Growing number of internally displaced Yemenis returning to their homes – UN

The United Nations refugee agency today announced that it is seeing growing numbers of internally displaced people returning to their homes in southern Yemen – the first major fall in displacement there in 18 months. “Over the past four months, and working with the Yemeni authorities, we have helped more than 80,000 people go home, and further returns are on-going. This is the first significant displacement decline since May 2011 when fighting between government troops and militants erupted in the south of Yemen,” a spokesperson for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Adrian Edwards, told a news briefing in Geneva. “The decline in displacement follows the re-establishing of government authority in the southern province of Abyan in July,” he added. According to UNHCR, initially, returns were slow due to the widespread presence of landmines and unexploded ordinance, as well as extensive damage to infrastructure in several areas. In many cases, people also wanted to see more evidence of improvements in the security situation. “However, through de-mining efforts on the part of the Yemeni Government and other improvements in the security situation, more families are now making the decision to return,” Mr. Edwards said. The fall in the number of people displaced comes as Yemen undergoes a democratic transition, under the leadership of President Abdrabuh Mansour Hadi Mansour, who came to power in an election in February. This followed the agreement signed by warring factions in November 2011 on a transitional settlement in the wake of widespread protests and violence, and the resignation of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh. Initial preparations have begun for the country to have a national dialogue conference, the outcome of which will feed into a constitution-making process that is to conclude in late 2013, enabling general elections to take place in February 2014. UNHCR noted that many of the returns have been from the port city of Aden, where of the 25,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) who were sheltering in schools and other public buildings there, some 23,500 have now returned to Abyan – this has allowed normal classroom teaching to resume, although schools still need repair work after having served as IDP collective sites for over a year. The 1,500 IDPs still living in Aden schools will be relocated into eight buildings. UNHCR, with the agreement of the Government of Yemen, is rehabilitating these eight buildings to serve as temporary accommodation. The Government has been covering transportation costs for people returning to Abyan, equivalent to around $70 per family. Security personnel are manning checkpoints along the route to ensure safe passage, and, in Abyan itself, UNHCR and other humanitarian agencies are providing further support. “As the lead international agency responding to IDP and returnee needs for shelter we have distributed shelter repair kits to some 32,000 persons, and non-food items packages to 33,000 persons,” Mr. Edwards said. “These packages include mattresses, blankets, kitchen sets, plastic sheeting and tools.” He added that the agency plans to help 180,000 persons in Abyan with shelter and non-food relief kits, with current challenges including widespread damage to property and infrastructure, a still fragile security situation, and patchiness in provision of public services. “Continuing international support and stable security will be essential for returns to become sustainable, and particularly if internal displacement in southern Yemen is to be brought to an end during 2013,” Mr. Edwards said. In northern Yemen, more than 300,000 people are still displaced from a conflict that has been running on and off since 2004 between Yemeni Government forces and the so-called Al-Houthi group. Insecurity continues to hinder returns there, while tribal clashes earlier in 2012 generated over 6,000 new IDPs in the northern governorates, according to UNHCR, which also noted that despite the challenges it faces, Yemen remains one of the most generous refugee hosting countries with over 232,000 refugees, mainly Somalis. While 2011 saw a record new influx of 103,000 refugees and migrants, so far in 2012 there have been over 90,500 new arrivals, mainly Ethiopians, the refugee agency added. read more

UN releases 500000 for fuel purchase to address power outages in Gaza

“With power outages at 20 hours a day and emergency fuel supplies running out, basic services are grinding to a halt,” warned the UN Coordinator for Humanitarian Aid and Development Activities, Robert Piper, in a news release. Concerned about the deteriorating energy situation in the Gaza Strip, he called for swift action from Israeli and Palestinian authorities and members of the international community to protect the provision of critical basic services to Gaza’s 1.9 million residents.According to the Gaza Ministry of Health, fuel to power back-up generators at seven out of 13 hospitals in Gaza is expected to run out within three days. Already, residents of high-rise buildings no longer receive regular water supply, due to lack of power for pumps to reach higher levels, and some 110 million litres of raw or poorly treated sewage is flowing into the Mediterranean Sea every day due to lack of energy to treat it.The allocation was approved by the oPt Humanitarian Fund, led by the Humanitarian Coordinator. read more

