Ween Plays Full “Stallion” Suite Live For 1st Time Ever, Covers Prince & More At Stubb’s [Video]

first_imgComing off a well-received festival set at Suwannee Hulaween and a wild Halloween night show at The Bomb Factory in Dallas featuring a debut cover of The Jimi Hendrix Experience‘s “Are You Experienced?”, weirdo rocker heroes Ween continued through the Lone Star State to the beloved Stubb’s BBQ for a two-night run marking their final shows of the year. 2017 has been a big one for the band: They’ve now gotten a sizable number of shows under their belts since their reunion, and they continue to turn in consistently stellar performances. The tour-closing Stubb’s shows proved to be no different.On Thursday, the band served up several tunes that had not made appearances in their most recent Fall runs, like the opening “Marble Tulip Juicy Tree”, “She Wanted To Leave”, “Sorry Charlie”, and “Squelch The Weasel”, the last of which was performed as a duo by Gene and Dean Ween. Gener also  got a laugh from the crowd when he started singing never-before-played Ween outtake “Put Your Boobs On”, offering just one line and a brief comment (“that’s a good one, huh?”) before beginning “Boy’s Club”. So no, they still haven’t played “Put Your Boobs On”, but they definitely haven’t forgotten about it either, so hey, there’s always a chance…You can watch full-show crowd-shot video (starting 5 songs in) below thanks to YouTube user Terrence Henry:Knowing full well that this was their final chance to rock on this trip around the Sun, Ween had a few extra surprises planned when they hit the stage at Stubb’s once again on Friday night. After beginning with the first “Strap on That Jammy Pac” since early June and a tasty “Pork Roll Egg and Cheese”, the band began “Voodoo Lady”, which would transition into and back out of a cover of Prince‘s “Kiss”, marking the cover’s first appearance at a Ween show since December 2011 (57 shows).Watch a crowd-shot clip of the “Voodoo Lady”/”Kiss” segment below via YouTube user monihampton:The show continued in thrilling fashion from there, as crowd pleasing versions of “Roses Are Free”, “What Deaner Was Talkin’ About”, and “Spinal Meningitis” ensued before special guest vocalist Sarah “Tricky” Jones took the reins for “Freedom of ’76”. Watch a crowd-shot clip of the “Freedom of ’76” ft. Sarah Jones below via YouTube user monihampton:Things were only getting started from there: What happened next was something nobody expected. The 5 individual pieces of Ween’s “The Stallion” saga are fairly common in their live shows, but they are never played as a full set, aside from one in-studio performance in 2003 immortalized through the album All Request Live. According to the official FAQ page on “[All Request Live was] an album released the latter half of 2003…Ween forumers got to vote on which songs they wanted to hear, and the band performed them. It’s the only time Ween has ever performed the ‘Stallion Suite’ in which all the Stallions pt.1 through 5 were played in order and at once. It will more than likely be the only time this will ever happen.” …Well, it looks like needs to update their page: in their final show of 2017, Ween finally performed the complete Stallion Suite for their lucky Austin audience…and it was glorious, ‘mang.You can watch Ween perform “The Stallion” suite (parts 1-5) live in its entirety for the first time ever below, courtesy of YouTube user monihampton:At this point, this show was already one for this history books, and they could’ve just coasted to victory through the rest of the set, but the brownest band around had other plans. The “Your Party” that followed the “Stallion Suite” featured help from another special guest, Angelo Moore, on sax and background vocals, before the core quintet (Gene, Dean, bassist Dave Dreiwitz, drummer Claude Coleman Jr., and keyboardist Glenn McClelland) kept the party raging with fan favorite party tracks like “Bananas and Blow”, “You Were The Fool”, “Piss Up A Rope”, “I Gots A Weasel”, “Mister Would You Please Help My Pony?”, “Poopship Destroyer”, “Put The Coke On My Dick”, and a set-closing cover of Instant Death‘s The Enabler. Finally, they sent the audience home happy with a three-song encore (“Polka Dot Tail”, “Homo Rainbow”, “Someday”).You can watch Ween perform “Your Party” with Angelo Moore below via YouTube user monihampton:With two memorable Austin shows now in the rearview, the schedule is wide open for the band heading into 2018. Here’s hoping they had as much fun as we did with Ween in 2017, and have plans to keep the party going in the year to come!Until then, you can get your Ween knowledge up with the newly re-vamped (site looks great, guys!)…SETLIST: Ween | Stubb’s BBQ | Austin, TX | Friday,  11/3/17Strap on That Jammy Pac, Pork Roll Egg and Cheese, Voodoo Lady> Kiss> Voodoo Lady, Roses Are Free, What Deaner Was Talkin’ About, Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down), Freedom of ’76, I’m in the Mood to Move, Take Me Away, The Stallion pt 1, The Stallion pt 2, The Stallion pt 3, The Stallion pt 4, The Stallion pt 5, Your Party, Bananas and Blow, Awesome Sound, You Were the Fool, Piss Up a Rope, I Gots a Weasel, Mister Would You Please Help My Pony?, Waving My Dick in the Wind, Japanese Cowboy, Zoloft> Poopship Destroyer, Tender Situation, Put the Coke on My Dick, The EnablerEncore: Polka Dot Tail, Homo Rainbow, Someday– Freedom of ’76 with Sarah “Tricky” Jones on lead vocals– first complete five part Stallion played in front of a live audience at a single show– Your Party with Angelo Moore on saxophone and backing vocalsSETLIST: Ween | Stubb’s BBQ | Austin, TX | Thursday, 11/2/17Marble Tulip Juicy Tree, The HIV Song, Happy Colored Marbles, Light Me Up, She Wanted to Leave, Exactly Where I’m At, Mutilated Lips, Transdermal Celebration, Put Your Boobs On (tease), Boy’s Club, I’ll Be Your Jonny on the Spot, Seconds, Nan, Stroker Ace, Wayne’s Pet Youngin, Sweet Texas Fire, Big Jilm, Chocolate Town, The Final Alarm, The Argus, Don’t Shit Where You Eat, Frank, Ocean Man, The Grobe, Gabrielle, The MolluskEncore: Squelch the Weasel, Sorry Charlie, Buckingham Green– soundcheck: Don’t Shit Where You Eat– Gene and Dean only for Squelch the Weasel[Cover photo via YouTube user monihampton]last_img read more

