Month: March 2017

The Secretary of the team members do not or not walk away

June 17th, the provincial Party committee to play a leading role in the implementation of the two responsibilities video conference. Provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining stressed the need to conscientiously implement the central decision-making arrangements, give full play a key role in promoting the leaders, the main responsibility of Party committees and discipline inspection oversight responsibilities implement, continue to clean government and anti-corruption struggle in depth, in order to realize the green governance governance strategic task, create more favorable political environment.

Wang Xiao meets with vice president of CDB

June 5th morning, the Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiao met with a special trip to guide the work of the deputy director of the State Development Bank of China, a line of Zhao Xiaoyu. City leaders Zhang Xiaorong, Yao Lin, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and was accompanied by the meeting of the leaders of the people’s.

Wang Xiao on behalf of the municipal government expressed a warm welcome. Wang Xiao said CDB Qinghai branch in Qinghai is the main bank for the development of Qinghai and made outstanding contributions to the development of the. Especially since last year, the province’s financial industry added value in GDP reached 7.6%, has become a pillar industry, the first quarter of this year has reached 22.7%, CDB Qinghai branch of tribute, Xining on loan balance reached 50 billion yuan, therefore, would like to lead you CDB headquarters to express my sincere gratitude and sincere greetings!

Xining City Health Bureau organized seven medical units to carry out health activities in rural area

from the beginning of March, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau organized seven medical units of more than 12 professional medical staff, has gone deep into Huangzhong, Huangyuan, Datong County, the 5 villages and towns of the 13 villages, vigorously carry out health activities to the countryside in the 11.

combined with rural reality, through the development of clinic, health consultation, health knowledge propaganda, songyisongyao form, for the majority of farmers health examination, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, promote common disease, infectious disease prevention and health care knowledge, strengthen farmers’ health consciousness of Kang Baojian, to enhance the self protection ability, by the masses of peasants welcome. At present, 3443 people have free medical consultation, free distribution of medicines worth 3000 yuan. (author: Han Xiaohong)


Xining City North District has the first large provincial public kindergarten

December 26th, Qinghai province 61 kindergarten Jing Yue park officially opened, which is north of the city zone is the first large provincial public kindergarten. This will solve the children’s biological park and other surrounding areas in the difficult problem.

Qinghai 61 kindergarten Jingyue park construction area of more than 8 thousand square meters, invested nearly forty million yuan, is a student of large capacity, building layout is reasonable, comfortable and elegant environment, the corresponding facilities of high standard, multi function Goods are available in all varieties. kindergarten. Kindergarten in accordance with the standards of first-class kindergarten in the northwest region and the concept of pre-school children to accept the quality of pre-school education in Qinghai, location, construction, facilities. In addition to providing children with the daily learning life of the kindergarten, but also the addition of the electronic organ room, computer room, dance room, etc., can provide a good environment for nearly eight hundred children to learn life, healthy growth. (author: Ni Xiaoying)

Thorough investigation of grassroots cadres as slow as

Combine to carry out the party’s mass line of educational practice, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection, the municipal Party’s mass line educational practice leading group office of the plan from the beginning of April, the first half of the time, carry out the "turn style, implement, for example in the township level cadres, enhance the ability of implementing" activities.

activities from the beginning of April to the end of September, divided into mobilization, find the problem, the implementation of the rectification, to summarize and evaluate the four steps. During the event, the county departments will be combined with the actual project and units, seriously find local, departments and units at township level cadres for example in turn style, implement, and enhance the existing implementation ability problems and shortcomings, propose targeted, practical corrective measures the township level cadres; to implement the municipal government’s major decisions, decisions and resolutions, important work arrangements, to carry out the inspection regularly or irregularly. By setting up a hotline, strengthen the city’s wind hotline complaints online supervision and implementation, and carefully handle the complaints from the masses in the aspects of processing style and performance of the construction of the report. Through the government agencies to carry out democratic appraisal activities to test the "turn style, implement, for example, enhance the ability of implementing" results, and resolutely investigate and correct and prevent the township level party cadres participating in recreational activities, decision-making, bus management, public consumption and other aspects of violations of law and discipline problems. At the same time, carry out dynamic assessment of the activities carried out on the outstanding performance of rural Party members and cadres, to give recognition and reward. The work of buck passing, behind schedule, effect;

Xining 73 public medical institutions to implement the first hospitalization settlement service

Xining city official in the city (county) since September 1st since the township medical institutions started to implement after the first hospitalization settlement service model, the city’s 73 public medical institutions to meet the policy conditions of 7157 patients, provided the first hospitalization settlement service mode.

