Month: September 2017

How to more accurately determine whether a site is down right

visible from above, the author used the query tool when the station’s home position is not in the first place, then you can not blindly judge this site is down right. We can see from the chart, the snapshot of the station time, love Shanghai and Shanghai website traffic is expected to love the weight is 2 and PR is 3 and the station is not clear from this single aspect to judge. Obviously, the station did not fall right. Site:www.xxx贵族宝贝 is not in the first place, only one method of judgment is right down, can not separate from this point to judge. read more

How to carry out the data analysis of the hospital website

analysis: from here can see, know and love Shanghai forum to bring a part of the flow, then can strengthen this part of work.

Analysis of

has fast channel optimization for more than a year, beginning like many owners are busy, stop the chain every day. In the "content is king, the chain for the emperor" era, many webmaster to do outside the chain as a very important task. At the beginning of May because the chain included and ranking or lifting or joy or sorrow. Can be a long time, will inevitably be sleepy, watching their every day to do a lot of the chain has no effect when the heart began to sweat. So, start thinking about how to improve their work efficiency. Look at the A5 station a lot about Shanghai Longfeng paper, that benefit. This is thanks to A5 owners to give me a platform, so that I can continue to learn, continue to grow. Below, how do the website data analysis on his Xiaoshan Kowloon andrology hospital? Well written, also hope you heroes exhibitions. QQ1048056038, welcome to the station with the learning exchange, improve together. read more

The three basic factors of the choice of keywords

?Correlation of

keyword, this problem is many webmaster mentioned, combined with some recent cases in the us to talk about how to choose the site location keywords today? We must first understand what is the key? What is the meaning of the words in the search engine keywords? In fact it is called by a few words of vocabulary words the most critical is to summarize a website. The shorter words usually search volume is high, the relative degree of competition will be greater. The longer the words the relative search is low, there are some words of good can improve the conversion rate of its own website. Then search for keywords is how to locate sort? This question is very valuable, the earliest time of the search engine is just a simple page content to crawl the site and then to the content of Analysis of classification, then this type of page correlation is high and the page weight is relatively high compared to the list in the front of the search results. (keywords ranking is not only by the high correlation can be ranked up, if your pages are not even the basic requirements are not weight? To ask what is included then the Internet ranking said?) after several years of development, the quantity and quality of Internet users have been rapid growth, so natural as domestic love Shanghai and global use most noble baby the mainstream of these search engines have been greatly improved. The factors of the website rankings are more and more have those? Keyword selection factors to read more

How to beat the competition of the enterprises in 2013 Shanghai Longfeng paper Station

old station domain name for a long time, the general words have the PR value, but now the PR value has been less important, for the love of Shanghai is even more so now, when Links will love Shanghai weight, but the old than the new domain name domain name weight is high, even if there is no love sea weight it does not matter. If the search engine to an old station impression is not good, so naturally will not give you good rankings, like this man has been pulled into the blacklist. We need new faces make the old station better, let Baidu to accept him. read more

How to quickly find a new chain specialist can do signature Forum

due to flooding machine register and click on the software, it is easy to find some new chain specialist registered in the chain, the forum mostly introduced artificial audit and anti irrigation set construction forum outside the chain can become more complicated. Some inexperienced often encountered, their hard registration website to release was found outside the chain, the chain is not allowed with signature requires a certain review period is the need to a certain accumulation, and according to the size distribution level of signature words. It makes a short time to rely on the construction of the chain forum idea is difficult to achieve, also increased the working efficiency of the chain commissioner. In fact, as long as we work to adopt flexible measures, or the increase of the chain of the forum can easily find a lot of registered. read more

Note that prohibited words affect the trust website

The importance of

gold as was in good faith, this is Sima Qian in the records of the idiom "promise" just four words out of the credit value, people walk in without faith and not made. In the world of the Internet, websites such as individual in the society, and the search engine as the network is the social network of rivers and lakes. You want to get good rankings in search engines, not to win the trust of the search engine can not, therefore Shanghai Longfeng optimization trust first. read more

Why do we need to analyze the secret key words

contact site keywords is the core of a website, as described as a feature of a person, but also need to have a web site keywords to describe, but often this keyword is hard to find. Often in the website optimization before, we need to own website for analysis, keyword analysis. The blog to tell you why the keyword analysis.

