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Ryan Madson And The Dodgers Are Faltering When It Matters Most

BOSTON — For the second-straight chilly night in Fenway Park, Los Angeles Dodgers reliever Ryan Madson faced one of baseball’s great psychological performance tests. And for the second-straight night, Madson failed.A pitcher, the defense, dictates the action in baseball, which makes the game unusual. Standing alone in the center of the infield, a pitcher can get in his own way — and he can single-handedly let a game get away. And for a second-straight World Series game, Madson checked both of these boxes as he couldn’t command the ball. With each miss outside the strike zone, the pressure and decibel levels increased in the cramped, 106-year-old ballpark.Madson inherited two base runners on Tuesday in Game 1 of the World Series and three on Wednesday in Game 2. All five scored. They were the decisive runs Tuesday and again Wednesday in Boston’s 4-2 victory. The Red Sox now enjoy a 2-0 lead in the series, which heads to Los Angeles for Game 3 on Friday.When Madson entered Wednesday with two outs in the bottom of the fifth inning, it was the most crucial point in the game. Leverage index is a stat designed to weight the importance of every plate appearance in a game as it relates to potential win expectancy swings, with an average plate appearance at a mark of 1.0. A plate appearance in a one-run game in the ninth inning has a greater leverage-index value than that of a one-run game in, say, the second inning. The leverage index of facing Steve Pearce with the bases loaded and two outs, leading by one run, was 4.17 — the highest of the game and second-highest of the series.Madson, who walked just 16 batters in 52⅔ regular-season innings, began his Game 2 outing by missing badly above the zone with his first two pitches against Pearce. The crowd roared. Red Sox fans began chanting his last name, perhaps sensing weakness. Wearing just a short-sleeve T-shirt under his game jersey, Madson jumped up and down at the back of the mound to try to warm himself in temperatures that had dipped into the low 40s, feeling colder with the wind chill. But he missed twice again above the zone to walk Pearce on five pitches, forcing in Christian Vazquez and tying the score at 2-2.“I really liked him against Pearce,” said Los Angeles manager Dave Roberts. “He’s done it time and time again for us.”Madson also entered, and faltered, in a high-leverage situation Tuesday. His first pitch in Game 1 was a wild pitch against Pearce, whom he walked on four pitches.“The ball is not going where I want it,” Madson said after the game. “It’s kind of a crapshoot with inherited runners. You can be good at it for a long time and then a bloop hit, or a walk like tonight, it’s not automatic. I don’t know if it’s mechanical or physical or emotional. There is a lot of elements going in there. You just have to regroup and start over again.”Among Dodgers pitchers, Madson has pitched four of the five highest-leverage situations through two games. The Dodgers’ best reliever, Kenley Jansen, hasn’t pitched in the series. While teams have been aggressive in employing relief pitchers this postseason, Roberts has not yet used his best reliever when there have clearly been crucial situations. Instead, a pitcher the Dodgers had claimed off waivers and traded for on Aug. 31 — who had a 5.28 ERA in Washington and a 6.48 mark in a limited sample in L.A. — got the call.1In a small sample of postseason work, Madson had been effective for Roberts entering the World Series. Madson also did strike out 13 batters in 8⅓ regular-season innings with the Dodgers .After walking Pearce on Wednesday, Madson missed with his first pitch to the following batter, J.D. Martinez, and then Madson threw a fastball that found the zone. But Martinez, hobbling on a right ankle he injured Tuesday, sliced it down the right-field line for a two-run single. Boston took a 4-2 lead that held as the final score. The leverage index of that plate appearance? 3.6. It marked the second-greatest leverage index of the game after the Pearce at bat.Madson told reporters before the game that the cold weather affected his grip in Game 1, referencing the sticky stuff that has become a sticky subject this season.“Grip is essential, obviously, in a breaking ball,” Madson said before Game 2. “And a lot of times with the cold weather, I’m not saying anybody uses anything, but if you use anything, a lot of times it’s not as effective in cold weather.“I didn’t use anything [Tuesday], but I didn’t throw any breaking balls. But [Wednesday], I’m going to make sure I’ve got what everybody uses, the essentials out there again. I didn’t think it was going to be as difficult as it was [Tuesday].”Whatever he did, Madson had a tough time again Wednesday.Interestingly, Madson’s four-seam fastball had an average spin rate of 2,289 rpms on Tuesday and 2,196 on Wednesday, and that pitch’s velocity was 95.5 mph on Tuesday and 94.8 on Wednesday — not far removed from his regular-season averages of 2,250 rpms and 95.9 mph. So while his command wavered, his underlying stuff was nearly the same.The Red Sox had no trouble with the cool conditions Wednesday as their relievers again dominated, averaging 98.4 mph on all fastballs. Starter David Price and the bullpen retired the final 16 Dodgers they faced.Price took another step toward shedding his reputation as a postseason choker after burying some of his postseason demons in Game 5 of the American League Championship Series — his first win in 12 career postseason starts. He did it by adopting a new plan, throwing his change-up at a career-high rate and shelving his cut fastball. He used a similar approach Wednesday and did not allow a hit through the first three innings. He often went in with his fastball and down and away with his changeup.He gave up two runs in the fourth but returned for a scoreless fifth — going where no starter had gone in Game 1 — and even posted a scoreless inning in the sixth.Price now has two postseason wins in his last two starts. A week ago, Price couldn’t win in the postseason. So there’s hope for Ryan Madson.Check out our latest MLB predictions. read more

Tom Bradys Statistical Place In The Pantheon Of NFL QBs

17Jake Delhomme+4812337Matt Hasselbeck+22607 11Jim Plunkett+6547731Bernie Kosar+25207 20Dan Marino+4023640Joe Namath+19573 15Brett Favre+502035Troy Aikman+2071 8Drew Brees+8710528Doug Williams+29832 4Joe Montana+795124Daryle Lamonica+3008 19Daryle Lamonica+4287939Bob Griese+19743 10Dan Fouts+686330Matt Schaub+2379 18Boomer Esiason+394438Mark Brunell+1935 8Ken Anderson+712628Roman Gabriel+2564 9Drew Brees+686329Jeff Garcia+2442 16Kurt Warner+434436John Brodie+1978 2Tom Brady+1192122Sonny Jurgensen+3145 11Ben Roethlisberger+561531Joe Namath+2371 1Peyton Manning+1379121Trent Green+3512 14Philip Rivers+520434Bart Starr+2155 20Len Dawson+354640Bert Jones+1852 9Steve Young+7104529Len Dawson+28991 14Bart Starr+6197034Dan Fouts+23589 3Tom Brady+13135523Eli Manning+38401 13Aaron Rodgers+6203133Donovan McNabb+23794 5Steve Young+785425Donovan McNabb+2837 Of course, any good ranking of quarterbacks should also give credit for performance in the playoffs, and Brady’s trump card over Manning has always been the postseason. But here’s where the twist comes in: After crediting playoff passing value over average (according to the same formula described above) with weight given to each game according to how much it changes a team’s probability of winning the Super Bowl relative to the average regular season game — a form of leverage index for the importance of football games — Brady passes Manning but is surpassed by two others: Joe Montana and our old friend Kurt Warner: 6Aaron Rodgers+754526Jim Kelly+2669 A vast amount of column space was spent this week debating whether Tom Brady had finally ascended to No. 1 in the all-time pantheon of quarterbacking greatness. (Many of the articles argued that, yes, Brady is now the best ever.)These assessments leaned heavily on the fact that Brady is tied with Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw for the most Super Bowl victories of any quarterback. But even Patriots fans have to acknowledge that “count the rings” isn’t the most nuanced argument in the world. So, what do the numbers say about Brady’s legacy?The common narrative is that early-career Brady wasn’t a statistical monster, to the point that his playoff wins over Peyton Manning in 2003 and 2004 were held up as victories for clutch, gritty winners everywhere. But the truth is that, in addition to his gaudy record as a postseason starter, Brady was one of the league’s top five to 10 regular-season quarterbacks statistically even before his transformation into a passing efficiency god in 2007.In other words, the “clutch game manager” phase of Brady’s career was never as game manager-y as his detractors made it out to be. And ever since, he’s been as efficient a regular-season QB as any in NFL history.To measure QB performance, I used Chase Stuart’s formula for passing value, which compares a quarterback’s adjusted net yards per attempt (ANY/A) to the league average after adjusting for home-field advantage, weather effects and strength of schedule. By that metric, the late-career version of Brady owns practically every stretch of the best consecutive peak passing regular seasons in the Super Bowl era:Now, some of that is due to sheer passing volume; while shorter schedules have been prorated to 16 games, today’s passers drop back so much more often per game than their predecessors did that they have more chances to add value. Even so, Brady’s stats have risen far above those of his peers (including Manning) during the peak of his career once all the aforementioned adjustments are made.In terms of total career regular season value, however, Brady does not rank No. 1 among Super Bowl era quarterbacks — his 11,921 adjusted yards of value over average ranks second to Manning’s 13,791-yard mark: 1Joe Montana+20768021Mark Rypien+39538 5Peyton Manning+12247425Colin Kaepernick+35337 4Terry Bradshaw+12641024Ken Anderson+37520 2Kurt Warner+14377922Phil Simms+38564 3Dan Marino+1035423John Hadl+3094 16Joe Flacco+5043836Erik Kramer+23353 QUARTERBACKWEIGHTED VALUEQUARTERBACKWEIGHTED VALUE 7Fran Tarkenton+742127Carson Palmer+2620 7Brett Favre+10093527Jim McMahon+32416 QUARTERBACKREG. SEASON VALUEQUARTERBACKREG. SEASON VALUE 12Ken Stabler+6337232Philip Rivers+24280 Why? Under the leverage-weighted scheme, playoff games are given an incredible amount of emphasis. Wild card games are worth about 26 times as much as the average regular season game; that multiplier becomes 51 for the divisional round, 102 for the conference championship games and a whopping 205 for the Super Bowl (you can read more about this math at the end of the post).Because of the extreme weighting given to playoff games, Brady loses ground to Montana, whose three best Super Bowls were each at least 47 adjusted yards of value better than any of Brady’s Super Bowls. (Montana’s worst Super Bowl was also better than three of Brady’s Super Bowls.) Warner also gets a massive boost from his Super Bowl performances in 2000 and 2009 — the latter of which ranks as the single-best passing game of the Super Bowl era after adjusting for the strength of opponent and the leverage of the game — in addition to big games at lower rungs of the playoff ladder. Adding in the postseason hurts Brady.So, is Brady the best all of time? At his regular-season peak, he might very well be. And if he has a few more great seasons, he could pass Manning on career value over average. But for now, Montana reigns supreme among Super Bowl-era QBs when playoff performance is included in the calculations.Here’s how the math works out: The average regular-season game moves a team’s chances of winning the Super Bowl by about 0.24 percentage points. That’s because every team starts out with a 1 in 32 chance of winning it all, which inevitably moves to either zero (for the 20 teams who miss the playoffs) or 1 in 12 ( for playoff teams) once all 16 games are played. Meanwhile, the Super Bowl swings each team’s chances by 50 percent — either up from 50-50 to 100 percent, or down to zero. 10John Elway+7059330Mark Sanchez+28016 15Roger Staubach+5680335Joe Theismann+23474 12Tony Romo+540632Jim Hart+2303 17John Elway+430037Daunte Culpepper+1936 18Russell Wilson+4311838Randall Cunningham+20142 13Roger Staubach+530333Phil Simms+2161 19Bob Griese+356439Matt Ryan+1865 6Troy Aikman+11564826Jeff Hostetler+33862 read more

Buckeyes move to 20 North Carolina up next

Center Dallas Lauderdale saw his first action of the season when he entered the game midway through the first half, and made his presence felt immediately with a thunderous two-handed dunk. He followed it up with a blocked shot moments later to the applause of the Buckeye faithful who were happy to have him back. After an impressive performance in their first regular-season game, the Buckeyes allowed the JMU Dukes to keep the score close throughout the first half of their second-round matchup in the 2K Sports Classic tournament, before pulling away in the second act. Turner, fresh off of his triple-double performance against Alcorn State, had another huge night. He finished with 24 points and 17 rebounds and showed once again why he was chosen to the Preseason All-Big Ten team. David Lighty also contributed with 14 points, two of which came on an acrobatic reverse lay-up in which he was fouled hard. Next up for the Buckeyes are the defending national champion North Carolina Tar Heels Thursday at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Back-to-back three-point shots by Jon Diebler and David Lighty with just over two minutes gone in the second half injected life into the Buckeyes and they never looked back. Evan Turner continued to dominate as the Ohio State men’s basketball team rolled to a 72-44 victory over James Madison University Thursday night. read more

Weekly football picks Week 12

The weekly picks race is heating up. James Laurinaitis tightened his grip on first place with a 3-0 week, pulling ahead of the pack by two games. Defending champion Quinn Pitcock checks in two games off the pace at 23-12. There’s a three-way tie for third place now, as Zack Meisel pulled even with Dallas Lauderdale and Justin Zwick after correctly predicting South Carolina to beat Florida last Saturday. This week, Meisel is by himself in choosing Iowa to knock off Ohio State. Everyone likes Wisconsin to top Michigan, and the participants are split on the outcome of Virginia Tech-Miami. read more

