Two former Nelson Leafs ready to battle at 2013 Crescent Point Energy Western Canada Cup

first_imgThe inaugural Crescent Point Energy Western Canada Cup is a five-team tournament consisting of the four league champions — Yorkton Terriers (SJHL), Surrey Eagles (BCHL, Brooks Bandits (AJHL) and Steinbach Pistons (MJHL) and host Nanaimo Clippers.The top two teams advance to the Royal Bank Cup National Championship in Summerside, PEI.In his first season with the Bandits, Newman finished the regular season with 10 goals and seven assists in 52 games.The native of Saugus, CA, had a one goal in the playoffs.Brooks earned a first round bye in the 2013 AJHL Gas Drive Playoffs for the second straight year as Regular Season Champions.  Brooks was victorious over the Drumheller Dragons to earn their spot in the South Division Final.  The Bandits battled the Okotoks Oilers in a seven game series to claim the South Division Title and advance to the League Final. The Brooks Bandits are the defending AJHL Champions after claiming their first League Championship in 2012. There is going to be two former Nelson Leaf teammates battling it out at the 2013 Crescent Point Energy Western Canada Cup in Nanaimo beginning Saturday in the Island City.After Patrick Martens booked his ticket to the Island City with the Yorkton Terriers, forward Nick Newman found a seat on the Junior A Hockey Tournament bus after the Brooks Bandits won the 2013 AJHL Gas Drive Cup in front of a hometown crowd of 2,700.Newman and the Bandits defeated the Spruce Grove Saints 6-5 Saturday in overtime to clinch the series in five games.last_img read more

Carter awaits his fate

first_imgA three-man International Olympic Committee (IOC) disciplinary panel is deliberating the fate of Jamaica sprinter Nesta Carter after a hearing for the re-testing of an adverse analytical finding from the 2008 Beijing Olympics was held at the IOC headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, on Monday. The hearing, which is also in accordance with the eight years storage provision in the participation rules of the 2008 Beijing Games, saw Carter being represented by Kate Gallafint of London-based legal firm Blackstone Chambers. She was instructed by Kendrah Potts of the law firm Mishon de Reya, which has offices in London and New York. The IOC was represented by legal officer Jean-Pierre Morand and Dr Richard Budgett, medical and scientific director. Both parties presented their cases to the three-man panel consisting of Denis Oswald (chairman), Gunillia Lindberg, and Urgur Erdner. In a release yesterday, the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) said president Mike Fennell was also in attendance. Carter and his local attorney, Stuart Stimpson, participated via video link. In June, Carter failed an anti-doping test for the banned stimulant methylhexanamine when traces of the drug were found in his A and B samples. This after frozen blood and urine samples from the 2008 Summer Olympics were retested by the IOC. Carter and the Jamaica 4×100 metres team, which included Usain Bolt, Asafa Powell, and Michael Frater, stand to lose their relay gold medal if Carter is found guilty. Bolt completed a historic triple at the recent Rio de Janeiro Olympic to end his Olympic career with nine gold medals. The sprint idol could now have his legacy dented if he has to give up one of his gold medals. FAILED TESTlast_img read more

What Is God Saying about Ebola?