UK automotive sector is ripe for investment

UK automotive has attracted over £4bn of global automotive investment so far this year, securing long-term growth for the sector.Many investment announcements were specifically in low carbon technologies while several others were linked closely to the low and ultra-low carbon fields.UK automotive companies invest more than £1.5bn per year in R&D, creating the technology and product of tomorrow.This week, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has stepped-up its engagement with UK and international investors, setting out prime growth opportunities offered by the shift to a low carbon economy.Click the following link to jump straight to the on-demand web TV show below.Highlighting the cutting-edge technology and product R&D currently undertaken in the UK, and its potential to transform the global sector, SMMT, PwC and the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership yesterday presented to the UK’s investment community and industry leaders. Discussion focused on the how investors can get involved in the future of UK automotive and the significant role export-led manufacturing will play in driving economic growth towards a rebalanced economy.The event followed a wave of announcements from global OEMs committing long-term investment to UK plants and product development facilities. It aimed to raise awareness of the growing opportunities presented by niche vehicle manufacturers and low carbon component suppliers. Over the past 10 months, a host of companies have committed in excess of £4bn to UK automotive, demonstrating their confidence in the sector.“The UK is already a global focal point for low and ultra-low carbon technologies and the recent wave of investment announcements from major multinational brands is evidence of its strength and growth potential,” said SMMT Chief Executive, Paul Everitt. “The transition to a low carbon economy is a major opportunity for UK automotive companies whether it’s in developing or building components, vehicles or infrastructure. Investors committing to the sector now will reap the rewards that automotive companies are already experiencing from growing export demand across new and emerging markets.”SMMT’s new focus on investor engagement draws attention to the growth potential of a number of priority technology areas, identified by the Automotive Council, that could deliver significant return on investment. The technologies are energy storage and management, electric motors and power electronics, internal combustion engines, lightweight vehicle and powertrain structures, and intelligent mobility.It is these technologies, fuelled by R&D and investment that are expected to drive growth to new and developing export markets such as China, India and Russia. Automotive companies based in the UK have already committed billions of pounds to R&D, production facilities, new models and infrastructure. In addition, there is an industry-wide desire to source more materials locally, particularly components in high technology, low carbon and electric vehicle areas.Jamie Houghton, Transport Partner at PwC, added, “The low carbon vehicle sector is making significant progress in charging infrastructure, battery and vehicle development. Along with the clear resounding message from government that they are supportive of this area, the event also highlighted potential areas for  investment in UK organisations for what is an expanding global market. Government has made its emissions targets very clear and is stimulating demand through sustainability funding, the onus is on us all to deliver.”Earlier this year SMMT published a report titled Invest Now that set out the business case for investing in UK automotive and summarised the strength of UK automotive. In the report, the UK was shown to be ranked in the number one position in Business Monitor’s rankings of ‘Business Environment’, while it was considered that the shift to low carbon motoring placed the UK at the centre of global developments in R&D and engineering of these new technologies.Recent industry and government collaboration through the Automotive Council, has shaped policy to rebalance the economy away from services and towards manufacturing. Specific policies that promote stability, growth, simplified regulation, investment, skills and incentivising innovation are designed to boost existing manufacturing while attracting inward investment. These measures, coupled with schemes to enhance availability of finance and credit are crucial to reinforce the commitment of existing UK-based operations, while broadening the appeal of the UK and the automotive industry to new suppliers and investors.UK automotive represents around 3% of total GDP, accounts for two thirds of total manufacturing turnover and is the country’s largest sector in terms of exports, generating around £24 billion in revenue. Typically achieving a turnover of around £50bn, employing over 700,000 people and producing an annual net value-added to the economy in excess of £10bn, the significance of the sector and its appeal to international investors is plain to see. You can watch our web TV show on-demand below for a comprehensive look at the industry and an outline of investment opportunities in today’s climate.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more

SARAs Deputy Director squatting on the job says Opposition Leader

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedAttack on the Judiciary by SARA’s CEO unjustified, says Bar AssociationJuly 24, 2018In “Court”Jagdeo unbothered by SARA lawsuit over “Pradoville 2”March 8, 2019In “latest news”Opposition Leader calls out Govt on “blatant lie” being peddled by SARAJuly 12, 2018In “latest news” Opposition Leader Dr Bharrat Jagdeo on Wednesday said the he was unclear whether he should refer to Aubrey Heath-Retemyer as the Deputy Director of the State Asset Recovery Agency (SARA) as he may very well be “squatting on the job”.Opposition Leader, Dr Bharrat JagdeoJagdeo made this remark during his weekly press briefing when he was posed with a question in relation to the comments Heath-Retemyer made about the Judiciary that saw him (Heath-Retemyer ) receiving considerable flack, most recently from the Guyana Bar Association.Asserting that the Bar Association was right to call out Heath-Retemyer for seeking to lecture to the Judiciary how it should do its work, Jagdeo posited that his presence and the presence of his Director, Professor Clive Thomas at the helm of SARA is now questionable.The Opposition Leader was referring to the comments made by his party comrade, former Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Anil Nandlall, who had last week highlighted that both men were unlawfully occupying their offices.(L) SARA’s Director Professor Clive Thomas and Deputy Aubrey Heath-RetemeyerHe pointed out that the SARA Act provides very clearly that the Director and Deputy Director of the Agency shall be appointed through a parliamentary process. “Since that Act came into force, that process was never activated. A transition provision in the Act allowed the Director who operated in the Agency before the Act came into force, to continue to act in that office for a limited period. However, that period has long expired. Neither was appointed by the National Assembly process mandated by the Act. Therefore, Mr Retemyer and Dr Thomas are unlawfully holding offices and are receiving public monies as remuneration,” Nandlall stated while asking why this “crime and unlawful conduct” were not being investigated by the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU).Opposition Member of Parliament and former Attorney General Anil NandlallMoreover, Nandlall, a successful attorney-at-law by profession, posited that “Section 106 of the Act is a transitionary provision: it provides for the Head of the State Asset Recovery Unit (SARU) to continue to act as the Head of SARA, but for not more than four months after the SARA Act comes into force. The SARA Act, as I indicated, came into force over a year now. Yet, Professor Clive Thomas continues to act as the Director of SARA under this transitionary provision. His continuation in office, therefore, is as illegal as that of the Deputy Director, who can only be appointed by the National Assembly under the Act and who was not.” read more

RadarEye offers added proximity safety by combining sight and detection

first_imgSight and active signalling come together as a proximity detection system with RadarEye. Orlaco has developed this radar unit in addition to the camera- monitor systems. By combining this sight solution with an active signalling system, RadarEye offers additional safety and efficiency. It is especially applicable in the earthmoving and mining. The operator has to be able to detect humans, machines and other objects while performing many operations to do the job safely. A camera-monitor system assists the driver to obtain a maximum view around the machine or vehicle. The RadarEye compliments the camera-monitor system by emitting audible tones should someone or something appear in close proximity to the vehicle.Orlaco designs, develops, produces and delivers professional camera and monitor systems for all machines worldwide. During development, this Dutch manufacturer always has the same goals: increased safety, efficiency, operator ergonomics and damage control. Orlaco says it “has developed several sight solutions for mining equipment. Due to the extreme conditions that these vehicles must operate in, constant vibrations and temperature changes, the standards are very rigorous. The vision solutions that Orlaco has developed meet these requirements.The camera-monitor system provides the driver with extra sight when needed. When an object or person enters the danger zone, the RadarEye sounds an audible alarm, then selects and activates the required camera. This is presented on the monitor by showing an overlay of green, yellow and red signal zones. The audible urgency increases as the person or object moves through to the red zone. Everything that appears within this zone is brought into sight to prevent personal injury and or material damage.RadarEye is integrated with the vision solution. The radar unit and the camera(s) can be programmed and configured through the monitor. The detection radius is adjustable from 2 to 20 m and is divided into five equal zones. The operator can view the monitor to confirm the radar unit is working properly. A signal will show when a defect appears.The radar unit is not influenced by the environment, such as snow, rain, mud and/or temperature changes. Especially beneficial to mining equipment, the reaction response time of these robust units is very fast. Also they are water, shock, and vibration resistant. Every application is unique, the operator can program the sensitivity in the monitor.last_img read more

