Month: July 2017

Share your experience with some of your new forums

domain name is just registered, want to do community forum, using Dz7.2.

below is my idea of building a website.

Jiaxing community [] website construction ideas:

to build the Jiaxing region’s most complete, the largest and best community portal. Good domain name, good site,

domain name is good, only good traffic, good start. COM domain name has been registered, JX is the meaning of Jiaxing, 573 is Jiaxing’s area code 0573, a zero. Two combinations represent the meaning of Jiaxing, so it is very suitable to be a portal.

now there are so many portals for forums, and it’s very difficult to do well and make it big. Our individual owners make the ultimate purpose is to make money, is the early site, funds and manpower input energy, advertising revenue is almost no, mainly to promote the line flow and promotion, or buy traffic, brush flow.

1, site program

procedure is to select the current popular DZ7.2 program, this program is now very mature, I have used a few times, it is focused on the forum program, expansibility, style, custom also. Then make the template to imitate the 19 floor of the template, home page custom is too powerful, can be made into a portal site. Ornamental especially strong. Now use the 19 floor of the template to do, the station has been everywhere. But I’ll try this one, anyway.

2, server hire

in space choice, I also consider, previously used in Jiangxi space, feel hidden good. Thinking about buying space in Jiaxing. Of course, not choose independent server, buy or virtual host, enough is good. But the price of space in Jiaxing is different. Some space providers and databases are really cheap. So I still use cheap space at present. This is the beginning of the site, and if there is a good momentum, began to turn to buy an independent server.

2, forum section distribution

Jiaxing community forum. What is the best in Jiaxing? What forum should I set up in my forum? What kind of forum do you like? This is also very important and needs careful operation. South Lake, famous schools, Jin Yong, Xitang, two big sweater market, Qian Tang River, watermelon, honey pear, new countryside, high speed rail, highway, with these keywords to do the center of the plate.

3, moderator recruitment

a good forum, can not be a person to manage, to have a good team, good writers, good post people. Therefore, the moderator is also very important, the moderator’s new pay to what to calculate, which is very critical.

4, content acquisition,


The competitive advantage of website differentiation

said, "what’s the key to a website’s success?" the individual thinks differentiation is the most important.

, in fact, the so-called difference is the core competitiveness of your website, and only the establishment of a solid competitiveness, you can win the market, win the user!


some people thought the difference will think of innovation in China, innovation should be weak, most of the sites are Copy!, the domestic creative company number, is the first Chinese largest search engine Baidu, no business model Tencent QQ, but now made a great platform for electronic commerce the boss of Alibaba, history has shown that they have a huge market and mature business model, and is sustainable won, why will mention these three companies, personally think that the key to success is they do nature is different from the opponent from head to foot thing is the difference, to firmly occupy the the domestic market of

!Small team or individual

beginning there is not much innovation, but this concept is too scary, we only talk about the "difference", of course, if you are with a " IDEA" do a website is not in our conversation, I think it is hard to see such things. Because I don’t make some achievements before you, no one will believe you


I have seen many new owners, through a variety of ways to make your own website on-line, began to join the ranks of promotion, again and again every day, always do write articles, links, posts, one or two years found their own website or the structure didn’t change, full page from Google or Baidu to provide advertising finally, doing doing, no interest, just give up.

personally think that the line on the site to promote the process of should get down to the analysis of your product, what truly belongs to our own core competitiveness? Is your program design, you? Or your product is very practical? What your site is different with other counterparts? Your differences where is the? I think a lot of people to visit your website, there are other sites without the content of your site, and this difference from hard to soft things out is your core competence. Webmaster love watching A5, because A5 provides a good webmaster exchange platform, and website experience and collection of related articles contained many webmaster communication and very practical, the core competitiveness is A5


after work yesterday, landing QQ, see the QQ head go screaming tell me one thing, but also has a SNS website there, look, use of open source, all the contents of all of them did not change the source program is what is what! If not a friend told me, I really to find out the reason to go to the site, you say you are focusing on what mobile phone game friends, friends, but I can’t see the words or pictures with relevant content, just put the title, I shook a little dizzy. "

Struggling in Baidu tortured webmaster, bitter course

Small drift

me space station ( since birth, I won’t let it have a comfortable day day, and I always work together and be included in Baidu K battle front, more than 10 large and small battles, has sufficient to show people, long – standing is so tempered


sum up, remember the past year. Originally started to register the domain name, to do kart forum, is used in the DZ forum, the first time do not stand, because not so, a cavity blood, the hype, the mining, the people Tiancheng official forum to adopt clean. Our forum, enough data, and then hold the pillow dream to go, after two or three months of time, the dream finally woke up, but see is devastated, Baidu included dozens of pages, then the 10 Fen K barren, then included the front page, still no traffic. (collected, no original articles, Baidu taboo.


