For the first time in 5 years bare heart Lei Jun entrepreneurship is a close call

"I’m not in self play!" on March 7th, the delegation of Beijing NPC and CPPCC resident of New World Hotel popularity, chairman of millet, Lei was slightly wronged explained.

it happened two days ago, at a news conference broadcast in CCTV NPC and CPPCC, chairman of millet, Lei deputies suspected of holding millet 5 self, successfully steal the spotlight, was friends dubbed the "self emperor" of the title.

"I just want to take photos of the Deputy Prime Minister Zhang Gaoli delivered a report to mark, tiandeliangxin, Ma Huateng can testify! As early as NPC and CPPCC before, some people laugh at me, don’t accidentally became a new expression package, indeed." NPC and CPPCC attended the media interview Lei Jun, to clarify the self prove innocence, attracted the audience laugh. read more

Announced that the United States has received tens of millions of dollars financial Pre A round of f

The United States

June 27th news letter Financial announced the completion of tens of millions of dollars Pre-A round of financing, this round of financing by the BAI (Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund) and meihua Angel venture capital lead investor, venture capital and atom pottery stone capital with the cast, financing mainly for the development of products and technology. Previously, the United States and the United States to obtain financial micro channel independent directors of the angel round of investment. read more

Dada was about 300 million D round of financing valued over 1 billion beautiful Jincheng Shanxi Uni


O2O Chinese dada capacity platform ahead of the recently completed D round of financing, financing amount at about $300 million, mainly for DST and Sequoia Capital investment. After this round of financing, a valuation of more than $1 billion, becoming the new Unicorn company.

news December 31, 2015, China leading O2O dada capacity platform recently completed a D round of financing, financing amount at about $300 million, mainly for DST and Sequoia Capital investment. After this round of financing, a valuation of more than $1 billion, becoming the new Unicorn company. read more

Cao Xun how to do soft Wen promotion

said shop promotion, we can not mention the promotion of soft wen. With the increasing abundance of Taobao products, network goods brand matures, Taobao shop promotion costs continue to increase. The relatively wide spread of soft text has its incomparable advantages, for example: low cost, easier to be accepted and spread by the audience, the role of sustainability, etc..

often stroll outside Taobao BBS forum, you will see Taobao shop owner to do their own shop to do the promotion of soft text, most of the text directly with the shop link. My personal view is that this is not desirable. The moderator of the Forum on Taobao store promotion information is very antipathetic, as long as the relevant words, will be mercilessly deleted, so that such a soft but not soft. read more

Marketing fundamentals and website operations two

Prior to the

in the marketing base and website operations (a) about the site’s products, let’s talk about the price.

the current price of similar products on the Internet, of course, the main reason is the cost of the site itself, strength, and the site’s reputation. The main factors that affect the pricing of products depend on the cost of demand and competition.

The highest price of

products in the market depends on the demand of the market, the lowest cost depends on the cost of product development, and the final pricing is to see how the same products in the market competitiveness. That is to say in the strong competitive ability, the general performance of the advantages of the product, website click volume, then such pricing will benefit the price control, the website can generally be price positioning higher. The relative competitiveness is poor, that is, product advantage is not obvious, the site hits the bottom of the site, the general price of the product will be positioned at the bottom of some. read more

plan to promote the whole network

I plan to promote the whole network

1 customer needs analysis

1.1 vote for the investigation

1.2 hobby voting

1.3 more in order to achieve their purpose to vote

2 site positioning analysis

2.1 site positioning: Community Forum voting platform

2.2 business objectives: to help the majority of Internet users to conduct an investigation, to vote, has reached the establishment of the brand, registered members increased, and from the activities of the commission charged

2.3 web site role: to effectively absorb the rich Internet resources to get the latest and most complete business information resources read more

Subversion of an nternet bra dig pain points in 15 million data

lead: the biggest pain point selected female bra size is. The two methods do not take into account the curvature or weight distribution of the breasts.

