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The new site to exchange Links

2, must go to check the website of the other side is good. You give people exchange a link, similar to that you have made a good friend, if not friends words, it may involve the exchange links so. In exchange links before, we recommend that you go to look at the other site is normal, the establishment of a long time, whether the contents are collected, the chain is regular station, whether the site has K history etc.. For a web site, we have to do is not easy, it is not because of external link exchange and destroyed the site in search of the "credibility of the eyes".


the above 4 points is to exchange links we summarize the matters needing attention, so when we exchange links in general can go where? The origin of Shanghai dragon believes that we can exchange links through the following ways:

4, exchange links to a certain correlation. The correlation is a very important factor to judge how much weight can transfer links, so in exchange the chain when we try to do, rather than cross industry exchange. For example, we often see a lot of medical has to do Shanghai Longfeng exchange links, do mechanical and education training exchange, these are not the right way to exchange links, the weight transfer is very low or no transfer link weights, both sides are useless for exchange.


exchange Links is currently doing an external link is very popular in Shanghai Longfeng access way outside chain in the ranking of importance is self-evident. Do Links relative to the chain of other ways, because the exchange links are mostly book, have a certain weight, and relatively stable and correlation by war webmaster’s favor, then how to exchange links can have good effect in

1, other sites have to change the weight. Many new Adsense tend to start on the site just on the line to exchange links, but for new sites for its low weight, the exchange links quality is difficult to guarantee, if this time to exchange links, can exchange links not only to effect or negative effect. Therefore, the origin of Shanghai Longfeng recommend good condition in exchange links before the need to pay attention to their own website, generally have a certain weight to exchange.

3, check out the chain is valid. This situation in the early some, or some website chain more, most of them use some technical means that you can see the spider can not see, or not to search for your friend chain transfer weight. In fact, in 2011 a Shanghai Phoenix Forum would do such means, he exchanged a lot of links, but these links are not visible to the search spider, so his own website ranking is very good but he cheated the webmaster exchange. Shanghai dragon must be in good faith, any cheating is shameful, but defenses can not do without the webmaster, do the chain exchange exchange which try not to chain or exchange with the integrity of the webmaster.

Website optimization only by content updates to maintain the keywords stable.

With the popularity of

for small and medium-sized enterprises or some smaller competition sites, this strategy is also can let the site get good rankings, also let a lot of Shanghai dragon er a lot of worry. With the continuous optimization, to some keywords medium-sized website or greater competitiveness in contact, this strategy is often a bit powerless. A lot of Shanghai Longfeng, Cincinnati.

often hear some new Shanghai Dragon Consulting in the forum or QQ group, why website ranking is very difficult to obtain stable, easy to row to the first page of keywords, often after a few days out of the rankings? Many people blamed the love Shanghai algorithm change, or that is the result of love Shanghai artificial intervention. But why so many row in the front page of the site can be stable, why your rankings do not? If you love Shanghai manual intervention, not only for a personal website, at least is a type of website. Many novice Shanghai Longfeng compare gas barrier and frustration, constantly reflection where optimization problems, is the station in or outside the chain, is Links still love Shanghai algorithm revision, very few people think is not because of the ranking of the foundation is not solid.

technology, as long as it is to understand the point of network knowledge can be engaged in website optimization, and the demand of enterprises is also increasing, while domestic practitioners such as Shanghai Longfeng generally around the bamboo shoots after a spring rain just graduated from college, many can not find a suitable job after hearing the so-called Shanghai dragon have paid to join, so that now a lot of Shanghai dragon Er has a network of migrant workers living. The home for the Shanghai dragon no uniform definition, practitioners are on their own exploration and practice, combined with the search engine algorithm and the change rule of self-taught, domestic training institutions in Shanghai Longfeng is self understanding in instils Shanghai Longfeng thinking, so many of the so-called Shanghai dragon Er is not for a deep understanding website optimization, a simple mistake is that every time Shanghai Longfeng update stand inside and outside the chain, so that later, many corporate executives also think that Shanghai is the dragon. No wonder many grassroots Shanghai dragon Er salary falls again, many practitioners have lost the passion of the past, also lost power to further improve the website optimization skills, in order to save the amount of work also gradually let the website optimization into the station for the construction and update inbound links.

website optimization technology, the enterprise website rarely get traffic through the Shanghai dragon, according to dragon contact corporate CEOs on the Shanghai dragon, always said no what was the site optimization technology, as long as the persistent updates every day and can send the chain. I don’t want to argue for the understanding of these veterans, after all, in the part of Shanghai dragon thinking, often also believes that the construction of the update and the chain site optimization is the station in the. Can dragon to tell the novice webmaster, just rely on the construction of the station in the update and the chain, is very difficult to maintain lasting rankings.

With the popularity of

Fast choice of core keywords which four note

concluded: in line with the user search keywords used, suitable for their own web site is an important principle of rapid choice of core keywords.

the following 4 points need to pay attention to:

website optimization is to through the site into the flow of the order, keyword is too popular can bring a lot of traffic to the site, but time-consuming and difficult, such as mobile phone, computer, electronics, furniture, clothing, fabric, paper, toys, food and other "search a huge amount of hot words, choose this website keywords optimization effect is not ideal, for the weak, jump out rate is very high. All we should choose more accurate competition small keywords, such as "Dongguan electronics manufacturers, Dongguan furniture wholesale, Dongguan clothing brand, Dongguan papermaking enterprises" etc..

attribute is generally divided into two types, one is the specific things, such as "Dongguan Shanghai dragon" is our keyword search when can find relevant content through search engines. The other is a life of common words and adjectives, such as "love work, love creation" is a kind of State Key words, often the search results are displayed and we want to find the content is different from that for weak, so the life of common words and adjectives we don’t choose.

website optimization keywords selection of related products or services, usually with their brand keywords, users of the brand awareness will often bring unexpected results. But there will always be the same industry competitors, if not the website brand word search volume is good, we also use this word as our key words, the effect is the opposite. Not only their own website will be right down, and a waste of time to help others to do the brand.

when the choice of location site optimization is good, in fact, the core keywords choice has been selected. The rapid choice of core keywords which need our attention matters?