came to see others do QQ space special fire site, all see QQ someone off, today how many million IP hair! Well, decided that the website do QQ station, because they do not understand the program, so I want to find some ready-made source, and reluctant to spend money to buy the house the whole station, then I do all day with a sweeping day and mining chicken dumplings, some source forum, made me now develop habits change sweeping buns, behoove, QQ stand up, although not beautiful, although I have no concept of website optimization, but is quite a lot of data, and together with you as the days, stack days, site is Baidu included hundreds of pages, and every day there are more than 100 IP traffic, I’m very happy! Then, website yesterday brilliant again, success is Baidu K off. (excuse me, at that time, I think the website should not be updated, there is no original article, or the website structure is not good)

adhere to the collection changed after the title of the article, after more than two weeks, Baidu included, I will relax to update, then, there is no reason, no reason, the site was K (did think that Baidu is not the girl’s menstruation ah, this is not a get people later!) cruel ruthless, from the hands of others to buy a complete website source package program, spent more than 100 ocean, really heartbreaking, and this PR3 website link, although the heartache, but happy, think oneself is with cheap, to know that this program I buy, someone else is sent to the forum and steamed stuffed bun, do link, a few days will be deleted, and then estimate, you can imagine, then, be said I hacked his server, and through my left The station is not frequently used QQ to find me, and then to visit my QQ space friends added a times, and my Baidu space photo album to every QQ friends, everyone said to the police threatened to arrest me, I sweat, this ability is quite large, I really Speechless. Who lets?

Student stationmaster body and mind is exhausted

, like many classmates, I’m also a station owner,.


the purpose of the site is very simple, to make money, because my parents have no money, I have no money, but I only is one of the 3 first-class university, after graduation, not what capital and others, to find a regular job, so I want to find a way out, since the formal sector but others do, do most people’s eyes are false, raffish network.

in the 07 years after the entrance of the summer vacation, I established the first site, their half year, I earned a total of about 8000RMB, the maximum time is 25 dollars a day, whether you think is much less, for me a weekend home update website amateur webmaster, I think. For 1 years, 16000 words, can own the burden of tuition fees and living expenses, but the start of the 08 year, good times don’t last long, the website weight decreased until a revenue drop to $2~3 1 days.

no way, tried many methods, are useless, because there are a lot of people and I started to compete, on weekends than others, no way, I had to do a website, QQ space flow has been very high, I try to do the QQ space station (the http:/ message code /, but no matter how hard I try, ranking can not go up.

now, I am about to collapse, because I have learned the most advanced engineering, both to take into account their own studies, but also take care of their own web site,

really, I’m tired. For websites, I don’t want to give up so easily, because I’ve been through a lot, and I know how important it is to stick to 2 words,

look around the students, love, love, the game of game, in fact, who did not want to live like this? But I have capital?


perhaps only that " eat bitter in the bitter, the side of people " can explain

The real reason and Countermeasure of homepage snapshot without Baidu

web pages included, but from the home page Baidu snapshot disappeared, believes that many webmaster have encountered this problem, my own website also there have been many times this situation, varying lengths of time, a few hours short, long or even a few months. At the moment, I still have two websites experiencing a snapshot without a home page. In this case, I believe we are very anxious to find a solution, I also find a lot of this article is to read many articles, but the blind guide, or about some of the reason such as what a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the original is not enough, the site experience is not good, the poor quality of chain and so on, to solve these fundamental speech help the problem. I’m not saying that these reasons do not affect the site, not that, but that these reasons are not the direct cause of the snapshot without a home page. If Baidu because of the above reasons found in the garbage station, then is probably the largest number included site was dropped, dial hair even K station, if the site have included the inside pages, and no home page snapshot, then focus on the issue should be focused on the page itself, this is the key to solve the problem.

What are the key factors that affect

‘s home page?

1, robots.txt file settings lead to refuse to include the home page. I believe that everyone will not make such mistakes, but for the sake of prudence, we should check it.

2, because the home page error causes the spider not to crawl normally. For example, the home page source code, the head appears NOFOLLOW type of characters, etc., although the possibility of committing such errors is not large, but still need to check one by one.

3, some people worry about the traffic loss, the 404 page jump page, this practice is very dangerous! Although not confirmed whether it will lead to home is k, but the 404 jump directly home is certainly wrong, must be immediately changed.


home page is linked to the horse or the black chain.

5, space instability and other factors lead to the home page often can not access.

may have been in accordance with the above five one by one check did not discover what big problem, don’t worry, here to talk about the reasons most frequently, with two of my website is currently no examples of home encounter snapshot:

is the first site in 2010, did not spend much time to add articles, so the number is not much, but all this is an article I carefully edited, like reading writing, said the original article is too much, so when a full year, Baidu has given the trust and weight, ranking up and down, but every day in IP, and it is also good than similar sites. The problem in this year, because see some brush chain website, I follow a whim, brush a month, some keywords ranking was indeed improved, but then I feel every day to brush the chain is not the same, no brush, the next step is that the chain is very fast. "

The community e-commerce website will be a hot spot for personal websites in the second half of this


community of electronic commerce, in short, is to use the advantage of network to the community, "no boundaries of a lot of people on the Internet, people around me are ignored!" the community e-commerce business is many webmaster blind spot, because the most familiar place is often the most strange place.

why community commerce has the potential to be tapped? China with the city population is more and more concentrated, the premise of high-rise buildings increased, the number of community residents has been in a rising trend, from small to large, has a certain group of users, will be able to do a website, which is the basis of the masses of community website, if a web site does not flow, the site management is very difficult.