text / gold wrong knife

this is a family of Internet thinking to create a bra company True& Co., it is a big data method to dig the user pain points.

we are a micro innovation is the domestic female underwear gangster, see True& Co. practice, I feel very surprised. Using big data to dig the user pain points, which is the most terrible weapon: read more

Small coffee show 2 months to fix 15 million user tips Star flow micro blog Godfather

Abstract: every time the explosion would solve some practical problems: face adorable solves your ugly problem; let enough to remember your photos no longer seem so mediocre; and the latest brush over a small circle of friends coffee show solves most voice problems.

every time we will be the explosion of social accounts feed applications have a brush screen, every time the explosion would solve some practical problems: face adorable solves your ugly problem; let enough to remember your photos no longer seem so mediocre; and the new brush over. Circle of friends small coffee show will solve the problem most people voice. read more

Circle of friends electricity supplier flooding acquaintances do not earn money so

text / Wang Liyang


argument about the derivative has intensified, criticism, also highlighted the sound. There are too many onlookers in the micro business concerned can do, there is no prospect of the problem. Look at a case of wealth, is not really into the heart, and when later found, micro business has not imagined so beautiful.

micro business must first put the mentality problem. Business stall is too big, like tennis, while WeChat’s table is too small, the most is a table tennis table, table tennis table used to play tennis, which in itself is very pull something. So, don’t expect to become the mainstream of micro electricity supplier, what the overthrow of Ali, YY is OK, but not the reality. read more

Taobao new regulations cited frequent riots whether Ma against conscience

Taobao mall on the storm has made even battered large sellers and related enterprise employees of the tug of war both terribly fatigued, exactly how long it will last, or toward how to development is difficult to fathom. This blogger is to investigate the problem, Taobao new regulations are reasonable? Ma’s decision is and as many small sellers Taobao said the Department "burn the bridge after crossing it" / "against conscience"


it is true that Taobao’s growth and development can not be separated from the efforts of countless small sellers settled, there is no small sellers, Taobao is likely to reach the current electricity supplier market share ratio of 80% of the impressive results. Today, Ma categorically introduced new regulations, the price increase is too high, but also touched the seller is the most sensitive nerve of interest, it can be said to have a lot of small sellers have a devastating impact. Many shop can direct the closure. From this point of view, the new regulations issued by the way it is improper, not only to the vast number of small sellers of any buffer time, there is no other auxiliary a matter of expediency. read more

On the road of e commerce

e-commerce is the modern way of business activities through the computer communication network, the way the biggest advantage is that it breaks through the traditional commerce in time and geographical constraints, convenient, emerging e-business mode fast, and safe, the A5 station long network SEO diagnostic team ( simple talk the development of electronic commerce issues.

in less than 20 years, the Internet set off a whirlwind in the world. The global Internet users more than 2 billion, that is to say each one out of 3 Internet users, and this is just a beginning, in the next 10 years, with the rapid economic growth China, broadband is also accelerated, according to the national Ministry of information report: Chinese will achieve the city before 2020 with unrivalled speed to 20M, the township broadband speed to 4M, the ambitious plan that will promote China users greatly enhance the number of users will increase. But the electronic commerce, we can say is a product of the Internet, with the development of the Internet, the rapid development of e-commerce, but also conforms to the law of social development, so there will be a lot of people into the electronic commerce circle inside. Ma Yun said the next 10 years is the stage of rapid development of e-commerce. Liu Qiangdong said 10 years of e-commerce will occupy 30% of the market share, it gives us a wonderful dream, so in the next 5 to 10 years, e-commerce in the end will show how the trend of read more

Electric animal War Tmall and suning com lions to swallow Beijing dog

days ago, with released a new "lion head" of LOGO, the three giant electricity supplier (Tmall, Tencent, ALI) war, has become a "animal world" war against Tmall and, the lion dog beijing.