Underwater Rainbow: Can the Candy Darter Survive the MVP?

first_imgSouthern Appalachia is a global hotspot for aquatic species. Half of all freshwater fish species on the continent are found here. One of the most spectacular—and most threatened—is the candy darter.This small fish is often called an “underwater rainbow” with its vibrant blue-green, red, and orange stripes. Candy darters are incredibly rare and currently are only found in 4 streams in all of Virginia and several in West Virginia. Of the 35 known candy darter populations, only 17 remain.Deforestation, sedimentation, and increasing water temperatures have already reduced candy darter habitat and populations. Now candy darters are facing additional threats from the construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline, a 300+ mile long fracked gas pipeline that is intended to run through the region. The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the pipeline, which was approved by FERC (the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission), claimed that the project would not pose a threat to the species. However, Since beginning construction, the pipeline project has been issued 6 notices of violation for failing to control erosion and sediment and for damaging water quality, something for which the project has been widely criticized from the start.Adding to a stream’s sediment load has several potential adverse effects on stream ecosystems, says Paul Angermeier, professor of Fish and Wildlife Conservation at Virginia Tech. Many native fish to the region are especially sensitive to sedimentation because they require specific habitat types. The candy darters, for example, require a very specific habitat in fast flowing streams, under rocks and around rubble or other silt-free substrates. An increase of sedimentation in rivers and streams could reduce production of high quality foods, leading to reduced growth, survival, and abundance. It could also clog up the space in-between rocks that candy darters use as habitat and reproduction sites.Excess sediment is perhaps the most pervasive factor affecting species like the candy darter, says Angermeier. One of the highly likely impacts of the pipeline corridor is episodic runoff of fine sediment into streams after a heavy rain. “Such episodes could be locally catastrophic, causing extensive mortality,” he says. “Although the risk of severe erosion will diminish somewhat after soil stabilization tactics are implemented post-construction, the steep slopes and erodibility of the pipeline corridor, combined with the limited efficacy of available soil-stabilizing tactics, ensure that significant risk of severe erosion will persist for decades post-construction.” Additionally, Dr. Angermeier says that there could be permanent increases in the occurrence of stream drying, which could also result from the reconfiguring of karst via trenching for the pipeline.A decision will be made in October whether to list the candy darter as a federally threatened species. Katie McBaine, a graduate student in Virginia Tech’s Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation who is studying the candy darter,  believes there should have been more of an effort to monitor the fish populations before and after construction of the pipeline.“The time to manage or conserve fishes or species is when they are common,” says McBaine. “If we keep having this retroactive mentality on management and conservation, it is going to continue to be a difficult road.”last_img read more