Defending champion Ohio State wrestling team enters new season with bullseye on

Coach Tom Ryan lifts the the Buckeyes’ national championship trophy as fans applaud during a national championship celebration for the OSU wrestling team on March 28 at St. John Arena. Credit: Lantern File PhotoWhile the Ohio State football team has begun its quest for a second-straight national title, the wrestling team is right on its heels in pursuit of its own repeat.After guiding the squad to its first national title in school history last year, head coach Tom Ryan and assistant coach J Jaggers both agree that there’s one thing this year’s team cannot do: be complacent.“We’ve got a big bullseye on our back now,” Jaggers said. “We’re kind of new to the party, we’re the most recent people in the club.”Ryan said he had fears about the dangers of falling into traps that many defending championship teams can face.“The one thing you always fight is complacency,” Ryan added. “Sometimes it’s unnoticeable, so you really have to look closely.”Both coaches said that the loss of four-time national champion Logan Stieber will not be easy to overcome, but incoming freshmen might be able to fill the void.“With elite level programs, the names change but the tradition continues, I’m thinking,” Ryan said. “So, there will be a different guy in there, but if the system and the process is being followed, we’re in a position to win it again.”Ryan tabbed Ke-Shawn Hayes, Myles Martin and Kollin Moore as three freshmen to watch this season.“For us to be back on top and to stay on top, we’ll need lots of points from those guys,” Ryan said. “And they’re all capable of it.”Jaggers also singled out Hayes and Martin as wrestlers who could make some noise in the upcoming season.“They are 100 percent the guys that we thought they were going to be when we recruited them.” Jaggers said. “They have looked phenomenal, and they’re just into it. They seem to fit our culture and what we’re looking to do.”The wrestling team is set to take the mat for the first time of the 2015-2016 season on Sept. 29 with its annual Wrestle Offs event at St. John Arena, which will feature members of the squad competing against each other. read more

Baseball Ohio State hopes to snap threegame skid in midweek matchup against

OSU freshman infielder Noah West (8) hits a home run during the first game of their double header against Minnesota on Mar. 25. Credit: Ed Sutelan | Lantern reporterIn the Ohio State baseball team’s first taste of Big Ten play for the season, little went right for the Buckeyes. Over the three-game sweep at the hands of the Minnesota Golden Gophers, the Buckeyes surrendered a total of 26 runs on 41 hits and managed to produce only 12 runs on 19 hits over the weekend.With another chance to pick up some wins in conference play this upcoming weekend against Purdue, the Buckeyes must first gain some momentum against the 11-11 Ohio University Bobcats at home on Tuesday. Coach Greg Beals believes the team is currently missing that one hit and that his offense will need to start finding some consistency in order to find its stride again.“Offensively, we’re always searching. We need to get better,” Beals said. “I thought we had some quality at-bats, but … we’re missing the hit when we really need one.”Scouting Ohio UniversityOSU has not been playing its best baseball of late, but OU has itself been finding difficulties making it into the win column. After starting the season 11-7, the Bobcats have lost each of their past four games, including a three-game sweep at home to Butler University.The 11 wins the team has compiled at this point have been derived largely from the success of its pitching staff. As a unit, the team has a combined ERA of 3.65, Of the nine pitchers who have contributed double-digit inning totals to the team so far, only one has an ERA north of 3.50 while five of the pitchers have sub-3.00 ERAs.A big reason the team’s pitching staff has found so much success so far is its ability to miss bats. In 202 innings pitched this season, the Bobcats have struck out 199 batters (8.87 batters per nine innings) and have held opposing hitters to a measly .243 batting average. While the pitching staff has been able to keep runs off the scoreboard, the Bobcat offense has had an equally challenging time bringing runners across the plate. The lineup does not have a single batter with a batting average over .300 and, as a unit, the team is batting just .254. OSU has struggled to make consistent contact, as well as the inability to make much out of the contact it makes. While the team’s on-base percentage is at .333, its slugging percentage is actually a point below, sitting at .332 on the season. They have 10 home runs, less than half of the 22 accumulated by the OSU offense. The star on the team this season has been redshirt junior pitcher and designated hitter Michael Klein. As a batter, Klein is slashing .299/.371/.517 with team-leading totals in walks (nine), hits (26), RBI (13) and slugging percentage. He is also tied for the team lead in batting average and home runs (four).On the mound, Klein has been the top starting pitcher for the Bobcats. Klein has the lowest ERA of any of the weekend starting pitchers at 2.19 and has allowed just 22 hits and six walks with 27 strikeouts in his 24.2 innings of work.Injury-riddled Bullpen Needs Arms to Step UpThe Buckeyes were missing two key arms in their bullpen over the past weekend, and it certainly did not help an aspect of the team that has struggled this season. With redshirt junior starting pitcher Adam Niemeyer out with an elbow injury, sophomore pitcher Connor Curlis was forced to shift from bullpen arm to starting pitcher on Saturday. Redshirt junior relief pitcher Kyle Michalik was also out over the weekend with an ankle injury. His status for Tuesday’s game against OU remains uncertain.After his team’s bullpen was unable to keep the game close in Saturday’s 15-5, Game 1 blowout, Beals said his team needs to get healthy soon in order to help alleviate some of the woes of the pitching staff.“We’re a little banged up in our pitching staff and when we put together the travel roster opening day, there’s four guys that as far as the pitchers, the 12 pitchers, there’s four guys that we had on that opening day travel roster that were not available to us this weekend,” Beals said. “So we need to get healthy to help us on the mound, so that we can keep ourselves in ball games better than we did there in Game 1.”Junior relief pitcher Seth Kinker is currently the only healthy Buckeye reliever owning a sub-3.00 ERA and one of only three arms with a sub-4.00 ERA.And as one of the leaders in that bullpen, Kinker is trying to help the inexperienced arms develop that relief mindset of trusting their stuff and being ready for any moment to be brought into the game.“Some of the leaders in the bullpen have also brought everyone together and we’re talking about certain situations where your name is going to be called and you need to be able to step up and command that situation,” Kinker said.Kinker also emphasized that the only way pitchers will develop confidence in their skill is by continuing to work on it and gaining experience on the mound.“You’ve got to be out there to get that confidence. And the only time you get that confidence is going day in and day out, working day in and day out and in the end, you’re going to find that confidence in your stuff,” Kinker said. “Rather than going out there, not being ready for that situation. I think that everyone just needs to calm down a little bit, it’s the first weekend. We’re going to find that confidence here in a little bit.”The two teams will look to get back to their winning ways on Tuesday with first pitch scheduled for 6:35 p.m. at Bill Davis Stadium. read more

Football Ohio State picks up commitment from 4star offensive tackle Ryan Jacoby

With 2018 national signing day in the rearview, Ohio State has turned its attention to the 2019 class. That focus paid dividends Thursday when the Buckeyes landed their second commitment in the class from four-star offensive tackle Ryan Jacoby.Jacoby announced his pledge to the program on Twitter, joining fellow four-star offensive tackle Doug Nester, the first commitment of the Buckeyes’ 2019 class.— Ryan Jacoby (@Ryan_Jacoby) March 1, 2018Jacoby is ranked the 353rd-best prospect in the nation, according to the 247Sports composite rankings. He slots in as the No. 39 offensive tackle and is ranked lower than Nester, the 57th-best player in the country and the No. 10 offensive tackle. A Mentor, Ohio, native, Jacoby is the 10th-best player in Ohio, according to the 247Sports composite rankings. Several highly ranked Ohioans — including fellow Mentor product Noah Potter, a four-star defensive end — are sought-after Ohio State targets. Just five players in the Buckeyes’ 26-person 2018 class played high school football in Ohio.Jacoby’s and Nester’s commitments are important because Ohio State has struggled to maintain offensive tackle depth. A majority of its offensive linemen play on the interior. Even in the 2018 recruiting cycle, the Buckeyes landed just two offensive tackles — five-star Nicholas Petit-Frere and four-star Max Wray. However, Wray might eventually slide inside and play guard.Ohio State’s two-person class ranks 29th in the country and fifth in the Big Ten. read more

Football Ohio State and Washington use Rose Bowl as own playoff game

University of Washington head coach Chris Peterson and Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer shake hands prior to a press conference at the Residence Inn LA Live on Dec. 31. Credit: Casey Cascaldo | Photo EditorLOS ANGELES — Two years ago, Ohio State’s Urban Meyer and Washington’s Chris Petersen had something in common: both were head coaches of College Football Playoff teams. By the time 2016 turned into 2017, both coaches were going home after losing in the playoff semifinals, leading to the second-consecutive national championship game between Alabama and Clemson. Two years later, both coaches were in the same boat again, representing their respective conferences in the Rose Bowl, the historic bowl game initially meant to match up the conference champion from the Big Ten and the conference champion from the Pac-12. For the second straight season, the Pac-12 and the Big Ten have had to hold their own playoff game — the 2017 Cotton Bowl between Ohio State and USC and this season’s Rose Bowl.Neither conference has been represented in the College Football Playoff since both the Buckeyes and the Huskies were eliminated in the 2016 semifinal. As practice continued in preparation for the game, Ohio State players took time to watch the games they aspired to be in: the College Football Playoff semifinals. Redshirt sophomore quarterback Dwayne Haskins said he watched the first half of the Notre Dame/Clemson game and then turned it off. Junior safety Jordan Fuller said he watched bits and pieces of both games, but not every minute. Fuller said, with being left on the outside for the second straight season, it was hard to watch. “It kind of killed us, but we can’t blame them for leaving us out,” Fuller said. “I think if we were in there, it would have looked a little different.” But Meyer believes playoff spots are not determined entirely by a committee. It’s up to what the players do on the field, an idea he said permeates throughout his program. “It’s very simple,” Meyer said. “You want to get to the playoff, don’t lose a game.” The Ohio State head coach said the committee had a difficult decision to make each time his team was on the bubble, and that there are problems with inconsistencies of schedule strength and league schedules. But this is not something he has not mentioned to his players. It’s not something the members of the committee room, including Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith, has asked his opinion about in the room. Meyer continued to say that the playoff is always up to his team, mentioning the two bad losses that seemingly kept his team at arm’s length from a spot — a 55-24 road loss to unranked Iowa in 2017 and a 49-20 road loss to unranked Purdue in 2018. This is something Petersen dealt with when he was the head coach at Boise State prior to the start of the playoff system, saying that if his team did not lose, took take care of its own business, it was going to work out in his favor. But Petersen said that is a hard thing to accomplish and that those teams that do should be rewarded. “To have the kids having their A game every Saturday is really hard to do in the competitive environment that we all play in,” Petersen said. “And for those teams that can do it, then they need to go to that playoff.” Haskins will not hide the fact that he thinks Ohio State deserved a shot either in the Orange Bowl or the Cotton Bowl this season. But as he watched the game, he was not thinking of what could have been. He used it more as a rallying cry. “I thought we should have been in it, but take it out on Washington,” Haskins said. read more

Briton lives off nuts and raw fish for days after boat trip

first_imgA group of conservation workers have told how they spent five days stranded in a Mexican jungle, surviving on raw fish and a handful of peanuts after their boat capsized.A British member of the group, Rachel Bradley, 31, said that to keep from starving they used mosquito nets to catch tiny fish and swallowed them after removing the heads.The group of four were on a river expedition through the Yucatan Peninsula in south eastern Mexico when their adventure went wrong. After hurtling over waterfalls and emerging each time covered in leeches, the explorers found themselves being pushed further and further into the heart of the 4.7 million acre (1.9million hectare) jungle.“The water just kept flowing faster and faster,” said Ms Bradley, from Stockton in Teesside. “But at this point it was too late to go back.”When two of the four boats flipped over and were lost, their food, first aid equipment and GPS navigation system also vanished.The group anchored the remaining boats together using vines to stop them floating off and examined the food they had left. She added: “Throughout it all there was that feeling of ‘what if nobody comes?’“I just kept feeling guilty for my family back in Stockton, in case I didn’t come back.”Jon Bonfiglio, who was leading the expedition, said: “We were not naive idiots going over a cliff edge.“We sat down with locals and talked to them about the river, but people told us there was only one waterfall, even the local people didn’t know of all the waterfalls or the perils. I had no inkling of what we were getting into.”Mr Bonfiglio, from Gibralter, had to spend the entire five days in his underpants, having stripped off to jump into the water and help another member of the group into a boat after their craft capsized.He said: “I was virtually naked throughout the whole thing, I lost all my clothes and had to stay in my underpants.”It was like all the best horror films, it started beautifully, the river was meant to be placid and gentle, no one mentioned the rapids and waterfall.”They were eventually rescued by a man named “John of the Gods” who took them to a nearby home where they showered and rested. “My legs were all cut from the palm leaves and I had bruising on my bum from sleeping on a branch,” said Ms Bradley, who also had an eye infection but did not need hospital treatment.“We ended up being a very close group,” added Mr Bonfiglio. “No one shouted at each other but there was the unspoken, ‘What happens if they don’t find us today? What happens if they don’t find us tomorrow?’” Ms Bradley said: “I had a couple of bags of peanuts left and we rationed them to five peanuts a day.“We were forced to use mosquito nets to catch little fish that were no bigger than your thumb. We had to bite their heads off and swallow them whole.”Without basic supplies, they had to sip dirty river water and with the jungle submerged at that time of year, sleeping arrangements were made in tree branches.She said: “We realised the best way of being found was just to stay still.“Lying in a tree for a couple of days wasn’t the plan when we went out, but we thought the safest place was just staying put and hoping someone could find us.” Rachel said they were eventually rescued by a man called “John of the Gods” Rachel said they were eventually rescued by a man called “John of the Gods” Credit:KTD Media Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Jon Bonfiglio is the director of the Clipperton Project which takes explorers through some of the world's most remote areas Jon Bonfiglio is the director of the Clipperton Project which takes explorers through some of the world’s most remote areasCredit:KTD Medialast_img read more