4, there is no competition of keywords we don’t choose

mentioned above the website optimization purpose is to through the site to bring traffic into orders, choose keywords competition small optimization ranking, although a short time little difficulty, but also less traffic, the optimization effect is not ideal. But with the home page and column page optimization ranking will be wasted and affect the site content and structure. So that the long tail word competition is not used within the site page do already can do up.

2, another website brand word we do not choose

In addition to

original link: Sheng Qi Shanghai dragon

1, we do not choose too popular keywords

3, life of common words and adjectives we don’t choose


Five steps of site internal optimization

fourth: the column page optimization

search engine spiders are relying on the website code to grab the code, so the cleanliness and accuracy to improve the website included quantity is very helpful, and now the most consistent with the written requirements of the search engine code is DIV+CSS code of the website, because this code does not have too much junk code and repeat code, so it is suggested that novice try to learn about DIV+CSS related knowledge, for the website optimization is of great help.

second: website architecture design

learning Shanghai Dragon technology is a long course, after many novice new Shanghai dragon related knowledge, will think the effect of Shanghai Longfeng is on the outside of the chain, in fact, for the love of Shanghai ranked outside the chain is very important, but more important to optimize the internal structure, the chain is only one occupied small.

: the first internal code structure

if the program code can understand the webmaster, to optimize the column page depth, because the weight of the column page next to the web page, can be used to optimize the level of long tail keywords, generally need to optimize the following points, the first is the use of the H1 tag, generally applied in the main page of the keywords of the column, followed by the use of H2 tag, in the title key column page, the other one is H3 tags, H3 tags are generally used for the column page to update the title of the article, if you need the optimal depth >

search engine spiders frequently grab a web site, so the site update frequency is very high, so how to make the search engine spiders can frequently grab it, the way is to make each column, each page is "active", meaning is to reach a total update status update, each update an article you will be able to achieve the effect of update all pages, to achieve the function of the general is the use of the latest articles call parameters, random article call parameters, parameters, user comments forum data call parameters, dynamic user data call, add the relevant parameters in the underlying template site, we can achieve the total update function.

third: each column to call

each website has a sequence that is from head to tail, to meet the requirements of search engine optimization, you must use the H tag code, H tag code role is to inform the search engine spiders which is the most important, which is secondary, which is the theme of the site, which is a type of website what is the website article, in general, the use of H, H2 and H3 were H1 tags, respectively in website title, website, website article list, at the same time there is a strong label, the label is used to enhance, striking a word or a title, use the code in the design of the web page, can effectively improve the the search engine spiders crawl work.

Love the acquisition of Shanghai PPS can bring new impetus to the development to the video search

video through vivid picture, effective to promote products from the two levels of the breadth and depth of information, and brand value, to obtain fast brand visibility and high flow, so as to bring the enterprise income, in order to people especially the business enterprise like. Remember last year, South Korea "the style" in the short time in the global hot, various industries have whipped up a style wind, visible video in the current network environment huge potential. And the study of video marketing practitioners in the unceasing increase, technology and tools are constantly search engine business, as a traditional flow into large, if not timely to meet the needs of users, it may be beyond the other video sites lead to the loss of core users, search engines and threatens the future living space.

With the Although

video marketing development, people gradually realized that the bright prospect of its future development, love Shanghai in its algorithm progress at the same time, through the acquisition of PPS and video industry, whether or not to tell we love Shanghai search engine in the algorithm has exceeded the limit before, can identify the video content is very good, and give reasonable ranking. Nowadays users in the query video frequency over a query probability of news, love and religion, Tani Kaya took the lead in the video display in the search results, whether this also let love Shanghai aware of the future prospects huge video search, so the trip through the acquisition of PPS ahead of the layout in the domestic video industry, a good foundation for the development of the next step. Lay, just and Robin Li’s love of wolf culture in Shanghai.

Charm also lies in its unique

industry company Shanghai’s love broke Iqiyi decided to acquire PPS news spread like wildfire, speculation about the future of the video industry’s big boss position. These years, with the increasingly popular online video content, the search engine company gradually realized the importance of video users, have to optimize the algorithm to cater to the needs of users. Before we all know that due to technical reasons, grasping recognition ability of search engine for pictures and video as well as certain restrictions, although the video has very good cohesion, but some optimization personnel for conservative reason relates to the video in the process of Web site optimization is less.

video in recent years in terms of quantity or quality are exploding, played a huge role in satisfying the spiritual needs. However, the search engine in the video is also don’t rely solely on the title of classification, so that some people have an ulterior motive to cry up wine and sell vinegar "strategy is still able to get good rankings, to a certain extent hurt the feelings of the user. However, the video to bring huge traffic and economic benefits, the search engine will not easily give up, only through the algorithm of continuous improvement and those who cheat on continuous blow, so as to provide users with more high-quality video content. The love of Shanghai to buy PPS, one is the fancy client advantage, which changes in the client’s lack of love Shanghai. The value of PPS game development and video website with experience on the other hand, in order to "