The art, science, and mystery of monitoring a world full of risks

first_img 2SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Trace Ledbetter Trace Ledbetter is Executive Vice President at State National Companies, where he directs and oversees delivery of all services and products for Lender Services, including customer relationship management, underwriting, and claims. Web: Details In a world without financial risk, individuals would have access to complete information with thorough and accurate insight into the future, and buyers, sellers, savers, and borrowers would simply find each other organically. However, as evidenced by constantly changing and evolving economic conditions, advances in technology, and the increasingly rapid pace of information sharing, it is clear that the world is wrought with risk — which is why we must turn to credit unions that are able to manage that risk in order to provide diverse consumer groups with access to the financial services they need to enhance their life.Risk mitigation happens largely behind the scenes and isn’t generally visible to the member, but in terms of long-term, organizational sustainability it is a critical function. Often, credit unions will have to implement multi-pronged strategies to create a risk mitigation plan that provides their organization with necessary protections while still creating an open, engaging environment that meets the needs of their members.State National engaged several risk mitigation professionals in the credit union industry to discuss the internal and external factors they consider to help maintain the appropriate balance between growth and organizational protection as well as the steps they take when the inputs they monitor show signs indicating increased risk.Eric FuglisterVP Consumer Lending, Wings CU, Apple Valley, MN:“We run credit scores on our entire loan portfolio quarterly, by product, to see if credit scores are rising, lowering, or staying the same. If more are declining that could be an indication that even if they’re paying on time, if they’ve gone down from the A+ tier down to the B tier, we may need to be proactive and reach out to the member.Our risk management department looks at risks holistically, from credit exposure on the deposit side, to all kinds of different risks on our investment side. That’s data I have access to and get information from on a monthly basis.Advances in technology have been a huge part of how we monitor and assess risk. I’ve got information at my fingertips, with a whole data analytics team — I’ve got dashboards for just about everything I want to look at, and most of it updates daily. I can compare trends, whether it’s year over year, month over month, last week versus this week, yesterday versus today — so we can make adjustments much more quickly than we used to.”Deborah McRaeVP Risk Management, Five Star CU, Dothan, AL:“We are trying to develop an enterprise risk management approach to how we approach risk. Internally, we have to monitor our operations for any signs of internal fraud, and we also have to make sure we’re training our staff to watch for red flags that indicate any attempted member fraud.We also watch external signals, and we’ve got some policies that can be tweaked and tightened as necessary based on what we’re seeing in the economy. We can call a meeting anytime we see something that looks like it’s going upward or downward. Say, if trade relations with another country took a big downturn, that’s something we’d quickly home in on. On the other hand, if a trade deal was signed that was very advantageous to the U.S., that’s an indication we might be able to go back up on deposit rates or down on loan rates because it’s a signal that the economy is likely to remain good for a while.”Henry RobaszewskiDirector of Risk Management, Finance, BCU, Vernon Hills, IL:“We’ve taken more steps, through both technology and data, in terms of analytical techniques. We’ve started an economic value-added process as well as risk-adjusted return on capital. We’re trying to incorporate more of the potential risks that are out there all together in a holistic approach, and then build that into the pricing so we can adjust our pricing to accurately account for the risks.”Dave BrydunVP Consumer Lending, BCU, Vernon Hills, IL: “We have a playbook that’s been put together that has a lot of detail for actions to take that are triggered off what we’re observing as far as macro factors— yield curve, labor markets, things like that — industry factors. We keep close tabs on the industry through various reports that come out from Moody’s, TU, Experian, and so on. We also look within our own portfolio in terms of any sort of vintage deterioration with our lending originations, and profitability concerns in various risk cells due to increased charge-offs where we’re not being covered on the interest rate to cover those losses.If and when we start seeing signs of a downturn, we first focus on things we can quickly implement that have low impact — things like tightening manual underwriting standards, reducing line exposure on new accounts. Then if things continue to deteriorate, we can move to actions like reducing existing credit lines, closing higher-risk accounts on the credit card side, or significantly changing up our automatic loan decisioning.We’re utilizing as much of our existing internal technology as possible. The changes we’ve made to our monitoring, reporting, and governance over the past several years will really help us prepare for the next downturn.We’re also dabbling in things like machine learning to help us better identify risks and make changes off that. One big thing with the technology is more automation and efficiency and better identification of risks that will allow us to serve more traditionally underserved segments and being able to better split risks more precisely.”Professionals who are highly skilled and experienced in risk mitigation must carefully monitor a wide variety of indicators, both internal and external, to continually assess risk levels and make decisions about the right actions to take to protect their institution and their membership. We discovered that even in times of economic strength, the best organizations are always looking at what is coming next as well as peering into every area of their institution to identify and mitigate risk.last_img read more