Record number of cancelled urgent operations in NHS hospitals

first_imgBut a spokesman for NHS England said that anyone who needed to be in hospital would be found a place.“As in previous years we have well-rehearsed plans in place this winter to maximise bed availability and minimise the potential for cancelled operations, but we do recognise we are going into this winter facing the highest demand ever,” he said.A Government spokesman defended the level of NHS funding.”The NHS is busier than ever but hospitals are coping well with increased winter demand – supported by an additional £400 million to manage seasonal pressures,” he said. “We are committed to delivering a safer seven day NHS which is why we have invested £10 billion to fund the NHS’s own plan to transform services in the future”. “Waiting for an operation is stressful enough even when everything goes smoothly, to be told that your operation has been delayed heaps even more strain on patients,” said Norman Lamb, who was a health minister in the Coalition Government.As well as turning patients away from A&E departments, the health service regulator has also asked hospitals to postpone non-urgent operations, such as hip replacement and cataracts, in order to free up more beds.Bosses were given a deadline of Monday December 19 to reduce occupancy from 95 per cent to a recommended safe limit of 85 per cent.The emergency measure was put in place after top NHS officials found “significant gaps” in winter planning at a number of hospitals.The November figures show dozens of hospitals were so busy they did not have a single paediatric intensive care bed free.The overall occupancy rate of paediatric critical was 88.4% in November,compared with 76.4% the previous month and 88.1% in November last year.Mr Lamb urged Chancellor Philip Hammond to boost funding for the NHS, warning it was “being stretched to breaking point”.The Liberal Democrat said the new data represented a “damning indictment” of the Government’s “failure to properly fund the NHS”.”Now patients are paying the price for the Government’s short-sightedness, with record levels of cancelled operations and hospitals being stretched to breaking point. They come in the same month managers were told to turn away thousands of patients from accident and emergency in a bid to stave off a seasonal crisis.NHS England records show 446 urgent operations were cancelled in November, a rise of 24 per cent on the previous month and an 84 per cent hike on November 2015.Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust coped worst with patient demand in November, the data shows, cancelling 48 operations.Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, about which Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt recently said there were serious safety concerns, was forced to cancel 42 urgent operations.Next worse were Oxford University NHS Foundation Trust, which cancelled 31 urgent procedures, followed by North Bristol NHS Trust and Barts Health NHS Trust, which each cancelled 28. Overstretched hospitals were forced to cancel more life-saving operations last month than at any time since official records began, new data reveals.Almost double the number of urgent procedures such as heart surgery were delayed in November than during the same month the year before.MPs said the figures showed hospitals in England are “close to breaking point” even before most parts of the country are hit by severe winter weather, which traditionally exacerbates demand for services. Waiting for an operation is stressful enough even when everything goes smoothlyNorman Lamb MP, former health ministerlast_img read more

Fighting fires is bad for the heart new study finds exposure to

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. A heart attack is the leading cause of death for on-duty firefighters and they tend to suffer cardiac arrests at a younger age than the general population.In the US, around 45% of on-duty deaths each year among firefighters are due heart issues, and researchers at the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and Edinburgh University believe the situation in the UK is comparable, although they did not know the cause.They attended on two occasions, at least one week apart, and either performed a mock rescue from a two-storey building for 20 minutes or undertook light duties, in the case of the control group, for 20 minutes.The firefighters wore heart monitors that continuously assessed their heart rate and its electrical activity.Blood samples were also taken before and after, including measurement of a protein called troponin that is released from the heart muscle when it is damaged.Those taking part in the rescue had core body temperatures that rose by 1C and stayed that way for three or four hours.There was also some weight loss among this group, while their blood vessels also failed to relax in response to medication.Their blood became “stickier” and was more than 66% more likely to form potentially harmful clots than the blood of people in the control group.Dr Mike Knapton, associate medical director at the BHF, said: “Firefighters routinely risk their lives to save members of the public. The least we can do is make sure we are protecting their hearts during the course of their duties.” Firefighters put themselves at greater risk of having fatal heart attacks because prolonged exposure to heat can make their blood clot, a pioneering new study has found.Physical analysis of 19 firefighters in Scotland also found that tackling blazes put a strain on their hearts and worsened the functioning of their blood vessels.Previous work has shown that firefighters have the highest risk of heart attack of all the emergency services.last_img read more

Lewd best mans speech at Pippa Middletons wedding as bride is likened

first_imgThe wedding is rumoured to have cost Pippa’s parents Carole and Michael hundreds of thousands of pounds, with an expensive glass marquee and posh portable toilets hired for the evening reception at their Bucklebury home. Mr Johannsen added in a warm tribute to Pippa’s “gutsiness, spirit and beauty”. He called her “the image of perfection”.As James said, they met in Scotland in 2009 and a friendship blossomed.They have a deep and instinctive love for each other.I think I can say for everyone, that you look stunning. The image of perfection. I know that James first fell in love with your gutsiness and your spirit and then succumbed to your beauty. You make James extremely happy.You have a voir la joie that warms the hearts of everyone who knows you and you have won the heart of the best man that I know. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. But, after tribute to the groom himself, the tone apparently went downhill quickly with a series of references to buttock clenching, lads’ weekends and gay bars. One involved Mr Matthews’ spaniel, Rafa, the Daily Mail reported.Mr Johannsen apparently said: “Now to the love of James’ life: beautiful, energetic, loyal, soft-mouthed, comes on command, great behind. But that is enough about Jame’s spaniel, Rafa, I’m here to talk about James’ love, Pippa.” The pair were seen smiling as they drove to the reception for the new bride and groom who tied the knot at the picturesque St Mark’s church in the Berkshire village of Englefield.center_img A bawdy best man’s speech that likened Pippa Middleton to a dog and made several near-the-knuckle jokes left an awkward silence at her wedding, it was reported today.James Matthews’ best man is said to have made crude punchlines about sex and made a lewd gag about the couple’s honeymoon at the evening reception on Saturday.It was claimed Justin Johannsen, a long-time friend of Mr Matthews, stepped up to the mic at 11.30pm after a five-course dinner and started with tributes to guests who had travelled to the wedding. The society nuptials of the year was witnessed by family, close friends and famous faces including tennis star Roger Federer and wife Mirka, celebrity Donna Air, Princess Eugenie, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, as well as Prince George and Princess Charlotte.Also among the congregation of the 12th century church in Englefield, was Pippa’s uncle Gary Goldsmith and Lady Gabriella Windsor, daughter of Prince and Princess Micheal of Kent. With the wedding shadowed in secrecy, I can reveal, and wish the bride and groom a happy honeymoon in North Wales.At least that’s where I presume they are going as I heard Spencer saying that after the wedding, he [James] was going to Bangor for two weeks. Enjoy the Welsh coast, guys.Mr Johannsen joined Pippa, Mr Matthews and Pippa’s brother James in a cycling race across America in 2014 as their team of eight riders covered 3,000 miles.last_img read more

Learner drivers should have to practise on rural roads before their test

first_imgLearner driver For two years after passing, drivers should not be able to carry passengers under the age of 25 or be on the roads between 11pm and 6am, Brake says.According to Department for Transport figures, 120 young drivers died in crashes in 2015, the last year for which figures are available. Eighty per cent of those crashes took place on rural roads, 16 per cent on urban roads and four per cent on motorways.Jason Wakeford, Director of Campaigns for Brake, said: “High speeds, sharp bends, narrow lanes, risky overtaking and the presence of vulnerable road users like cyclists, make rural roads the most dangerous by far. The combination of rural roads and novice drivers is lethal – a staggering 80 per cent of all young car driver fatalities occur in rural locations. Learner drivers should have compulsory lessons on rural roads to bring down the number of fatal accidents, a charity has said.Four in five fatal crashes involving young drivers take place on rural roads, according to the most recent figures.The road safety charity Brake says learners should be forced to practise on country roads, as part of a graduated licensing system which would make new drivers gradually build up new skills in stages.The charity believes the UK should follow other countries in having a minimum learning period of one year before a driver can sit their test. Brake wants graduated driving licences to be introduced Credit:Cultura RF center_img “Brake is calling for a total overhaul of the learning to drive system to help cut fatalities and injuries. A graduated licensing system, including a minimum learning period, mandatory training on rural roads and restrictions for newly-qualified drivers – such as a zero drink-drive limit – will allow new drivers to build up more skills and experience over a longer period of time.”This approach has dramatically reduced road casualties in countries including Australia and New Zealand and could save some 400 lives a year if implemented in the UK.”Brake is also calling for a review of rural speed limits and for ‘Voluntary Intelligent Speed Adaptation’, which helps drivers keep within the limit, to be fitted as standard to new cars.”There is also the need for better and more affordable public transport, so fewer young people see starting driving in their teens as a necessity.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Royal baby Duke and Duchess of Cambridge leave hospital with the new