Love Shanghai algorithm update snapshot fluctuating ranking disappear

The The

last night to today, which is 8-22 to 8-23, and estimated the love of Shanghai made a big update, do not say anything else, I first said the station, from yesterday began to love Shanghai snapshot has been changed, stay in 7-22, so every day I go to claim my snapshot before yesterday finally in response, sooner or later I see love in Shanghai yesterday to 8-21

this snapshot shows no open, do not know how to love Shanghai, last night, that is 8-22, a friend and I check my snapshots in different places, found the snapshot of stability in the 8-17 number, but today morning snapshot query, returned to 8-21

love Shanghai algorithm update, snapshot becomes mysterious, also affected are keyword ranking, I in front of the first page of the key words are gone, before ranking keywords as follows:


snapshot update



8-22 morning open, when you click your snapshot, you’ll be

we love Shanghai, the big update algorithm, let our webmaster decide on what path to follow you also need to understand that, while water can carry a boat, can also capsize from: www.dantp贵族宝贝, please indicate the source, thank you! (respect the original results)


of our grass-roots webmaster, we are in love in Shanghai eat, each love Shanghai big update algorithm, a number of grassroots Webmaster Station overnight from love Shanghai in view of the previous efforts to clear, hard site, overnight all the dreams to vanish like soap bubbles, like a dream, · · · · ·



Today the key ranking:



This is my snapshot screenshot


Discussion on how to improve the weight of love Shanghai new station

the first A5 rainbow auxiliary (贵族宝贝 > welcome

is very important!

webmaster tools we can find that the number of the chain of the site more, to check the chain, the chain that release is more extensive, and the quality and feel good. What does this show? Oh, very simple, love Shanghai to the weight of a website is the role of the chain to many, personally feel that a good love Shanghai site is certainly more extensive publicity, and many places have left it links, and I stood just so so. Powerful chain quantity and quality have a wide range of

do the above points, insist on more than a month, you will be surprised to find myself there will be flying promotion in Shanghai ranked in love (not the key competition is too large), it obvious that the website promotion in weight love in Shanghai. Oh, well, today, the fish to about here, there will be time for you to provide more articles for inspection from the


Hello, I am a fish today, let’s take a case about a new love Shanghai how to improve the weight of the website in a short period of time. First we need to understand the importance of love Shanghai weight, weight of a web site if you love Shanghai give you good, your ranking and keyword, website content included speed and snapshots are much better than other similar stations much faster. A new fish today took their last month to do this matter, I just on the line less than a month, the basic content of snapshot of the next day, is the day of the day included, this fully shows the love of Shanghai to the station’s weight. Well, nonsense not say, to analysis and explain the


and then click on the site, we found the website home page clean, rarely call JS code and flash animation. In fact, a clear and concise structure and appearance of website is very important for the Shanghai Phoenix, many novice webmaster to site looks pretty at the top of the page a lot of pictures and JS code, this is very wrong, so as to affect the speed of opening the website (the user experience is also) and the impact of the Shanghai love spiders crawl Shanghai, love not to crawl your site, how do you love Shanghai lifting weight ah, ha ha.

then at the bottom of the page, we can see the location of two seemingly small things, click go in and see, oh! That is the site map, many owners do not attach importance to the site map, but also people think this thing is chicken ribs, this is the wrong idea. A fish in the previous articles I often mention, the site map is equivalent to a website for a love of spiders in Shanghai opened Easy Access, this Easy Access can accurately tell the love of spiders in Shanghai today that content is updated, the content is in the past, this spider crawling is convenient, appetite of course, can let you release the contents of the collection.

After making another Optimization not sticking to formalities Shanghai Longfeng standard


three: Internet information

: the main keyword saturated

search engine why has a special liking for the original love? Is not to provide convenience for the users? Just search a message to the sight is those who find the duplicate content and find, to find a few bright spots of the information. I do not know who is now a lazy, used for acquisition of pseudo original, or to write.

two: the optimization methods of saturated

currently has more than China Internet site in the construction process? In statistics there are 4 million numbers, but not to those statistics? Although the Ministry has been thorough record of the wind, but there is still a large number of the site did not record the operation of enron. Even more is the open outcry, the domestic free for the record……. In the huge web base, mainstream search engine keyword throughout every corner. At least hundreds of thousands of search related information, many tens of millions of information index. Illustrates a what kind of phenomenon? Network has become the economy is a indivisible part of the entity, the more influence and realistic hook. Even in the fierce competition environment, optimization is to make more and more people turn to the long term, to dilute the pressure of their own, in order to make a living. Have to say, from the point of reflection, the main keyword has tended to market saturation, otherwise it is not necessary to do what the long tail word.


believe it or not, I believe, in the domestic Shanghai Longfeng optimization, always holding the traditional optimization model he’s really not letting this go. Although the time tested, but the more saturated search competition market, the future of Shanghai dragon will become increasingly tend to "little" effect. The same is the market a few years ago, do optimization, optimization of a keyword needs to pay how much energy? And now need to do? The market achievements of the rise of Shanghai dragon industry, but comes down, do a different kind of Shanghai Longfeng standard, will eventually be buried away.

what is the Shanghai dragon, how to do? Just contact webmaster circles a few days webmaster can casually say a few words. But even asked ten thousand, one hundred thousand owners, the answer is nothing more than good content updates, the chain optimization, structure optimization…… Although the change from the Pope, but there should be something new in the. Unfortunately, groping, thinking, or those who learn and review the things that can be heard without end. Is the search engine rules saturated? The answer is no, just to study the search engine rules saturated, otherwise it will not be so many owners do not understand the search engine’s temper. Shanghai dragon by what? When all sites after Shanghai dragon, will the existing things of excellence to do it, go to the end is equivalent to do. Do not say impossible, the grim situation of network, everything is possible! And have to say most of the Shanghai dragon Er, the only known. Understanding is wide, but is not read without thorough understanding.