Prize competition “Be innovative, tourism offers you a job”

first_imgAs part of this year’s Tourism Job Days, the Ministry of Tourism is organizing a competition “Innovative be – tourism offers you a job” for secondary catering and tourism schools and universities with programs in the field of tourism and hospitality.According to the Ministry of Tourism, the aim of the competition is to promote catering and tourism occupations and tourism as an attractive department that provides employment opportunities. High schools for catering and tourism and higher education institutions with programs in the field of tourism and catering can apply for the competition. Applications are accepted from January 15 to January 29, 2018, and the award ceremony will be held on February 2, 2018 in Split at the Tourism Job Days 2018.The total prize fund is 50.000 kuna:1st place: HRK 25.000, with the purpose of a study visit to the Culinary Center in the Basque Country (Basque Culinary Center),2nd place: HRK 15.000, with the purpose of a study visit to the Center of Excellence for Hospitality and Tourism in Austria,3rd place: 10.000 kn, with the purpose of a study visit to a hotel company in Croatia.The competition “Innovative be – tourism offers you a job”, along with the Job Days event held in Osijek, Zagreb and Split this year, organized by the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Labor and Pension System and the Croatian Employment Service, is one of the measures of the Ministry of Tourism catering and tourism occupations and tourism as an attractive sector that provides employment opportunities.Tender documentation:Instructions for applicantsApplication formRelated news:WORK DAYS IN TOURISM IN OSIJEK, ZAGREB AND SPLITINVITATION TO EMPLOYERS TO EXHIBIT AT TOURISM DAYS 2018last_img read more

When is the FA Cup quarter-final draw and how to watch it?

first_img Metro Sport ReporterTuesday 3 Mar 2020 9:52 amShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link19Shares Advertisement Mikel Arteta has taken his Arsenal team into the last eight of the FA Cup (Picture: Getty Images)The line-up for the quarter-finals of the FA Cup this season has started to take shape, but we will have to wait until Wednesday night to learn the draw for the last eight of the competition.Arsenal became the first team to book their slot in the quarter-finals, beating Portsmouth at Fratton Park on Monday night.The fifth round is spread over four days, with three games on Tuesday night, three more on Wednesday and one final contest on Thursday evening.When is the FA Cup quarter-final draw?The draw takes place on Wednesday 4 March at Hillborough after the Sheffield Wednesday vs Manchester City tie, so around 9.50pm, unless the game goes to extra-time and penalties.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENTThere will be one further game in the fifth round after the draw, with Derby County hosting Manchester United on Thursday night.More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man CityWhat TV channel is the quarter-final draw being shown on?BBC One and BBC iPlayer will be showing the draw live after the game in Sheffield, which is also being shown on BBC One.FA Cup quarter-final draw numbersSheffield Wednesday or Manchester City Reading or Sheffield United Chelsea or Liverpool West Bromwich Albion or Newcastle United Leicester City or Birmingham City Derby County or Manchester United Tottenham Hotspur or Norwich City ArsenalWhen are the FA Cup quarter-finals being played?The matches are scheduled to take place on the weekend of Saturday 21 March.MORE: Jamie Vardy ruled out of Leicester’s FA Cup fifth round tie as injury persistsMORE: David Luiz praises debutant Pablo Mari after performance in Arsenal’s FA Cup winFollow Metro Sport across our social channels, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.For more stories like this, check our sport page. Commentcenter_img Advertisement When is the FA Cup quarter-final draw and how to watch it?last_img read more