Theresa May, the Prime Minister, has led the messages of congratulation to the Royal couple, wishing them “great happiness for the future”. Sharon McEwan is ready to welcome the third Royal babyCredit:Dominic Lipinski /PA John Loughrey (left) and Terry Hutt hold dolls outside the Lindo Wing  1:07PMKensington Palace statement: ‘Duchess of Cambridge has been delivered of a son’ Prince George of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge attend the wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews  The world’s media are gathered outside the Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital ahead of the birth of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s third child.— Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) April 23, 2018 As the Great Kate Wait goes on, Royal supporters remain in buoyant mood outside the Lindo Wing. This video has the latest from the scene. A close-up of the Royal baby’s faceCredit:Eddie Mulholland/The Telegraph The University of St Andrews, where the Duke and Duchess met, dug out a picture from the archives. Natasha Archer, the Duchess’s stylist and personal assistant, has been spotted leaving the St Mary’s hospital complex.Ms Archer was photographed walking from the Mary Stanford wing, a neighbour of the Lindo Wing where the Duchess was taken after going into labour.Royal fans will be hoping this suggests an announcement is imminent. Mazal Tov! Congratulations to TRH the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their son #RoyalBaby. Together with Nechama, and all the Israeli people, I send warmest wishes to Her Majesty the Queen, & all the Royal Family. Looking forward to welcoming the Duke to Israel soon.— Reuven Rivlin (@PresidentRuvi) April 23, 2018 The Duchess of Cambridge faced having to appear in front of the world’s media just hours after giving birth to her third child.Kate and the Duke of Cambridge have traditionally introduced their newborns to the public with a brief photocall on the steps of the Lindo Wing, and they delivered again on Monday afternoon.Here’s a look at who from “Team Kate” was on hand to help the now mother-of-three prepare for the appearance with the Duke and their son. In the Lindo Wing, Kate will again be given a bespoke experience akin to a five-star hotel with en suite rooms available “providing a modern, homely environment in which to start your new or expanded family life”, the unit’s website states.Deluxe rooms and suites are also available. The latest price list, from July last year to March, states that a standard room package, including a one-night stay, costs from £5,900, while a deluxe package is £6,275 – with an extra night priced at more than £1,000 for both options.The price of a suite of two rooms, with one used as a living room, is available on application but five years ago it cost £6,265 for a one-night stay.With standard and deluxe care packages rising by around £1,000 since the birth of their first child, William and Kate could spend close to £7,500 for a suite.Each room has a satellite TV with major international channels, radio, bedside phone, fridge, free wi-fi and a choice of daily newspapers.All meals are freshly prepared in a dedicated kitchen and there is even an afternoon tea service, for parents to celebrate their new arrival, the website suggests. After the Queen, other members of the Royal family and the Middleton family have been told that the Duchess has given birth, the Royal communications team will email media organisations with the sex, weight and timing of the birth.Moments later, the news will be announced via Royal Twitter and Instagram accounts before a traditional paper announcement is placed on an easel outside Buckingham Palace. The Duke of Cambridge grins at the cameras, flanked by his eldest son Prince George and a waving Princess CharlotteCredit:DASA On behalf of Londoners, I want to send our warmest congratulations to the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their baby boy.— Sadiq Khan (@SadiqKhan) April 23, 2018 10:29AMRoyal fans camped outside hospital for 15 days The Duchess of Cambridge pictured during her final public event before going on maternity leaveCredit:Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty  Mother and baby are “doing well”, while the Queen, Prince Philip and other senior members of the Royal family are said to be “delighted” with the news.It is expected the prince’s first name will be announced in the coming days, with predictions including Arthur, Albert, Frederick, James and Philip. A police officer stands outside the Lindo Wing on Monday morning Credit:HENRY NICHOLLS /Reuters 3:05PM’Delighted’ Queen pictured horse riding days after 92nd birthday John Loughrey (left) and Terry Hutt hold dolls outside the Lindo Wing Credit:Dominic Lipinski /PA The new royal baby will be fifth in line to the throne, behind the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Cambridge, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. It means Prince Harry will drop down to sixth in line, and every other member of the Royal family will be one step further away from the throne.Because of recent changes to the laws governing succession, the baby’s sex will make no difference, as boys no longer have precedence over girls.If the change had not been made and the third baby were a boy, he would be fifth in line instead of Princess Charlotte – however that will now not be the case.The new baby will be an HRH and a Prince or Princess of Cambridge – thanks to the Queen who stepped in ahead of Prince George’s birth to ensure all William’s children had fitting titles. 12:31PMWill the Duke and Duchess take maternity and paternity leave?   The Lindo Wing’s internationally renowned obstetric unit caters for complex pregnancies and deliveries as well as multiple births and it has the benefit of being based in an NHS hospital if further complications arise, including its facilities for premature babies in the Winnicott Baby Unit.In 2006, William visited the refurbished NHS neonatal unit at St Mary’s, cradling two tiny premature babies – one weighing just 5lb.At the forefront of specialist care for premature babies, the Winnicott looks after some of the most critically ill newborns in the UK.It treats around 350 sick and premature babies from across the country each year, caring for up to 18 infants at a time.Diana returned to St Mary’s in April 1997 – four months before her death in a Paris car crash – when she toured the paediatric intensive care unit, meeting poorly youngsters. Credit:Stefan Rousseau /PA A notice is placed on an easel in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace  The baby son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge could be named after the mythical King Arthur – if punters are to believed.Bookmakers have seen a flurry of bets placed on William and Kate’s infant boy being given the moniker of the famous leader of the Knights of the Round Table.William Hill’s Rupert Adams said they had a very busy day with bets totally almost £100,000 placed by punters, with the 2-1 favourite Arthur and second place James 4-1, best backed.Harry Aitkenhead from Coral said: “At the moment Arthur is now 7-4 with Coral. James 4-1 with Philip and Albert at 6-1 the only other two with single figure odds.”Anything else would be a big surprise.”The moniker has a strong royal pedigree as it is one of the middle names of both Charles and William.Arthur supposedly lived in the 5th or 6th century and is said to have unified the country and set up his court at Camelot before being killed in a final epic battle.Once popular, the name fell out of fashion but has had a revival in recent years. Former prime minister David Cameron has a son called Arthur.There were similar odds on offer at Paddy Power too, with a spokesman saying: “Kate and Will might be keeping tight-lipped in public, but we think enough people have ‘Arthur’ clue as to the name.“Rumours have been swirling all day, and we’ve seen a royal flood of bets on Arthur, forcing us to pay out early.”Arthur (2/1)James (4/1)Albert (6/1)Philip (12/1)Michael (14/1)Jack (14/1)Edward (14/1)Louis (14/1)Henry (16/1)Thomas (16/1)(Top 10 from Paddy Power) Assistant to the Duchess of Cambridge’s Private Secretary Sophie Agnew (left) and the Duchess of Cambridge’s PA and Stylist Natasha Archer carry items of luggage in India back in 2016Credit:Dominic Lipinski/PA Town crier Tony Appleton announces the birth outside the Lindo WingCredit:Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP Prince Harry just got demoted again. #royalbaby— David Walliams (@davidwalliams) April 23, 2018 She has a prime spot outside the hospital and sported a full Union Jack checked suit. Hearing the news of The Duchess giving birth to a baby boy, she said: “It’s very exciting to be here and an incredible moment. “This is such an exciting year for the Royals and I’m already preparing to be in Windsor next month [for the wedding of HRH Prince Harry and Ms Meghan Markle]. “Today really has filled me with happiness and pride for the royal family and our country and I send them my congratulations.”  Kenyans took to Twitter to celebrate the birth of the royal baby, with the new arrival leading the trending in a country that has deeply cherished links with the House of Windsor.Donald Kipkorir, one of Kenya’s most prominent lawyers, tweeted: “As a fully-fledged supporter of the House of Windsor, I celebrate the #royalbaby as it guarantees the continuity of the Royal Family.  May the good Lord watch over our royal Prince.” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offers his congratulations to Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their third child. 🇨🇦 🇬🇧— CanadianPM (@CanadianPM) April 23, 2018 The Duchess will be expected to head home to the sanctuary of Kensington Palace in a few hours, just as she did with Charlotte in 2015 – but not before introducing the new royal baby to world on the steps of the Lindo Wing.George and Charlotte might even visit the hospital to see their mother and baby sibling, just as George did when his younger sister was born three years ago. An easel is placed in the Forecourt of Buckingham Palace in London to announce the birth of a baby girl. An update from our US Editor Ben Riley-Smith. America’s cable news shows are getting suitably excited by the royal baby news, with reporters stationed outside the hospital doing regular down-the-line reports. But one CNN presenter, John Berman, has got into hot water after merging the royal news with another British franchise success, Harry Potter. Mr Berman suggested that the new royal baby should be named Severus Albus Windsor – an apparent ode to Harry Potter’s fictional son Albus Severus Potter. JK Rowling picked up on the suggestion, tweeting that it had triggered “one of my regular out-of-body ‘how the hell did all this happen?’ moments”. Mr Berman later joked his proposal had caused an international incident. He said the name would be “awesome” but conceded on Twitter: “I get my fairy tales mixed-up sometimes.” Ms Archer has been credited with revamping the Duchess’s look, and is said to be tasked with ordering clothes and ensuring any necessary bespoke adjustments are made.She joins the Cambridges on their overseas tours and is believed to have previously worked for the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.Amanda Cook TuckerAmanda Cook Tucker is responsible for caring for what the Duke of Cambridge once joked was Kate’s “nightmare” hair.She was called to the Lindo Wing to help prepare the Duchess’s brunette locks after the birth of Prince George and Princess Charlotte.This trusted member of Team Kate was said have been on standby for a month ahead of George’s arrival.She is well used to working with the royals – she has been cutting the hair of William and Harry for years.Maria Teresa Turrion BorralloGeorge and Charlotte’s full-time live-in nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo was tasked with caring for the prince and princess, and preparing them for the visit to the hospital.The indispensable Norland nanny has been with the family since 2014, joining them when George was eight months old. Royalist Terry Hut is adorned in Union Jacks as he waits outside the Lindo WingCredit:Samir Hussein /WireImage 4:53PMPrince George arrives in his school uniform as Princess Charlotte waves at crowd Prince George, still wearing his school uniform, was the first to get out the Land Rover Discovery, which was driven by his father. He was followed shortly afterwards by Princess Charlotte, who waved to the cameras with one hand and held the Duke of Cambridge’s hand with the other. Hand-in-hand, all three walked up the steps into the hospital to meet the new arrival – but not before Princess Charlotte turned around once more to wave at the massive crowd outside. 11:08AMNew parents emerge from Lindo Wing to face world’s media 12:49PMIs announcement imminent? Duchess’s stylist spotted leaving hospital 1:24PMDuchess expected to head home in a few hours With the baby on its way, press pens are now open outside the hospital as journalists, photographers and camera crews wait for confirmation of the baby’s arrival.Royal watchers will be expecting a swift delivery. With George, the duchess gave birth 10-and-a-half hours after being admitted to hospital, but Charlotte was born just two hours and 34 minutes after Kate arrived at the Lindo Wing.  As news of the Royal baby spreads around the world, messages of congratulation have been emerging far and wide. It’s a boy! @RoyalNavy sailors and @RoyalMarines on board @hms_albion have sent their best wishes and congratulations to @KensingtonRoyal with a special flight deck photograph from operations in the Asia Pacific region. #royalbaby— Royal Navy (@RoyalNavy) April 23, 2018 12:06PMDuchess faced severe morning sickness again in pregnancy The royal baby has arrived just over three and a half weeks before the royal wedding.Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are due to tie the knot in Windsor in only 26 days’ time on Saturday May 19.The Duchess of Cambridge is expected to be attending but, with her baby son only a few weeks’ old, she is not likely to stay for the entire celebration which will stretch into the evening and probably the early hours.Her attendance is likely to depend on how she is feeling and how the baby is feeding.When around one month old, the baby prince will be able to coo, gurgle and hum to express feelings, will have fully developed hearing and be able to focus a bit better but still only see around 30cm. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit Oslo in FebruaryCredit:Chris Jackson /Getty It is understood the Duchess was taken to the private maternity unit of St Mary’s hospital before 6am.When the Duchess was pregnant with Princess Charlotte, her labour began in similar circumstances, with Kate being admitted around the same time and her daughter born just two hours and 34 minutes later. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital in London, with Princess Charlotte Baby joy for Fife graduates – #congrats to Catherine Middleton, art history Class of 2005 & William Wales, geography Class of 2005, on the birth of their 3rd child. #RoyalBaby 👏— Univ of St Andrews (@univofstandrews) April 23, 2018 Prince George of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge attend the wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews Credit:Max Mumby/Getty Historian Judith Rowbotham predicted William and Kate would pick Philip for the new baby prince, in tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh.”I strongly suspect that Philip will be either a first or a second name,” she said. “It’s plain that they like the Germanic sounding names but at the same time they’re looking within the Windsor traditions.”Arthur has been the bookmakers’ favourite for a boy, followed by Albert. 2:40PMOfficial announcement of Royal birth goes on display The Duchess of Cambridge opted for patriotic red and white – the colours of the England flag – as she made her first public appearance with her St George’s Day babyCredit:Eddie Mulholland/The Telegraph Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (left) turns to wave at the media as she is led in with her brother Prince George of Cambridge (right)Credit:Ben Stansall/AFP 11:05AMWill he or she ever be monarch?   Kate was dressed in a vibrant, block red Jenny Packham shift dress with an oversized, delicate white floral lace collar.The prince, whose name has not yet been announced, wore white – wrapped in a lace shawl with a matching bonnet.The flag of Saint George – a red cross on a white background – is the flag of England and is incorporated into the Union Flag.St George, who lived in the third century, is heralded for his honour, bravery and gallantry.Surrounded by myth, one legend tells of St George’s slaying of a dragon. 6:48PMWhite House press secretary Sarah Sanders offers congratulations ‘mother to mother’ Arthur, Albert and Philip are all thought to be in the running for the new Royal baby’s name.As is tradition, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have not immediately announced the chosen name of their third child and second son. They are likely to wait until they have informed the Queen and the rest of their family. Welcome to the family.— Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) April 23, 2018 Our reporter Francesca Marshall has been on the ground in Paddington soaking up the atmosphere with Royal superfans.  Here’s an update from her:Across the UK people awaited news on the arrival of the newest member of the royal family. But not many can say they camped out outside the hospital for 15 days just to catch a glimpse of The Duchess of Cambridge with her new child.Princess Diana superfan John Loughrey, 63, from Streatham has waited at the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington for every one of The Duchess’s births – but he said the wait for the latest arrival had been the longest of all. “We’ve been here for 15 days and I’m ready to go home but it’s been absolutely worth it. “It’s such an honour to be here and I’m so excited – I also came to see the births of George and Charlotte.”During the agonising two week wait Mr Loughrey and his fellow fans were provided with showers and porridge from the hospital, and also used their new spare time to run errands for patients.  Royal fans John Loughrey (left) and Terry Hutt (right) pose with baby dolls outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital ahead of the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's third child on April 23, 2018 in London 3:55PMMessages of congratulation from Canada and Israel The first picture of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's newborn son's face Mr Loughrey, from Streatham, south London, said he plans to celebrate the birth with English flags and a portion of fish and chips.”It doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl as long as it’s a healthy baby and a healthy mother,” he said.”It’s very good for our country and of course Her Majesty the Queen.” 10:00AMAge-old custom behind announcing a Royal baby 11:40AMAerial picture shows world’s media outside Lindo Wing Unlikely. It’s rare, but not unheard of, for a third-born royal in direct succession to become king or queen.This Cambridge sibling will live their life happy in the knowledge they will not be expected to wear the crown, leaving that role to older brother George.William IV, a Hanoverian king who ruled from 1830 to 1837, was a third child – of George III and Queen Charlotte. He acceded to the throne when he outlived his older brothers, George IV, who died without an heir, and Frederick, Duke of York. Close-up of easel Here is the first picture of the Royal baby’s face.  4:26PMJeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon congratulate the Duke and Duchess Well-wishers were very excited to see George and Charlotte arrive at hospital to visit their Mother and new baby brother. One woman said: “I’m was visiting the hospital and couldn’t believe that as I got here so did they.”It was very exciting and brightened my day – it’s probably also brightened a lot of other people’s day who are visiting the hospital or working here.”Another added: “I was passing with my daughter after school and thought it would be lovely to see and it was very exciting.” Meanwhile over at Buckingham Palace, hundreds of royal well-wishers gathered at the gates as news of the new prince’s arrival was announced in a tradition which stretches back to the 19th century. The Duchess of Cambridge opted for patriotic red and white - the colours of the England flag - as she made her first public appearance with her St George's Day baby The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital in London in 2015, with Princess CharlotteCredit: Dominic Lipinski In a statement shortly after 1pm, Kensington Palace said: “Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a son at 1101hrs. The baby weighs 8lb 7oz. The Duke of Cambridge was present for the birth.”The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry and members of both families have been informed and are delighted with the news. Her Royal Highness and her child are both doing well.” The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have introduced their baby boy to the world, standing proudly on the steps of the Lindo Wing with their son.The royal infant, wrapped up against the cool Spring weather, nestled in the arms of his mother as the couple posed for pictures.The Duchess looked in good health after giving birth this morning to her as yet un-named prince, who is fifth in line to the throne.They appeared on the steps at the front of the private hospital with the Duchess wearing a red dress, before heading back inside. The Duchess had initially held her newborn in her arms, but when they re-emerged to head back home to Kensington Palace, the baby was in a car seat and being held by his father Prince William. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge outside the hospital today with their newborn 2:19PMArthur, Albert and Philip all tipped for new prince’s name The scene outside the Lindo Wing is one of chilly calm, reports Royal Correspondent Hannah Furness. In a cold wind, the world’s media has assembled opposite the now-famous brown door of the hospital flanked by uniformed police officers. Kensington Palace staff have marshalled the national print Press, broadcast media, photographers and members of the public into their respective pens, in a tried-and-tested system perfected after the births of Prince George and Princess Charlotte. As a full-pledged Supporter Of the House of Windsor, I celebrate the #royalbaby as it guarantees the continuity of Royal Family. May the Good Lord watch over our Royal Prince.