first_imgMany Liberians claim to be depending on God to protect them from the outbreak of the Ebola Virus, but are on the other hand holding unto mindsets and attitudes completely opposite to the mindset and attitudes God wants them to have towards such a contagious and infectious disease.Many believe they don’t need to take any extra care because God will protect them. Others believe that there is no need to do so because God has already decided who will live and who will die. These beliefs, mindsets and attitudes are completely false, misleading and are lies from the pit of hell… meant to ignorantly destroy the lives of those who hold such thinking and put the lives of many others at risk.Sickness and Diseases did not originate from God; they are the result of man’s SIN (disobedience, negligence, carelessness, failure to follow instructions, wickedness, etc.) that has shortened his life and made his body vulnerable to all kinds of weaknesses and external factors… including that of deadly viruses, that eventually leads to his death (Genesis 2 & 3). Because of disobedience, God may remove aspects of His protective covering from over a people. When this happens, they become exposed to afflictions like sicknesses and diseases… until they learn. (Num.12).Sickness and Diseases do not bring glory to God. God is glorified when we are healed, but He is not in the business of afflicting people just to receive glory from healing them. God is totally against sickness and diseases because they destroy His beloved creation and hinder His perfect will for man. This is why scripture says He anointed Jesus Christ to heal sickness and diseases (Matt. 8:23, Matt. 4:18). Though man will return to the dust, God’s preferred will is that he lives a full healthy life… to a ripe old age (Gen. 25:8, Psa. 90:10).We must know that when it comes to protecting us, God never leaves us out of it. In order for us to demonstrate how serious we are about our own protection, God gives us protective guidelines and principles to follow. These guidelines and principles become our part of the responsibility in His effort to protect us.In the case of infectious and contagious diseases for example, God has given guidelines and principles in His Word to follow in preventing their spread among people. Instructions like washing hands, feet, entire body and clothes are all common biblical cleanliness/health instructions. Other instructions like (1) reporting oneself to health authorities if suspected of having signs of a deadly infectious disease, (2) being tested by medical authorities, (3) being confined or quarantined if tested positive (4) burning of infected clothing and materials, etc., are all given by God to us as our part of the responsibility in His effort to protect us from such highly infectious diseases. Praying for the sick, for health workers and authorities, for the communities, for our families and our own selves are all further instructions.At the back are instructions (guidelines and principles) found in the Book of Leviticus, given by God outlining how the society and health authorities in Israel were to prevent the spread of Leprosy, a disease that was also highly infectious. These measures were given as principles to also be used in case of the outbreak of other similar infectious and contagious diseases like Ebola.When you read those verses of scripture, you will realize that God is saying He expects us to play the natural role given us by Him for our own protection… and He will play the supernatural role regarding our protection.Biblical Laws (Principles) Concerning Dreaded Skin Diseases (Or Highly Infectious/Contagious Diseases)The below passages outline guidelines that God gave Israel to follow in containing the infectious disease of Leprosy. It was also written to give us a clear picture of the type of attitude and actions God wants us to take towards highly infectious diseases… including that of EBOLA. (The comments in bold in parenthesis were added for broader understanding.)LEVITICUS 13:1-52 & 14:54-571 The Lord gave Moses and Aaron these regulations (guidelines & principles). 2 If anyone has a sore on his skin or a boil or an inflammation (or signs & symptoms of a disease) which could develop into a dreaded skin disease (or a highly infectious/contagious disease like Ebola), he shall be brought to the Aaronite priest (to the hospital to see a Doctor). 3 The priest (the Doctor) shall examine the sore (do a test), and if the hairs in it have turned white and the sore appears to be deeper than the surrounding skin (or if, as a result of the test a highly infectious virus like the Ebola virus is discovered), it is a dreaded skin disease (or a highly infectious/contagious disease), and the priest (the Doctor) shall pronounce the person unclean (or infected). 4 But if the sore is white and does not appear to be deeper than the skin round it and the hairs have not turned white (if the signs & symptoms appear but it is not yet certain of what it is), the priest (Doctor) shall isolate (confine) the person for seven days (for a period of time). 5 The priest (Doctor) shall examine him again on the seventh day (after a period of time), and if in his opinion the sore looks the same and has not spread, he shall isolate (confine) him for another seven days (period of time). 6 The priest (Doctor) shall examine him again on the seventh day, and if the sore has faded and has not spread, he shall pronounce him ritually clean; it is only a sore. The person shall wash his clothes and be ritually clean. 7 But if the sore spreads after the priest (Doctor) has examined him and pronounced him clean, he must appear before the priest (Doctor) again. 8 The priest (Doctor) will examine him again, and if it has spread (the virus is present), he shall pronounce him unclean; it is a dreaded skin disease (highly infectious/contagious disease)…45 A person who has a dreaded skin disease (a highly infectious/contagious disease) must wear torn clothes, leave his hair uncombed, cover the lower part of his face, and call out, “Unclean, unclean!” 46 He remains unclean as long as he has the disease, and he must live outside the camp, away from others (until of course his disease is healed. This does not mean the sick should be neglected or abandoned to die. It rather means they should be identified, separated and well cared for to get well).47 When there is mildew (or signs of contamination) on clothing whether wool or linen, 48 or on any piece of linen or wool cloth or on leather or anything made of leather, 49 if it is greenish or reddish, it is a spreading mildew and must be shown (or turned over) to the priest (or Doctor). 50 The priest (Doctor) shall examine it and put the object away for seven days (a period of time). 51 He shall examine it again on the seventh day, and if the mildew has spread, the object is unclean (contaminated). 52 The priest shall burn (destroy) it, because it is a spreading mildew (or infectious disease) which must be destroyed by fire……Chapter 14:54-5754 These are the laws about dreaded skin diseases (highly infectious diseases); 55-56 sores, boils, or inflammations (including symptoms of Ebola); and about mildew in clothes or houses. 57 These laws determine when something is unclean and when it is clean.NOTE: God is saying He expects us to play the natural role given us by Him for our protection, and He will play the supernatural role. To those who have ears, eyes, and minds, let them heed what the LORD is saying to His people. If we do this, divine protection is guaranteed.WARNING: Those who have chosen to take God’s instructions for granted, thereby directly or indirectly putting their lives and the lives of others at risk, keep in mind that God is watching you. Beware that what you sow today, you may reap tomorrow… when you think all is well with you. About the Author:Frey Bedell is the founder and executive director of Christ-Centered Ministries and Fit to Rebuild, a Liberian NGO. He can be reached on 0777318444 or 0886920920. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