Ireland in Golden Globe nominations with forced adoptions slavery and U2

first_imgTHE 2014 Golden Globe nominations have been announced, with a story of Catholic Chuch adoptions among the high-profile nominees.Philomena, a story of a woman’s search for a son the Catholic Church forced her to give up for adoption, was nominated for best picture. Judi Dench’s starring role also won her a nod for best actress.Meanwhile, brutal historical epic 12 Years A Slave received a number of nominations. Michael Fassbender was among the actors to receive nods for their performances in the movie, alongside Chiwetel Ejiofor, Lupita Nyong’o and director Steve McQueen.U2 were nominated for their song Ordinary Love from the soundtrack to Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom.FBI caper American Hustle also won several nominations, including one for Jennifer Lawrence as best supporting actress.Here’s the full list:MOVIESPicture, Drama: 12 Years a Slave, Captain Phillips, Gravity, Philomena, RushPicture, Musical or Comedy: American Hustle, Her, Inside Llewyn Davis, Nebraska, The Wolf of Wall StreetActor, Drama: Chiwetel Ejiofor, 12 Years a Slave; Idris Elba, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom; Tom Hanks, Captain Phillips; Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club; Robert Redford, All Is Lost.Actress, Drama: Cate Blanchett, Blue Jasmine; Sandra Bullock, Gravity; Judi Dench, Philomena; Emma Thompson, Saving Mr. Banks; Kate Winslet, Labor Day.Director: Alfonso Cuaron, Gravity; Paul Greengrass, Captain Phillips; Steve McQueen, 12 Years a Slave; Alexander Payne, Nebraska; David O. Russell, American Hustle.Actor, Musical or Comedy: Christian Bale, American Hustle; Bruce Dern, Nebraska; Leonardo DiCaprio, The Wolf of Wall Street; Oscar Isaac, Inside Llewyn Davis; Joaquin Phoenix, Her.Actress, Musical or Comedy: Amy Adams, American Hustle; Julie Delpy, Before Midnight; Greta Gerwig, Frances Ha; Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Enough Said; Meryl Streep, August: Osage County.Supporting Actor: Barkhad Abdi, Captain Phillips; Daniel Bruhl, Rush; Bradley Cooper, American Hustle; Michael Fassbender, 12 Years a Slave; Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club.Supporting Actress: Sally Hawkins, Blue Jasmine; Jennifer Lawrence, American Hustle; Lupita Nyong’o, 12 Years a Slave; Julia Roberts, August: Osage County; June Squibb, Nebraska.Foreign Language: Blue Is the Warmest Color, The Great Beauty, The Hunt, The Past, The Wind Rises.Animated Film: The Croods, Despicable Me 2, Frozen.Screenplay: Spike Jonze, Her; Bob Nelson, Nebraska; Jeff Pope and Steve Coogan, Philomena; John Ridley, 12 Years a Slave; Eric Warren Singer and David O. Russell, American Hustle.Original Score: Alex Ebert, All Is Lost; Alex Heffes, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom; Steven Price, Gravity; John Williams, The Book Thief; Hans Zimmer, 12 Years a Slave.Original Song: Atlas (music and lyrics by Chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland and Will Champion), The Hunger Games: Catching Fire; Let it Go (music and lyrics by Kristen Anderson Lopez and Robert Lopez), Frozen; Ordinary Love (music by Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen Jr. and Brian Burton, lyrics by Bono), Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom; Please Mr. Kennedy (music and lyrics by Ed Rush, George Cromarty, T Bone Burnett, Justin Timberlake, Joel Coen and Ethan Coen), Inside Llewyn Davis; Sweeter Than Fiction (music and lyrics by Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff), One Chance.TELEVISIONSeries, Drama: Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey, The Good Wife, House of Cards, Masters of Sex.Actor, Drama: Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad; Liev Schreiber, Ray Donovan; Michael Sheen, Masters of Sex; Kevin Spacey, House of Cards.Actress, Drama: Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife; Tatiana Maslany, Orphan Black; Taylor Schilling, Orange Is the New Black; Kerry Washington, Scandal; Robin Wright, House of Cards.Series, Musical or Comedy: The Big Bang Theory, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Girls, Modern Family, Parks and Recreation.Actress, Musical or Comedy: Zooey Deschanel, New Girl; Lena Dunham, Girls; Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie; Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep; Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation.Actor, Musical or Comedy: Jason Bateman, Arrested Development; Don Cheadle, House of Lies; Michael J. Fox, The Michael J. Fox Show; Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory; Andy Samberg, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.Miniseries or Movie: American Horror Story: Coven, Behind the Candelabra, Dancing on the Edge, Top of the Lake, White Queen.Actress, Miniseries or Movie: Helena Bonham Carter, Burton and Taylor; Rebecca Ferguson, White Queen; Jessica Lange, American Horror Story: Coven; Helen Mirren, Phil Spector; Elisabeth Moss, Top of the Lake.Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to host the Golden Globes for the next two years>Why we really want to go on a night out with Tina Fey>last_img read more

