Putian Baidu fight suspense the end is not the end

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as of now, the Department of Po and Baidu both sides no longer sound. But from both sides of the existing attitude, are implicit plans for future transformation. In fact, the buyer bargaining can cause such wrangling implied widespread concern, it is also the public attention to private hospitals and health industry in the future direction of the Chinese.

reporter Liu Yong

intern reporter Li Xiaoming Wang Beijing reported

from the beginning of April 8th, reconciliation, rumor, and reiterated the determination, Putian (Chinese) Health Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the "Putian club") continuous sound, but Baidu has not given any response. The showdown with Baidu, has gradually become the "one-man show Po series". read more

Multitray Shanda life has helped Chen Tianqiao become the richest man but also had two abandoned

Abstract: Shanda (July 14, 2001 -2016 December 31st), at the age of 15 and a half years old, no words.


(July 14, 2001 -2016 December 31st), at the age of 15 and a half years old, no words.


is somewhat comforting, although not in the grand game, but after the accident to make only superficial changes, Chen to the "child" will continue to exist.

if the grand game had a mind, it must want to do not understand, it helps "father" Chen Tianqiao became the richest man, laid the Empire, being abandoned after the return to save the farm, in repeatedlyspectacular case, but are often despise that out. read more

Detailed talk about WeChat nternet public why such a fire

this article is an analysis of the article, the method can be used to learn, like to say that it is wide, please bypass

recently discovered "about the Internet" WeChat public number of abnormal fire, suddenly see everyone said, I will go to see why the sudden fire (to make a network seem to love others on Marketing), I find online, it seems only a major site reprinted an article about half a year in 100 thousand WeChat fans operating experience in

in fact, I still know the owner of this micro signal, before I helped him in our own micro signal has done publicity. I did not expect him to be so fast to do 100 thousand fans. I have carefully read this article, feel the author of this article is more like the promotion of soft paper, write what content does not dry cargo. read more

He Yaoqian talk about the promotion of enterprise network

A: SEO optimization (select the most suitable keywords)

SEO optimization is the most basic and most important means of network promotion, but also a long lasting thing. So, I suggest at least more than and 20 keywords, and then through the data analysis. Which words bid ranking less, which words are more relevant, which word Baidu index is relatively large, which word SEO competition is not difficult. Combined with these factors, singled out a few relatively difficult to compete, the content is high, less competitive rankings, Baidu index and high words to targeted SEO. read more

The title micro blog micro business Pyramid the future of the marketing world belongs to own person

has experienced hundreds of years of evolution, marketing has almost all grass flowers blooming like a piece of brocade. Entered the era of mobile Internet, combination of marketing and mobile terminal is more like a kaleidoscope of color glass, the appearance is always infinite and endless.

recently, micro-blog blocked thousands of large, micro business marketing CCTV exposure MLM emerge of itself and perish of itself…… Purification trend of mobile marketing is entering a BaiZhuanQianHui, a marketing name, victorious, failure is involved in the whirlpool, the trend since then disappeared. read more

Comprehensive analysis of the status of the site site reconstruction scheme of Beida Jade Bird

the first part of the current situation of the website

prize.the Loudi Aorui Training Center website problems and the corresponding solving proposal:

1, web site included:

search engine

included 2531 3

reverse link 25 x x 3


operation for more than a year in the website, Google included only five pages, Baidu included only one page, the PR value is 0, the school has always attached great importance to the training of network marketing, we should pay more attention to this center aury.

recommendation: read more

Cen Xiangqing the core competitiveness of network marketing is creative

whether it is online marketing or offline activities, marketing is the eye and brain activities.

for the first time to the eye, attracted the attention of consumers, to attract their attention to this information, to the next step for the brain, hypnotic marketing, consumer guide step by step according to our instructions voluntarily go, until the successful purchase of the product. Enterprise website promotion, especially pay attention to.

to do the above two steps, we need a very attractive creative premise. In this era of information explosion, want to attract the attention of the user, you have to do and others do not like the idea of others is not the same. read more

Contact refers to a loophole or spread to Taobao and Yu Ebao

news release October 30th, domestic security issues and feedback platform (cloud WooYun) said in a report, "from the Alibaba" can lead to Taobao account has been cracked, affected the balance of treasure, alipay.

WooYun (cloud) yesterday afternoon released a report, "and" lead Taobao account can be cracked, and the balance of treasure, alipay. Vulnerability type is a design flaw / logic error. The report said the details have been notified to the manufacturer and wait for the vendor to deal with. read more

Enter the Silicon Valley where poaching Apple Tesla Xinjiang ambitions

if you want to ask who is the most low-key Chinese technology company, this title may be non xinjiang. As a Chinese civilian UAV manufacturer, Xinjiang three year sales growth of 80 times, has occupied the global UAV market half of the country.

this year, Xinjiang action again and again. First, in May this year acquired Swedish camera and lens manufacturer Hasselblad (Hasselblad) shares. The same is in May, Xinjiang and get $75 million investment from Accel Partners. In November 6th, Xinjiang even heard of plans to establish research laboratory at Silicon Valley in Palo Alto, apple, and Tesla engineers recruitment news. read more

Crunchyroll premium users over 100 thousand anime video sites spring

allows a Japanese audience on the same day, see the 4 day in the Japanese television broadcast in HD 5 anime episodes: this privilege service for Crunchyroll has 100000 subscribers, the company now thinking about expanding their scope of attention.

headquarters has in San Francisco video startup Crunchyroll more than 100000 subscribers, the content of the website is animation, Korean and Asian real shooting, now the company’s monthly amount is 800000 times to the user. This model is proven to be successful after Crunchyroll is now looking for other niche markets, the company’s co-founder and CEO, Kun Gao a few days ago to tell the author. "There is a huge demand for target users in other vertical areas," he said." He said. read more