so as to better in this competitive market development. As children’s photography shop investment entrepreneurs is the same, how to operate the children’s photography franchise is more popular? If we can grasp in photography in a quick word, so that parents can immediately see and take photos, then such a special service in the industry will become an independent school, in order to better play its brand characteristics read more

Chicken farming venture notes

chicken farming is a very suitable for rural area in entrepreneurial projects in recent years, there are a lot of students home business, carry out chicken breeding career by technology. But there are a lot of chicken breeding places that need attention. Intends to engage in such projects may wish to take a look at the following articles.


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Apple no longer follow the completion of the industry itself

also defeated Xiao He, Xiao He, apple is in contradiction of "Xiao He" in the.

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How to manage the bakery

bakery can be seen everywhere, all kinds of bakery brand everywhere, if you want to open a bakery, how to operate in order to make their business booming? Xiao Bian on this issue for us to do a detailed introduction.

(1) site selection. There is no doubt that the bakery is facing the masses of consumers, should be located in residential areas, entertainment, etc.. How to manage the bakery? But the bakery is too much concentration, not shop, so as not to cause excessive competition over the situation. With the expansion of new housing projects, many new commercial areas, residential areas are being formed, the first occupation of these sites, there must be a big business to do. read more

nvestment advisers tell you how to do the clothing brand O2O Montana

electricity supplier is now very rapid development, competition in the industry can be imagined, how to win the consumer, requires some skills. Tmall in 2013 double eleven, 35 minutes bestseller fashion sales break million, reporters at the scene who is at a loss about what to do, since?

bestseller their mood complex. Such as group vice president Lin Qiao said: do is bestseller fashion, indeed with digital proved their ability to control the epidemic, the face of the Internet has been called "traditional industries". read more

nnovation driven as the province of science and education Hubei bring entrepreneurial vitality

college students entrepreneurship can be said now is attracted the attention of the whole society at the same time, some colleges and universities around it in a positive response to the policy of our nation, has injected new vitality into the development of the entire lot or entrepreneurship, promote entrepreneurship.

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Entrepreneurship is like marriage these three stages is the only way to start a business

entrepreneurs like married, beginning with enthusiasm, the middle will encounter a variety of episode, many people choose to give up halfway, many people insist on down, through the bottleneck, into the stable development stage gradually. The only way to start a business: honeymoon period   bottleneck period   stable development period.

The founder of Alex 

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How to join the European sweet cake

life, have a lot of worries every day to haunt us, with human wisdom is good way to solve such problems, for example, in hopes of dessert delicacy early, saying that eating sweets can make us forget troubles. So what is the choice of dessert stores better? Editorial recommendation: European style wheat sweet cake European wheat sweet professional baking industry for 20 years for you here, have rich experience, let more people love this brand, so how many joined to join, join the European Wind wheat sweet? read more

Teach you the 4 small Entrepreneurship

college students venture investment funds is the most difficult, how to use small capital investment funds accumulated rapidly? Here to give you 4 strokes, but did not want to invest in venture capital of college students Study hard!

A itself is a fashion designer, from the clothing company after the resignation of their own investment in business, in a clothing market with other people to take the photo shop, wholesale and retail business. With their own design capabilities and industry experience, miss A own design, and then look for clothing processing, and then get back in the clothing store sales. Her style is novel and unique, and sales are steadily rising.

B to a business trip, found that local pine nuts are of good quality and the price is very cheap after investigation, he found his city pine only a few sales, and the price is expensive, therefore, she rushed to the city before the Spring Festival to order a batch of pine nuts, then the largest in the local people’s food wholesale and retail market rent a piece of ground. During the Spring Festival, he was snapped up for pine made unexpected 300 thousand.

"franchise stores incoming spring night, thousands of pear trees". As if overnight, the shopping mall on the street and other small shops such as cold drinks shop on a lot of investment. The jewelry store and cold stores generally have a good brand of background, and the franchise fee is not too high, but choose to join the brand chain must be spotted, and join the earlier intervention, " read more

What are suitable for rural villages and towns to start a shop to make money

many rural people will choose to go to work, because the farmers at home will not much profit. However, why not choose to stay in the town of entrepreneurship? Which projects are suitable for investment in rural areas? What items can be set up in villages and towns?

in the township what shop? Manufacturing wood-based panel

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Shanghai lifelong driving ban list exposure off site examination almost impossible

traffic accidents are more and more, in order to curb this tragedy, traffic law is more and more strict, lifelong ban is the person who violates the traffic laws of the best punishment. Recently, Shanghai lifelong ban on the list of exposure, let us take a look at it!

4 5 July, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau announced since 2015 involved in a serious road traffic crime, the motor vehicle driving license is revoked according to law, and a lifetime may not regain 36 acts of a motor vehicle driving license. It is understood that these 36 people, there are 6 people due to drunk driving a major traffic accident constitutes a crime, while another 30 were due to traffic accident escape. read more

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