2013 Shanghai Shanghai dragon love worth the attention of the ER aspects of adjustment


love the official website of the Shanghai

Under the Shanghai


with the development of Internet, Internet fraud is becoming more and more serious, love Shanghai is 360 search queries about the medical treatment or other reasons based on love, the start of the Shanghai site certification, a love of Shanghai certified official website, display the site directly behind the title; the other is a security alliance with V certification. There are V words at the back of the link.

this position than on the right side of the promotion advertisement closer, more eye-catching, mainly because it is still pictures, but I don’t understand how this show, but need to have certain keywords can trigger heat content recommendation right, are interested can study earlier, maybe get accurate a flow way.


the basic certification or in relatively large or is well-known sites, when many small sites can participate in, may also need a period of time, and this certification is used to enhance user confidence really, or for the exclusive, united front with, it can make nothing of it, but the real name certified trend is very good, what can the site certification >

at the beginning of 2013, Shanghai began to show love related recommendations on the right, the right that I recommend and love is not the same as Shanghai recommended.

site certification


this form more attractive, more directly, the weakening of the ranking of the difference between colleagues, have pictures of "may be higher than the top of the page click rate is so Er sustained attention Shanghai dragon.

2013, the webmaster and Shanghai dragon er who, not a happy year, love Shanghai algorithm upgrade, from the beginning of the algorithm to the green pomegranate algorithm, and the algorithm of 2 upgrade Scindapsus, Shanghai dragon more and more well done, keywords ranking was K, the site to drop right, has It is often seen.. Love in Shanghai, improve the Shanghai dragon just started following my simple comb love Shanghai in one year several aspects of the past: love Shanghai right recommendation, picture display, web site authentication, map ranking and share the love of Shanghai.

security alliance certification website

love Shanghai right recommended

love the search results grab picture display, picture width 121px is fixed, the pictures are pictures appear in the web page thumbnails, like some video articles will show pictures, can now display pictures of the articles are generally more well-known sites can, like Sina encyclopedia, etc..



And this is the red net sellers together create numerous brand new electricity supplierAll over the

what caused the current TMT industry investment boom? Excessive hot money is the core.

, the entire US economic recovery and opening of the listing window, also stimulated an investment boom. Red dot investment senior analyst Xie morning star analysis, the environment changed three factors directly affect the capital market investment boom. First, the market economy has fully recovered, investors holding optimistic attitude to the U.S. economy, the U.S. stock price doubled from last year to this year overall, the highest point in the end of March this year. Second, open the window; listing last year, there are 10 stocks listed in the United States, the first half of this year there are 8 listed, September will usher in the market value of the largest technology company listed Alibaba; third, market frontline funds are melting into a new sum of money, including IDG, Jingwei, Qiming, Shun, GGV, blue Chi, these funds need to be in two to three years will invest these funds out, even millions of dollars a year investment demand.


according to statistics, in August 25th a week of -31, there have been 37 domestic and foreign investment and financing events, of which 28 domestic, foreign 9 onwards, but also includes 10 mergers and acquisitions incident.

, "the red star is more valuable than the movie star", is an interesting conclusion given by CBNData in the "big data report of the Chinese electricity supplier in 2016".

Li Xiaoye started marketing with the advantage of WeChat, and began to shop for the upgrade: expand the category based on "Yan Princess" products, created at the beginning of 2015 as the "cross-border business platform" delicacy "Princess

entrepreneurial circle of various financing news come and go, so that people itch. One of only thirteen people on-line IOS only a few days of vertical social networking site A announced a $100 million round of valuation of two times 1 years; the network financing valuation of nearly 800 million yuan; our financing for $70 million; haha carpool won millions of dollars B round of financing.. . There are entrepreneurs jokingly called, a little tricky project or entrepreneur, there are a lot of VC waiting in line to give money.

Abstract: Why are some high margin products poorly converted on Taobao, but they can be sold on the "red light" recommendation of

? …

data from the red point analyst collated data show that the country only from last May to August this year, there are 69 smart Hard Suits Inc or platform for financing, which does not include non disclosure of the enterprise. In addition, online education and Internet banking are also two of the most popular investment in the past two years.

2011 2012 WeChat, a circle of friends, began to occur in 2013 two changes: one is the online shopping gradually began to migrate to the mobile terminal, another change is that WeChat began to replace Taobao, a mobile phone application to occupy people power up. Thus, a group of people seized the opportunity to start selling on WeChat, that is, micro business.


, such as Han’s predecessor is a Amoy brand, relying on their own supply chain accumulation and electricity supplier operating experience, and net red set up a win-win mode of cooperation, the transformation of the electricity supplier for the reds. From 2014 onwards, such as Han built a lot of "red" shops".

‘s house and the "migration history" of Amoy electricity supplier


? The evolution history of

is another service in the cross-border electricity supplier, a chowhound delicacy, is also a fortune in Taobao, reflects the migration process of many of its electricity supplier Amoy line "evolution" to some extent.

one holding red, big Yi, Daikin, tube aunt, and many other red network, such as Han electricity supplier, is the red rod electricity supplier in the benchmark.

CRE Capital Partners Xiong Weiming of NetEase said the first funds this year to melt a new capital, generally the first year will take 40% of the money voted out.

angel or seed stage access to financing is even more numerous. Institute of magic Institute for 90 Internet entrepreneurs after the "F90 incubator", only in the last month, invested 10 projects. Because it is seed period, the amount of each project is only 20-50 yuan, accounting for less than 10% of the equity interest of entrepreneurs. Lu Wei, founder and CEO of the school of witchcraft and entrepreneurship, thinks the future will be hotter. "We’re going to invest 200-300 projects a year next year."".

in accordance with the story of Li Xiao, founder of the house, in 2005 began to do Taobao shop, founded in 2009 sales of bird’s nest Amoy brand, the Taobao store by the end of 2013, once occupied bird’s nest category 45% share. "From 2005 to 2013, Taobao has become increasingly difficult to do, the most direct reason is that traffic costs are getting more expensive," Li Xiao said. But during this period, the Taobao shopkeeper had no better choice except to adapt, after all, consumers were gathered on the platform.

forecast according to the CBNData report, 2016 industrial output value including Reds sales, marketing and related merchandise Reds income other income estimated ecological links close to 58 billion yuan, the number will exceed 2015 Chinese total box office movie "," UNIQLO is China’s annual turnover of 3 times "…

venture circle entered the "national angel" and "everywhere VC" era, the high valuation of start-up companies come from?

electronic business platform naturally noticed this. When you see Taobao brand on the client’s "designer live", "red man model, new live", you will deeply appreciate the point, that is, the electronic business platform and the combination of Reds closer.