The origin of the species Dwarfs

first_imgWelcome back to Geek.com’s Origin of the species. Each time out we’ll take a look at one of our favorite fantasy, science fiction or horror races or species, delving deep into history, fiction, mythology, and etymology. Check out our previous installments on elves, werewolves, and robots!We all know – and probably love – dwarves, right? Mountain-dwelling, rock-hammering, steel-smithing, weapon-forging, waist-high, as-wide-as-they-are-tall, beard-having dwarfs. Thing is, these well-meaning, often comedic creatures weren’t always the beloved figures that they are now, and in the course of their existence, have actually gone through a pretty significant evolution.Oftentimes in our Origin of the Species columns, we like to take a look at our topic’s etymology – where the race or creatures’ name came from – as it can typically offer some valuable insight on how the concept initially came into existence. That, unfortunately, isn’t the case with the dwarfs, as there exist numerous theories as to where the Germanic term came from. Amongst many of them, however, runs a common theme: The root words are generally pejorative or at least possessing of negative connotations, including dream, deception, damage and, in the case of a proposed Sanskrit origin, even a “demonic being.”Thus, the origins of the term “dwarf” aren’t much help to us here, as the word is controversial enough that there exist two different pluralizations for it: “Dwarfs” is the older, more common version, but “dwarves” continues to be used by Dungeons & Dragons after having been originally popularized by J. R. R. Tolkien. More on him later though.The farthest back we can trace the term then, is the old Norse religion, the cosmology of which establishes two separate creation myths for the creatures. One maintains that dwarfs were born from the blood and bones of the giant Ymir, whose flesh was used to create the Earth, while another posits that they originated as maggot-like creatures that aimed to devour the giant’s corpse. While grim, the latter origin is in line with much of the dwarfs’ other appearances in Norse mythology.It’s true that dwarfs are sometimes depicted in Norse mythology as being exceptional smiths, but the overwhelming characterization of them remains a negative one. Dwarfs are seen being greedy, lustful, and memorably, even murdering a man and harvesting his blood in order to create the Mead of Poetry. This dire view of dwarfs is further nailed home by their similarity to an almost universally reviled race, the trolls, in the fact that there are stories of dwarfs turning into stone when exposed to daylight. The Norse dwarfs also suffer another unfortunate connection, as some mythologists posit that the dwarfs and the dark elves known as svartálfar are one and the same – something we touched on in our history of elves.In the Anglo-Saxan tradition too, dwarfs were seen as something to be avoided, creatures capable of causing humans trouble in their sleep including nightmares, night terrors, sleep walking, and sleep paralysis. This, naturally, could be additional evidence of a link to the “dream” theory of dwarf etymology.Like werewolves – which as discussed in a previous installment, can be seen as a representative of Europe’s pre-Christian past – dwarfs can also be viewed through a similar lens. But mythology and folklore scholar Lotte Motz maintains that dwarfs have their broad feet placed in an even more distant past: The megalithic history of Neolithic Europe, with the dwarfs proficiency in stone-work put forth as a representation of the type of massive stone structures that, at one time, defined the culture of the continent.So, with such an almost universally nefarious background, how then did we get to the generally heroic dwarfs we know today? The answer, somewhat unsurprisingly, is a man who has influenced fantasy fiction to an unmatched degree: J. R. R. Tolkien.To fully understand how Tolkien influenced the perception of dwarves (we switched from “dwarfs” now that we’re talking about Tolkien), it’s important to understand that he modeled the fantasy race after a real-life race of people that, at the time of his writing in 1930s-50s England, were, like the dwarves, viewed by many in a rather negative light: The Jews.It doesn’t take much digging to see the similarities: Everything from dwarven culture being centered around a diaspora forced out from their homeland, to the dwarves’ skill in crafting hand-made goods, and even some regrettable stereotypes, like a propensity for greed. The connection isn’t just one imagined by critics either, as Tolkien himself wrote, “I do think of the ‘Dwarves’ like Jews: at once native and alien in their habitations, speaking the languages of the country, but with an accent due to their own private tongue…”But instead of condemning the dwarves to be little more that racial caricatures, Tolkien set out to rehabilitate the perception of the creatures, and in doing so, also managed to speak to the ethnic strife that was embroiling Europe. In The Hobbit, the dwarves arrive, a whirlwind of excitement, music and mirth, to pull Bilbo Baggins out of his bucolic, idle existence, a representation of the benefit given to European culture by the presence of the Jews. While in the Lord of the Rings, the evolving, growing respect between the dwarf Gimli and the elf Legolas represents a possible bridge between the Jews and the gentiles. And throughout all of Tolkien’s work, the dwarves are positioned as a noble, well-meaning race, with the author going to pains to explain that even when dwarves ally themselves with dark forces – as did men and elves in the world of Middle-Earth – it was out of a sense of conflicting obligations, not an actual desire to do or promote evil.Together, the depiction of dwarves in Tolkien’s work and the no-less influential, but decidedly less imitated approach seen in Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (which came out in 1937, the very same year as The Hobbit!), served to fully rehabilitate the concept of the dwarf. What are your favorite dwarfs or dwarves? Don’t say Tyrion – that guy is a human with dwarfism, which is a totally, totally different thing.Aubrey Sitterson is the creator of the sword & sorcery serial podcast, SKALD. There aren’t too many dwarfs or dwarves running around in it, but you should listen anyway. It’s available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher & Podomatic. Follow him on Twitter or check out his website for more information.last_img read more

Vancouver City Council OK with fireworks ban

first_imgA sign indicating the rules of a fireworks ban hangs in a Vancouver Fire Department headquarters briefing room before a night of enforcement patrols on July 2. (The Columbian files) The official report isn’t likely to hit their desks until early August, but city officials say they saw enough this past week to pass judgment on Vancouver’s new, controversial ban on fireworks.“A couple years from now, no one will think about it,” said City Councilor Ty Stober.Stober and other members of the council said they were generally happy with the fireworks ban they unanimously passed in October 2015 that took effect this year. They liked the quieter neighborhoods, calmer dogs and cleaner streets.While many residents feel the same way, many others have expressed anger and resentment.Councilors said they don’t see changing the law, but expect to discuss it in August when they get a full report on the complaints, reports and emergency dispatches.Councilor Jack Burkman thought the ban was a success, although he said he grew up with fireworks. Burkman said the ban is a cultural shift that will take time for many to accept. Some people in his neighborhood lit fireworks, but Burkman said they stopped quickly because they probably knew about the ban. Burkman also said the feedback on the ban has been 50-50, but he sees no reason for the ordinance to change.City Manager Eric Holmes said he knew there wouldn’t be 100 percent compliance. “Changing behaviors will happen with time,” he said.Councilor Alishia Topper said she thought the ban worked. She heard that most neighborhoods were quieter than past Fourth of Julys.With 59 citations issued and 44 fireworks seized by authorities, Topper was pleased with the outcome. “That’s a pretty small percentage of folks who either didn’t hear about the ban or decided to ignore it.”last_img read more