November 6th, the reporter saw in the second people’s Hospital of Xining City, the hospital opened the first hospitalization settlement service, simplify the medical treatment process, alleviate poverty with economic pressure, benefiting nearly five hundred patients. On this basis, the hospital opened the emergency green channel, all the consulting room will be located in the same floor of the clinic, the patient can not enjoy the emergency area of various types of integrated services.

on the same day, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Health Bureau, 73 public medical institutions to standardize medical behavior, control medical costs, greatly improve the people to see a doctor and, to maximize reduce the economic burden of the patients. Up to now, the city’s 73 public medical institutions in line with the policy conditions of the 7157 hospitalized patients to provide the first hospital after settlement service model. (author: Wang Fulian)

Xining East District to 26 thousand and 200 difficult masses issued a red envelope

Spring Festival is approaching, the city of Xining City District issued 12 million 740 thousand yuan a variety of subsidies for the urban and rural poor people in the new year to send blessings to the people of.

it is understood that the east area for the poor region’s 1197 city residents object in the "three noes" personnel, the disabled and long-term bedridden patients, orphans and other objects issued stage temporary living allowance of 574 thousand and 600 yuan (80 yuan per person per month); for the region’s 11308 city issued a minimum target of 3 million 392 thousand and 400 yuan subsidy, one-time payment of subsidies to 318 thousand and 200 1591 yuan for rural residents object, a one-time payment of 150 thousand yuan subsidy for 406 key recipients (300 yuan per person, city residents and rural residents beneficiaries 200 yuan per person, key special 360 yuan per person); for the 5151 city residents object families winter heating aid 2 million 852 thousand yuan, 927 households in rural residents object families winter heating aid 370 thousand and 800 yuan, "three noes" of the object (800 yuan per household, the average family 550 yuan per household, rural" Five "object 600 yuan per household, the average family 350 yuan per household); for the 5094 poor families paid 2 months water subsidies 24 thousand and 400 yuan; 105 households low marginal households paid 313 thousand yuan of funds for temporary assistance; to help poor people to enjoy a peaceful holiday, January before the end of 2013 1, the region will have two months of February Low Premium 4 million 440 thousand and 300 yuan one-time payment in place. At the same time, take home visits condolences condolences, condolences and other forms of 450 urban and rural poor families, issuing condolences money 300 thousand yuan, for the difficulties of the masses to the party and the government’s care and warmth. (author: Su Jianping Jia Quanjun)

Xining response to social and livelihood issues to strengthen the implementation of the building

is the voice of the masses, is the direction of service, but also to strengthen the construction of the basic point of execution. The concrete practice of Xining city "construction as to practice the three three real strict, the three strict three special education as the inherent power to promote the" Three Basics "construction work, adhere to the problem oriented, to solve the social problems of people’s livelihood," lax false "problem, leading cadres to strengthen the executive ability, enhance the trust of the masses and satisfaction.
"construction in Xining city based on" people’s livelihood issues concerned, fuel is no small matter "concept, the first in the province carried out in order to find the problem, please give me the good ideas, everyone do, see sun drying effect" as the main content "open the door to grab three" series of activities, extensive collection of social and livelihood issues and the opinions and suggestions of concern to the masses attention in the "Xining Evening News", positive response from the general public, take the phone, network, correspondence and other ways of social and livelihood issues 53. At the end of May, Xining city in the "letter" in the form of collection to the masses of feedback to the district and municipal relevant units of the deadline. At the same time, the three three real strict research process basic units and the masses of the 62 involving transportation, education, medical treatment, environmental protection, social management and other fields "lax false" specific issues, to "rectification letter" in the form of 27 regions and units ordered rectification. Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County for "Dong Xia Zhen environment dirty, chaotic and poor", township cadres, militia organizations, more than 2000 students to carry out remediation, the voluntary participation of the masses, to build a beautiful town. According to statistics, in the remediation, removal of health corner 150, clean the road 20 kilometers, to clean up the river 20 kilometers, drainage ditch 15 kilometers, 100 tons of garbage removal. To solve the problem of

