first_imgWe hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?IS IT TRUE recently it was reported in the City County Observer that the downtown Evansville Doubletree Hotel that was paid for with taxpayer dollars footing more than half of the cost needs to reduce it’s room rate to closer to $90 to be competitive with other hotels in greater Evansville?…in an online search for the going rate that include Expedia, Priceline, Hotels, Booking, Hotwire, Travelocity and many other travel websites, the going rate at the Doubletree is exactly $95?…this is competitive but is a far cry from the $125 per night average touted in the pro-forma that was used to sign the City Council up to subsidize the place? …this $30 decrease (25%) could mean that the demand for downtown Evansville room nights is not what people deluded themselves into believing?…it could also mean that the time is coming when the operator will be coming back to the well for more subsidies to keep the doors open?IS IT TRUE the other number that needs to be investigated is the occupancy rate that was touted at 65% in the beginning phase of the project?…it is believed that the occupancy rate is actually slightly below 60% just like most other Evansville hotels?…this double whammy of price contraction and occupancy underage adds up to a 30% revenue shortfall when compared to the best laid plans of developers and politicians?…that is much better than the financial performance of the Ford Center and the hockey team but we hope its not a warning that the owners will be back with their hat in their hand at some point?…in a transparent city, the real performance numbers for capital projects put into place by past and current city administrations need to be made public?IS IT TRUE we are pleased to announce that a new online publication, the City-County Banner, will be launching sometime during February, 2019? …The City-County Banner will service Orange and Dubois counties, specifically focusing on the cities of Jasper, Huntingburg, French Lick, and Paoli?  …the City-County Observer will be a media partner with the City-County Banner and both papers will be operating as corridor newspapers?  …this publishing partnership between the City County Observer and the City-County Banner will provide articles and advertisements published in both papers to readers in cities stretching from Paoli to Evansville?IS IT TRUE that the not-for-profit ‘Funk In The City’ was founded in 2005? …in 2008 Ashley Vezzoso Schaefer became the President/CEO of this organization? …that since 2008 Mrs. Schaefer has organized many worthy cultural and social events on behalf of “Funk In The City” in the Haynie Corner Arts District? …in 2018, Ashley Vezzoso Schaefer created a Board Of Directors to help guide and spearheaded future social and curtail events in the Haynie Corner Arts District? …we are told that the new Board of Directors of “Funk In The City” are an impressive group? ….we are told in the coming weeks the new Board of Directors will do a casual review of the “Funk In The City” financial records to make sure everything is in order? …once this task is completed the Board Of Directors will be focusing on planning  future fundraising events for this worthy charitable organization? …we congratulate “Funk IN The City” for sponsoring a “Toys For Kids Christmas” party for disadvantage kids living in  the Center City area?IS IT TRUE we would like to congratulate State Rep. Ryan Hatfield (D-Evansville) for being selected as a member of Indiana House leadership? …that Mr. Hatfield will serve as Assistant House Democratic Floor Leader for the 2019-2020 sessions of the Indiana General Assembly?IS IT TRUE that it is now known that the City of Evansville had eleven murders in 2018 which is down 45% from the record setting 20 murders in 2017?…this slowdown in murders is encouraging but the eleven murders are still historically high for Evansville and the 2017 rate was double the murder rate of the United States at just under 10 for each 100,000 people? …its not known why 2017 ran off the rails with murder? … but we must point out the 2018 figure is a is 45% improvement over the 2017 rate?IS IT TRUE we congratulate local attorney Josh Claybourn for being elevated by Jackson Kelly PLLC?  …Josh is also the city attorney for the Evansville City Council?IS IT TRUE that we are told that a candidate for the Evansville City Council will demand that the results of the Forensic Audit and the EPD criminal investigation of ECHO HOUSING Corp. be immediately be made public?IS IT TRUE its been alleged by reliable sources that several city employees were given questionable overtime pay?IS IT TRUE that its been alleged when the IU Medical school project was finished Mayor Winnecke allowed the $59 million dollars (Evansville taxpayers funded) IU Medical school building to be turned over to an out of town investor without trying to recouping some of the $59 million of dollars tax dollars paid to build this building?IS IT TRUE we hear that a candidate will request that information concerning how much money did the City of Evansville give to select businesses in “Facade Grants”?  …we are told that he would also like to know who received this grant money, what was the criteria to award these grants and who were the individuals and businesses that received the grants?Todays“Readers Poll” question is: Who was the most effective Mayor of Evansville? 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