The first

online shopping platform Taobao China, relationship, the secret of success and successful operation for example, with the free mode of their opponents, but the process is worth every Taobao shopping in e-commerce webmaster to careful research, that is the integrity of the system, Taobao between buyers and sellers is the third party platform try not to hurt the interests of both sides, at the same time, the seller to gain credibility through the buyer’s evaluation, step by step to improve the level of. The network needs integrity, but now the Internet world, the good faith do not satisfactory, although a lot of use of the real name system, drink many netizens questioned, is not the real name system and network game of the real name system, but is a process. It is only the integrity of business, don’t worry about your products sold, the electronic commerce is the key to how to allow users to trust you, trust you! And community sites located in the community, in reality we are neighbors, it is easy to get closer relationship with each other, trust, this is the electronic commerce website he There is nothing comparable to this. Advantage.

famous angel investors Xue Manzi in a well-known Web site micro visit also has said that in Chinese a lack of credibility, the credibility of businesses of low age, with social marketing as the model of the electricity supplier will have such a pattern than Western inventors have more value." He says the next step is to turn investment into community oriented e-commerce sites.

community website business opportunities come from? The first is the population, according to the 2010 Sixth National Census Data Bulletin No. 1, residence and household registration in more than half of the Township street population increased by 117 million, an increase of 81.03%; which does not include the increase in the population of 100 million 360 thousand people in the area, growth of 82.89%. An increase in the population of the community includes two aspects, one is the resident population, two of the foreign population increased, a year rose to nearly doubled, this data is surprising, at the same time, we see the essence from the phenomenon, although the increase of population will cause a certain impact on social stability, however, greatly promote the development of the community economy, this is no doubt that the website of the ultimate goal is to profit, the implementation of commercial operation, some fruits and vegetables, online community service website is the website launched on the basis of the.

secondly, the community has an exuberant consumer demand

How is the movie online three Baidu and Google included

my HD HD movie network is in September 15, 2009 through the record line, the website opened before and after, I did a lot of work, in the opening third days after Baidu and Google included normal. As of today, Baidu’s home page of the HD HD movie network, Google’s HD HD movie network, rose from 70 yesterday to more than 240 Pages before publishing this article. Here’s my experience:

1, Baidu included. The first half of the website opened, I bought space, because in the record, the top-level domain name has not been bound, I will use space providers to give the three domain name to update the site. I HD HD movie screen with Marx movie program is the latest version, the first is a large collection of high quality resources more than 8000, then the data was collected and volume replacement, such as content page will take "movie" to read "HD HD movies", etc., will all the content page keywords and site related batch replacement, and then generating station. The first day of the more than 8000 data collection after I stopped collecting, updating from 8000 to 11000 now I all by hand, updated daily 20 – 40 movies and TV series, starring, content is I found on the Internet after modification, for example in the content page will replace the first section and the third section your order will be part of a sentence to delete some, but do not completely copied on the line. In this way, I insist on updating every day, never interrupted. In September 15th after the opening of the top-level domain name, I don’t have to submit to Baidu, but published a story on my website in the Admin5 Adsense nets and Chinaz webmaster network spider, the two day post released at noon by Baidu and Google included my website for second days, the first page was also included. From 18 to today, Baidu has not been included in the move, the snapshot has not been updated, I think it should be in the new station of an assessment period. Now, regardless of Baidu, or as usual, always update the site. Hope that after a period of time included and ranking improved

2, Google. HD HD Movie nets green I opened Google to submit, then each of the 200 data to generate a sitemap one by one, submitted to Google, the day after two hours of Google will update the sitemap, but not included. Since then, the website has been updated and updated every time, sitemap. Since Google, I’ve already submitted sitemap, and without adding sitemap, I didn’t update the map. In the second days after Baidu included, that is, No. 19, Google included the home page, to 20 when included 20 pages, 21, collected more than 70 pages, today I just read it, collected more than 240 pages. It seems that Google’s collection speed is relatively fast.

, my first time here to write articles, language organization ability is not enough, roughly summed up my collection experience:

(1) should be diligent and can be collected at the beginning, but after your official domain name is officially opened

I sold 600 clients’ Internet company to be a webmaster

2002, when I worked in a business enterprise in Fujian, Putian. Day out of the market, almost nothing at night, and now see the young people will be computer, Internet, I also want to learn computers.

where to work a month 1000 yuan, every day running outside, with pocket money so much, to training only pay 100 yuan training fees to learn basic class, basic class was 160 yuan, the boss agreed to let me first half a month. Began to learn computer is very excited, there is time to go to a training class, sit where honestly learn five pen typing. After studying for more than 10 days, the boss came to ask me for money. I didn’t have the money and did not want to study. I wanted to practice in the Internet bar slowly, and I said 88 to my boss.

the first time to go to the Internet bar, I boot, the screen is dark for a long time, I will press the restart, or the same, and press restart, the result or ask the boss how the matter, the boss said you have to wait for the computer to start weighing it. I found that computer and television as a boot is not out! When the training courses which haven’t taught me, really dizzy ^_^ will open a computer, also know that "Internet Explorer" this is the icon to open the site, the first is through the Internet set up home guide will send and receive mail, registered a a mailbox so happy, have a good sense of achievement


when I surf the Internet, do not know which day I know lived with a personal home page, I don’t like other young love to play games, I want most is to be able to make money on the internet. At that time, I made my personal homepage for a business, which was selling Amway, because when did I work part-time as a Amway?.