“Let us network” – Henry tells CPCE Centre reps

first_imgHeads of the centres under the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE) were, on Thursday, encouraged to network to share their ideas and best practices, the Department of Public Information (DPI) reported.Nicolette HenryAccording to DPI, during the feature address at the launch of the two-day workshop at CPCE, Education Minster Nicolette Henry said that “nothing can be achieved by a singular effort. It takes all of us in our various roles to be able to perform at an efficient rate and hopefully at maximum capacity”.The Education Minister further stressed the importance of such collaborative efforts, noting that it is crucial for the development of the education sector.“We cannot rest until we have all of our students, all of our students reaching their full potential and the role of our teachers is a very important role in achieving that outcome,” the Minister is quoted as saying by DPI.She advised the participants of the workshop to use the forum to highlight issues and to exchange practices.Many of the educators were receptive to Minister Henry’s remarks and sought to make it the focal point for the two-day workshop. Salome Castro, of the St Francis CPCE Centre in the hinterland, shared her view on the opportunity to collaborate with centres along the coastland. “I welcome that. In there [hinterland], we really don’t have many resource persons. So, it will be a good thing for us in there,” the educator stated.With 29 students at the Mabaruma Centre, representative David Hernandes lauded the opportunity to network. According to him, “[networking from] the Mabaruma Centre itself will be successful. We can share ideas and we can be more familiar with what is going on the coast”.Beverly Collins, Head of the Anna Regina CPCE Centre, in an interview on the sidelines of the workshop, noted that networking among CPCE Centres on the coast has been rewarding and is, therefore, a mode of operation she hopes to adopt within the hinterland communities.“We look at our differences, our weaknesses, our strengths and we try to enhance each other’s Centre, based on the network. And I think networking is good because what might work in one area might not work in another area. Then, you can put these things together and help enhance the education sector,” the Anna Regina representative continued.The workshop is being held under the theme: “Towards Effective and Efficient Leadership in Teacher Training”. Currently, there are 12 functioning CPCE Centres throughout the nation, with 3 more to come on board within the near future.last_img read more

