Month: April 2017

Five in place to achieve your turnover rate

still remember the inside of the water margin heroes are how to eat it? Big mouth to eat meat, the kind of passion for others. You can be so bold in the wooden barbecue

was founded in 2003, hut barbecue, currently in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and other cities have 48 stores, is the largest number of outlets in the forefront of the city’s first tier brands barbecue industry. 2014, 600 million yuan worth of barbecue barbecue, becoming the industry’s most valuable brand. "We’re going to be a food expert, not a O2O expert." This is the book of the founder of the wooden barbecue. Sitting in the cabin in the mouth to drink, and has become a string line, can replace the hearts of customers brand image. read more

Entrepreneurial success you get rich quick summary

we are rushing to the success of the goal of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is not easy, but there is a shortcut to success. Maybe you also think, how to make money fast? Here are some good experience, want to start a business or entrepreneurial friends may wish to take a look at.

What is the business model of

[] is how to make money?

1.  who pay you money – customers;   2.  what benefits to the customer value;   3.  how to let the customer pay for marketing; 4.  how you will reach the customer value – channel;   5.  how do you do – main task;   6.& nbsp; what you lack of resources who can help you; 7 – partners;   8.  you have many ways to make money – 9 product line; you need to spend money to be made, the cost structure of read more

2016 ten brands of yogurt

yogurt is not only nutritious, but also very delicious, which has become a huge number of people are very fond of a drink, the relevant brands in the market is growing. Here, Xiaobian for everyone to list the ten brands of yogurt in 2016, so that people have a more comprehensive understanding of the industry.

yogurt is a kind of fresh milk with a certain proportion of sucrose, after high temperature sterilization, and then add a variety of pure lactic acid bacteria made of dairy products, taste sweet and sour taste, rich nutrition. Its nutritional value is higher than fresh milk and milk powder. Now Xiaobian to introduce ten brands of yogurt in 2016. read more

Five suggestions for college students with entrepreneurial ideas

is the graduation season, college students have to go out of the school to find their own side of the sky, some college students with entrepreneurial dream embarked on the road of independent entrepreneurship. There are five suggestions for college students who have no entrepreneurial experience.

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Fine baby appliances highest subsidy 100 thousand

baby market is very hot in recent two years, there are a lot of people hope that through maternal and child market such a platform to achieve business objectives, the investment market will now have many maternal and child subsidies.

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Good day barbecue shop to join details

in our life on a good day the brand name must not strange, because this is a lot of business name, this is the first China people Chun wish, now of course we did have a good life. Good day with the meaning of the barbecue should be a better day than the fire. Good day barbecue delicious, whether summer or spring autumn winter is a favorite food, good day barbecue with wide consumer market, if you want to start, a good day barbecue buffet is a new choice of investment you good. How to join a good day barbecue franchise read more

Dessert shop Nuggets west new project Taiwan burst cake

cake is delicious, soft and delicious to eat together, most people love, more people love to buy some more famous cake tastes better, Taiwan’s exploding cake tastes very unique, is very love cake, if you engage in such business venture must be paid, here we recommend.

1. the advantage of project Handmade, freshly baked and sold.

2. rich in taste, equal price distribution.

according to the operating conditions of different store area, exploding cake shop has basic shop, shop standards, luxury stores and flagship stores in four to join the class, store area requirements were 6 – 10 square meters, 11 square meters, 21 – 20 – 30 square meters and 40 square meters in. Join costs were 29 thousand and 800 yuan, recommended read more

Ali and Suning joint Liu Qiangdong honeymoon can be good

Liu Qiangdong and tea sister married, Ma also mood.according, and Jindong "flash marriage", a lot of people laugh but also have a strong east brother honeymoon? And Liu Qiangdong’s attitude in the end how?

Suning Ali "Nanjing alliance" or create the biggest business empire, consumers can get benefits but also a lot of

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Example of investing in shoe store

now there are still many businesses want to invest in a shoe store, although the number of stores has been very much, and the product is very diverse, but the huge market demand for these products still let people demand, today we have to know a business hero, look at his shoe store is how to get success?

pair of shoes to try out the entrepreneurial passion

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Analysis of fashion lighting market


lighting market is huge, which bears the opportunity of natural lighting is very attractive, the investment need to understand the comprehensive and specific, today, the domestic lighting market are very active, many people are continuing to increase consumer demand for lighting products. With the economic reform, the development of fashion lighting market conditions are more favorable, fashion lighting market continues to develop rapidly.

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12 small businesses to make money to make money

with the improvement of people’s quality of life, making money is now everyone wants to do, then what projects do not make money? But to say that the risk of small business to make money, it is not much, then, these small businesses to make money, you want to know what?.

profitable small businesses: sound beauty

the traditional image of beauty has become increasingly unable to meet the needs of modern life, improving the sound is becoming people to reshape the image of the pursuit. At present, in some places the emergence of voice beauty, mainly to allow professionals to teach people how to control and care for the sound. Such as when and how to deal with intonation, which should pay attention to the change of mouth, etc.. In the voice of the beauty of the customer to do, in general, presenters and students, teachers, as well as public relations staff. read more

4 category trap entrepreneurial projects need to be vigilant

even now China ushered in the golden age of innovation and entrepreneurship, but a variety of entrepreneurial risk or entrepreneurial trap is different to ignore, the competition has always existed, entrepreneurship need to put a positive attitude. The following 4 types of sharing trap entrepreneurial projects, and quickly look together!