I learned a lot of net friends on the way of learning personal homepage, they are all personal homepage users, because we all do friendship link with each other and promote our personal homepage. This personal home page is nice, because it’s stupid and a lot of people use it. The only flaw is that he puts his ads in every home page. And I sent dozens of dollars to them, which is the first time I’ve been shopping online. From their ads in their customers’ space, I was thinking that if I had a website like this without advertising, a lot of people would be willing to buy it. So I started looking for similar sites, the results did find a website, I want to do their agency at that time, but to spend a lot of money, but the agency prices are high, and there is no advantage to compare prices on home now.

finally I found that many similar online self-help website is the development of a company in Zhejiang, was called "Oriental self-help network" into their website found I rent a quarter of such a website 1200 yuan package, space and technology support. They said that the space provided can be stored more than 200 users, calculated to make money at any rate, I think as long as pull me, which users come over. And this website can develop agent, have the function of the agent, if call them to act as agent again, give them deduct a percentage from a sum of money, they will be very eager to publicize. Think much >

Design of products the trials of a long journey always feeling, the pictures don’t do!


[guidance] a product really want to design high-end atmosphere internationalization, we must let users have pragmatic, cheap feeling. Otherwise, good-looking is not equal to good use. For example, this article in three music products, a top beauty, with a variety of aesthetic pictures to attract users to listen to songs, this logic can be right? Dark horse brother here to share this Tencent EDC (not shellfish) article. The authors used two well-known truth is: revolution is not a dinner party, beauty products do not overflow; the trials of a long journey always feeling, the pictures don’t do?


, a member of the design team of the music product, agrees with this and designs in this direction. However, the truth knows, the design is very crude, ask how rough, one with a scare.

start to speak, here is a Q music products a certain period of the song single recommendation style, of course, we can see a lot of music products but also with the same, a superficial reform of the recommended style.


, and the waterfall style of some of the music products below looks even better, with a Pinterest design style.


look at selling hard some easy cloud music products, and attitude, I figure a lot.


A few examples of this

read the China Internet three mountain music products, all with the feet can be found in the problems we face, that is our success in the use of a variety of professional design strength and elegant music taste exquisite design, charming, and persistent hard iterative

"look at the software,


(in fact lying gun not only music products, electric products of all kinds of beauties Gallery more people dizzying, please also bring in ecstasies over, body armor, next time table.

)Since the

trough point found, I began to poker-faced to speculate about why such problems, and try to put forward with profound respect and humility to solve these problems.

Part1: why do we design this:


first, we want a bunch of emerge in its totality content to the user, the results really put the dish out end.

secondly, we are afraid of user trouble, so we give a funnel straight into the user’s ear hole – "all play, batch add" and other functions.

furthermore, we fear that the user can not see this is what a bunch of things, so give a beautiful picture, in order to help the user visualize the thing in the head, for example, 80s will listen to the song with a picture made Huang wrote greatly >

Do not abandon, do not give up – Grassroots webmaster magic weapon of success

contact network now has at least five or six years, and many on the website also has three or four years, very early to write about the construction site things out, but whenever you want to write it, always feel that they are nobodies, say afraid of being laughed by others, even abuse, no pen. Soon graduated, this two days a little empty, my two years of experience to write out to share with you today, also would like to take this article to make some good friends, but also hope that the birds can give me some advice in the future in the maze and pointing the road, of course my view is: the hope that those who seek common ground while reserving differences, people don’t always boring boring abuse and ridicule.

saw XuSanDuo "soldier assault", believe we won’t forget the "do not abandon, do not give up" the spirit, this spirit in the grassroots webmaster, especially if you don’t have this, do not abandon, do not give up the spirit, it is very difficult for the station. To be a stationmaster is difficult, to be a good stationmaster is difficult, to be a good stationmaster is much more difficult. At present many webmaster flow to the search engine and search engine requirements for the station is more and more high, not only do you have the original or false original, and ask you to stand the high value of PR of these grassroots webmaster is lacking, not to mention those sites every day not less than 20 ~ 30 pieces update. I have to work late every night. Is this good result? The result is unknown, which makes me very confused. Therefore, the webmaster should have "do not abandon, do not give up" spirit, has been standing down. If you don’t see those websites in 90s, as long as you stick to them, don’t you still have a "good" result?

take me now long Ao network (Www.LooAoo.Net) for example, last year the site, as has been very busy, no time to update (a little bit of time only all busy in the modified template), and at the time of the online CMS program is not familiar with the program change today, for tomorrow a program that is today, tomorrow is the forum website, so repeatedly toss, and Baidu down the right (but Google can also, now as far as Google flow is higher than Baidu), and later was very depressed, hard work are not rewarded, then wanted to give up. Now I have always insisted every day to update the site (although I think that now we are doing the PS and antivirus abuse), add some original articles or pseudo original articles, recently included Baidu on my station picked up. So I summed up the lessons of the past few years (if I could help the novice, I would be satisfied):

1. can’t keep an eye on the website template, and should pay attention to the content and quality of the website. (beautiful website doesn’t mean good traffic.)

2. after the site opened, cannot but not again, repeated several times is intolerable.

3. website can not collect too much, collect sooner or later will suffer. (I don’t feel very cold about collecting.)