— Donald B Kipkorir (@DonaldBKipkorir) April 23, 2018 Town crier 5:32PMCNN presenter suggests baby should be named after Harry Potter’s son The age-old custom of placing a paper proclamation for the public to see at the Queen’s London residence took place when Prince George and Princess Charlotte were born.A brief formal announcement – on foolscap-sized paper set in a dark wooden frame – will be placed on an ornate golden easel on the forecourt of the Palace. 9:20PMWe take a look back at how the Duke and Duchess’s young family has grown Natasha ArcherKate’s PA turned style adviser Natasha Archer was spotted leaving the Lindo Wing early on in the day, possibly having delivered Kate’s carefully selected outfit.She was seen entering the Lindo Wing after the arrival of Prince George in 2013, carrying a car seat for the newborn future king and a dress bag. It is likely if Kate does attend, the baby will stay with the Cambridges’ nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo.The Duke of Cambridge is expected to be carrying out the role of Harry’s best man.Some 800 guests will gather in the gothic St George’s Chapel to witness Harry wed American former actress Ms Markle, to whom he got engaged after a 16-month whirlwind romance after meeting on a blind date. He said: “The fact that she went into hospital at around 6am and had the baby by 8.34am would not imply that she was induced at all.”Second time labours tend to be quicker than first time labours. Everything tends to go faster. The dilation stage is quicker, the pushing stage is usually quicker and easier as well, and the baby comes out more quickly. You would expect it to be an easier labour anyway.” The Duke of Cambridge Waves to the crowd as he walks out of St Mary's Hospital in Paddington He said: “The love we have gotten from patients and staff has been incredible. “Everyday we have been given porridge and tea and coffee from staff and patients have come and spoken to us. “And I’ve gone and run errands for patients to be of some help. “We’ve also been able to shower in the hospital but getting home tonight I hope will be brilliant – 15 days is the longest I’ve waited for a royal baby to be born and I was beginning to wonder when it was going to happen.”The 63-year-old’s love affair with the royal family began with Princess Diana, who he said today “is there is spirit for them, and for Kate, she went through this and knows how it feels.”He added: “I really can’t put into words what being here means, it’s just so special to me. And I want the Dutchess of Cambridge to know how proud her country is of her and thank her for all that she has done. “My prediction was that it’d be a boy and I hope they call him Philip. “I do bell ringing at my local church and on Tuesday I will be ringing the bells for them.”After being camped out for 15 days Mr Loughrey said he’s heading for fish and chips for dinner, with champagne to raise a toast to the new Prince. “It’s been worth every minute spent here but now heading for food, drink and home for a good night’s sleep,” he said. Though he has decided to leave his temporary sleeping quarters outside the hospital intact as it was a new record 15 days here.”The superfan added: “I have to say I don’t think I’ve ever seen Catherine look so radiant and I already can’t wait for the next royal baby and I’ll absolutely be here again.”  1:12PMNew Prince of Cambridge is fifth in line to throne The birth of the prince was announced formally to the world when a bulletin, printed with brief details about the birth, was placed on an easel erected in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace.The bulletin – on foolscap-sized paper set in a dark wooden frame – was put into place by Royal footman Heather McDonald and and senior footman Olivia Smith at 2.30pm. It said the Duchess was “delivered” of a son and gave the time of birth as 11.01am. 7:38PMThe Duchess’ ‘Tea, Kate’ who got her ready for the world’s media Kensington Palace said in a statement at 8.22am: “Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge was admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, London earlier this morning in the early stages of labour.”The Duchess travelled by car from Kensington Palace to the Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital with The Duke of Cambridge.” The tiny fingers of their son could be seen moving as the couple looked around smiling at the crowds.The duchess wore a red Jenny Packham dress with a contrasting white collar.They went inside for a few minutes to put their son in a baby carrier and emerged hand in hand. Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, has sent his congratulations to the Royal couple.  Celebrities and politicians have been sending their best wishes to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on social media.After Theresa May wished the couple “great happiness for the future”, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan sent his “warmest congratulations”. The Queen on a horse ride at Windsor Castle on Monday morningCredit:Kelvin Bruce  The Duke of Cambridge departs St Mary’s Hospital to see Prince George and Princess Charlotte at Kensington Palace.— Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) April 23, 2018 Excitement is building outside St Mary’s Hospital, where some fans have been camped out for 15 days hoping for a glimpse of the Royal baby.The timing of the announcement, falling on St George’s Day, added to the occasion for waiting royalists outside.John Loughrey, 63, who is part of a group who have been camped outside the hospital, said: “We are so pleased. We have been here for 15 days.”I’m so pleased it’s St George’s Day. St George himself would be very pleased if the baby’s born today.” Alice or Mary? Victoria or Elizabeth? Albert or Philip? – the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are likely to seek regal inspiration for their imminent arrival.After opting for the traditional names George and Charlotte for their first two children, William and Kate are expected to keep it classic once again for baby number three.According to bookmakers, Mary has been the front runner for a girl for some time, closely followed by Alice and then Victoria and Alexandra.But an hour after the Duchess’s labour was announced, Alice pulled away as the favourite. The female name is now joint favourite with Arthur for a boy at 5/1 – odds cut cut from 7/1 this morning. For a boy, the other favourites are Albert, Frederick, James and Philip.Click here for more on the Royal baby name runners, riders and rank outsiders. Sarah Sanders, the White House press secretary, said: “I want to congratulate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their third child, a baby boy. “And from one mother to another I know the reality of being outnumbered can be very scary but I know she and Prince William will continue to be amazing parents.” Half an hour after the Duke of Cambridge left the Lindo Wing after his wife gave birth, the now father-of-three returned with his two eldest.Prince George, still wearing his school uniform, was the first to get out the Land Rover Discovery, which was driven by his father.  The notice was signed by the senior medical team caring for the duchess including Guy Thorpe-Beeston, surgeon gynaecologist to the royal household, and consultant gynaecologist Alan Farthing, surgeon gynaecologist to the Queen. It will remain in place for around 24 hours. Assistant to the Duchess of Cambridge's Private Secretary Sophie Agnew (left) and the Duchess of Cambridge's PA and Stylist Natasha Archer carry items of luggage in India back in 2016 He went back to Kensington Palace to check on the new Prince’s older siblings – Prince George and Princess Charlotte – before bringing them back to the Paddington hospital to meet the newborn. Prince William, wearing a shirt and a jacket, smiled as he left the hospital and drove himself in a Land Rover Discovery.  He was heard telling the gathered crowd he would be “back in a minute”. The new Prince was born at 11.01am with Prince William alongside the Duchess, who had been taken to hospital having gone into labour at at 6am.  Kensington Palace announced the new prince weighed 8lb 7oz.The baby is fifth in line to the throne and the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh’s sixth great-grandchild.Champagne corks popped and cheers rang out outside the Lindo Wing as the birth of a new Prince of Cambridge was announced at just after 1pm. The baby’s sex was a surprise to William and Kate, who chose not to find out in advance. Duke and Duchess of Cambridge 9:04AMInside the £5,900-a-stay Lindo Wing The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Prince George and Princess Charlotte in July last yearCredit:Christian Charisius/REUTERS Margaret Tyler The mood is one of calm anticipation, with reporters and royal admirers waiting for nature to take its course inside the hospital.While some pass the time by guessing the sex and name of the third Baby Cambridge, no one has forgotten that at the centre of this is a woman, albeit a Duchess, in labour. he Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their newborn son outside the Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital in PaddingtonCredit:John Stillwell/PA The Duke of Cambridge is visiting Israel sometime this summer, for the first official visit by a senior Royal since Israel’s founding 70 years ago.  Royal fans John Loughrey (left) and Terry Hutt (right) pose with baby dolls outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital ahead of the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s third child on April 23, 2018 in LondonCredit:Jack Taylor/Getty 4:12PMDuke of Cambridge leaves the Lindo Wing  Duchess of Cambridge 8:33AMDuchess arrived at hospital by car and is in ‘early stages of labour’ The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge outside the hospital today with their newbornCredit:Tim Rooke/Rex/Shutterstock 9:08PMCelebrities congratulate the royal couple  Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, hold their new born son George The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their newbornCredit:David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock He may be able to hold his head up briefly but his neck muscles will still be weak.Prince George and Princess Charlotte are tipped to be page boy and bridesmaid at the ceremony in St George’s Chapel.When the royal youngsters carried out the same duties for their aunt Pippa Middleton, Kate was on hand to guide them and keep them in line. He was assisted by Alan Farthing, Surgeon Gynaecologist to the Queen, who was the fiance of the television presenter Jill Dando at the time of her murder in 1999, and has been part of the Queen’s medical household since 2008.In 2014 Sir Marcus Setchell, the recently retired surgeon gynaecologist to the Queen who delivered Prince George, told BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour: “What happened in labour is an entirely private matter, but I do think there are certain situations when someone is giving birth that it’s important…to have a specialist…in the same room to deal with anything that’s immediately going to be wrong.” 7:49PMArthur the bookmakers’ favourite for the prince’s name  The senior medical team that looked after Kate during her labour were named by Kensington Palace, with Guy Thorpe-Beeston, surgeon gynaecologist to the royal household, and consultant gynaecologist Alan Farthing, surgeon gynaecologist to the Queen, joined by two familiar colleagues.Dr Sunit Godambe, a consultant neonatologist at Imperial College NHS Trust, which runs St Mary’s hospital, was part of the group that cared for the duchess during her previous two births alongside Mr Farthing and Mr Thorpe-Beeston.Professor Huw Thomas, physician to the Queen and head of the medical household, completed the team. He was also involved with the birth of Princess Charlotte. Congratulations to her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge Kate and the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William on the birth of their baby boy! #RoyalBaby 👶🏻— Liam (@LiamPayne) April 23, 2018  The Queen celebrates with a morning ride at Windsor Castle Other high-profile events as her pregnancy developed and her baby bump grew included an away day to Sunderland, a Royal Foundation engagement with the duke, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and the launch of an expert panel to look at supporting the early years development of children.Kate bowed out of official duties with a flourish, attending two Commonwealth events with her husband before her maternity leave began. 8:51PMThe blue floral dress worn by Princess Charlotte to meet her new baby brother Princess Charlotte wore a £45 dress from a label founded by the Duchess of Cambridge’s old friend as she smiled and waved to the crowds outside the hospital where she visited her new younger brother. The Telegraph Fashion team have identified the dress as a Periwinkle dress from Little Alice London.The design comes in periwinkle-printed cotton fabric, with puffed sleeves, blue daisy smocking and a white Peter Pan collar with coordinating piping.    Little Alice London, which specialises in 100% cotton smocked dresses and rompers, is owned by Alice Avenel, a friend of Catherine’s from their time at Marlborough College.Formerly Alice St John Webster, she married Gerald Avenel, a French banker, in 2012; the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Pippa Middleton attended the wedding. Sharon McEwan The medical team in charge of safely delivering Princess Charlotte was led by Guy Thorpe-Beeston, Surgeon Gynaecologist to the Royal Household.Mr Thorpe-Beeston, an obstetrician who specialises in high-risk pregnancies, has a private Harley Street practice and is a consultant at the Portland private hospital and at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in the NHS.A Cambridge graduate, he worked at King’s College Hospital in London before becoming a consultant in foetal medicine at Chelsea and Westminster in 1996. The first picture of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s newborn son’s faceCredit:John Stillwell/PA The Duchess of Cambridge dances with Paddington bear at an event in October last yearCredit:Jonathan Brady /Getty 8:49AMRoyal watchers expecting swift delivery of Duchess’s third child Congratulations to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the safe delivery of their baby, a brother for Prince George and Princess Charlotte. May God bless them and all of their children with love, happiness and health.— Archbishop of Canterbury (@JustinWelby) April 23, 2018 11:20AMPrince William ‘in denial’ about having third child A large Union Flag has been raised over Buckingham Palace and a State Standard over Windsor Castle to mark the birth of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s third child.— The Royal Family (@RoyalFamily) April 23, 2018 Holly Willoughby, Liam Payne and Ellen DeGeneres are among the celebrities who have sent their congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge after the arrival of their third child.TV star Willoughby posted a picture of the trio on Instagram and said they were “such a gorgeous family”.”Welcome to the world little prince,” she said. 5:35PMKenyans take to Twitter to celebrate the birth of the Royal baby 1:41PMIt’s a boy! BT Tower and Royal Navy messages after Royal baby birth By having more than two children, William and Kate are following in the footsteps of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, who went on to have four children – although there was a gap of 10 years between their second child, Anne, and third, Andrew. 1:54PMNew Prince of Cambridge is Kate’s heaviest baby yet Liam Payne, who has a baby son with his partner Cheryl, tweeted: “Congratulations to her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge Kate and the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William on the birth of their baby boy!” The new baby Prince of Cambridge weighed 8lb 7oz – heavier than both Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Charlotte, at 8lb 3oz, weighed slightly less than George’s 8lb 6oz – but was still above average.The average weight of a baby in the UK is around 7lb 7oz (3.5 kg). All three of the Duchess of Cambridge’s children have weighed more than 8lbs. he Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their newborn son outside the Lindo Wing at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s two other children both weighed more than 8lbsCredit:Chris Jackson /Getty But the new prince is not the heaviest royal baby in recent years. That title falls to Savannah Phillips – the daughter of the Queen’s grandson Peter Phillips – who weighed 8lb 8oz in 2010.George was the heaviest future king to be born in recent history. Prince William weighed 7lb 1.5oz in 1982, while Prince Charles weighed 7lb 6oz in 1948. Prince Harry weighed 6lb 14oz in 1984.The Queen – then Princess Elizabeth – was born by Caesarean section in her maternal grandparents’ London home and was also third in line to the throne at the time, but her weight was not announced, as was previously the custom for royal babies. 6:35PMThe Royal superfans who camped outside the Lindo Wing for 15 days Private secretariesKate’s private secretary is Catherine Quinn – the head of Oxford University’s business school, while William’s is Miguel Head.The pair of top aides were tasked with keeping the royal offices running smoothly, rescheduling meetings and acting as gatekeepers to the royal couple.Mr Head has been a trusted member of the Kensington Palace team and is leaving his post as private secretary in July.A warm tribute was paid to Mr Head when his departure was announced, with William described as feeling “incredibly lucky to have benefited from Miguel’s advice and support over the last decade”.Ms Quinn took over in October from Kate’s former private secretary Rebecca Priestley, nee Deacon.Communications SecretaryJason Knauf, William and Kate’s press spokesman, has visited the hospital, ready to arrange the photocall outside the Lindo Wing. The BT Tower in London lights up in blue as it displays the news of the #RoyalBaby #ItsABoy— Royal Central (@RoyalCentral) April 23, 2018 10:52AMHow the third Royal baby will affect the succession 3:42PMDuke of Cambridge expected to leave Lindo Wing soon Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (right) waves at the media as she is led in with her brother Prince George of Cambridge (left) by their father Britain’s Prince William (centre) at the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s HospitalCredit:Daniel Leal-Olivas/Getty/AFP Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge will be leaving St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, London this evening.The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their son will travel home to Kensington Palace.Prince George and Princess Charlotte have now returned to Kensington Palace.Their Royal Highnesses would like to thank all staff at the hospital for the care and treatment they have received.They would also like to thank everyone for their warm wishes. 2:03PMThe medical team who looked after Duchess during labour The Duke of Cambridge has left the Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital after his wife gave birth to their third child. On Monday afternoon, Prince William walked down the steps outside the central London hospital where the world’s media and well-wishers had gathered to celebrate the Royal family’s new arrival. It is understood he will head back to Kensington Palace to check on the new Prince’s older siblings – Prince George and Princess Charlotte – with the plan being to bring them back to the Paddington hospital to meet the newborn. Prince William, wearing a shirt and a jacket, smiled as he left the hospital and drove himself in a Land Rover Discovery. He was heard telling the gathered crowd he would be “back in a minute”.  The Queen acceded to the throne while staying at Treetops Lodge in Kenya’s Aberdare Moutains in 1952 after the death of her father, King George VI. Princess Margaret was a frequent visitor, while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were engaged on the slopes of Mt Kenya.”May God save the queen, bless the House of Windsor, Britain and the Entire Commonwealth,” wrote another Kenyan Twitter User, Political Ixion.The news was also widely covered on Kenya’s leading news websites. Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (right) waves at the media as she is led in with her brother Prince George of Cambridge (left) by their father Britain's Prince William (centre) at the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital Waiting in the growing crowd outside St Mary’s Hospital for a glimpse of the new prince was Margaret Tyler, also known as Britain’s Loyalist Royalist, reports Francesca Marshall.Ms Tyler, 74, proudly has more than 10,000 items of Royal memorabilia in her north London home. “I waited for George for six days and Charlotte for 11 but today I just timed spot on,” she said. “I couldn’t have been waiting here for days and days as I was outside the palace to celebrate Her Majesty’s 92nd birthday.”She is possibly Britain’s largest collector of royal memorabilia. The Guinness Book of Records has asked her to start counting her items to find out for certain. Prince George and Princess Charlotte arrived at St Mary’s Hospital to meet their baby brother for the first time at 4.45pm before being whisked back home via a back exit.  In a statement, Kensington Palace said: “Their Royal Highnesses would like to thank all staff at the hospital for the care and treatment they have received. The new Prince of Cambridge is fifth in line to the throne and a younger sibling to Prince George and Princess Charlotte.The new-born baby becomes the first in history not to leapfrog a female sibling in the line of succession, reports Robert Mendick.Under the 2013 Succession to the Crown Act, the male-preference primogeniture was replaced with absolute primogeniture. The act meant any royal born after 28 October 2011 would precede his or her siblings, regardless of sex.It means Princess Charlotte remains fourth in line to the throne with the new (male) baby at fifth in line. Prince Harry drops down to sixth in line. 8:22PMA timeline of the day’s events  The names given to royal babies are not usually revealed straight away, and the public is often left guessing for several days.William and Kate took two days to announce both George and Charlotte’s names, informing the Queen of their choice beforehand.Mike and Zara Tindall used Twitter to unveil their daughter’s name six days after she was born in 2014, with proud dad Mike tweeting: “For everyone who has asked what our daughter’s name is, it’s Mia Grace Tindall.”When Princess Beatrice was born in 1988, it was two weeks before her name was known.In 1982, the Prince and Princess of Wales waited seven days before deciding upon and announcing Prince William’s name.The Prince of Wales’s name, however, remained a mystery for an entire month and was only declared ahead of his christening in the Music Room of Buckingham Palace in December 1948. US talk show hots DeGeneres said: “It’s a boy! Kate Middleton’s new baby is now 5th in line to the throne, and season 43 of “The Crown.””Congratulations to all!”Comedian David Walliams quipped: “Prince Harry just got demoted again.” 