VC crazy money behind: a large number of funds to fund the line

A5 marketing inventory of those infinite Shanghai Longfeng problems

! In addition,

so, as long as it is not a dynamic website, need a website to do surgery, after surgery can also fail, but the price is also a lot of time life.


I want to say is, in the opinion of the search engine: whether it is dynamic or static, pseudo static link type link, there is no distinction in the rankings,

is in fact, the real value of Shanghai dragon, is ruined by these people to learn, 35 days of training, went out to do Shanghai dragon, a little experience are not. If it’s so simple, A5 webmaster network Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis starts at 5000, has no value, dozens of pages of the analysis scheme has no value. At the same time, the rule of the search engine, there is no place.

dynamic link types (and pseudo static), if the data is less then never mind, but the amount of data is too large, causing pressure on the server, such as bandwidth is not enough, resulting in low configuration of the slow response. So we usually recommend is to use the pure static web site is the best.

if your staff told you such a topic, so I can only say that he was looking for an excuse for their incompetence, can be considered appropriate for another person. Now many people think: Shanghai dragon is as the chain, as long as the recruitment Commissioner of the chain like


second: the chain is not the purchase link would have ranked

is different: the dynamic types of links, some sites use a lot of parameters, resulting in difficult crawling. But if the site itself is just a simple dynamic link, such as: www.abc贵族宝贝/post? =d of such links, will not affect the spider crawling.

does not do technical analysis today, only to say that unbounded Shanghai Longfeng questions summary, as a Boss, you can ignore the Shanghai dragon specific mode of operation, but also must understand, what can not be adjusted.

1: dynamic link is not really suitable for the website ranking


I think: as a Shanghai dragon staff, search engine research, should uphold the pragmatic attitude to analyze objectively the website. Not in order to highlight the Shanghai dragon’s role and ability, and constantly to do over the adjustment on the site, although the details of the decision, but the improper treatment to the website, you can only be greedy rash, backfire.

is currently focused on the Shanghai: love is not the chain, the chain is only as a guide to the spider, the quality of the chain will be seen as a vote of confidence on the site, and the chain of garbage: do not use. So, you are still a large number of employees to recommend you buy the chain? Handle and solve problems not to focus on the station, not to focus on the search engine really care about things, so that employees can only say in hunfanchi.

Analysis of Shanghai Dragon a study of the bounce rate user data

1, if our website is not revised, without much content, bounce rate floating: we have to analyze the source of traffic, because we don’t have to make too many changes to the website, so it can influence the bounce rate is because we extended to flow.

meaning is to study the bounce rate of user behavior trajectory

so the bounce rate can only prove the selection process of the user, then how do we use it to analyze our

however, each statistical tools are given out of the data rate, the data is certainly a relationship of Shanghai dragon, so the bounce rate is what?


believe that many Shanghai dragon Er to add your website statistics tool statistics, 51la CNZZ, love Shanghai, but when we see these tools, most will only go to the IP number, the other data is white, but also can not see why.


to their site do Shanghai dragon, is in need of some data given us the direction of optimization, and the bounce rate is an important one of the data we need to study the.

what is the bounce rate of

virtual website, unlike offline shopping malls. You can know how many customers today, most of them buy what goods in shopping malls, after seeing what goods, and will go to see what goods…… In the network, there’s no way to know the user is browsing your website how, but the bounce rate will give you the answer, the user behavior trajectory is hidden in our website in the bounce rate.

2, if we modify the website and content > Tim

the data here is only proved the user’s choice, in addition there is no other meaning.

we know, statistical tools out rate data, will show the user into which pages, for how long, jump to the page which.

first, we want to know what the bounce rate represents? Bounce rate is a process of user selection.

We are

how to optimize the site out rate

it’s like we see what each user time in the site, where they come from, to see which pages long, then went to see which pages.

how to understand? We all know that if 1 users enter the website, not click any of the links to quit, then jump out rate is 100%, if 10 users come in, there are 3 users do not click any of the links to quit, then jump out rate is 30%

for example, we might do is the specific education station, but Monday is go to the college entrance examination Forum promotion, the bounce rate is low; Tuesday is mother to group promotion, high bounce rate. So the bounce rate can tell us clearly: do promotion is more valuable in the college entrance examination

Google updates the PR value update frequency of a return to March

3: we are not sure which day Google will return to the battlefield China.

may also have many webmaster novice for the PR value is not very clear, only know when the exchange chain often asked. At present, Google also curious about the PR value for the influence of the rankings. The author in this paper briefly introduces some Google pr. Google ranking algorithm using two main parts, the first part is its text matching system. Google uses the system to find and search by typing search terms related to "; the second part is the ranking algorithm is the most important part, is the patent technology of Google’s PageRank Pagerank, referred to as PR. With Google’s exit Chinese market, some owners began to think that Google’s PR value is not important. But although the author Google PR value component is reduced, but we still cannot ignore it. There are several main reasons:

1: the current exchange chain, the PR value is still a big factor in


today, May 3rd, at Labor Day second days after Google update the site PR (Pagerank), the Google update the PR value is the second time this year to update. The first time this year, Google PR update at this year’s Lantern Festival (February 6th), from February to May, we can see that this is not the Google three months to update a PR value of the habit. Because the last time the PR value updates in 2011 in November 8, 2011, is also a difference of three months. Perhaps this is the Google PR update to the world of all the hard workers a late gift.