4. newbie opens >

I still do Wangzhuan if you choose a good project

is the webmaster Wangzhuan, has been a topic of concern, but some higher income, but others have been hovering at the starting line. Wangzhuan many projects, there are people at will find business opportunities, people couldn’t find a way. How to find the Wangzhuan project, and earn money


December 2nd Admin5 forum Thursday invited exceeded strategic base responsible person still autumn teachers share her to do some Wangzhuan experience story, this paper focuses on finishing version, welcome to discuss.

asked the guests: Hello, know the strategic base, contact the A5 version of the chat activity, on a strategic base is not very familiar with, it seems that some Wangzhuan related. Guest, can you give me a brief introduction to this forum,


answer: Hello everyone, I am a strategic base, the webmaster is still in the water, QQ:9000311, thank A5, thank A5 editor, dream river provides today’s opportunity to communicate. The strategic base is dominated by "autumn water" and "fishhook", which leads VIP members to operate the promotion of domestic formal products and obtain high commission. At the same time, the strategic bases can also be rewarded by the merchants.

strategic VIP membership base are short-term projects (for example: Google bidding discount account for 09 years from September 25th, we have been operating until now, during the achievements of many VIP members, more than a year the highest income of more than 500 thousand, from hundreds of thousands of people earn no less than 10 people, earn tens of thousands of many thousands of the number, the project is still too many to count, in. With) and long-term projects (such as the strategic base agent has the strength of the business of formal education products, by the VIP member by SEO; Baidu, Google alliance in bidding purchase flow; in some suitable sites to buy monthly advertising; ground sales and other sales channels in the mall businesses to obtain high commission products. Single product Tao station, through the soft Wen do guest, we are also in the follow the prescribed order.

strategic base and one of the biggest bright spot is: agent VIP membership operations we think fit the stock, only one stock operation every year, VIP members obey the unified command still youthful, only need to learn to deal. Buy when you buy and sell when you sell. In order to broaden the investment channels, eyes still recently devoted to visit Tianjin, the PE (private equity) is the strategic base of VIP membership is in the process of investment operations, although the investment risk, but after artificial control, investment risk will be reduced to a minimum even reduced to 0.

: a strategic base can’t be understood as: to teach novice how to make money online through the training platform? See introduced strategic base, is taught how to make money and membership, the forum itself can sell the product obtained by members of the Commission to give businesses, too.

Most of the members of

‘s guests are very productive and want to know whether they have paid the money or not earned it

Let’s talk about the current form of hacker station

              I’m going to talk about my contact with the hacker station actually originally thought to write this article today, want to go to the boring network security forum shopping when I saw 520hack, a new QQ number of applications for _QQRegSimple 1.2 software, this software is in fact in April it was, I was a hacker software X webmaster, see the software after the play to their strengths, the pop-up connection changed, so the software each exit will play to my station (than to play before the station is modified),

By the way

update to my station, I spent 2 months station traffic has been up to 5000IP, some people talk about the acquisition, I sold now by someone do pure dumpster to make money, this is my regret until now, now he again made a stop hacking software park, though can not say what is good, but I each software I would take the time to test the back door, and screenshots, needs analysis to shelling shelling, try to ensure that software security, I always hate to put a horse, seemingly far away, back to the topic, because every day I will run the station to hackers so, also found a little bit of a rule, for example, first of all that is of course network security, network security is the basic contribution to the original animation, because of the large are like this, so I mainly said software, network The daily basic update at around noon, and most sources are safe Chinese, just the latest QQ number of applications for _QQRegSimple 1.2 software only yesterday I see China security update, on the second day in the network appeared, I estimate the 520hack every day to go to safety in China Oh, red hacker alliance is a station only a short while ago, hackers also ranked first in Baidu, but his daily updates are derived from the basic black hawk, as security Chinese and Blackhawk software updates from which I will not go, Chinese hackers union I will not say, every Chinese animation tutorial are bundled is basically no webmaster will update his station things, but China has a characteristic, the Chinese brothers don’t blame me, but there are some Chinese software release, especially the Trojan virus class, most of the existence of a backdoor I am not, I also Words alone are no proof., a few hackers exposed to major animation. It is relatively good, can only say that the general situation of hackers, hackers base that didn’t understand, I only know a friend is the VIP last year, I see, a lot of VIP tutorial or 05 years, the hacker world I will not say, despise him, because he had 2 times and I do connections are imperceptibly to slowly withdraw my visible character, the hacker base, came to see the know, everywhere advertising popups, heimawangzi before you can now not how to like revision, hackers manual, hacker X files have been done in the magazine, there are some black station I don’t mention it, the contact is not much, not talk nonsense,

in general, >

[How-To] how should I take the title of a high reading quantity Apply the 14 templates directly

did you have any confusion about this and make a great content, but poor reading and communication?

, let’s take a look at these articles:

The origin of the "

" paper money, "Under Armour," Internet marketing strategy "writing method".

, would you like to see it,


, if I show you these three:

"burning paper money", "fathers received it [] observed beyond Adidas, after Nike, Under Armour in marketing to do what?", "a monthly salary of 3000 and a monthly salary of 30000 writing difference".

Are you interested in

? (the above three are from the elephant guild, SocialBeta, Li Jiaoshou, interested in searching for themselves)

yes, the problem is in the title. It’s really hard to get a title that can summarize the article and bring in the headlines. That message is unknown, it said that the title is too long, too serious if boring, chase hot fear fall common, let alone bear the title flow, brand and marketing on the task.

can still take headlines, communication and marketing have to do the same. Can not press the audience’s fingers or send red envelopes, please help read and spread it. Don’t worry, tell you 14 templates for heading, and you can use it directly when you’re racking your brains. If you want to know how to grasp the main points, the socialization of fast write good copy, can see another article "SocialBeta copy must see: social media marketing copy writing in 12 steps (increase click conversion rate and copywriting skills)"

one, take the title of the principle

if you are not sure of the principle, you will have lost before you take the title. Good titles tend to follow these 4 principles:

sense of value: in the title, why do you need to take the time to read this article?