business competition between the three giants of the electricity supplier seems to have become an animal world of cats, dogs, lions. In addition to Tmall’s "cat" and "dog" Jingdong, before announced LOGO new and added "lion". read more

nternet users on the electricity supplier price war aesthetic fatigue electricity providers need va

day before the domestic electricity supplier industry once again staged a new price war: old home appliance retailers Gome vowed to "comprehensive online and offline prices lower than Jingdong", and said "if you find an internal system which is three times higher than the price for the Jingdong, responsible directly to pack up leave, a time triggered concern.

however, in the face of the electricity supplier price war as one falls, another rises, especially some of the electricity supplier in the promotion cheap trick, so many users have been fatigued". Experts stressed that the electricity business expect to get rid of the price war quagmire, and effectively improve the quality of service, from price competition to value competition. read more

Zhu Zerong a group purchase may fail in Chinese

The marriage of

Groupon and Tencent do not guarantee " China in the competition to win, sometimes not necessarily about the power of capital market, customer service service strategy may become the short board of Gaopeng, the fatal flaw is the cooperation between the two sides.


management scientists, Zhuo School Management Science Research Institute president Zhu Zerong the day before: the biggest difference between Germany and Chinese situation is customer service service. He said: read more

A Hua talking about the local community with e commerce

on the Internet and fought for so many years, it is a failure. Because until now there is no success on the Internet do make me proud of things, no real earn money. The experience of success is less than the experience of failure. There are so many failures to accumulate experience, I see some things, but also understand some things. Let me reflect on a lot of things. Recently prepared to implement this forum + e-commerce business model. Because I give myself the way is arranged, has been mixed in the Internet, has always insisted on doing network marketing, electricity providers to take the road. Although I have not been successful, but I have some of their own ideas and opinions, and I hope to share with you here. read more

Registered a number of well known enterprises suddenly increased

According to the China’s largest domain name registrar Chinese network business information display, in a series of fake websites after the incident, the registration of multiple domain names of well-known enterprises suddenly increased, but most of the financial and business needs of online business website, still rely solely on a single web site run, make online transactions, online payment is still is facing a great risk of phishing.

Three words network marketing

ha ha, friends if you can seriously look at this article, and can be implemented according to this, it is difficult to succeed.

      today saw a call in the middle of a friend’s message, for network marketing, he said a "diligent" word. Yes, "Qin" is indeed one of the secret network marketing. But in biaoju opinion, and "hold" and "understanding is also important".

      can do these three words, ha ha, no matter what you do, will be harvested. read more

Ten the birth of a new hot sale mode of ecological electricity supplier business forms

November 11th at 2 in the morning, who lives in Hangzhou, Jianggan District buyers Chen received his day to buy imported milk powder at 0 points. From the order to receive goods, cross-border parcels with only 2 hours, the reason for creating this miracle, is a combination of C2B pre-sale bonded mode brings miracle.

this year eleven, C2B model is widely used in the sale of fresh, large appliances, clothing category and success — from the United States and Australia sea cucumber, dried cranberries steak and other food was sold out pre-sale of navel orange; 4K large screen LCD and inverter intelligent air conditioning C2B way through the pre-sale, just a few days tens of thousands of people reservation. read more

use Baidu Ali product experience summed up the 9 product design methods


line has the means of all sorts of occupations. At the Internet for many years, in many projects, many have seen the product manager, too many product candidates also contacted many colleagues on product itself. This will be combined with these considerations, combing the nine commonly used product design methods, to prepare students to participate in the product, as well as the product has many years of actual combat did not sum up the method of product managers.

a, product design method? read more

As a high level product manager what is the right attitude to analyze the problem

a high level of product manager, always able to clear the product line, a clear understanding of what should be done at the moment, catch the core of the problem. So how do they analyze the problem?

today I share my method, I called "chain splitting method", can help you clear ideas, more important is to let PM understand their true location! We use software called the car as an example, a case analysis.

Step1 finishing business link / module

our first step is to figure out what the whole business process is, the important aspects are sorted out. read more

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