10:17AMDuchess admitted to hospital before 6am Kensington Palace said in a statement: “Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a son at 1101hrs. “The baby weighs 8lbs 7oz.  The Duke of Cambridge was present for the birth.  The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry and members of both families have been informed and are delighted with the news. Her Royal Highness and her child are both doing well.” Despite suffering from another bout of severe morning sickness, the Duchess of Cambridge battled through to carry out a significant number of engagements while pregnant.Kate’s pregnancy was announced on September 4 last year, after she was forced to cancel an appearance the same day due to the condition known as hyperemesis gravidarum.At the start of all three of her pregnancies, Kate has suffered from the same problem. But unlike her first pregnancy, when she was admitted to hospital and treated for a number of days, the duchess did not need that level of care this time.A few days after the announcement that she was expecting her third child, Kate missed Prince George’s first day at school as she was too poorly to attend.She made her first public appearance almost five weeks later, attending a mental health reception at Buckingham Palace with the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry.Kate was well enough to make a surprise appearance at Paddington station in October, joining William and Harry at a charity event, where she danced on the platform with Paddington Bear. The Duchess of Cambridge opted for patriotic red and white – the colours of the England flag – as she made her first public appearance with her St George’s Day baby.Kate gave birth to her son – her third child – on the morning of April 23 – the feast day of St George, the patron Saint of England.The duchess looked glowing as she cradled the new prince of Cambridge on the steps of the Lindo Wing, less than seven hours after giving birth. 1:25PMNew Royal baby born on St George’s Day The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their newborn 12:41PMVideo: Royal fans in excited anticipation outside Lindo Wing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said: “Congratulations to Kate and William on the  birth of their baby boy. I wish them all the very best.” Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon took to social media to send her best wishes to the family.She said on Twitter: “The birth of a new baby is a special and joyful time for any family – my congratulations and best wishes to William, Catherine and the new baby’s (no doubt very excited) big brother and sister on this happy occasion.” Members of the media gather outside the Lindo Wing They have on previous occasions: after the birth of Princess Charlotte, the Duke took two weeks’ statutory paternity leave from his job as an air ambulance pilot, which he quit in July 2017 to become a full time royal, and the Duchess took maternity leave from her official royal duties.After the birth of Prince George, the Duchess was back in action after five weeks, joining her husband to start the Anglesey Coastal Ultra Marathon. However, she maintained a light workload for several months after both births. The new royal baby has been born on patriotic St George’s Day, which celebrates the patron saint of England, and arrived just two days after the Queen’s 92nd birthday.The baby also shares a birthday with Lady Gabriella Windsor, daughter of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent.Lady Gabriella was also born in the Lindo Wing on April 23 in 1981, and is celebrating turning 37. The Duchess was taken to the private Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital, in central London, before 6am on Monday in the early stages of labour, with the Duke of Cambridge at her side. Royal watchers had correctly predicted a swift delivery.Video: Moment the Royal birth was announced The Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a son weighing 8lbs 7oz, Kensington Palace has announced. 10:34AMHow soon will we know the baby’s name? 2:30PMWorld congratulates Duke and Duchess on birth of son After the birth of Prince George, the Duchess left hospital the next day, while she left the hospital to go home on the same day after giving birth to Princess Charlotte.But the length of the Duchess’s hospital stay this time around will be entirely down to how she is feeling, so there is no guarantee we will see the baby within 24 hours of its birth.The Duke and Duchess are expected to leave the Lindo Wing by the front door to give the waiting media the chance to take the photographs that will no doubt adorn the front pages of newspapers the next day. 5:52PMDuchess of Cambridge leaves hospital with the new Prince The practice of posting a bulletin announcing a royal birth has gone on for at least as long as Buckingham Palace has been the Sovereign’s official residence – since 1837.After it comes down, the notice will be sent to the Privy Council Office so it can be kept in their records. 7:02PMThe Duchess of Cambridge’s patriotic red and white dress 3:29PMBritain’s ‘Loyalist Royalist’ has prime spot outside Lindo Wing Another member of his group, 82-year-old Terry Hutt, also welcomed the news.”It’s fantastic to have another newborn baby,” said Mr Hutt, who turns 83 at the end of the month and was hoping to share his birthday with the new royal. “If they were born on my birthday, I would have got a birthday cake.”Maria Scott, 46, from Newcastle, added: “I think it’s going to be a boy and I think it’s going to be quick.”The group were talking in front of their make-shift camp, including royal memorabilia and a Union Flag tent. Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge … welcome to the world little prince……— Holly Willoughby (@hollywills) April 23, 2018 Speaker John Bercow told the Commons: “I am sure the whole House would want to join me in sending Their Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, our warmest congratulations on the birth of their son.”Meanwhile, comedian David Walliams quipped: “Prince Harry just got demoted again.” It was always thought that William and Kate would go on to have three children. Kate is one of three and had a happy home life with her sister, Pippa Matthews, and brother, James Middleton, and is close to both of her siblings.But William may need to adjust to caring for a newborn once again. Kate joked in the months leading up to her due date that her husband was “in denial” about having a third. Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a daughter at 8.34am.— Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) May 2, 2015 The notice is placed on an easel in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace Credit:Stefan Rousseau /PA He was followed shortly afterwards by his sister Princess Charlotte, who waved to the cameras with one hand and held the Duke of Cambridge’s hand with the other. Hand-in-hand, all three walked up the steps into the hospital to meet the new arrival – but not before Princess Charlotte turned around once more to wave at the massive crowd outside.  the Duke of Cambridge, his wife Princess Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (left) turns to wave at the media as she is led in with her brother Prince George of Cambridge (right) Police officers watch as a couple pose for a photo while holding a baby outside the Lindo Wing 9:25PMDuke and Duchess of Cambridge introduce Royal baby to the world If the Duchess of Cambridge gives birth by the end of the day as expected, the Royal baby will be born on St George’s Day.The patron saint of England, St George is heralded for his honour, bravery and gallantry. Surrounded by myth, one legend tells of St George’s defeat of a dragon.The Royal baby would also share their birthday with Lady Gabriella Windsor – the daughter of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, who was born at the Lindo Wing, where Kate is in labour, on April 23 in 1981.Famous names celebrating their birthdays on Monday include the model Gigi Hadid and actor John Hannah.The baby has just missed arriving on the Queen’s 92nd birthday which was on Saturday.William and Kate are set to celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary on April 29, while Princess Charlotte turns three on May 2. 1:03PMBreaking: It’s a boy! Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to son “My warmest congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their baby boy. I wish them great happiness for the future.” – PM @theresa_may— UK Prime Minister (@10DowningStreet) April 23, 2018 What it’s like inside the private wing of St Mary’s HospitalEverything we know so far after Duchess gives birth to boyDuchess emerged with Duke and baby just before 6pm MondayThe Royal couple then drove home to Kensington Palace New Prince of Cambridge born at 11am weighing 8lbs 7ozPrince George and Princess Charlotte visited the newbornChampagne and cheers: Judith Woods outside the Lindo WingHow ​the Duchess’s third baby changes the Royal family treeThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge emerged full of smiles outside St Mary’s Hospital as they proudly showed off their third child, now named Prince Louis, to the waiting world. Just before 6pm on Monday, the Royal couple posed on the steps outside the central London hospital where international media and well-wishers had gathered to celebrate the Royal family’s new arrival.Wearing a red dress, the Duchess held her third child – a son who weighed 8lb 7oz – who could be seen wiggling his fingers.   The Royal couple posed for pictures with the Duchess  holding her son who was nestled in a white blanket. 10:45AMName guessing game starts: Alice and Arthur joint favourites A close-up of the Royal baby's face The crowd waited patiently for the formal notice of the arrival of the fifth in line to the throne, which involves the presentation of a bulletin, placed on a golden easel in front of the palace.In the crowd was Luigi Ritacca. He was celebrating his 31st birthday and said he felt happy to share the day with the new royal arrival.”I’ll never forget the date, that’s for sure,” he said. “Of course, it’s stolen my thunder a little, but as long as they don’t name him Luigi, I’ll be fine,” he added.John and Susan Gill were having tea at the Ritz when they heard the news of the birth.”A lady stood up and raised a glass of champagne and said: ‘to the new prince,” said Susan.They then walked down to Buckingham Palace to soak in the atmosphere.”This is what Britain is all about,” added John. “The more the merrier.”Vicky and Mike Greenslade arrived at the palace as soon as they heard the news of the royal birth.”It’s a great atmosphere, and very well organised,” said Mike. “It’s very British,” added the 71-year-old.The easel is set to stand in front of the palace for 24 hours. When it is taken down, it is sent to the Privy Council Office so that the details of may be recorded in the Privy Council records, according to the palace. 5:18PMDuchess of Cambridge to leave hospital tonight Supporters of the royal family stand outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital 1:34PMPrime Minister offers ‘warmest congratulations’ to Royal couple 6:02PMThe first picture of the Royal baby’s face And Reuven Rivlin, the President of Israel, sent his “warmest wishes” to the Royal family. 6:11PMThe Royal baby’s tiny fingers could be seen moving  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. As the day of the royal birth concludes Hannah Furness, our Royal correspondent takes in the day the new prince was introduced to the world:The Duke of Cambridge was bursting with pride, the Duchess clearly besotted. And the third Cambridge baby? Fast asleep, but seemingly secure of his new place in the world.The newborn Prince signalled his arrival with three tiny fingers as he made his public debut, fast asleep in the arms of his mother.And while his newborn son was oblivious to the excitement he had caused, the Duke embarked on his new life with three children with no illusions, joking his enlarged brood would give him “thrice worry now”. Prince George and Princess Charlotte have arrived at St Mary’s Hospital to meet their baby brother for the first time. Half an hour after the Duke of Cambridge left the Lindo Wing at after his wife gave birth to their  third child, the now father-of-three returned with his two eldest.  On Monday afternoon, Prince William walked down the steps outside the central London hospital where the world’s media and well-wishers had gathered to celebrate the Royal family’s new arrival.  10:24AMWhen will we see the Royal baby?   6:00PMThe Royal baby makes his first appearance outside the hospital And the following day Kensington Palace announced that the Cambridges’ baby was due in April, interpreted as indicating the duchess’s 12-week scan had taken place.It is thought a number of Kate’s engagements were postponed due to her illness, and in the new year she carried out a significant number as her baby bump became more prominent.During January, Kate attended a string of official engagements and appeared to be back in good health, and at the end of the month she travelled with William to Norway and Sweden for an official visit. Royalist Terry Hut waits outside the Lindo Wing After the birth of Princess Charlotte, the Duke and Duchess spent the first nights of her life at Kensington Palace before driving north to their country home, Anmer Hall, on the Queen’s Sandringham estate, where they were likely joined there by the Duchess’s parents, Michael and Carole Middleton, who often stayed over to help look after Prince George.However, the family permanently relocated to Kensington Palace last year, after deciding Prince George should be schooled in London, so it’s unlikely that they’ll head back to Norfolk for a while. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson offered his “huge congratulations to Their Royal Highnesses”. Britain’s Prince Harry and his fiancee Meghan Markle arrive at a service at St Martin-in-The Fields to mark 25 years since Stephen Lawrence was killed in a racially motivated attack, in LondonCredit:Reuters 9:42AMAll eyes on Lindo Wing as ‘Great Kate Wait’ gets under way 4:45PMPrince George and Princess Charlotte arrive to meet their brother After waving at the cameras, they re-emerged with the baby Prince in a car seat being carried by his father and as he left, the duke told reporters he was “very happy, very delighted, thank you”. He added: “Thrice the worry now.”He said: “We didn’t keep you waiting too long this time.” And when pressed on any clues for the name, Prince William said: “You’ll find out soon enough.”Kensington Palace tweeted a picture of the couple with the caption: “Welcome to the family.” An easel outside Buckingham Palace announces the birth of Princess CharlotteCredit:Steve Parsons /PA Although it varies from woman to woman, some mothers report a speedier delivery third time around. For first-time mothers, active labour may take around eight hours and in a second labour around five hours, according to Livingstone, professional policy adviser at the Royal College of Midwives, said: “It will vary from one woman to another. Some women report a quicker labour with their third baby but not everyone.”It seems to be though that they do go more quickly. It’s a very individual thing.”It is not known how long the Duchess was in labour with George and Charlotte before she was admitted. Kate had a straightforward, natural birth with George and Charlotte with no complications.  The Duke of Cambridge grins at the cameras, flanked by his eldest son Prince George and a waving Princess Charlotte Royal supporters wrapped in flags outside the Lindo WingCredit:HENRY NICHOLLS /Reuters Show more Royal fans have begun gathering outside the Lindo Wing as the “Great Kate Wait” begins. Supporters decked out tents in Union Jacks and put up flags around the area outside the private unit. Both Prince George and Princess Charlotte are believed to have been born by a natural delivery, meaning the Duchess of Cambridge will presumably be planning to have a natural birth this time as well.In 2015, Pat O’Brien, a consultant obstetrician at University College Hospital, said that because of the speed with which the Princess Charlotte was delivered after the Duchess was admitted to hospital, it is likely that she went into labour naturally. Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, hold their newborn son George in July 2013Credit: Lefteris Pitarakis Margaret Tyler has been dubbed Britain’s Loyalist RoyalistCredit:DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS /AFP The Royal family’s Twitter account posted a video of a Union flag raised to mark the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s third child.  Britain's Prince Harry and his fiancee Meghan Markle arrive at a service at St Martin-in-The Fields to mark 25 years since Stephen Lawrence was killed in a racially motivated attack, in London The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said in a statement: “May God bless them and all of their children with love, happiness and health.” Nanny to Prince George and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, Maria Borrallo, walks to the church ahead of the wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews at St Mark's Church in Englefield, west of London, on May 20, 2017 The Duchess of Cambridge dances with Paddington bear at an event in October last year 9:16AMWho will deliver the Royal baby? The couple pose for photos outside the Lindo Wing in front of the world’s mediaCredit:HENRY NICHOLLS /Reuters Members of the media gather outside the Lindo WingCredit:Kirsty O’Connor /PA 5:43PMExcited well-wishers celebrate the arrival of the new Prince “They would also like to thank everyone for their warm wishes.”On Monday afternoon, at 4.21pm, Prince William walked down the steps outside the central London hospital where the world’s media and well-wishers had gathered to celebrate the Royal family’s new arrival.  9:08AMWill the Duchess of Cambridge have a natural birth? We are expecting Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, to leave the Lindo Wing alone soon in the next hour.It is thought that he will go to see Prince George and Princess Charlotte before possibly bringing them back to the hospital to visit their mother and meet their new brother, but that is not yet confirmed. The Lindo Wing on Monday morningCredit:Sky News The Duchess of Cambridge has emerged from the Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital after giving birth to her third child. Late on Monday afternoon, Kate Middleton posed on the steps outside the central London hospital where the world’s media and well-wishers had gathered to celebrate the Royal family’s new arrival.  7:12PMHow will the Prince’s  birth impact the Royal Wedding? A police officer stands outside the Lindo Wing  The self-proclaimed Royalist Town Crier has announced the birth of the baby prince on the steps of the Lindo Wing, marking the moment by saying “God save the Queen”.He drew cheers from the crowd of royal watchers outside the hospital. The Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital, where the Duchess of Cambridge is due to give birth, is a private facility offering “world-class maternity care”.Kate’s first two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, were born in the exclusive unit in Paddington, central London, as were their father, the Duke of Cambridge, and uncle, Prince Harry.William made his public debut with the Prince and Princess of Wales outside the hospital, wrapped in a white blanket and carried in Diana’s arms, with Charles by her side.Only a handful of midwives and medical staff, led by consultant obstetrician Guy Thorpe-Beeston, were in the delivery room to supervise Charlotte’s birth but waiting in the wings were more than a dozen experts in case of emergencies.Theatre staff were on stand-by along with a lab technician, replacement anaesthetists and paediatricians – 23 in total – from Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, which runs St Mary’s Hospital. 1:30PM’God save the Queen’: Town crier announces birth on steps of Lindo Wing Huge congratulations to Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the safe delivery of their baby boy today! @KensingtonRoyal— Boris Johnson (@BorisJohnson) April 23, 2018 9:25AMRoyal baby looks set to arrive on St George’s Day Lindo wing Duchess of Cambridge It will confirm the sex of the baby and the time of birth, but will give little else away, other than usually revealing that the baby has been “safely delivered” and mother and child are “doing well”.It used to be hand-written, but is now typed. It will also be signed at the hospital by the doctors who tended to the duchess, and then ferried back to the Palace by car. The Queen, who celebrated her 92nd birthday two days ago, was pictured riding a horse in the grounds of Windsor Castle on Monday morning. She was later said to be “delighted” with the birth of her sixth great-grandchild. An unsuspecting couple have emerged from the Lindo Wing with their newborn baby to be greeted by the world’s media.They posed for photographs outside the famous door in front of a larger crowd than they might have expected included dozens of journalists and photographers before leaving in a taxi. The Duke of Cambridge Waves to the crowd as he walks out of St Mary’s Hospital in PaddingtonCredit:Pete Maclaine/i-Images Nanny to Prince George and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, Maria Borrallo, walks to the church ahead of the wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews at St Mark’s Church in Englefield, west of London, on May 20, 2017Credit:Justin Tallis/AFP 3:16PMUnion flags raised to mark Prince of Cambridge’s birth read more