utility: what can I get from this article,


uniqueness: the world is full of thousands of articles. Why do I have to read your article? Where are the differences?


sense of urgency: why do I have to go right now and read your article?. Wouldn’t I be uncomfortable or lost if I didn’t read it,


follows these 4 principles and your title is more attractive to the reader, while the title conveys the beneficial benefits of reading the book directly. On this basis, consider some special ideas, techniques, modifications, touches, and icing on the cake.

two, the role of good title

Is the

title just for attracting people? It’s a silent, silent Title party. But the article does not deserve the title, just like talent to support ambition, see parents in law, sooner or later fall apart. An article >

Fujian Amoy webmaster site for a month experience

Hello, I am Fujian Amoy network webmaster, I do Taobao off from beginning to now should be half a year, but I have most of the time is not to do, so I really should be doing Taobao off for a month, which is the last month to have spent time in Taobao this guest, in a month’s time, I learned a lot, there are some specific experience about me, I want to exchange with you, and I hope to help you.

1, effort. As we all know, now the site was like rice, what industry website has a lot of people do, Taobao customers is the same, from the Taobao 07 years off to now has been more than two years, from now on with Taobao passengers can not say too slow, but also cannot say early, because Taobao can bring off the actual thing, that is money, as long as you work hard, so Everfount commissions will be coming to you.

2, learning. Just begin to contact the Taobao customer many friends all know that the first contact feel do not know many things, looks like is very simple, send what links, but slowly will find himself very blind, but shoppers don’t believe you to promote something that is not true, this point to a lot of Amoy the novice caused great distress, so I suggest novice to learn, some webmaster multi Ali mother in the community learning, adding some learning group Taobao customers, especially some master group, can learn a lot about the promotion of the East West on the inside, so as to use in their own promotion.

3, practice. No good practice methods, more, eventually effect is zero, so learn good website promotion methods of others, find a good shopping keyword, will immediately begin to use knowledge to promote, when you first time, promotion difficult is the lowest, while income was the largest. Therefore, to be good at learning achievements into action.

The following

, let me tell you some guest novice to the problems of:

1, why other people’s Web site is very garbage, but can be included so much?

answer: remember, don’t look at other people’s shortcomings, to find the advantage of others, to ranking in the search engine’s Web site must have their own unique advantage, if you can find the top three sites for each website is an advantage, and take advantage of, I believe that you can occupy a space for one person in the market. Your job is not to help others to find fault, not to complain about the search engine, but to learn the advantages of others.

2, how can I convince shoppers that my promotional products are Taobao’s, not phishing sites?

answer: this will be your carefully and patiently to shoppers, and not only the election commission High Commission products, sometimes high product is not necessarily a good promotion, the key lies in how you explain this product, it is best to write their own soft Wen, then bring the products, can also be their own experience the product, or week >

Are you ready enough to join the Internet

with the number of Internet users over 420 million, the Chinese Internet seems to be an express train, speeding in the information on the highway. Whether it is the forum to ask rookie technology reverent and respectful everywhere, Master or are struggling with the opponent. More and more people are getting on the Internet. This is a fast train". Today, I’m going to say a few words to my friends who are ready to join the Internet industry.

joining the Internet, what’s your position,


, a Internet Co, whether or large or small, listed or not, is the company’s business. But for individuals, what is your position? Or that you enter the Internet industry or Internet Co want to get what??.? or?? a person wants to do something on the Internet, whether it is for the company to work, or start their own businesses, should have a clear and accurate positioning of their own. For example, it is a network product, what is it to the crowd? What is the positioning of the product? What is the product selling point? These are the most basic, if these are not clear, then I hope you’ll think about what is your position


in today’s society, many times, we will be troubled by all kinds of relations, I believe that the majority of people who read this article are neither powerful officials, the two generation, nor those rich in oil flow rich two generation. More is hard to come to Beijing, intends to start their own business, or rely on their own hands fight hard people. No matter what the end is, it is hoped that it will not be forced by life, nor for food and clothing. In fact, the appearance of Internet Co and the so-called names are not important. Most importantly, can you learn more and develop your ability in the limited time, only those with ability can get more resources and bigger stage. Payment and reward are always in direct proportion.

joining the Internet. Are you trying to goof off,


whether it is the Internet industry or any industry or company is just like a bole, and man is like a horse, the bole may find you, but you are not well, you have to look at ourselves. There are a lot of people working in the Internet Co, the ultimate goal is the value of the high salary of Internet industry, intends to be "a fiend in human shape". Every day, neither hard work, nor their own pursuit. To be honest, the company is concerned, people fish in troubled waters. And your "mix", in fact, what will not affect the company, because the company is running as usual, just like the earth not because less who would not turn. This is also related to the famous "28 law", usually in a business, 80% of the profits created by 20% people, while 80% of employees only created 20% of the wealth. I have a lot of people goof around, but today they dawdle, tomorrow is dawdle, sooner or later will have the ideology of destruction, to have the innovation ability of the destruction, could succeed their destruction! So.