We all know that Keywords:

: first need to analyze keywords. It is necessary to choose the core to the site, of course the core things to have certain heat, at least one would go to search words, this website can bring the user keywords. For example, now many webmaster do in Shanghai dragon form + keywords region, want this keyword to pick up a single optimization, but the owners have not thought about, do not understand the Shanghai dragon company executives will go to search this keyword? This keyword is also relatively well-known in the station long inside, but the user’s point of view look, it is difficult to think of such words, such words would not be valid on the web site for the keywords. So the keyword of the website is not optional set, is needed to get the analysis. read more

New Shanghai Longfeng optimization analysis three erroneous views of personnel entering the workplac

first, Shanghai dragon why need to work rather than a fixed modular running account. We need to understand what is the purpose of our website. The answer is yes in order to obtain accurate and effective target customers, in order to achieve maximum flow, improve the site conversion rate, effective orders to bring. Understand this, the following things are very easy to understand, is the user experience with the love Shanghai algorithm upgrade user experience of our strategy and the way to change. read more

Love Shanghai and zoom trick speed intelligent search to search into the prophet

is the core focus is the "speed" and "smart", faster search speed, higher search efficiency, not only can quickly react more to analyze your behavior through big data love Shanghai, give you the results, more intelligent and humane.


: a core speed intelligent search, the future of

as usual, open the Shanghai love search, find love Shanghai search process is a bit different, fine look, found:

as we know, Chinese search to solve the input side of the search results page side technology far more difficult than English, why? read more

Love Shanghai and what are the differences for Google keywords ranking

            a love, Google pays more attention to the website weight


            website weight is very important to a website, the high weight of the site you want to put a keyword up, the time spent is far better than a low weight website will come easy. Love Shanghai pay more attention to this website weight, many keywords are those keywords weight relatively high occupied, it often do not consider the update, enter a keyword often appear some weight higher 2010 post; and Google more pleasure by those new articles, if you are a the quality is high, being included, this article will let you into a good position, even if you are a low weight of the new station. From this point we can see that love Shanghai pay more attention to the weight of the website than Google. read more

Advanced search results love Shanghai in 2013

< >

three, the original distinctive mark, and the increase of the authors, published display

user search keywords, remove the title bar to display the original light blue words below, followed by grey author’s name, then the source and release time. This move is mainly based on the original spark plan, love Shanghai which currently covers partial news site about one million URL:cctv news, people贵族宝贝.cn, xinhuanet贵族宝贝, caijing贵族宝贝, ifeng贵族宝贝, global network, chinanews贵族宝贝, Caixin, twenty-first Century economic report, international online, global Sanlian Life Weekly, entrepreneurs, Tencent, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, 36 krypton, shell and other sites. The purpose is to show the priority to meet the needs of users, to mark the original form and give the rich original content to guide users to more high-quality original site. But from the current show effect, coverage area is too small, the effect is very obvious. read more

Shanghai Longfeng no future don’t think that demand the big Taobao Shanghai Dragon


, based on Taobao’s long tail word selection


MAC on Taobao Shanghai Dragon:


ASO? Is nothing more than the application market of Shanghai dragon, but for mobile search is just, I have studied the ASO optimization for a period of time, personally feel that the technical content than the Shanghai dragon, really a lot worse.


Objective: to quickly let the user through the search to find products, so as to promote the increase of store traffic, and bring into the sales. read more

How do the new 15 day love Shanghai’s home page and the article seconds

ensure that the content of the original and update frequency, to ensure that the spider can get fresh every day. The general distribution of around 10 in the morning of 1, 4 in the afternoon before the 1 -2. Sometimes also updated a night. To ensure that there is a high quality content (more than 1000 words, with HD no figure), the remaining two articles try to circumstances.