Fatheroftwo who regularly confronted drug dealers beaten to death on his doorstep

Forensic officer at the scene Cecil Tomlin Another man who lives in the block with his children, said that drug dealers were often seen in the area. “They have been hiding out on the stairwells and doing it,” he said.  Forensic officers have been at the scene since Wednesday Emergency services, including London’s air ambulance arrived at the scene on Wednesday afternoon after reports of a group of men fighting, but Mr Tomlin was pronounced dead shortly after. Police are yet to make any arrests.It is understood that Tomlin had clashed with his fellow resident before over drug users turning up in the middle of the night, and causing a disturbance for neighbours.“Every night, they would ring all the buzzers asking to get in to go the dealer’s flat,” said a neighbour.“Ian used to get really annoyed, especially when his kids were there and he had confronted them in the past. He was not a violent person but he always wanted to protect his kids.”Mr Tomlin had two children, aged around seven and ten and had previously worked driving elderly residents in a council-funded bus. He was the third of four brothers and had lived in his flat for more than 20 years.A staff member at Battersea Fish Bar, which is just next to the building, said that up until three years ago, police used to conduct a weekly report about anti social behaviour on the estate.“But since 2015, you hardly ever see police round here,” he added.  Cecil Tomlin, father of Ian, said that his son had confronted drug dealers According to people who were at the scene at the time, he sustained stab wounds to the neck and head. The attackers fled the scene by the time police reached the building.  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. A father-of two who regularly confronted drug dealers outside his home has been beaten to death on his doorstep.Ian Tomlin, 46 was brutally attacked in a stairwell of his block of flats in Battersea, south London, after an altercation with a fellow resident – who is an alleged dealer – and a second man, witnesses said.Mr Tomlin, who drove a waste disposal truck for Wandsworth Council, had previously expressed his concern at the illicit activities of a gang of men who hung around the building where his children live, and had a long-running grudge with the man who lives close by.Speaking at the scene in Battersea yesterday, Mr Tominlin’s grieving father Cecil Tomlin, 84, said his son shared his fears over people dealing drugs outside his ground floor flat two months ago.”He has been afraid of them (drug dealers),” he said. “He don’t smoke and they were selling drugs outside his house.”He said ‘Don’t sell here!’ He said ‘Don’t come here and sell drugs because I can’t stand the scent of it’.” “My son used to hate taking the lift and coming down the stairs because they would be dealing drugs.”An further resident added: “Everyone is too afraid to talk. I phone in complaints but nothing happens.”There are always problems around here, there is a gang who hide from the police behind my kids’ nursery. I saw a man get cornered by two guys, they pulled a huge knife on him like yesterday.”A woman, who lives in the block, said last night: “Ian was very against the drug dealers and especially the antisocial behaviour when he had his children with him. Noise up to four of five in the morning.”The police haven’t been able to tackle the rise of drugs on this estate.”A Scotland Yard spokesman said Mr Tomlin was pronounced dead at the scene at 6.15pm. He added: “All other suspects had fled the scene prior to police arrival.”The incident took place within a communal area of a block of flats in Charlotte Despard Avenue.”Detectives from the Homicide and Major Crime Command are investigating.”Local MP Marsha de Cordova urged anyone with information to contact police. She said: “I am very sorry to learn that another life has been taken as a result of violent crime in Battersea. My thoughts and prayers are with the victim’s friends and family.”   read more