Swiss pension fund members willing to sacrifice returns for sustainability

first_imgMore than 70% of pension fund members in Switzerland want their schemes to apply sustainability criteria when selecting investments, according to a survey commissioned by RobecoSAM.Approximately 40% of the 1,200 participants surveyed said they would be willing to sacrifice returns in exchange for sustainable investments, with 20% of that number willing to give up as much as half the return. More than 70% of respondents said they were convinced the application of ESG criteria would lead to more cautious investment decisions and probably even better ones.Roughly the same percentage of participants said they would even be in favour of making it legally mandatory for Pensionskassen to apply certain sustainability criteria. The survey also found that participants now require more transparency from Pensionskassen with respect to their investments, as well as more in-depth analyses of portfolios according to ESG criteria.The vast majority of respondents also welcomed the Swiss National Bank’s announcement that it would sell the bonds of “ethically questionable” companies it held in its portfolio until earlier this year.RobecoSAM said awareness of sustainable investments increased in conjunction with respondents’ age and education levels.last_img read more

People moves: New director for Shell’s Dutch pension funds [updated]

first_imgVan ‘t Zet has also been appointed as an executive trustee at SNPS. He has been legal counsel at the Pensioenbureau since 2013, having joined from Watson Wyatt where he was a senior consultant.Sigrid Juselius Foundation – Former Ilmarinen CIO Jussi Laitinen has taken up the role of chief executive at the Sigrid Juselius Foundation in Helsinki. He replaces Christian Elfving, who retired at the end of last year.Laitinen headed up Ilmarinen’s investment operations from 2001 to 2008, and then became chief executive of Aktia Bank for nine years until March 2017. He started work at the Sigrid Juselius Foundation at the beginning of this year.UK Labour party – Debbie Abrahams, a member of the UK Labour party, the official government opposition, has been removed from her position as shadow work and pensions secretary. According to multiple national media reports in the UK, Abrahams had been accused of bullying members of her staff – claims she has denied.  Troy ClutterbuckNOW: Pensions – The UK defined contribution master trust has confirmed Troy Clutterbuck as its permanent CEO. He took the role on an interim basis in August following the abrupt departure of Morten Nilsson, who had led the company since its launch in 2011. He first joined NOW: Pensions as chief financial officer in 2016, after a 15-year career with the Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group.NOW: Pensions – wholly owned by Danish pension giant ATP – is the UK’s third-largest auto-enrolment pension provider with more than £600m (€687m) in assets under management. It is the pension provider for IPE International Publishers.In July last year it withdrew itself from the UK regulator’s list of approved master trusts following administration problems, and was fined in February this year for “persistent administrative failings”.BLPK – The Swiss pension fund for the canton of Basel-Landschaft has found a new head of asset management: Thomas Monetti will be joining the CHF9.7bn (€8.1bn) pension fund from 1 September. He replaces Roland Weiss who will retire after 17 years as head of investments at the BLPK. Monetti joins from the CHF5bn pension fund for the canton of Solothurn.Amundi – The French asset management giant has appointed Yerlan Syzdykov as global head of emerging markets. He replaces Mauro Ratto, who has “decided to explore new opportunities for the next stage of his career”, according to Amundi.Syzdykov was made Ratto’s deputy in July last year following