2: if your site of the PR value high, also from the side reflects your site has a certain age, easier to build the corporate brand, enhance the user trust.

Here we take a look at

we can see Google the PR value of the update frequency tends to be stable, several recent update are: August 5, 2011, November 8, 2011, February 6, 2012, May 3, 2012. Several updates are about three months. It is not a coincidence. But Google will stabilize the PR value of the update frequency in the first three months. So the author bold projections next Google PR value of the update if no accident words will be in August this year.


the PR value update, is a sure of our site, although its importance has not as high as in the past, but we can not deny the importance of its existence. The original article from Luffa 贵族宝贝, reproduced please keep the source.

2011 Google PR value of the update schedule:

For some analytical ganji贵族宝贝 recruitment Shanghai Longfeng job requirements

Shanghai Longfeng website, website links, website structure optimization and process; Web site keywords analysis; improve the short-term effective in each search engine ranking.

industry; The analysis of

6. play your own role, to do their own thing. This is related to the occupation moral category, is the most basic. Have strong team spirit and the spirit of cooperation, this is the same no matter what the industry should have.

on the 2. link building methods should be mastered, and be able to quickly and successfully established. Website construction is the core content of Shanghai dragon, learned Shanghai dragon friend needless to say. Is one of the website links quickly improve website ranking the most effective way.

also can Wangzhuan, but the learning process gradually calm down. Including by many teachers, each teacher is here. Thank you.

4. to understand the operating principle of search engines is necessary to master, there are many search engines to write books, I have seen the Skynet search engine, just look more difficult, but with time and in-depth understanding of the search engine, slowly can also experience

5. development trends about the search engine, that you need to keep the attention of news and information. No matter what your job is, the future direction of the work you do and some trends are you can’t focus on.

Red Army in Shenyang ganji贵族宝贝, saw some of the headquarters of Shanghai Longfeng ganji贵族宝贝 recruitment technology requirements, the basic requirements that may not seem like much, here are some personal thoughts and soldiers of the red

Here are some personal views of

Shanghai Dragon technology is a skilled process, optimization of multi site, sentiment and summed up things naturally more.


must have a good sense of teamwork.

Basic knowledge of

3. website keywords, website structure optimization and optimization of the process of us, this is the process of stage of Shanghai dragon, a lot of friends to learn a basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon after all the master, but the actual operation is a problem,

master search engine optimization technology, understand the other website construction strategy and promotion strategy, understand the search engine development trend.

1. we must first grasp the Shanghai dragon, must be formal system of learning, do what work is to master the theoretical knowledge, in fact, before I learn Shanghai dragon is very anxious, thinking and then immediately learn to optimize your web site,

Basic requirements: master technology

recruitment requirementsShanghai Longfeng Ganji recruitment requirements:

understand the search engine optimization principle and strategy of Shanghai dragon, and have practical experience; good team spirit and the spirit of cooperation; preferred website search engine optimization and the development of

For some of the sentiment of love Shanghai stationmaster community platform

2, authoritative and practical content.

compared with other network owners are basically real-time stickers, posts, flood posts and advertising stickers, love Shanghai webmaster community content more authoritative, more depth and quality. For example, you ask in the forum search website is why K? Most of the reply is the link with comfort, a small part of all the rest is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, irrigation. Posting here, if you have permission, may and Lee dialogue, get satisfied reply. Coupled with the content of the post is good, can be used as a basic course in. Lu Songsong, Zhang Yan, Xiao Chapter Master figure, often accompanied with.

, Shanghai Webmaster Platform is a love of people both love and hate the place: it has been known to the Illuminati, the search results in Shanghai Longfeng, webmaster, webmaster tools and other mainstream keyword home page; it features can be, we see the optimization data, submit content platform; it is controversial, love complaints the Shanghai declaration and the channel. Every webmaster, you don’t love to contact Shanghai Webmaster Platform, you feel shy said he would optimize promotion. With this mentality, I once again to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform webmaster community, with a little more objective view.

1, open and wood have permission.

as a member of love Shanghai Empire, there is often not open by accident, many people take Lenovo to love Shanghai hegemonism. For example, you recommend the original, combat low-quality and collect information, but your product which is not a copy. For example, you recommended updates, but your love advocate dry cargo, Shanghai how much is 2010 or even 2008, your own reaction to slow. Open the webmaster community, all open, all without permission, there is no so-called? Webmaster exchange platform, look carefully everywhere the vest, an administrator and a Lee.

since Google abandoned the mainland, away from home, with noble baby webmaster tools is lopsided, many people become memories. Later, love Shanghai make snap reform, it is the pressure of public opinion, and began to develop and promote the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform, a majority of the people "movement".

well, about love, love Shanghai Shanghai Webmaster Platform head of the community’s understanding, also need friends to watch myself. It is worth noting that the Shanghai platform for the construction of love and revision has been in progress, the readings may make your career optimization strive for further improvement. Overall, Shanghai dragon industry is confused and frustrated when you see more things, or there will be a harvest and the future. Hefei decoration company,, Ya decoration in the first Admin5, I wish you a happy new year.


Aloof website ranking ideal needs more effort

ranking >

search engine from the point of consideration, is not difficult to understand why the search engine ranking on the home page of the website so carefully, even to the new ranking assessment observation period of more than a month in a web page. As a professional website construction company, we have been more than a year of observation, found that the top two of the site is relatively stable, a peer in the Shanghai area of the site, when the basic 90% are ranked in the first place, but also to the keyword ranking basically 20 several remarkable website weight. But we also found that, in the third row of the following website, but after a period of continuous transformation. A lot of websites for a month, or even shorter time, is also hard to find.