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A fragrance fastfood car joins in a flexible mode of operation the whole

snacks to join the project selection, has been very popular, with the choice of business opportunities. Join a product fragrance snack car? Trusted brand, with the strength of the brand to join the project, you are still hesitant what?

for small investors, the choice of projects in addition to small investment, quick, simple operation, the speed of return of funds is also very important. Want to do what brand of snack business for entrepreneurship? If you choose a correct investment direction, appeared to be a bonanza of, but because of cash flow problems, leading to funding strand breaks, finally to bottom out, it is too bad. read more

Car car beauty to join the project easier net profit

car market, has been a very hot market, with the car after the market is also very hot. So, entrepreneurial choice to join the cause of car beauty? Car car to join the project, is a very good choice. What car car beauty? Good market, join the selection has a lot of advantages. So, what are you hesitating about?

car beauty to join a good car? Car beauty in order to give the consumers a better user experience, years of continuous improvement and innovation, launched a series of car care services and a range of products, to professional quality of vehicle maintenance services, so that the old car in the car out, perfectly promoted the development of automotive beauty maintenance industry. read more

How can Royalstar air energy more environmentally friendly


air? In our life, has always been a very important daily necessities. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the Royalstar air project, is a very good choice!

Royalstar air energy more environmentally friendly good?. Due to the large number of combustion of kerosene, gas, and coal burning boiler for heating in winter, produce a lot of severe waste, in recent years the North haze weather in our country is more and more serious. Royalstar air heater to prevent water and electricity from the contact principle, greatly improve the shortcomings of the previous electric water heaters and gas water heater. Compared to the gas water heater, it has no constant temperature fluctuation; compared to electric water heater, it has the function of family central hot water, can achieve the family central water heater, easy to use, and integrated air heaters can also provide free air conditioning for the kitchen, the kitchen to improve the living environment. read more

Fashion girl cosmetics franchise how net

fashion girl cosmetics? In our lives, we can almost see the fashion girl cosmetics figure. With the increasing demand for fashionable girl cosmetics. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very good market. So, the business to choose to join fashion girl cosmetics?

fashion girl cosmetics conditions are as follows:

1, capital requirements: open a franchise, investors should be prepared at least 10-20 million start-up capital and a certain amount of working capital.

2, site 30m? Or more fitting shop, shop, shop rent is reasonable, the structure looks after both sides appropriate assessment, and to meet the requirements, can allow the company’s brand shop. read more

Canvas shoes ten brands list the whole

in the rich market of footwear, the use of canvas shoes frequency is very high, a lot of people are very fond of. Of course, in order to meet the needs of everyone, the current canvas shoes market also has a lot of brands. So below to give you a list of the top ten brands of canvas shoes, and some matching skills. We want to help.

canvas shoes ten brands list NO.1, [CONVERSE (Converse)] Converse was born in 1908. Since the inception of Converse adhere to the brand’s independent design, do not follow. Initially produced only "rubber shoes", but soon began to do tennis and basketball shoes. In 1917, All Star was born, today has been a classic! In 1921, basketball player Chuck Taylor joined the sales staff, he was a great success. read more

Old duck soup shop how to location

old duck soup many people prefer, especially in the winter to drink a bowl of old duck soup is very good. So, open an old duck soup shop, how to choose a better site? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

novice want to join the old duck soup shop to choose the location of the shop, old duck soup shop how to choose? Which different people in different areas, the potential consumption of resources is not the same, so the old duck soup shop novice to get a clue, a simple method is to choose the place in a group of people more focused, more people will have more opportunities to you, must have a lot of chances of success. read more

What about the fish store all Hot pot polymerization nvestment

fish hot pot? High quality delicacy, for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very wise choice. How about the fish shop? Quality projects, worry free business, worthy of our attention and choice!

polymerization fish fish hot pot shop how

port mode:

stalls shop, more suitable for small entrepreneurs, graduates, laid-off workers, waiting for the best choice of personnel, polymerization fish, million yuan investment, low investment and high returns, 15-30 square meters of the store can set up shop! read more

How to operate a sushi shop

Japanese cuisine in China is more popular investment projects should be sushi, and in recent years, more favored by investors to be sushi sushi brand. Because consumers like, huge natural market. Sushi is popular among Japanese cuisine, and sushi is popular with consumers all over the world because of its low price and easy to use. So many people have chosen to join the rotary sushi restaurant to improve their economic level, but how to successy run a sushi sushi shop?

how to run a sushi sushi shop read more