Baidu Spring Festival Gala new year confidence to investors

he found the degreeses, suddenly look back, Baidu is in the office, the CCTV Spring Festival gala.

year thirty, at 19 in the evening, four or five or so, Baidu Inc in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala broadcast before the prime time, two times to the National People’s new year. In addition, 21:00 and 23:00 in middle Baidu Inc Gala broadcast new year chart, again to the whole people send new year greetings. At the same time, Baidu CEO Robin Li also appeared at the Spring Festival Gala scene, CCTV also gave several close-up, and Jiang Kun and Dai Zhicheng comic dialogue also implanted "Baidu" once, you will know".

it is reported that after the Baidu Inc’s annual meeting, Robin Li mentioned about this matter, he was in the scene told staff: in this year’s CCTV Spring Festival Gala, the National People’s message is received from the list by Baidu wishes for the new year. It is said, was the scene applause.

no doubt, Baidu high-profile through the Spring Festival Gala to the people of the country to send the blessing of the new year, which is a positive signal. Look at other companies pay list, there is Chinese economic sector leader — can even say there is Chinese economy faces. It can be said that the highest ratings Baidu used once a year, but also the symbolic meaning of the Spring Festival, not only to the Chinese people all over the world, thanks to the unusual scenery, but also to a great extent to investors sent a new round of confidence.

this confidence is mainly three levels:

1, the first signal that Baidu and CCTV or one family, China biggest Internet Co and China, state television the most authoritative and influential odds is not always what a glorious thing. Brothers quarrel at home, but for a long time on common interests we should know is very clear.

2, to show Baidu’s sound operation, strong financial strength. The people of the whole country is not an ordinary enterprise can pay New Year’s call to play in the Spring Festival Gala, had the show". Most people do not know, Baidu’s stock is actually China’s most expensive, and the financial crisis, there are more than 110 U. S. a gold shares, this is not the cover.

3, this is also the most critical, because CCTV represents the government to a certain extent. CCTV and cuddly, shows the most authoritative and China MII regulators relationship of kinship, which shattered all of Chinese Internet search engine development of various kinds of uncertainty of questioning and speculation, the information of foreign investors is very important.

I have regarded the station as a kind of responsibility

University Majors in computer applications and likes to build websites in school. At that time, nothing understood, and all the rookie as a free space, the most terrible is that these free spaces do not support FTP, but really bitter me. My patience is better, a simple file upload, also can get a ASP station to do a decent! For the first time in FTP space, using the world wide web 50MB free space. Finally, I can use FTP’s free space. I’m really happy when I get this news. I’ve been so excited from the application space to 11 in the evening. There is a FTP space, your goal is not big, playing before those home page template, also moved a station up and carefully modified. However, the free space is not assured, this is unable to overcome reality! Suddenly one day, back to the dormitory, found the station does not go on, and when all the data in the FTP have not get back, I really have a feeling of tears!

After graduating from

, he spent one year working on financial statistics and finally got his own job as a network administrator. Spare time, the hearts of the corporation does not extinguish the fire fire again, I have a belief, I will insist on, insist on doing my love website. Suddenly found himself was a very simple problem! Now, I should do what station? Can still play, play a personal homepage, so indulge in self-admiration is no future, how should I do how to do?!


has problems bothering me, surfing the web without aim. I don’t know what kind of website is right for me.

, open the local navigation website and see, this navigation station is doing very well, I like this style very much. But I did not want to repeat the navigation of this road, this is not for me! For a job? Talent network? Suddenly a bright eyes, found that their talent network in the city, many also have their own characteristics, basically every industry one, can be a big development in their own in the


associated with my hometown, although the network is also developing at a relatively fast rate, but there is still a lot of difference between the city and the city where I am now. After a comprehensive comparison of the city construction site to the advantages and disadvantages of home construction site, a belief in the rise, I want to be home to the hometown talent portal website construction level to go up and contribute an own strength.

has a good goal, of course, just do it,


because of the website construction has also been more familiar with, know how to build a web site should have a good domain name, can let visitors more directly remember website, so I also took pains to this domain, the domain name of the short one has been registered, a personal website, from the beginning there is not to spend a lot of money to buy a better domain, in a and I also hope.

How to carry out effective soft text promotion

said: soft Wen as the site of the promotion is not advisable; only a temporary soft increase site traffic! In fact, the facts? Rules are rigid, a promotion methods by different people over and over again to continue to see more people will feel bother! No immutable and frozen things in the world, a promotion gimmick too stiff to flexible use, it is only a waste of

!The soft

is one of the necessary means to promote the site, however, why is the same with the promotion of the soft, some websites can quickly rise, while some sites is hovering in place? Just a few days later as a result, such soft Wen is no echo, did not play a role, there is no value?

soft Wen promotion, adhere to the original article is the best choice. However, a person is not much, a website for all the technical issues, can not write an article; even his style of writing is good, but while concerned about the operation of the site, while the time to write text, a more powerful, can not also served as multiple roles alone! His personal efforts, the word of a tragic difficult to write their own original. It is possible that in the end, nothing will come out of it.

why advocate empathy! In fact, we change a point of view to think: I won’t write or write slowly, so I have what resources can make the equivalent exchange! I LOGO do faster and better, and your soft Wen write fast and good, so we exchange, now each other is quicker and better. This is the same as the most primitive thing exchange, and someone may have done it.

as the saying goes: one and ten, ten and hundred, hundreds and thousands. Do you think this is still very slow? If you want a little faster, so please continue to walk along the way: you have what resources can make the exchange of equal value and a lot of people! If so, you can get 1 2, 10, 100, or even more


basically need to spend 2-3 hours to write a better 800 words, pure original, and soft Wen writer also want 1 hours or so. In this case, you’ll need to spend more time and effort for the webmaster. If you ask a writer to write it, you’ll have to spend about $50-300. So many webmaster are difficult to adhere to the soft text. This time, we should be more flexible, more resources of their own, with better conditions and others do the equivalent exchange, let more people you write text, let more Adsense reprint your article.

source of this article ( what opinions or suggestions, you can publish or leave a message on the website, I hope everyone will support, reprint please indicate the source, thank you.