, a top ranking search target

two, the ranking is the ideal target of the chase

"unlimited scenery in Xianfeng, but tall,stately and handsome, high numerous cold", website design and website optimization is such a process, everyone in the pursuit of a very limited number of several positions, all around the dream continued to sprint. Every day to write articles, links, seriously pondering search engine changes. Hard and bitter the only personal experience of people to know. As the company website construction and website optimization personnel, is a dynamic process, even after hard work, the ranking is up, still can not sleep without any anxiety moment.

for the website construction and website optimization, beyond the competitors the way up, became more competition and beyond the pursuit of the object. When the footsteps approaching, when you still have not put down panting when tired, still need to continue efforts to encourage self. The site recognized by search engines, then the weight and ranking, but also needs further efforts to do well, especially the ranking rose to just when the ideal position. Because the search engine on the top of the site, the more cautious, more in-depth study. The first page ten position, appears in the search engine so excellent display position must to the quality of website content. Prior to that view, not easy to reach the ideal ranking, stability is more difficult in rational ranking. Although there are some good shows between the lines, the more it is sad and helpless.

so, through hard work, ranking rose to the ideal position, need more efforts unremittingly. Website design and website optimization is the most need to be careful, do not think that the ranking came up, it Everything will be fine., because search engine has an ongoing investigation of the site, especially on the position of ideal website. The website after the rankings, do not need to rest than the original link building stagnation stagnation, but need to work harder, even harder than before, in order to pass the search engine evaluation. This can make the search engine to perceive, not for the website ranking optimization, but the original content is very rich and excellent.

SoFi can’t afford college tuitionM3 model of grassroots money making

The San Francisco based company gained more than $177 million in the current round of financing, well above $8 million a year ago,

student loans in the United States are increasing. According to the Federal Reserve’s report, total student loans in the United States have risen by $2008 since the end of 303 billion, while other forms of loans have declined by $1 trillion and 600 billion. As of June, the national student loan balance was $914 billion.


SoFi URL: SoFi

first of all, the product. The product here is either a true product or a service, your own skills, or even your thoughts. For example, understanding the product is actually their idea. The product is his training service for a long time. Diet pills are real products, and SEO is your skills.

many people want to make money on the Internet, but they never find a way. So crazy to see Ma, Tang Jun, Li Kaifu and other heavyweights speech video, hoping to find some hope in them. As a matter of fact, those big brothers can not be copied for our grassroots. They are not ordinary people. They have great backgrounds and connections. You think of a county tens of thousands of students, admitted to Tsinghua also a few. You ask the students who went to Qinghua University. How did they learn?. And then you follow what they say. Can you go to Tsinghua? Since we are grassroots, first of all, we must recognize this reality. There is a way to succeed in the Yankees, but it is not impossible for us to succeed at the grassroots level. It’s just that our chances of success are not as big as they are. But if you follow what the big brothers say, you may not even succeed in small successes, leaving only a thousand false desires.

The product in the

M3 model also includes your ability to analyze other people’s products and discover products. This is a very important ability, because we have limited grassroots resources, limited technology and limited ideas. What we do not own, we have to borrow, that is, analysis of products found. Its core lies in analytical ability. You like others in the group issued a product advertisement, ordinary people see after thought is: TMD, another advertising, I T you Y, I don’t think you can get me, what? But the analysis ability will get to the point, but not the point after going to buy the product, but the analysis of the characteristics of this product, and the profit is not suitable for online promotion. I used to promote DHC products, is found in this way. Of course, there are many ways, if you are interested, you can add my :1211296416 exchange.

here I would like to recommend the following soft Wen >

with SoFi, college students can increase existing loan quotas or apply for new loans, with a minimum interest rate of about 5.9%, while the US government has a minimum lending rate of 6.8%. SoFi is usually the lenders each school alumni, they hope to at least get a return rate of 5%. In addition to the loan function, the service can also help students and alumni develop social relationships.


Chao said that the company invested SoFi because the service can solve the difficulties of students, but also found a intersection between social and financial.

on SoFi David DCM partner

people familiar with the matter said. SoFi’s investors include Vc firm, Baseline, Ventures and DCM, as well as China’s all companies.

M3 model simply = product + network marketing + product marketing.


SoFi service has been launched at 78 American colleges and universities such as Stanford University, and the total amount of successful loans is about $65 million. Through the latest round of financing, the company plans to expand the project to 250 universities in the next year.


, below, talk about network marketing in the M3 model. The core of network marketing is to bring traffic. With traffic, there is likely to be a deal. Just like vendors on the road, they will choose to be in a big crowd. Internet marketing includes too many things: soft text marketing, SEO, marketing, picture marketing, video, mail, forums, SNS, and so on.

SoFi is part of a growing list of P2P lending platforms. The essence of these companies is the online lending market, where lenders and borrowers are agreed on and collected a fee. Among them, the P2P loan company Lending Club in June this year, a round of financing received a valuation of $573 million, double the year over year.

university can not afford tuition, you can seek the help of seniors and elder sisters in

then how can the grassroots succeed? What I say is success is actually making money. I think everyone and I want the same. According to their own in the Internet in the past few years of exploration, I summed up the grassroots network earned M3 model. M=money not necessarily for everyone.

SoFi CEO Mike Cagney Mike Cagney said: "our purpose is to provide students with better educational financing options, while strengthening the alumni community contacts."."

Social Finance hereinafter referred to as "SoFi" is a year founded Internet start-ups, through the P2P model to provide loans for poor students. The company has just raised $77 million 200 thousand and plans to expand its business to the national university.