Amundi’s acquisition of Pioneer Investments. At Pioneer, Syzdykov was head of emerging markets bond and high yield, having joined the group in 2000.Mercer –  Robert Baker has been named diversity and inclusion consulting leader for Europe and the Pacific region at the global consulting group. The company said Baker would “drive growth in Mercer’s diversity and inclusion consulting services throughout the region by helping clients build the diverse and inclusive workforces they need for the future”.He has worked at Mercer for more than 20 years as an investment consultant and latterly as a global client director, working on multi-national accounts.Robeco – Mark van der Kroft has been appointed as head of a new “trend and thematic” investment team for the €152bn Dutch asset manager Robeco and RobecoSAM as of 1 June.Until March 2017, Van der Kroft had been working for Robeco as sales manager for Dutch institutional clients and as CIO for equity for 16 years. Last year, he was named director of strategic institutional business development at the €246bn asset manager NN Investment Partners.The new 18-strong team is the result of a merger between Robeco’s trend investment team and two thematic investment groups from RobecoSAM. It operates from Rotterdam and Zürich and manages 10 funds, focusing on themes such as smart energy, sustainable water, sustainable and healthy living, and worldwide fintech stocks. It has €7bn in assets under management.Axa Investment Managers – The French asset manager has hired Matthew Murtagh as a senior consultant relations manager. He is based in London and will be responsible for European clients. He joins from boutique investment firm Oaktree Capital Management where he was assistant vice president for marketing and client services. Prior to this he worked in marketing and consultant relations at Schroders.Invesco – The investment management giant has appointed Tom Sartain as a senior portfolio manager in its London-based fixed income team. He will work on the group’s global multi-sector offerings. He previously held a similar role at Schroders, where he worked with Gareth Isaac, now CIO for Invesco’s fixed income team in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.Hermes Investment Management – The £33bn asset manager has added two new hires to its fixed income team in London. Stephane Michel joined as a senior portfolio manager on 19 March. He works on the group’s asset-based lending platform and the wider multi-asset credit offerings. Andrew Lennox joined as an asset-backed securities (ABS) portfolio manager on 3 April and will focus on the European ABS market. Kempen Capital Management – Kempen has appointed Athole Skinner to the role of senior investment manager in its Edinburgh-based European small-cap team. He previously ran his own research company, Hirta Investment Research, but has also worked at Alliance Trust, Scottish Widows and Schroders during a 20-year career. Shell Netherlands, Sigrid Juselius Foundation, UK Labour party, NOW: Pensions, BLPK, Amundi, Mercer, Robeco, Axa IM, Invesco, Hermes, KempenShell Pensioenbureau – Kenan Yildirim has been appointed as director of the Shell Pensioenbureau – which runs Shell’s two pension funds, SSPF and SNPS – in the Netherlands as of 1 May. He has also joined the executive board of SNPS, Shell’s defined contribution scheme for workers who joined since 2013.Yildirim succeeds Janwillem Bouma, who starts as a trustee at the €7.4bn pension fund Hoogovens, the Dutch scheme of Tata Steel, as of 2 June. Yildirim was finance director at Shell Netherlands and has held different financial positions at Shell since 1999. Prior to this, he worked at Unilever.The Shell Pensioenbureau also named Martin van ‘t Zet as senior legal counsel and compliance officer. He takes over from Stefan Tabak, who has taken on a different legal position at Shell.last_img read more