Shanghai dragon

company’s site, the domain name was purchased in December 9, 2011, after playing is not enabled. Later, the company’s business from abroad to home after we opened the new domain name to do corporate website. Do the fifteenth day, the key word "Lanzhou Shanghai dragon" into the Shanghai post love home, reached the second charge state, basic snapshot snapshot. We are here to share with you quickly improve website ranking Shanghai Shanghai dragon love experience. read more

Case analysis of how to choose weapon optimization heat keyword

as a spectator, in the rankings throughout the war, I see the clue, summarizes the different keywords of "heat" in the ranking optimization, as a webmaster how should we use the right weapons to fight

encountered "hot words", we choose the weapons will be more advanced. Keywords search volume such as scouting network football scores "and" scouting football scores "100 we can put it into hot words. As everyone knows, a word from the "new" into "hot", must go through a process. When a word has been more and more people search, the word heat will gradually rise, at the same time, the optimization of the word difficulty increased. But don’t worry, shot at the appropriate time, choose the right weapon, you want to get the best ranking is not difficult. Then we can use the weapon is to find some high weight and seconds of the web site or forum posting on content of any restrictions is not too large, but also can get good rankings, everyone knows the truth. read more

Discussion on the strategy of Shanghai Longfeng ganji贵族宝贝

I want to say is that this is a very accurate number, until today I still see ganji贵族宝贝 link personnel in the non-stop for the chain. A way like this I called ant Shanghai dragon.

we know that the weight of the website through the link for transmission, and "Links" pass for the weight can be said to be very large. Ganji used his numerous two domain names and two directories for numerous links. And a large proportion of people home link! Please look at the pictures:

flying stone and we have always said that the Shanghai market before the Dragon way now ganji贵族宝贝 read more

Talk about how to improve the rate of solid and effective use of the website users

network speed is a very hot topic, of course, largely reflect, now more and more people domestic website, e-commerce is developing very quickly, so how to make the network better and faster toward the direction of sustainable development to go down, and becomes a new topic. Most of the time, a physical contact to a web site, and log in, are emergent behavior. Sometimes, because people move in a direction to see a lot of similar sites, so in this group of similar sites, the user how to choose him, why do some sites he will be very serious reading, but some have made him feel even a glance very hard so do? Who is the most concerned and should consider, how to improve his website use rate. So, here, I put forward some views on this issue, as follows: read more

The enterprise website optimization is the most painful thing and their competition

I remember

these two cases is often just mentioned the case. The two move is actually a website in two brothers website, before a person to find our company to do the optimization results do, then his brother saw people around me have the effect of using this approach can find my company to do, and now the two website ranking in the first and second love Shanghai, recently is less noisy, because before I told them, I am not able to I love Shanghai keyword ranking of the first page of the position is already very much, I also want to let any website on which website that I have to work. read more

Shanghai dragon where to find the long tail keywords how to set


for example, we want to do a forum that Australia, we love Shanghai Australia Forum, the relevant search in the following, there is the following ten related search,

and looking for the long tail keywords in the search engine, there is a benefit, that these words are traffic, search words, that is to say these words once up, will immediately bring traffic, IP, for individual webmaster, what website flow enhance other people more happy

can look at each other’s words, the chain and see each other website, it will be easy to see each other with what word, the word statistics, do some comparison, get their own long tail keywords. read more

Shanghai Longfeng Optimization how should the layout of web page

page navigation layout

At the bottom of the

site title. The title of the site as we read during write a composition, play a role in the overall summary, if we call up is not comprehensive enough wide of the mark we call pianti, the site is also a reason. Usually, the site Site Title Keyword combination, and should better not more than 30 Chinese characters, due to the major search engines display a simple suggestions as far as possible.

at the top of the page layout1,



believe in love Shanghai several times this year to update algorithm and pictures of the recent algorithms we see not hard, to improve the user experience, Shanghai has begun to accelerate the pace of love, and we need to improve the user experience of the website, in addition to high quality content to attract foreign content, home plate layout is also very important. Many websites will roll Home Exhibition on the navigation below, but remember, rolling exhibition map content we should carefully consider, must be of interest to users or demand, and the size is not too large, otherwise the user to access the site after sight in only a few pictures in rolling. The core needs of users in the website are usually placed on the left side, because the user access in the home page, usually the first sight is entering the site on the left. read more

Some errors often make the optimization of Shanghai dragon you caught

1, damage the user experience. This is shown only when the sub menu or click the mouse to the user, otherwise not display, users do not know what it is not what he wants, this layout is great for the user experience of the damage, you can look at Taobao, should no enterprise products classification of Taobao products classification well, they didn’t complex, why don’t they use the drop-down menu to solve it, apparently because this layout is not consistent with the user experience. read more