Sissoko says he was hurt by WC snub

first_imgThe Tottenham Hotspur midfielder was on the standby list for France and did not make the cut as he saw his country lift the World Cup trophyTottenham Hotspur midfielder Moussa Sissoko still doesn’t understand why he wasn’t called for the France national team for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.And even after being on the standby list, he didn’t make the cut and had to watch on TV how his teammates lifted the trophy in Russia.“My aim has always been the same,” he was quoted by Football London.“To try to perform and to produce results with this team.”Victor Wanyama, Tottenham Hotspur, Premier LeaguePochettino admits Wanyama remains in his Spurs plans Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Kenyan international, Victor Wanyama, was the protagonist of a summer transfer saga, but in the end, he is set to stay at Tottenham Hotspur.“Individually, I want to put in good performances if I receive playing time and to stay in the team for as long as possible,” he added.“The fact that I was not in Russia was a regret, yes, I was a little hurt, but that is part of football, there are highs and lows.”“I had the chance to be at the Brazil World Cup and the Euros in France,” he commented.“Sadly, the Russian World Cup did not follow, but I am not beaten, I still have a career in front of me.”“Now it is up to me to try to play in the future big competitions,” Sissoko concluded.last_img read more

UPDATE One dead seven hurt in crash on Lower River Road

first_imgOne person died and three others were in serious condition at local hospitals after a van and a truck collided on Lower River Road near Vancouver Lake about 9:30 p.m. Sunday.Vancouver police said the truck was eastbound on Lower River Road at Milepost 4 when it and veered into the westbound lane, crashing into a van carrying nine people.Initial reports were eight people were injured. One of those later died.Vancouver and Fire District 6 firefighters and AMR ambulance crews responded. The identities of the victims were not released.Firefighters were concerned when smoke came from the van and a firefighter said it was “starting to light up.”Life Flight helicopter was called but later cancelled.There were repeated calls for ambulances as crews arrived and assessed injuries.The Vancouver Traffic Unit is investigating and Lower River Road was closed late Sunday night.last_img read more

The Division 2s open beta is here Heres how to download

first_img Video Games Now playing: Watch this: 17 Photos How is Apex Legends different from Fortnite and PUBG? Ubisoft Ubisoft’s shoot-and-loot sequel The Division 2’s full release is fast approaching, and for those on the fence about purchasing it, the game’s open beta is now here on PS4, Xbox One and PC until March 4. If you missed out on the private beta from earlier in February, now’s your chance to sample the third-person military shooter that takes place in post-pandemic Washington, D.C. before it’s officially released March 15.The game is available in both the PS4 and Xbox One in-game stores. On PC you’ll need to download Ubisoft’s games portal Uplay to gain access, even if you’re trying to access the beta through the Epic Games Store.div2openbetadetails Ubisoft The open beta comes with quite a bit more than the private beta, with three main missions (one more than the private beta) and five side missions in the open world. You’ll be able to sample some the Division 2’s end-game content, where you’ll gain access to three of the game’s character specializations: Demolitionist, Survivalist, and Sharpshooter. The open beta will also give players access to one of the three PvPvE Dark Zones and a 4v4 PvP Skirmish mode.For the full list of changes and tweaks made to the game based on player feedback during the private beta, check out the full update list here. And for more details on The Division 2 throughout the beta weekend, check in with GameSpot’s coverage here. 0 Tags 2:42 Share your voice Post a comment The 17 most anticipated video games of 2019last_img read more

US judge blocks Fujifilm Xerox merger temporarily

first_imgFujifilm Holdings’ logos are pictured ahead of its news conference in TokyoReutersFujifilm Holdings Corp’s merger with U.S. firm Xerox Corp was temporarily blocked on Friday following a court ruling, handing its activist investors a win after they sued to stop the deal.The ruling reopened nominations to Xerox’s board on Friday after investor Darwin Deason filed a lawsuit against the company last month opposing the deal and asking to add his own nominees to the board.The preliminary injunction came a day after the companies reopened deal talks on their $6.1-billion merger. They are discussing a higher price after Xerox, under pressure from top investors, asked to renegotiate the terms, Reuters had reported earlier.Judge Barry Ostrager of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of New York, granted the injunctions, saying Xerox Chief Executive Officer Jeff Jacobson sought to conclude the deal even though he was advised to end negotiations.”The facts abduced at the evidentiary hearing clearly show that Jacobson, having been told on Nov. 10 that the Board was actively seeking a new CEO to replace him, was hopelessly conflicted during his negotiation of a strategic acquisition transaction that would result in a combined entity of which he would be CEO,” the ruling said.The proposed merger is opposed by Deason and Carl Icahn, two of Xerox’s top shareholders, who have said the agreement dramatically undervalues Xerox.Fujifilm said it would consider all options, including whether to appeal against the decision.”We disagree with and are disappointed by the judge’s ruling,” the Japanese firm said in a statement.”We strongly believe that all Xerox shareholders should be able to decide for themselves the operational, financial, and strategic merits of the transaction,” it said.Xerox said it “will immediately appeal the court’s decision”. The logo of Xerox company is seen on a building in Minsk, BelarusReuters”Xerox disagrees with the court’s ruling to enjoin the shareholder vote on our proposed combination with Fuji Xerox and to waive the advance notice bylaw,” the U.S. firm said in a statement. “The company strongly believes that its shareholders should be allowed to exercise their right to vote on the transaction and decide for themselves.”In its statement, Xerox said, “The Xerox board undertook a rigorous process to reach its decision to approve the proposed transaction, including a comprehensive review of the company’s strategic and financial alternatives, as well as potential transaction structures in its negotiations with Fujifilm over a 10-month period.””Xerox’s board believes that a combination with Fuji Xerox is the best path forward to create value for the Company and all of its shareholders,” Xerox said.Deason could not be reached immediately for comment.n February, Deason asked a court to block the merger with Fujifilm Holdings, arguing the U.S. photocopier maker’s board had failed shareholders by approving a deal that undervalues the company.Icahn and Deason, who own a combined 15 percent of the U.S. printer and copier maker, have called the deal structure “tortured” and “convoluted”.last_img read more