Collision that caused highway closure in Grande Prairie result of driver error

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Long-awaited National Sport Policy draft released

first_imgThe cries of sportsmen and women from all across Guyana have been answered as the Social Cohesion Ministry, which covers the portfolio of sport, released a draft of the long awaited National Sports Policy (NSP) on Tuesday. Athletes, especially those of international calibre, have been calling on the Ministry to speed up the process since the promise of such a policy was made in 2015 as part of the A Partnership For National Unity’s (APNU) election manifesto.The NSP draft has been in generation from November 2016 to June 2018 and focuses on a number of crucial areas that have been stifling the development of sport in Guyana. Several of those areas are national, regional and internationally applicable laws, collaboration among national agencies on sport programmes and projects, sport governance, administration, management, organisation, education and educational institutions, medicine, financing (funding, sponsorship, incentives), tourism, manufacturing, intellectual property rights, elite athlete development, the media, overseas offices, Diaspora support, and anti-doping.The Policy aims at raising Guyana’s sport fraternity to a level where, “Sports in Guyana is no longer viewed only as a casual pass time, leisure or recreational activity, but as an entire sector which services the fundamental needs and requirements of the Guyanese athlete, from the amateur to the elite.”As such, implementation of the Policy would mean that sport will be fostered not only at the organisational level but also in schools. In this instance, the common practice of only track and field in schools will be put aside and students of every primary and secondary school across the 10 administrative regions will be exposed to all sport disciplines and it is the hope of the Policy that adequate facilities will be established to foster that change.Another key aspect of the Policy mandates that there will be “… awareness of and support for people with disabilities (PWDs) to access sports.” A feature that would be a table turner especially since para-cycling athlete Walter Grant-Stuart has found it difficult to receive participation funding even after bringing home a gold medal.Additionally, the Policy will focus on allocating financing and funding for national sport organisations and federations hosting competitive games in various sport disciplines and geographic areas, compulsory physical education in schools and anti-doping.The NSP is available for viewing online and is open to input and suggestions from sporting organisations and citizens. Despite consultations being a lengthy process, this is a procedure that was assured by Social Cohesion Minister, Dr George Norton in an invited comment with Guyana Times Sport.As recent as last week, Boxing Coach Terrence Poole called for the swift implementation of the National Sport Policy so as to provide a basis so athletes who have medalled in international engagements could have ‘tangible rewards’ when they return to Guyana.last_img read more

Drinkwater ‘waits for Chelsea medical’

first_img0Shares0000Danny Drinkwater (pictured) joins Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez and Kasper Schmeichel in committing his future to Leicester City since the end of last seasonLONDON, United Kingdom, Aug 31 – Leicester midfielder Danny Drinkwater is waiting to have a medical ahead of a possible last-minute Deadline Day move to Chelsea, according to Sky sources.The Foxes are poised to sign Sporting Lisbon midfielder Adrien Silva if the Drinkwater transfer goes through. Negotiations with Chelsea are ongoing as the clock ticks down towards the end of Deadline Day but the Premier League champions are still some way short of Leicester’s valuation of Drinkwater.Meanwhile, Silva has been given permission to leave Portugal’s training camp in order to undergo a medical and negotiate the final parts of the potential Leicester deal.Leicester saw a bid of £25m rejected by Sporting Lisbon last year for Silva, who has been capped 20 times by Portugal and was a member of the starting XI when they beat France in the Euro 2016 final.They are also hoping to sign Beyer Leverkusen defender Aleksandar Dragovic before the window closes, having failed with a bid for Arsenal’s Calum Chambers.0Shares0000(Visited 2 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