UK weather Ice causes disruption across Britain as more freezing temperatures forecast

Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Braemar in Aberdeenshire was the coldest place overnight into Wednesday, with temperatures plummeting to minus 10.2C (13.6F).According to a Met Office spokesman, snow and sleet showers are likely to continue throughout Wednesday, pushing “southwards across parts of Scotland and into northern and then central England and Wales”.He added: “Sleet or snow falling on frozen surfaces is likely to form ice.”There will be a milder end to the week but the cold weather is forecast to return next week. Snowy and foggy conditions on Saddleworth Moor in the North EnglandCredit:PA Snowy and foggy conditions on Saddleworth Moor in the North England Commuters saw some journeys disrupted due to the freezing weather during the Wednesday morning rush-hour.Greater Anglia Rail told passengers that trains would run with speed restrictions between London and Cambridge, while some services were likely to be cancelled, delayed by up to 15 minutes or revised.Merseyrail said ice had prevented electricity from reaching the trains, which meant numerous services between Aintree and Ormskirk, Hooton and Ellesmere Port, and Hooton and Chester were cancelled.In Buckinghamshire, several schools closed because of the conditions. Snow and ice have caused rail delays and school closures and forecasters have warned of even colder weather ahead overnight across the UK.The Met Office said temperatures will drop further on Wednesday night, to as low as minus 7C (19.4F), with clear skies causing wet surfaces to “freeze quite readily”.The forecaster has issued its yellow severe ice warning for the south east, central and north of England as well as for Scotland from 6pm on Wednesday to 11am on Thursday.Temperatures struggled to reach much above freezing during the day on Wednesday.Central London saw its coldest day of the year as temperatures peaked at just 2.6C (36.7F) by 2.30pm, while Spadeadam in Cumbria was the coldest place during the day at minus 2.5C (27.5F) at 2pm. The spokesman said: “Saturday could be quite unsettled with potential for strong winds and rains.”As we go through Sunday we will see a return to similar conditions that we have at the moment. It will be colder again and then with that brings the risk of wintry showers and overnight ice.”It will quickly turn cold and showery again.” read more

Tom Watson was a patsy for fake news the child abuse inquiry

The IICSA hearings were set up in the wake of Mr Watson’s claims in the House of Commons on 24 October 2012 that there was a “powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and Number 10”.The claims led to the launch of the Met’s £2 million Operation Midland, which traduced the reputations of a string of high profile politicians and public figures.Scotland Yard eventually paid £100,000 compensation to Lord Bramall, the former head of the army, and Lady Brittan the widow of the former Home Secretary.A 51-year-old man is currently awaiting trial after being charged with perverting the course of justice and fraud in connection with the allegations. Former Met Commissioner Lord Hogan Howe was in charge of Scotland Yard when the inquiry was launched Harvey Proctor was falsely accused of appalling offences Credit:Paul Grover Former Met Commissioner Lord Hogan Howe was in charge of Scotland Yard when the inquiry was launchedCredit:Paul Grover “We have now had three weeks of hearings, with evidence from politicians, police, MI6, public servants and others. Where has this left us? Behind the smoke, there is no credible evidence to support any allegation against Harvey Proctor.”Mr Wagner called on the inquiry to publicly exonerate Mr Proctor of any wrongdoing saying it had a moral duty to do so.He told the panel, chaired by Professor Alexis Jay: “Harvey Proctor has faced the most hideous allegations imaginable – of child abuse and child murder. He was treated as guilty until proven innocent.”The Metropolitan Police gave the press enough information to identify him and then said, publicly without corroboration or proper investigation, that the incredible and false allegations against him were ‘credible and true’.” Adam Wagner told the inquiry: “We opened by saying that sometimes there is smoke without fire. In the case of the hideous allegations against Harvey Proctor, there never was a fire. There was, instead, a belching smoke machine. “Instead, a small group of self- promoting politicians, including Zac Goldsmith, John Mann, Simon Danczuk and led by Tom Watson, amplified the allegations and used their considerable political clout to give them status and believability. Mr Watson became a vehicle for conspiracy theorists and a patsy for fake news.” A paedophile ring was rumoured to have been operating in Dolphin Square Labour politician, Tom Watson, became a “vehicle for conspiracy theorists” and a “patsy for fake news” when he told parliament there was a VIP paedophile ring at the heart of Westminster, the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has been told.The current deputy leader of the Labour Party helped spark a huge inquiry into the alleged scandal when he made the claims during Prime Minister’s Question Time, in October 2012.His allegations led to a series of flawed police investigations and resulted in the reputation of a string of high profile politicians and public figures being dragged through the mud.The Government also set up the £100 million IICSA public inquiry to investigate claims of historic child abuse at a range of public institutions.But in a closing statement to the Westminster strand of the investigation, a lawyer for former Tory MP, Harvey Proctor, who was one of those falsely accused, said it was now clear “there is no evidence of a Westminster paedophile network”. Harvey Proctor was falsely accused of appalling offences  He said the police, some disreputable parts of the media and senior politicians all played a part in giving credence to false and malicious allegations that had been made against prominent figures.He told the panel: “Regrettably, in the moral panic which ensued after Jimmy Saville’s crimes came to light, malicious conspiracy theories against Harvey Proctor and others were given far more credence than they deserve.”Mr Wagner went on: “The allegations were so incredible that any reasonable person would at the least have treated them with extreme caution. A paedophile ring was rumoured to have been operating in Dolphin Square Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Sri Lanka pick Asitha for T20 series Jeevan Mendis returns

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedMalinga omitted from ODIs against Pakistan due to poor formOctober 4, 2017In “latest news”Malinga to lead ODI and T20I squads in New ZealandDecember 14, 2018In “latest news”Udawatte, Rajitha, Vandersay picked for West Indies TestsMay 11, 2018In “latest news” The first T20 squad of Chandika Hathurusingha’s tenure features a preponderance of youth. Seam bowlers Asitha Fernando and Shehan Madushanka (20 and 22 respectively), inexperienced spinners Jeffrey Vandersay and Amila Aponso, and seam-bowling allrounder Dasun Shanaka, all feature for the two-match series.Asitha FernandoOne old hand did return, however. Three years after he played his last international, legspinning allrounder Jeevan Mendis, 35, made his way back into a Sri Lanka squad. Though his recall was unexpected, he has nevertheless been in good bowling form for Tamil Union Cricket Club in the ongoing Premier League first-class tournament.In the continued absence of Angelo Mathews, the team will be led by Dinesh Chandimal, who himself has not played a T20 in over a year. Thisara Perera was in the squad, but was overlooked for the captaincy.T20 squad: Dinesh Chandimal (captain), Upul Tharanga, Danushka Gunathilaka, Kusal Perera, Thisara Perera, Asela Gunaratne, Niroshan Dickwella, Dasun Shanaka, Isuru Udana, Shehan Madushanka, Jeffrey Vandersay, Akila Dananjaya, Amila Aponso, Jeevan Mendis, Asitha Fernando(ESPNCricinfo)  read more

SARAs Deputy Director squatting on the job says Opposition Leader

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedAttack on the Judiciary by SARA’s CEO unjustified, says Bar AssociationJuly 24, 2018In “Court”Jagdeo unbothered by SARA lawsuit over “Pradoville 2”March 8, 2019In “latest news”Opposition Leader calls out Govt on “blatant lie” being peddled by SARAJuly 12, 2018In “latest news” Opposition Leader Dr Bharrat Jagdeo on Wednesday said the he was unclear whether he should refer to Aubrey Heath-Retemyer as the Deputy Director of the State Asset Recovery Agency (SARA) as he may very well be “squatting on the job”.Opposition Leader, Dr Bharrat JagdeoJagdeo made this remark during his weekly press briefing when he was posed with a question in relation to the comments Heath-Retemyer made about the Judiciary that saw him (Heath-Retemyer ) receiving considerable flack, most recently from the Guyana Bar Association.Asserting that the Bar Association was right to call out Heath-Retemyer for seeking to lecture to the Judiciary how it should do its work, Jagdeo posited that his presence and the presence of his Director, Professor Clive Thomas at the helm of SARA is now questionable.The Opposition Leader was referring to the comments made by his party comrade, former Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Anil Nandlall, who had last week highlighted that both men were unlawfully occupying their offices.(L) SARA’s Director Professor Clive Thomas and Deputy Aubrey Heath-RetemeyerHe pointed out that the SARA Act provides very clearly that the Director and Deputy Director of the Agency shall be appointed through a parliamentary process. “Since that Act came into force, that process was never activated. A transition provision in the Act allowed the Director who operated in the Agency before the Act came into force, to continue to act in that office for a limited period. However, that period has long expired. Neither was appointed by the National Assembly process mandated by the Act. Therefore, Mr Retemyer and Dr Thomas are unlawfully holding offices and are receiving public monies as remuneration,” Nandlall stated while asking why this “crime and unlawful conduct” were not being investigated by the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU).Opposition Member of Parliament and former Attorney General Anil NandlallMoreover, Nandlall, a successful attorney-at-law by profession, posited that “Section 106 of the Act is a transitionary provision: it provides for the Head of the State Asset Recovery Unit (SARU) to continue to act as the Head of SARA, but for not more than four months after the SARA Act comes into force. The SARA Act, as I indicated, came into force over a year now. Yet, Professor Clive Thomas continues to act as the Director of SARA under this transitionary provision. His continuation in office, therefore, is as illegal as that of the Deputy Director, who can only be appointed by the National Assembly under the Act and who was not.” read more

Aker and Wirth names come together

first_imgEarlier this year, Wirth became a fully controlled subsidiary of Aker Solutions. Wirth Maschinen- und Bohrgeräte-Fabrik is now to be known as Aker Wirth, reflecting the change of ownership and the successful integration that has taken place since the acquisition. “Our acquisition of Wirth complements and expands our customer offering. Aker Solutions is now one of only two suppliers in the world of complete drilling packages. In addition, the acquisition of Wirth’s mining and construction expertise strengthens our presence in the process and construction markets,” says Per Harld Kongelf, Executive Vice President of Aker Solutions. “Furthermore, we are happy, that Christoph Kleuters has accepted to continue in his position as Chief Executive Officer.”For more than two decades Wirth has been successfully collaborating with Aker Solutions on drilling packages. By formalising this connection through acquisition, the goal is to strengthen the existing collaboration and expand it to all of Aker Solutions drilling activities globally. The collaboration will also be extended to Wirth’s mining and construction division to the benefit of Aker Solutions’ process and construction activities.“We share a passion for technology and have been collaborating for over two decades on successful drilling projects,” says Christoph Kleuters, CEO of Aker Wirth. “Our transition to Aker Wirth reinforces our commitment to our customers and employees and strengthens our position in the global market.”“The Wirth name is a valuable asset and will live on in the legal entity name and product names of the company,” says Per Harald Kongelf.As of today, building signage, machine labelling, corporate brochures and marketing materials now all reflect the name change and new look and feel of Aker Wirth.last_img read more