This year, the city will build four safety communities

In order to improve the production safety supervision network, make the work of production safety in postprocessing into prevention and control, the accident nipped in the bud, this year the city safety supervision departments will apply for 1 million 920 thousand yuan of funds, the construction of four security community in the four area. This is the City Safety Supervision Bureau in Xining to create a new normal production safety in a specific work.

it is reported that the construction of safe communities in towns, street offices of the construction unit, through the construction of hardware and software, the whole society to improve the prevention and control of production safety accidents, the timely and effective implementation of the investigation and management of security risks, reduce the accident harm, reducing the consequences of the accident. This year I will be in the four range selected better basic conditions of the town or street as a safe community pilot construction units, for the completion of one year of construction, and strive to through the national security community acceptance. After the success of the four pilot area, the work will be gradually extended to the scope of the three counties.

Xining city style open out

to further enhance the city’s cadres style building, serious work discipline organs, regulate organ style thorough investigation work, recently, Xining city issued the "Interim Measures for the work style of" thorough investigation work (referred to as the "measures").

"measures" provisions: thorough investigation object for the city party and government organs at all levels, the NPC organs, CPPCC organs, judicial organs, mass organizations and institutions as well as authorized by laws and regulations with the administration of public affairs organization, entrusted by an administrative organ in the administrative management and public affairs management organization and its staff; the main contents include work discipline, service attitude, administrative efficiency and the implementation of the central provinces, the relevant provisions on strengthening style building; thorough investigation mainly take thorough investigation combined with the masses, daily inspection and spot checks of combining general examination and focus on examination of the combination, check key positions and key period of combined examination, do not say hello, not much time from the perspective of multi-level, wide coverage, often carried out thorough investigation can take; Normal camera, recorder, camera, telephone inquiry, access to information, interview and other methods, each quarter of municipal and county agencies at least a thorough investigation; "mediocre, lazy, scattered, and special rectification activities of the leading group for a thorough investigation Quarterly Bulletin, bulletin of the typical problems at any time, and in the media exposure the problem is serious, the media tracking reports rectification. The county, municipal units to carry out a thorough investigation of the situation, to fill out the "thorough investigation supervision asked tables" responsibility for the situation, a monthly report.

"procedures" also stipulates that the issue of violation of discipline thorough investigation found that, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the strict implementation of administrative accountability. In a thorough investigation was mediocre, lazy, scattered, and prominent problem, the nature of serious adverse effects, in addition to hold the parties accountable, but also held the main leaders and leaders in charge of the responsibility; no organization or individual shall intervene or interfere with the thorough investigation personnel perform their duties, shall not destroy or tamper has collected a thorough investigation data no threat, thorough investigation personnel, take revenge. (author: Xu Zhifeng Jia Quanjun)

The first four months of this year, Xining social security costs 528 million yuan

the first four months of this year, Xining city tax system is the collection of social insurance premiums 528 million 440 thousand yuan, an increase of 19.8%, the endowment insurance premium of 502 million 940 thousand yuan warehousing, unemployment insurance premium 25 million 500 thousand yuan warehousing, impose the funds 6 million 500 thousand yuan, the price adjustment fund 5 million 440 thousand yuan.

According to the actual situation of

Guifeizhengshou management business volume increased significantly, the local tax authorities at all levels to strengthen the publicity at the same time, the establishment of monitoring system of key fee source, hierarchical management, the annual fee of 1 million yuan of above key fee source, the establishment of key fee source files, and direct monitoring of key household income. In addition, the tax authorities at all levels to strengthen the responsibility of management, the examination management fees included in the tax administrators, and tax levy with the same check tube; the establishment of enterprises by attrition examination and approval system, strengthen the increase and decrease of business management, to prevent individual enterprises malicious attrition; insurance comprehensive survey of employers, conscientiously carry out Kuomiangongzuo, ensure that the steady growth of social insurance premiums.


Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics to actively carry out 12 – 4 legal advocacy activities


    to study and publicize the constitution, vigorously carry forward the spirit of the legal system, conscientiously implement the National Bureau of statistics of "three increase" and "four project", to further promote the publicity and implementation of statistical work, the statistical "65 five-year plan, and according to the Xining municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Provincial Bureau of statistics Xining city governance according to the office of the leading group, the Xining Municipal Bureau of justice" on 2011 in Xining "12· notice" 4 "national legal advocacy day series of promotional activities, the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics, carefully organized to actively carry out the" 12· 4 "legal advocacy activities. On the "12· 4" legal advocacy activities, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Statistics Bureau attaches great importance to the main leaders, office and regulations office is responsible for, and the promotional activities carried out careful organization and careful arrangement. The composition of the leadership, propaganda, by the Xining Municipal Bureau of Statistics Office, system and regulations, the Department of agriculture and investment department propaganda teams arrive at the designated publicity site in the campaign site hanging banners, the layout of the publicity and publicity boards. The campaign issued a total of "comrades, please do not violate the < statistics; >", with statistical method and statistical method of the content of color calendar paper leaflets and other more than 5000 copies of promotional materials, and to the public for the statistical laws and regulations consultation, the campaign achieved good social effect.


Xining City, the 14 hectares of the Huangshui River water purifier

in order to make the Huangshui River more clear and clever, is called "the wetland construction of the kidney of the earth" into the municipal government planning. The reporter learned from the environmental department, the city intends Ning Lake wetland construction project, through the "artificial wetland water purifier", further degradation and purification discharged first, third sewage treatment plant, the small Gorge Bridge section of water has been further purification.

wetland in flood, drought and flood disaster prevention and control, water conservation, pollution degradation, climate regulation, groundwater recharge, etc. many aspects play an important ecological function. Especially in the vicinity of the wetland water sources have a "water purifier" role. The wetland types in Xining include marsh wetland, river wetland and constructed wetland.

currently runs in the first and the third sewage treatment plant outfall from the national environmental protection departments set a small Gorge Bridge water quality monitoring station less than 5 km, while the sewage discharged water reached the national standard, but the sewage outfall into the river at a relatively short process, water is not fully self purification. Ning Lake wetland construction project plans a total investment of 90 million yuan, will use two Ning Hu North and South Beach and lake sediment Ning building constructed wetland of 14.53 hectares, 6 hectares of surface flow wetland, optimize the allocation of aquatic plants, planting a variety of suction sewage plants, through the reed and wild rice stem roots suction sewage pollutant carrying capacity to discharge water treatment plant, and depth of processing. Wetlands will also form a landscape with the river bank to form a wetland ecosystem with biodiversity and stability. (author: Zhang Yuanjin

The exploring of the Xining high-tech criminal investigation

By reducing crime scene investigation process, from the vast crowd uncovered the suspect, let those who defy the law be punished…… The detection in Interpol using a variety of high-tech means to combat crime, good and evil, Paul story peace will be staged in the provincial capital, this is because the Criminal Technology Laboratory of Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau officially opened, Xining police have a number of detection does not speak "high-tech colleagues".

* high tech criminal ability strong

in the morning of October 11th, Xining City Public Security Bureau of criminal technology laboratory quietly, because there are sudden cases, laboratory technicians have rushed to the scene. The person in charge of Xining City Public Security Bureau police detachment five battalion Li Liguang in the criminal technology laboratory under the leadership of the provincial capital, from the media reporter visited the laboratory of Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau of criminal technology has just been formed.

According to Li Liguang

, the criminal technology laboratory is the latest achievements of the Public Security Bureau of Xining city science and technology strong police, part of the equipment is the one and only in the northwest region, the overall technology laboratory in the leading domestic level. With the development of science and technology, criminal means more secretive, which brings great difficulties to the police cracked the case. MoGaoYiChe, daogaoyizhang! In this situation, in order to combat crime, to ensure the stability of social order, under the guidance of science and technology under the guidance of the police, the police in the process of investigating the case of the introduction of a variety of high-tech means.

– "piercing eye" to help solve the case of

into the criminal technology laboratory, have to say traces inspection technology laboratory and document inspection technology laboratory. In fact, a lot of people do not know, the detection of the subject matter of the drama, the scene of the crime, the site of the majority of physical evidence is identified in the criminal technology laboratory testing and identification.

A variety of instruments and equipment

Li Liguang pointed to the table, the scene will have found the naked eye is difficult to trace, but with a variety of high-tech equipment, the police can make these traces "talk", "tell" the case of the scene, this is the "marks" the power of.

some cases, some of the suspects to the various interests, forge or alter the relevant documents under false pretenses. In such cases, the text of the technology can be able to show their talents, to expose the suspect’s despicable plot to restore the suspect was deliberately concealed the truth.