Briefs: Clarett turns himself in

first_imgFormer Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett turned himself in Monday night on charges of robbing two people at gunpoint in an alley behind a bar. Clarett turned himself in after 9 p.m. at the county jail, Columbus Detective Art Hughes said. The 22-year-old, who helped the Buckeyes win the national championship in 2002, was wanted on two counts of aggravated robbery. He is accused of flashing a gun and demanding property from a man and a woman behind the Opium Lounge in downtown Columbus shortly before 2 a.m. Sunday. Police said he fled with two men in a sport utility vehicle after he was identified by the bar owner, who happened to come out into the alley. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORECoach Doc Rivers a “fan” from way back of Jazz’s Jordan Clarkson After helping Ohio State win the title, Clarett was suspended the following season after he was charged with filing a false police report claiming more than $10,000 in property was stolen from a car he was using. Ohio State officials also said he had gotten thousands of dollars in special benefits from a family friend. WINTER SPORTS: U.S. national skeleton coach Tim Nardiello, who has been on paid administrative leave since Saturday while sexual harassment allegations made against him are investigated, has asked for an immediate resolution to his case. Nardiello’s attorney sent a three-page letter to U.S. Bobsled and Skeleton Federation president Jim Shea Sr., requesting that the federation rule by Wednesday whether he’ll be able to accompany the national team to Europe on Thursday. SOCCER Hernan Crespo scored seconds after coming on as substitute, his third straight game with a goal, as Chelsea beat London rival West Ham United 3-1 to increase its lead in the English Premier League to 14 points. Second-place Manchester United faces Arsenal today. Liverpool’s 10-game winning streak ended with a 2-2 tie at Bolton. Newcastle star Michael Owen will have surgery on his broken foot to ensure he’ll be ready to play for England at the World Cup in June. He’ll likely be sidelined 2-3 months. center_img Real Madrid legend Alfredo Di Stefano is showing improvement following last week’s heart-bypass surgery and could be transferred out of intensive care in the next few days, according to a statement issued by La Fe hospital in Valencia, Spain. HORSE RACING: With Distinction edged Jungle Prince by a head in rainy conditions in the $112,100 El Conejo Handicap at Santa Anita. Ridden by Javier Santiago, ran 5 furlongs in 1:02.44 on the sloppy track, and paid $11, $6.60 and $3.60. TENNIS: Martina Hingis made a confident return from retirement, beating Venezuela’s Maria Vento-Kabchi 6-2, 6-1 in the first round of the Australian women’s hardcourt championship in Gold Coast. Hingis, a winner of five Grand Slam singles titles, was forced to leave the sport three years ago because of foot and ankle injuries. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Man United reach agreement to sign midfielder, and target Lukaku – GOSSIP

first_imgHere are the top transfer-related stories in Saturday’s newspapers…Manchester United have reached a verbal agreement to sign Real Madrid attacking midfielder James Rodriguez, 25, at the end of the season. (RCN Radio)United want Everton striker Romelu Lukaku, 23, and will offer former Toffees forward Wayne Rooney, 31, as part of the deal. (Daily Mail)Barcelona forward Neymar, 25, says he is happy at the Nou Camp. The Brazilian has been linked with Manchester United. (Bein Sports)Manchester City and Liverpool are considering a move for Southampton left-back Ryan Bertrand, 27. (ESPN)City manager Pep Guardiola has made his mind up on the seven players who are out of contract this summer – including 33-year-old midfielder Yaya Toure – but will not tell them until the end of the season. (Manchester Evening News)Liverpool are closing in on the signing of 24-year-old Brazil international Luan, who turned down the offer of a new contract at Gremio last month. (Daily Mirror)One of Liverpool’s targets, 24-year-old Middlesbrough defender Ben Gibson, could remain on Teesside despite the club’s relegation to the Championship. (Daily Mirror)Barcelona will attempt to sign Chelsea’s 26-year-old left-back Marcos Alonso this summer. (Mundo Deportivo)West Ham and Everton both want Swansea’s 27-year-old playmaker Gylfi Sigurdsson. (Daily Mirror)Sunderland’s Fabio Borini has a relegation clause in his contract and can leave for just £6m, with Celtic thought to be keen on the 26-year-old striker. (Daily Telegraph)Monaco have completed a deal to sign Anderlecht’s 20-year-old Belgian midfielder Youri Tielemans for £21.2m. (Le Soir)Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis is being lined up to take over as the head of Major League Soccer in the US if Arsene Wenger remains in charge at the Emirates. (Daily Telegraph)And here are the latest headlines…?Martin Keown expects Arsenal’s late charge for a top four finish to end in failure Martin Keown says Arsenal should do everything to keep Alexis Sanchez this summer – but has suggested he would be happy to see Mesut Ozil goJuventus and Napoli are best placed to land Liverpool target Mattia De Sciglio in the summer Barcelona have made contact about a move for Southampton midfielder Oriol Romeu, according to reports in SpainTorino director Gianluca Petrachi says Andrea Belotti won’t be joining AC Milan this summer – claiming only a ‘top club’ can tempt the striker awayEverton are interested in AC Milan midfielder Juraj Kucka, but face competition for his signature from Torino 1 Transfer rumours and paper review last_img read more