Li Xueling said that this year’s main entertainment, education or into the next priorityAurora mark

January 12th afternoon, YY founder and CEO Li Xueling said today in the park geeks Innovation Conference, YY hopes to do business this year the main entertainment, which will eventually become the mainstream mode of ecological music. In addition, Li Xueling believes that the education industry will be the Internet subversion. This statement shows that, YY education may become the next step to strengthen the focus of business YY.


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        Aurora network marketing promises to protect every software user from using our software to achieve the best marketing results


at today’s conference, Li Xueling also revealed that, YY this year, one of the focus is to have proven successful entertainment market, so that it can eventually become mainstream music ecology model. Li Xueling refers the entertainment business mainly refers to YY music, YY music run to anchor, users need to buy virtual gifts to anchor music or privilege escalation, YY get this part of the sales revenue and to anchor into. In the YY prospectus, YY music accounted for nearly 30% of the company’s revenue.


if you have completed the group operation on this page, you can also post in the above post, we will give you A5 points.

developing reminder

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to enter into the next peak interview link, today we had a very special person, this person should be regarded as China Internet business circles of the new champion, he is Li Xueling, please have a new champion YY voice CEO


when we think in China Internet is difficult to have structural opportunities, you suddenly jumped out, you can have this new champion chance today, the successful completion of the listing, and many people are optimistic about your future development, do you think this thing is rooted in what you think of this place? Before

, founder of Ling!

below is Li Xueling interview memoir:

Li Xueling’s voice social company YY Happy Times in November last year successfully listed on nasdaq. In 2012, revenues accounted for 46% of games and 15% of online advertising. YY education is also one of the businesses that companies emphasize when they come on the market. YY education is taught by a teacher on a voice platform and is charged for teaching.


the introduction:

Li Xueling: we did not estimate yourself made what is daily, monthly do you want to do, I am Chaojun to know a lot of good years, as from the birth of the Internet on the understanding, I believe he also may have the same feeling, experience a lot, everyone is a little bit of growing up what you do today, do not know what will be tomorrow is in such a state began to walk.

      if you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us at any time;       toll free hotline: 400-655-1955

in addition to entertainment business, Li Xueling’s position today also shows that education may be YY next step force another key business. Li Xueling believes that the education industry will be transformed by the Internet, the original school almost monopolized the pattern of industry income will also be changed. "Before, the school was far more valuable than the teacher, and the school received more than 90%.". The Internet era will release the teacher’s strength, the teacher may take total revenue of 70%." Li Xueling called the trend "subversive change". Li Yun

Lazy webmaster how to do Taobao customers265 outstanding sales share advertising expires, the seller


3. do not have too much energy to do, fade out of the webmaster circle for a long time, the reason is that there is very little energy to do now, not enough, not as good as the year. Ha-ha。

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

2. is serious. Just a search online, Taobao shopping guide website a lot, which is Taobao, the so-called Taobao inside the shop is look for a needle in the ocean. Do Taobao customers on the Internet, but also look for a needle in the ocean. See also live, toil.

where the application of the advertisement to the user can contract expiration date ie before December 31st remove the ad code, to terminate the advertising campaign. By the end of the contract period, the effective user generated at 0 December 31st will still be charged normally. The effective user generated from 0 December 31st will no longer be charged.

this article is very soft, just to show a face. I hope you forgive me.

more League information goes on: top.admin5/u

always feel that they are good. What things are seen others do, prosperous, and sighed: "ah, I was doing so much better,

The homogeneity of

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

League site: lianmeng

your statistical information in this contract can be found in the "advertising information" – "statistical report" – "in advertising statistics", select this ad query.

advertising number: 1883, advertising categories: boot sales. Advertising content: outstanding sales sharing advertising. Effective on May 10, 2007, 00:00:00 will expire on December 31, 2007.

but, to be sure, come back and do it, or do you want to find an entry point?. For several days, registering a domain name www.betaoke has been pretty good. To finalize the "" ratio; Tao guest", the concept of ". Content, in order to provide information services to Taobao customers.

1. has no proper program. Although I used to write their own procedures, now allow yourself to writing program, a little trouble.

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

is optimistic about Taobao customers, mainly for several reasons:

went through WAP’s anti vice I don’t do it. Find it better to go back to WWW in the short run. It looks like I’ve decided to do something about Taobao.

3. want to do standing, and don’t know what to do the webmaster, find a lazy Tiancheng method. Adsense do stand in order to flow, in order to make money. Taobao guest type of Web site, you can say that the whole station is content, and the whole station is advertising. Promotion in place, effort and money.

if you have any questions, please contact customer service :331362639 or submit online question and answer management". We’ll be happy to answer any questions for you,


Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

has been studying this stuff for a long time, and hasn’t started it yet. Why, for a few reasons:

, thank you all for your partner’s support for the league,


1. network cleaning, CN storm, after the alliance problem, most of the webmaster will go back to more honest, reliable union looking for advertising, Taobao passengers is a good choice.

2. E-commerce in China is more and more popular, Taobao customers can be said to be a new model Taobao derived, so want to shop, but no source owner can easily suggest a range of goods shop, but also saves the delivery pressure.

go to work chatting, secretly RBI words. One for advertising, two for discussion, please make up your mind, and have time to write some wonderful articles to share with you. 6363432

Did Firefox really cut the priceQihoo Forum and news alliance alliance big price! The highest increa

Qihoo alliance supported by the webmaster since opening, in order to thank everyone, from October 27, 2007 onwards to the settlement price alliance and alliance forum news to significantly enhance the growth in 20%-70%; after the price increase on the price level of the fine division, the greater the flow, the higher the price:

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, look at my GG account. It’s not down!

doesn’t know when Firefox can reduce the price…

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