* DNA can testify suspects

sudden case, someone died, who is the dead? The scene left hair, blood, which is the victim, or suspect? In criminal cases, all the doubts haunts the police, the DNA test technology, some problems will be smoothly done or easily solved.

Li Liguang said, precisely because everyone’s DNA is unique, so forensic can stay in the scene by the blood, hair, dander, saliva, etc.;

The most beautiful building readily shoot is hot

universal knowledge of architectural aesthetics, review the changes in Xining City, the inventory of the Xining architectural beauty, sponsored by the Xining municipal government in the evening the most beautiful building contest invites you to "taking photos at hand", make Xining the most beautiful building, we will have a surprise for you.


Wang Yubo recently told the evening news the most beautiful building once again given instructions: activities to achieve the popularity of architectural aesthetics knowledge, strengthen investor awareness, improve the building design approval system to promote the city building more taste, unique, connotation. In accordance with this requirement, the selection committee to strengthen the participation of all construction, real estate preliminary checks, and expand the scope of the selection, the real choice of the most beautiful buildings in Xining. The contents of the participating selection activities include: Xining city completed or basically completed all kinds of buildings, including public buildings, residential buildings, commercial buildings, municipal buildings (Park, Plaza, street is not included in the selection range); administrative departments have not yet implemented or can be all kinds of building planning and design is the construction of the enroll the selection of activities. At the same time, will also carry out the Xining real estate (construction) hero selection, to make special contributions to the development of real estate in Xining City real estate (construction) for the selection of enterprises or individuals, in addition will also carry out the readers (users) favorite property selection activities etc..

to allow the general public to have a "right to speak", at present, I invite you to join, whether it is "taking photos at hand" which building, as long as you think it is very beautiful, you can take it and send it to us, participants will have the opportunity to get a prize offered by the Xining evening news. Image pixels in the above 2 million requirements, through Sina micro-blog @ Xining evening news official micro-blog ", also can send e-mail to, please specify the name, address and shoot architecture photographer personal information, recommended participating hotline 0971-8237413, 8230542, please visit the Xining municipal government the website

Xining exit and entry administration department was awarded the national civilized window title

  Xining City Public Security Bureau to actively respond to the people’s expectations for the image of the police contingent, standardize the work flow, improve police relying on science and technology, strengthen the service level improve, actively establish and improve the convenience and benefit measures, achievements window construction success. At the end of October, the Ministry of public security has been awarded the "national civilized window" honorary title.

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau all subordinate to and in the service window principle, based on laws and regulations permit, in accordance with the "assessment approach" civilization window, simplify administrative procedures, improve the "file management system" thirty regulations and working mechanism have been formulated and, to establish and perfect the entry exit management "two open an oversight system, adhere to a series of measures and the commitment of Jishijiban, teshiteban system, the implementation of" one told two times, making "avoid applicant go astray; to go abroad (border), the funeral business compared to the situation of emergency application through cover" urgent "into the" Easy Access chapter".

at present, immigration formalities from the original 15 days time shortened to 7-10 days, "express" can be in two working days Banjie, foreigners visa within 3 working days, there is an emergency gone through the day. In special circumstances, as long as an appointment in advance, regardless of holidays or rest days, can handle various types of visas to foreigners; foreign experts from enterprises, universities and students more hotels, on-site service, personal training.

support for overseas travel business, which opened the quick approval issued by the travel business, and actively explore in the recruitment of staff more overseas funded enterprises, institutions and other organizations set up a "certificate of visa agency", take regular management, centralized handling or booking procedures for foreigners who apply for residence certificates, (note) visa procedures to provide convenient services. In order to facilitate the masses, the introduction of social service projects hall, set up a special service, such as express mail, digital snapshot of the project, to achieve one-stop service. Window police also announced the convenience of the center of the public security window phone for telephone consultation.


Pudong New Area Municipal Commission of science and technology seismological office to visit the cit

July 19th, Shanghai City, Pudong New Area science and Technology Commission deputy director of science and technology in Earthquake Office under the leadership of Xia Yu for a 8 people to visit the city exchange of earthquake disaster mitigation science demonstration school to create work, discussion and exchange with the Municipal Seismological bureau.