Statement by Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan

first_imgRead the full statement by Pravin Gordhan, South Africa’s newly appointed Minister of Finance, delivered at a press conference on Monday 14 December.• Download the statementI return to a portfolio that was assigned to me for five years between 2009 and 2014. I have been associated with the Finance Family for almost two decades. I am relatively familiar with the terrain and its challenges.The facts about the developments that took place last week and the response of the financial markets are well-known. Our currency fell, the stock market dropped by 2.94 per cent and bond yields shot up by over 150 basis points.Our government is acutely aware of the financial impact this had on those who are invested in this economy. As President Zuma indicated when a decision triggers developments such as these, a democratic government has a duty to listen and respond appropriately. I am therefore, privileged to address you today.Our humble appeal to the nation is to work with us as we continue to build a resilient economy and a better life for all South Africans in the context of a challenging global, emerging markets and domestic economic environment.We understand that it is our duty to continuously earn the trust and confidence of the South African public, and we commit ourselves to doing just that.Our focus in the coming months will be to do the following diligently:1. We will stay the course of sound fiscal management. Our expenditure ceiling is sacrosanct. We can have extra expenditure only if we raise extra revenue. We will unreservedly continue our fiscal consolidation process and we will stabilise our debt in the medium term. If needs be, we will accelerate this by either cutting spending or making selective changes to tax policy. Similarly, any revenue raising opportunity will be considered very carefully to ensure that it does not damage growth or affect the poor negatively.2. I want to be very clear: we will not cut pro-poor programmes, growth inducing programmes and investment. Instead we will seek to increase investment in the 2017 Budget.3. We are going to redouble our efforts to ensure efficiency of expenditure across the public service. New measures are being put in place to contribute to reducing corruption and enhancing transparency and these will be complemented by stern enforcement.4. We have been clear that one of the risks to our fiscal framework is the financial state of State-Owned Companies. Let me emphasize that any support to these companies will be done in a fiscally sustainable manner. As President Zuma said “no state-owned entity will dictate to government how it should be assisted and nothing will be done that runs contrary to the fiscal prudence that our country is renowned for.” While many are in a strong financial position, the performance of others has weakened. Work has therefore, begun to develop a uniform legislative framework to regulate state-owned companies. We cannot avoid the necessity of wide-ranging reforms that will put them on a sustainable financial footing and where good governance is non-negotiable.5. Government is committed to strengthening the link between policy formulation, budgeting, and performance.6. Working with the Reserve Bank, we are going to intensify and accelerate the pace of financial sector reforms, which will be underpinned by the Financial Sector Regulation Bill. A stable financial sector is central to oiling the real sector of the economy. As a caring government we fully appreciate our duty to protect all those invested in our economy. We will always act to protect the pensions invested in our bonds, equities and other forms of stocks.One of the strengths of our country is a strong and modern private sector in whose hands rests around 80 per cent of our economy. We are going to intensify our cooperation and partnerships with the private sector to improve investment so that we can achieve higher rates of growth.South Africa has a solid history of sound macro-economic policy management. Since the dawn of democracy, our government has advanced policies that are meant to address inequality, reduce poverty and unemployment.We recognise that to do this, we need faster and more inclusive growth and job creation. A growing economy creates work opportunities, and 5.4 million South Africans need work. A growing economy delivers tax revenues which we need to finance various programmes of the State and to effect redistribution so that we can reduce inequality and poverty. The centrality of growth to achieve our policy objectives is paramount.We take account of the concerns of the rating agencies and investors and we shall endeavour to protect the investment grade rating of South Africa.Let me take this opportunity to sincerely thank my comrade and former colleague Mr Nhlanhla Nene for the great work he did in the past 18 months.Fellow South Africans, I know it is time to break for Christmas, but some of us have work to do to make sure that 2016 is better than 2015. Let us get down to business!Thank you very much. I look forward to working with you as Minister of Finance in the NewYear.Issued on behalf of the Ministry of FinanceDate: 14 December 2015last_img read more