Rodgers leaps to Suarez’s defence

first_img And he was keen to stress on Monday that he wants to move on from the Chelsea defeat, after which his side – top of the Premier League on Christmas Day – have been left in fifth place in the table. Asked if he felt decisions by the officials had cost his side more than anything else in last two games, Rodgers said: “I think everyone can see the decision-making. “But I don’t want to go into it too much – the games are gone. “Everyone makes mistakes, the officials have made mistakes and unfortunately we have been punished. But they are gone now.” Rodgers, who was speaking at his pre-match press conference to preview the New Year’s Day home league clash with Hull, added: “I haven’t spoken to (referees’ chief) Mike Riley about these games. “The decisions were made, I didn’t agree with them and I will always say, especially when they are as bad as I thought they were. “But it’s gone now, and we focus on the next game, which is Hull City.” Rodgers has indicated Reds captain Steven Gerrard could return to action in the Hull match. Gerrard has not played in Liverpool’s last four games after sustaining a hamstring problem in a 4-1 league win over West Ham at Anfield on December 7. And asked on Monday if the England skipper might be fit to play in Wednesday’s encounter, Rodgers said: ”We will assess that over the next 24 hours. ”Steven has rejoined training so we’ll see how he is for Hull.” Rodgers also revealed that Gerrard’s fellow midfielder Joe Allen, who came off in the second half against Chelsea, is set to be sidelined for ”a few weeks” with an abductor strain, and that he is awaiting news on how long defender Mamadou Sakho’s hamstring strain is likely to keep him out for following his withdrawal towards the end of the Stamford Bridge contest. Rodgers said: ”Joe will probably be a few weeks and with Sakho we are just awaiting confirmation. ”Glen Johnson came off but that was tactical, not injury-enforced, and there are one or two other niggles that we have to assess. ”Jordan Henderson (who took a knock against Chelsea) is fine. He was obviously on his first day of recovery today and is still sore, but he is a real soldier and should be fit.” As well as Gerrard, Rodgers has lost the likes of Daniel Sturridge, Jose Enrique and Jon Flanagan to injury in recent weeks. “I think anyone watching the game would see it wasn’t that. “Luis is an easy target.” Suarez – who was playing against Chelsea for the first time since his infamous bite on Blues defender Branislav Ivanovic in April, which earned him a 10-match ban – has been at the centre of various controversies during his career and accusations of diving have been levelled at the 26-year-old on several occasions. Rodgers added: “I think we have had a spell over the last year or so where everyone was jumping on Luis’ back, saying he was diving. “He must be the only one who is doing it. But no, I don’t think it was that at all. “It was a valid claim for a penalty against a player who wasn’t even making an effort for the football. I certainly wouldn’t say it was an acrobatic dive.” Rodgers, who thought Eto’o should have been sent off for an earlier tackle on Jordan Henderson, had expressed his unhappiness about several decisions made by the match officials in Liverpool’s previous outing, another 2-1 league loss, at Manchester City. Following that game, he made comments about referee Lee Mason that prompted the Football Association to contact Rodgers, asking for an explanation. Press Association Following the Merseysiders’ 2-1 defeat at Chelsea on Sunday, Blues manager Jose Mourinho accused Suarez of performing “an acrobatic swimming pool jump” during the Barclays Premier League contest in an unsuccessful attempt to win a penalty, referring to the moment when the Uruguay international went down in the hosts’ box having been challenged by Samuel Eto’o. Rodgers defended his player after the match and, asked on Monday about Mourinho’s comments, he said: “It certainly wasn’t that. Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers feels Reds striker Luis Suarez is an “easy target” for critics.last_img read more

Monk reveals sit-down talks with Ki

first_img Ki joined Sunderland on loan and played a major part in their run to the Capital One Cup final and successful battle to stay in the Barclays Premier League. Black Cats boss Gus Poyet wanted to make the move permanent, but Monk’s persuasive powers paid off and Ki has since signed a new four-year deal at the Welsh club. “It was important to give Ki the confidence and belief I have in him,” Monk said at his pre-match press conference. “Ki was unsure in the summer what he was going to do or how he felt about things, so I sat down with him. “We had good discussions with how I saw football, how I saw the club going forward, how I wanted the team to play and Ki bought into that. “He’s been one of our most consistent performers and before he went away he was playing well, and now it’s about him producing better football than he was earlier this season.” Monk is also wary of another player who has returned to these shores recently – former England striker Jermain Defoe, who has wasted little time settling in at Sunderland after joining from Major League Soccer side Toronto FC. Defoe scored his first Sunderland goal in last weekend’s 2-0 home victory over Burnley – the Wearsiders’ first win in six league attempts. Swansea manager Garry Monk admits he had to persuade Ki Sung-yu eng to buy into his philosophy and stop him leaving the club last summer. Press Association “He’s a fantastic player with a good Premier League pedigree,” Monk said. “He scores goals and always plays on the shoulder of defenders. “I think he enjoyed his time away but I think he’s already spoken how much he missed the Premier League and we have to be wary of him.” Jack Cork could make his Swansea debut in a re-shaped midfield following the former England Under-21 international’s arrival from Southampton. Swansea’s win at Southampton last weekend took them to 33 points and within seven of the tally traditionally seen to guarantee safety in the top flight. But Monk promised Swansea’s season would not fall away if that mark was achieved sooner rather than later. “You have to be realistic and the first point of call is to get to 40 points,” Monk said. “We have a great opportunity to do that earlier than ever before, but we have an important month that starts against Sunderland. “We want to get those 40 points as quickly as possible and then re-assess our targets, but I will push for more from myself and the players.” The South Korean returns for the Swans against his former club Sunderland on Saturday after spending the last month leading his country to the runners-up spot at the Asian Cup. But Ki could just as easily have been playing for visitors at the Liberty Stadium after being deemed surplus to requirements by former Swansea manager Michael Laudrup last season. last_img read more