Steady growth grasp the fight against the investment industry

industrial growth is the main force to promote economic development. For the further implementation of the provincial government "hundred days crucial action to mobilize the spirit of good new year" the first battle ", I once again put forward new requirements on the promotion of industrial development, clear objectives, detailed measures to promote the steady growth in the industry, investment, industrial investment and other efforts to ensure that industry and state-owned economy in the first quarter to achieve" a good start".

reporter learned from the provincial Commission by letter, in order to implement the "on in the province to carry out the" hundred days crucial "action plan" requirements, the province promptly formulated and issued the "programme of work on developing industry steady growth and investment and promote investment in grasping the" hundred days crucial action "(hereinafter referred to as the" work plan ")," work plan "in the clear" hundred days crucial action of the general requirements, basic principles, to determine the steady growth of investment efforts, promote investment, pushing four reform objectives. The city of industry and information technology department, the provincial key industrial parks and funded enterprises, with "four changes" for new ideas to carry out "green governance requirements of the four major solid", focus on promoting the sustained and stable and healthy development of the industry and state owned economy. In particular, to promote the construction of key projects, but also focus on long-term efforts to address the impact of institutional factors, institutional constraints and institutional barriers to the development of investment park.

at the same time, "work plan" from strengthening the elements of security, efforts to stabilize the industrial growth, optimize the policy environment, expanding investment, outstanding projects, industrial investment promotion, strengthen the supervision of the service and promote the quality and efficiency of the four aspects, identified 19 specific tasks industry hundred days crucial action, and ask around the park, all funded enterprises and provincial committees related business offices to build "Four Consciousness", according to the provincial government, the implementation of the "number one" responsibility system "requirements, control the division of responsibilities, strengthen the responsibility to play, layers of conductive pressure, good work of pattern to construct the overall responsibility of the principal leaders, leaders in charge of specific catch, multilevel linkage promotion to implement, to reflect the effect of action to tackle the results, in practice, promote the establishment of long-term work to promote the implementation of the annual work machine System, to ensure the achievement of the hundred days tackling the goals, to achieve a full year to complete the objectives and tasks to lay a solid foundation.


Tongrentang success can not be separated from small ads

Tongrentang, Lao Tzu, has many years of good reputation, long history, won the market recognition and praise, is a time-honored brands, it cannot do without the success of small ads, what is the relationship between them? Might as well let us understand!

every day of the temple, Tongrentang in Longfusi, Gokokuji, pantaogong, Baitasi, put on the table, ready for summer mung bean soup, visitors to the free supply of tea. Soon the whole city of Beijing, whether rich or poor, all know Dashanlan have men and women, old and young, a herb called tongrentang. More and more people come here to fill a prescription, and that a few drugstore Qianmen Street back down a desolate.

every court will try to give the child around streamed to the capital, they gathered in the vicinity of the front door of the hotel, while the rest, while waiting for the arrival of TEST-DURATION eager. At this time, the church will be in the main intersection set with "Le" red lanterns, street lighting. As long as all the children to go to the crossroads, will naturally see the "Tongrentang" three characters. Tongrentang also returned from all over the place to send a child with a "happy" word of the small lanterns for the night lighting. At the same time, Tongrentang returned to each child to send a free agent on a safe drug. The prevention of illness so as not to delay the exam The climate does not suit one.. In this way, people see the word "happy" word small lanterns, they know that the examination of the child. At the same time, I also thought of tongrentang. When all the children from Beijing, have to thank the tongrentang. Some people buy a few pills to bring back.

Tongrentang, fame, Chinese know, have recognized brands, won the trust of the market, so, Tongrentang self image, because small.

Xining Central People’s Court opened

September 11th, Xining City District People’s court portal ( officially opened to the community. The opening of the site, marking the city of Xining City People’s court information construction has made a good step forward, the court of justice propaganda work to a new level.

it is understood that the people’s Court of Xining city network is in the court of China and the provincial and municipal people’s court’s strong support, after six months of careful preparation of the establishment of. The opening of the site will be open, convenient for the purpose of publicity and service as the main line. The site set up the court profile, the court news, team building, judges style, case letters and other sectors, multi-level, three-dimensional, full range of court work. At the same time with the court notice, laws and regulations, litigation guidelines, such as query service functions. At the same time, the opening of the Dean mailbox, Mail reports, accept good advice and accept supervision sector.

court portal opened, will have important significance to improve the court information office, and mass communication, legal advocacy, the Court Affairs, judicial guidance has a positive effect for the people, learning communication and public opinion. (author: Cai Yawen)