Ali mother is just an errand boy

Ali has been on the line for some time, but hasn’t had time to publish his views. Today saw the Ali Mama advertising revenue, there are a few dollars, money eyes well, I decided to write a story about the mom of the article.

why do Ma Yun Ali mother? The reason is very simple, because the seller Taobao teach some basic knowledge of SEO in Ma Yun, found that the search engine accounts for most of the antecedents of, in addition, an important reason is that Yahoo Chinese search does not like when Ma Yun took over the prophecy — about 10 months to make the domestic search engine the boss. (Ma Yun said, "if we don’t act sooner, 8-10 months later, we’ll lose the chance forever). Results from the end of 2005 to now, Yahoo search revised several times, but basically are unsuccessful, as the key search share does not rise or fall. So, Ma is very clever to give up Yahoo search, a short time beyond Baidu, Google fantasy. (now the Yahoo search is also true, became the experimental field of Ali, after all, there is no traffic, then it is optional Revision)

"electronic commerce and the search engine is a natural partner so the search did not pick up a short time, which prompted Ma Yun to recruit other weird, because Ma Yun is very clever, he knew that Baidu will never easily lose their traffic (MP3 search, Baidu Baidu know the products are Baidu flow after analysis decided to launch the product, and have been very successful), so think of the church to know how to use Taobao sellers advertising their products, one can get rid of dependence on Taobao search engine, Taobao live more healthy; on the other hand also can make the seller know Taobao investment to get the output of the truth, so Taobao’s charge also justifies. One method gives birth to the Ali mama.

Ali has done well on the line, but not very well. Taobao also did not understand because most sellers buy ads, not love zaben business. So now, Ali’s mother in advertising or to Ali and the original Yahoo bidding advertisers mainly. If the advertiser and the unit price is limited, the advertising Ali mother alliance members can not see a good income, then Ali mother of course malnutrition.

I had received Ali mother customer service phone, remind me to put Ali Alliance on the website of the ad code, which surprised me, because there is no advertising company where like Ali mother do promotion to do so in place. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be aware of the fundamental problem (I am not a Taobao seller, so I do not know that they have to promote the big seller Ali mother), Ali mother the essence of development is what they’re looking for more advertisers, especially those who rely on Taobao business owner life. Let them dare to eat crabs, with the sweetness, Ali mother will naturally young often.

only Ali mother mature, Taobao’s leg, Ma will find.

From the brilliant to come down, Dangdang why experienced development in Waterloo

once the electricity supplier giant to Dangdang in glory that year, reputation greatly reduced at the same time, is more on the development of stumbling in the face of huge market competition, if not to retreat in order to keep has not, until the time required or may grow. Looking back on Dangdang fifteen years of wind and rain course, there is "big brother" title, but reduced to second line electricity supplier, the voices of the outside discussion is not diminished. But the electricity supplier in the annexation of the grim moment, the law of the jungle is naked, Dangdang did not disappear in the network but found strong wind and big waves, a way to survive in the cracks in the electricity supplier, it can not be said after losing a lucky, relegated to second tier electricity providers can also be said that was good good. Why is the main analysis when the big

cannot withstand a single blow would be so depressed?

first of all, great changes have taken place in the market. When the market environment has the tremendous change, after a financial crisis, changes in market structure, Dangdang error best period of development, has shifted its internal market layout, first-tier cities between the electricity supplier competition is very fierce, Dangdang position naturally suffer exclusion, the change of the environment but also affect the Dangdang background influence in the industry. In the most critical moment, Dangdang strategic blunder, want to promote the use of the scale and the commodity structure of the difficulties, but again lost in the mountain, want to carry out price war with the long-term accumulation of price advantage resources, once again lost the war, the two number are all ended in failure. This is the original problems in deployment, the problems left by the problem is fatal, led directly to Yidiebuzhen dangdang. In desperation, Dangdang retreated to the second tier electricity providers, the retreat, also let Dangdang found respite, although his seclusion, accidentally found a life.

secondly, the rise of competitors. When the failure is largely sidelined by the competitors, mainly is the rise of Tmall and the Jingdong, as the saying goes, riding. When the annual financial reality is seemingly to profit, but their opponents are growing up too fast, the growth rate is significantly slower than the opponent, plus battle is unpredictable, what will happen, the blind measures lead to the overall loss of dangdang. Which appears in the process of growing up Dangdang issue in this price war completely exposed, mainly is the marketing structure, the expansion process, opened the loopholes in management, personnel, not neat, plus all kinds of emergencies after not processed, to some extent, also affected the reputation of Dangdang once. In short, after Dangdang’s influence greatly fell, and no longer the original dangdang.

then the funding problem is affecting the overall situation. In the battle for market share throughout the market, Dangdang had an unprecedented funding problem, the current funding tension, but also the most important failure. Look back when the road of financing is not stable, explore the development of early actually left a lot of problems, like a huge battleship, far see grand deterrence, close look is actually in a disastrous state. Dangdang has consumed two strategic failures