WLAX : Six-goal run propels Loyola to upset win over Syracuse in Big East tournament final

first_img Published on May 5, 2012 at 12:00 pm Contact Stephen: [email protected] | @Stephen_Bailey1 Comments Facebook Twitter Google+center_img The Syracuse defense bent in the first half, allowing seven Loyola goals on 15 shots.But in the second, it broke.After scoring to open the second half, the Orange allowed six straight Greyhounds goals – four coming in a span of less than seven minutes – and Loyola opened up a nine-goal lead with just eight minutes remaining.SU managed three goals in the final minutes, but it was too little too late.The No. 2 Orange entered Saturday’s Big East tournament championship game riding a program-best 15-game winning streak, but left the Carrier Dome with its first loss since Feb. 29.‘When you watched us play, it didn’t look like a Big East undefeated team playing out there today,’ SU head coach Gary Gait said. ‘It looked like a team that hadn’t been together for a little bit. We just didn’t play with the confidence level that we normally would.No. 2 seed Loyola (13-5) handily upset the favored top-seeded Orange (16-3) 13-7 in front of 527 in the Carrier Dome on Saturday, earning its second consecutive conference tournament crown. The Greyhounds racked up 26 shots on the afternoon and capitalized on a slow SU defense to pull away in the second half.‘I’m very proud of the girls and this effort they put forth today,’ Loyola head coach Jen Adams said. ‘I’d say it was probably our best game we’ve played all season. They could have not waited until this late in the season for it, but it’s what you want to be doing is playing your best lacrosse at this point in the year.’Loyola freshman Annie Thomas tallied two goals and an assist in the opening 30 minutes, but served as the catalyst for the Greyhounds’ decisive run.Leading 7-4, Thomas stood behind the cage two minutes after the break. She waited as teammate after teammate cut in front of the net, but not until junior midfielder Kathleen Barranco broke for the right doorstep did she make a pass.Barranco beat Janelle Stegeland and Katie Webster to the spot, caught the pass from Thomas and quickly whipped it past SU goaltender Kelsey Richardson and into the top-right corner.‘It’s hard for me to be patient, but Jen (Adams) just kept saying from the sideline ‘patience, patience,” Thomas said. ‘So I just waited and I just waited for the right time. I love playing behind there and seeing the whole field and hitting my teammates when they’re open.’Thomas found sophomore midfielder Marlee Paton just over a minute later to give Loyola a 9-4 advantage. That moment – with 26:51 left in regulation – marked the Orange’s largest deficit of the season.From there, it only got larger.Joanna Dalton burned Natalie Glanell down the right side for an easy score and Paton tacked on two more to break it open.Trailing 12-4 with eight minutes left, the Orange had little chance of a comeback.Glanell forced a turnover in the defensive zone, but lost possession trying to clear.Loyola freshman attack Kara Burke picked up the loose ball and put it in back of the net, finishing the 6-0 Greyhounds run.‘I think we just shocked the world, proved everyone wrong, and it feels great,’ senior goalie Kerry Stoothoff said.Syracuse scored the three late goals, but the game was long decided. After winning all of its games for the last nine weeks and completing its Big East regular-season slate undefeated, the demoralized Orange trudged off the Carrier Dome turf, forced to watch the Greyhounds celebrate and receive the tournament crown SU was expected to win.‘(The game) didn’t quite go as planned, but I give Loyola a lot of credit,’ Gait said. ‘They played an outstanding game. They’ve really come into their own and I think they’re a very good team.‘… They made big plays in the first half when they needed to and followed it up in the second half by making a big run and developing a lead that was just a little too much to overcome.’[email protected]last_img read more