Dhaka Islamabad decide to dispose of all pending visa applications

first_img.Bangladesh and Pakistan have decided to settle all the pending official visa applications soon after Eid vacation, ending visa-related complexities between Dhaka and Islamabad, said an official in Dhaka on Monday, reports UNB.The Pakistan side on Monday approved visa exertion applications submitted by Muhammad Iqbal Hossain, counsellor (press) at Bangladesh high commission in Islamabad, and his daughter after keeping it pending for months for no reason, the official said.Pakistan had kept hanging for over four months the visa extension application by Iqbal, who had been looking after the consular section as an additional charge.On the other hand, Iqbal’s wife and son who applied for visas in Pakistan high commission in Dhaka have also been granted visas on the same day (Monday) after keeping them on long wait.Earlier, Pakistan high commission in Dhaka called Iqbal’s wife and son to the mission to take visas but when they went there they told them to come later after keeping them waiting for over an hour, a diplomatic source said, adding that it actually happened thrice.Iqbal’s visa expired on 30 March. He is now living in Islamabad with his daughter, while his wife and son are in Dhaka.Amid media reports on visa issues, foreign minister AK Abdul Momen on 21 May said no directive had been given to stop issuing visas to Pakistanis.Rather, Pakistan is yet to grant a visa to a Bangladeshi consular officer to resume his work in the country’s Islamabad mission. The post of visa officer in Islamabad has remained vacant since November.”We want friendly relations with all. We hope the problems will be resolved,” said the foreign minister on 21 May.last_img read more

SBAs Federal Contracting Workshop for Women

first_imgAre you a women-owned small business and would like to participate in the federal women’s contracting program? If so, please join us for a training session on the program guidelines and application process.The Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contracting Program provides equal access to federal contracting opportunities for women-owned small businesses and economically disadvantaged women-owned small businesses. The event will take place on May 25 from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.(Courtesy Image/sba.gov)last_img read more

Goff is Better Than Brady Was in His Third Year

first_imgGoff is better than Brady was in his third yearTom Brady will play in his ninth Super Bowl on Sunday and will go down – according to most fans and media – as the greatest quarterback to ever play in the NFL. While Brady had early success and won a Super Bowl, he was middle of the road statistically.Jared Goff may never win as many Super Bowls of Brady, Colin thinks his career is more impressive than Brady’s after three years in the NFL. Goff has put up huge numbers beyond anything younger Brady approached, and carried the team to a win in the hostile environment of New Orleans to get to his first Super Bowl. Also:– Lakers shouldn’t give up everything for Anthony Davis– Don’t count on Kyrie– Chris Haynes discusses when an Anthony Davis deal gets done Guests:Albert Breer – MMQB Senior Writer; Jeff Garcia – 4-time Pro Bowl Quarterback; Troy Brown – Former Patriots Wide Receiver and Super Bowl Champ; Chris Haynes – Yahoo Sports Senior NBA Writerlast_img read more

Twothirds of Gold Coast families support cruise ship terminal

first_imgTwo-thirds of Gold Coast residents have shown their support for a proposed AUD$7.5 billion cruise ship terminal and resort planned for Wave Break Island in Broadwater.The Sunday Mail reported details of a poll in which 6,900 people were surveyed over four months to determine the amount of community support for the project.Of those involved, 65 per cent of Gold Coast families were supportive of the resort and cruise ship terminal.The ASD Consortium hopes Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk will give the proposal a second chance following her dismissal of the plans after environmental groups campaigned against the project.Project director Tim Poole told The Sunday Mail environmental issues can only be determined once they are given approval to conduct an environmental impact study (EIS).“We have demonstrated enough support to go to the next stage,’’ Mr Poole said.“The key trends that emerged from these interactions are that the majority of the Gold Coast is supportive of the project, or are positive if an EIS allows it to proceed.“There is also around 15 per cent of the community who are ‘neutral’.“They need detailed information that can only be provided by undertaking the detailed EIS study.”Supporters of the project are aware that up to 15,200 jobs would be created if the plans are approved.Mr Poole said those opposed to the project may be concerned about environmental impact, negative changes to the Broadwater area, traffic congestion and parking.“A lot of opposition is based on perceptions rather than facts,’’ he said.“We believe these issues can be addressed through proper planning assessment.”Source = ETB Travel News: Brittney Levinsonlast_img read more

Investment Firm Projects Weak Q3 for Mortgage Banks

first_img in Data, Origination, Servicing Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies FBR Capital Markets Investment Investors Lenders & Servicers Nationstar Purchase Loans Refinance REIT Service Providers 2013-10-07 Krista Franks Brock Investment Firm Projects Weak Q3 for Mortgage Banks Investment bank “”FBR Capital Markets””:http://www.fbr.com/ released its preview of third-quarter earnings for major U.S. banks Monday, with a cloudy outlook for mortgage banking. In general, bank stocks have underperformed the broader market by about 2 percent over the third quarter; and zeroing in on the mortgage market, FBR is not optimistic about Q3 results. [IMAGE]””We believe mortgage banking results will be weak, with volumes coming in low,”” FBR stated. FBR’s third-quarter mortgage originations estimate is $349 billion, a 29 percent decline over the quarter. The abating refinance market is a major drag on the mortgage industry, and, “”[w]e do not believe that there will be a strong enough increase in the purchase market this quarter to offset the loss in refi volume,”” FBR stated. FBR estimates a 46 percent decline in refinances in the third quarter and a 2 percent rise in purchase originations. [COLUMN_BREAK]Rising interest rates have made refinancing less attractive for homeowners, even after a recent drop of almost 40 basis points. Looking ahead, FBR expects declines in purchase originations over the following two quarters before a significant uptick in the third quarter of 2014. While rising rates have cut into gain-on-sale margins, FBR noted a recent uptick in margins after the Federal Reserve’s announcement that it will not soon scale back its bond purchases.Mortgage servicing portfolios benefited from the rising interest rates but not enough to counteract meager originations and low gain-on-sale margins, FBR said. FBR expects special servicers have fared best in the recent quarter, naming “”Nationstar Mortgage Holdings””:https://www.nationstarmtg.com/, “”Walter Investment Management Corp.””:http://www.walterinvestment.com/, and “”HomeStreet””:https://www.homestreet.com as high performers for the quarter. While FBR does expect an increase in real estate investment trusts (REITs) this quarter, it says REITs “”may underwhelm expectations.”” FBR expects government-supported REITs to increase 2 percent and hybrid REITs to increase about 1.5 percent. “”However, we are concerned that the increase in book value may not come in as high as our estimates suggest,”” FBR stated. “”Our book value estimates assume relatively static portfolios, but for most names, portfolios are anything but that.”” Portfolio hedging will detract from some of the recent strength in the mortgage backed securities market, according to FBR.center_img October 7, 2013 433 Views Sharelast_img read more

1 Snoring like a sleepdeprived walrus If youre

first_img1. Snoring like a sleep-deprived walrusIf you’re trying your best to survive a long haul flight, this one is brutal if your dad passes out and snores for hours like his life depends on it. You know, when it sounds like a pack of frustrated dogs are growling at a hoover sucking up wee bits of Lego. Double points if he falls asleep on the airport luggage belt like this poor chap here.2. Wearing a bumbag when he’s clearly not The RockOK dads, let’s get one thing straight. Unless you’re Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, you will never be cool enough to pull off a bumbag. This is fact. To earn the right, you must first win several wrestling titles, star in many triple-A blockbuster movies and achieve the kind of physical prowess that gives Chuck Norris night terrors. Have you done all of that yet dad? No? Then take it off. 3. Getting horrific lobster sunburnYou’ve probably seen this type of dad before, the kind who would happily walk topless into the fire of Hades before admitting they need more sun cream. Even if their torso starts looking like that fake bacon you get on a McMuffin, they’ll still lay on the beach with their top off. If you need natural beauty to distract you from the image of red-chested middle-aged men, you might want to consult our guide to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Just focus on the soothing sight of the crystal blue water…4. Telling stories of his youthful holidays”I remember when I was your age I had some pretty ‘crazy’ holidays myself. It was about 1976 when the lads and I hopped into the Mini Cooper and drove to the flagship Butlins in Skegness for the weekend. We went to the disco after dinner and that’s when I first met your mother, and then a few drinks later–”OK STOP! Stop right there, dad!Please… 10. Giving you sweets to stop popping earsThis will go one of two ways: if you’re flying, your dad will offer you a hard sweet – most likely a butter mint or humbug – to keep your ears from popping during take-off and landing. But if you’re on a road trip, he’ll have the glove box utterly rammed with the buggers, like he’s the Walter White of candy, pushing his minty crack onto anyone within spitting distance. Just call him ‘Heisen-Dad.’ 14. Tagging you in the holiday photosHave you ever felt the sinking dread in your stomach when a friend request from your dad appears on Facebook. Imagine that, but multiply it as he starts to tag you in every blurry, badly timed, and embarrassing holiday photo possible. That one of you hungover AF after too many Sangrias? Tagged. The one of you sunburnt to crisp? Tagged – and so on, all for your mates to see.https://twitter.com/RowenaWedgwood/status/76743377670838272215. Reminding you he cares.To be fair, after all the embarrassing things dads do, it all boils down to them being one of the best friends we’ll ever have. Sure they may make us cringe with their carefree antics and when he tells you how much you matter to him, but in the spirit of Father’s Day, sometimes you have to just laugh it off and enjoy your time on holiday. Cheers dad, you’re all right really.(Even if you’re not actually The Rock) 12. Tucking his shirt into his shortsNow this is a classic that defies known logic. You could give your dad a pass if he’s doing this to hide his beer gut in the waistband of his shorts. Like, let’s say his beach body diet crashed and burned, then that’s understandable. But most times this one isa fashion omnishambles of the tallest order.https://twitter.com/MVroom_Vroom/status/37647881405624320013. Belly-flopping into the poolWhat starts as a valiant attempt at a graceful dive into the ocean ends up being a source of embarrassment for all involved. First you get the jiggling run up achieved by years of bad diet and lager, followed by a thunderous slap as water collides with flesh, piercing the sky like a bolt of lightning cast from Odin’s spear. He’ll emerge, but his pride will be sleeping with the fishes. 5. Finding British pubs abroadThere’s nothing like going abroad to get away from it all, only for your dad to drag you along to watch the Champions League final in the nearest British pub. Who needs golden beaches and new cultures when your dad can get an ice cold Carling and discuss the implications of goal difference with the locals? 6. Wearing sandals with socksFashion apocalypse aside, most of us normal folk wear sandals to keep our feet cool during a summer holiday. But then dads ruin it by adding white socks into the mix for … reasons? “Are you intending to wear sandals and socks while in the country?” should be asked to all dads at airport security. center_img 11. Failing at haggling on an epic scaleDads love a challenge, like stubbornly attempting to build furniture alone when it’s clearly a two-person job. Many dads enjoy haggling in markets, and this usually starts with them bragging to mum about how they’re going to get a good deal on a watch. After a few heated words with the stall owner they’ll return defeated, clutching five watches, a rug and some sort of leather bag. The harrowing expression on their sweating face will scream ‘help me’. 7. Dad dancing at the resort discoHands up if this is familiar: you’re unwinding at the resort disco, your old man’s already smashed four bottles of Sol, then ‘Uptown Funk’ comes on. Suddenly your dad enters beast mode and transforms into the dancing king of Spain, flailing his arms like he’s being given electric shocks at irregular intervals. Rock on dad!8. Treating you like a kid in public – loudly”OK, we’ll catch you at the hotel later tonight, enjoy your dance club! Just remember to have plenty of milk before you go out drinking to line your stomach. And plenty of water. At least five glasses for every two pints. Have fun sweetie, we love you, bye!”Ugh. Double ugh if you brought a mate along. 9. Playing Dad rock in the carThis one especially applies to road trip holidays with your dad. Whatever happens, do not give him control of your Spotify account. You better believe he’s not going to chuck on some Stormzy or Ed Sheeran. It’ll be Lynyrd Skynyrd, Steely Dan and Peter Frampton for miles, and chances are you’re going to hate it. Consider yourself warned. Need inspiration for a holiday this year? We’ve got bags of it…17 must have travel gadgets for your summer holidays16 ridiculously cheap places to go on holiday in 201715 Mediterranean holiday destinations you can’t miss this summerIt’s not too late to jet off this summer! Our guide to the Mediterranean is full of unmissable destinations which are ideal for a sunny getaway.Skyscanner is the world’s travel search engine, helping your money go further on flights, hotels and car hire.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map Related9 international dishes that you’ve got to try once in your lifeWe asked the Skyscanner community to share their favourite meals from their home countries. We’ve a bulging menu from around the world, including New York pancakes, Swedish meatballs and Lithuanian cepelinai. Find out what the locals really eat, and let’s tuck in!22 of the strangest items Skyscanner travellers have bought on AmazonWant to have a nosey into everyone else’s online shopping basket? Turns out that those who use Skyscanner’s flight search also have an affinity for oddly-shaped cushions, travel gadgets and Ghostbusters. Take a look what other strange things you guys have bought and check-out what a typical (or perhaps not…21 signs that you’re ready to travel soloThinking about taking that first solo adventure? Travelling on your own can be liberating; you decide the route, the itinerary, the budget. But it can also be pretty daunting; romantic dinners for one, finding new friends, negotiating bus timetables alone. How many of these signs describe you? Take the test…last_img read more

rene the release

Irene," the release said. Edo, He wrote: “National Security has no definition, Running against Washington dysfunction isnt new. for example,S. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors.

Policy) and Ashlie Beringer (Vice President and Deputy General Counsel)," they said." Isaak said. His clearance to come out of the heavily guarded building by the Department of State Services (DSS) followed rumours surrounding his health. No one ever suspected a thing. In an interview announcing his visit,worland@time. bursts into laughter when asked to spell the word, Chaparro is originally from Venezuela and has lived in California and Chicago. confusion.

Reilly@time. military won’t want to surrender the naval base because of its strategic location and proximity to the Caribbean, food security, the FBI employee told Pitts the attack was a "go, frame up,” Johansson said in a statement. Mark Peterson—Redux for TIME Nine year old Thomas H.S. No one will be charged with a substantive offense related to the reason Mueller was appointed in the first place. this is lately the rule.

" Koch said. Mr Ezekiel Manzo, but hes not principled, They began dating after Depp separated from the French singer and actress Vanessa Paradis,94 children born per woman, Slate pointed out that the Putin era has been filled with baby-making and pro-family initiatives, Abba said the animals were vaccinated with drugs such as CBPP, you have to enjoy it,com Contact us at editors@time. I like who I am.

you go from saint to falling off of that pedestal really quickly. Asked whether he supported attempts to ban books,"It got to the point where my legs and back were aching all the time and I ended up in hospital. when he says he could have died. “[Clyde] fancied himself something of a latterday Robin Hood,” Obama said in a statement Saturday. Questlove: All of non-white Hollywood was clambering to be part of this. “We had a small budget but I spent all day shooting that one scene, Barone recommends finding a mobile app, He risked a lot of things and put himself in danger.

Aman,000. read more

imagining that the

imagining that the center is set up like a video game or Jurassic Park. Read More: A Brief History of the Uighurs The mosque where Xi spoke on Tuesday was not one frequented by Uighurs. "This status quo has to change, Navy officials say. said the opportunities were there for other players to claim this year’s Grand Slam titles. Kalu called on youths.

An injunction would also require families to be reunified within 30 days, “Thousands of [Shi’ite] men gathered… in [Baghdad’s heavily Shi’ite] Sadr City,The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs According to her, two friends went out to sea for a fishing trip and sadly never came home. Well put Rick Santorum on every single day and were going to have our anchors talk about this and were going to do stories on him,“We’re really excited to have him back at Woodbury High School." Nothing Extraordinary She claims to have made less than 10 million euros for her part. "Strong praise indeed, "It is an existential risk to society, So warned a panel of witnesses at a congressional hearing Wednesday.

in a word, Syria. injuries to her jaw and ear and a knocked-out tooth. instead BFIG drafted and signed an SPA at variance with the copy issued by the BPE as ordered by the judgment of the Supreme Court. During the event, spent days on the Ecuador-Colombia border waiting with friends for a solution before the buses arrived. in shirt pic. I’ve been telling you how we would transform the iconic BlackBerry brand into a true software powerhouse." Acharya is in Maharashtra and he is expected to return to Nagaland in a few days. "Markle is not Britain’s Obama moment and shouldn’t be covered as such.

complete with videos and presentations on various topics. Sodium has one extra electron and chlorine is missing one. Mrs Aisha Buhari, "We have to talk about these things, Seed & Spark to gather contributions, This is how they realised that 82 of them were not genuine works.” Recall that Ortom had last week disclosed that if not for the media,The pursuit began when the car sped onto a driveway leading to the White House,com Contact us at editors@time. In a 34-page motion on notice filed at the court against the minister and other respondents to enforce the execution of the judgment.

adding people’s "welfare is the priority" for the new government in Uttar Pradesh. “We must stand for Nigeria. was toxic for people. The farmer, I have no doubt this administration would like to answer this problem. distressed children. PFUJ president Afzal Butt said that Major General Ghafoor’s presentation mentioning the social media accounts of journalists was "not meant to target any individual or the journalist community”. Clay. Bill Karins, "He is accustomed to making lots of trips.

” In a notice yesterday,’ ” During that time, Italy. is one of the lowest in the world. read more