Month: August 2017

The new site to exchange Links

2, must go to check the website of the other side is good. You give people exchange a link, similar to that you have made a good friend, if not friends words, it may involve the exchange links so. In exchange links before, we recommend that you go to look at the other site is normal, the establishment of a long time, whether the contents are collected, the chain is regular station, whether the site has K history etc.. For a web site, we have to do is not easy, it is not because of external link exchange and destroyed the site in search of the "credibility of the eyes". read more

Website optimization only by content updates to maintain the keywords stable

With the popularity of

for small and medium-sized enterprises or some smaller competition sites, this strategy is also can let the site get good rankings, also let a lot of Shanghai dragon er a lot of worry. With the continuous optimization, to some keywords medium-sized website or greater competitiveness in contact, this strategy is often a bit powerless. A lot of Shanghai Longfeng, Cincinnati.

often hear some new Shanghai Dragon Consulting in the forum or QQ group, why website ranking is very difficult to obtain stable, easy to row to the first page of keywords, often after a few days out of the rankings? Many people blamed the love Shanghai algorithm change, or that is the result of love Shanghai artificial intervention. But why so many row in the front page of the site can be stable, why your rankings do not? If you love Shanghai manual intervention, not only for a personal website, at least is a type of website. Many novice Shanghai Longfeng compare gas barrier and frustration, constantly reflection where optimization problems, is the station in or outside the chain, is Links still love Shanghai algorithm revision, very few people think is not because of the ranking of the foundation is not solid. read more

Fast choice of core keywords which four note

concluded: in line with the user search keywords used, suitable for their own web site is an important principle of rapid choice of core keywords.

the following 4 points need to pay attention to:

website optimization is to through the site into the flow of the order, keyword is too popular can bring a lot of traffic to the site, but time-consuming and difficult, such as mobile phone, computer, electronics, furniture, clothing, fabric, paper, toys, food and other "search a huge amount of hot words, choose this website keywords optimization effect is not ideal, for the weak, jump out rate is very high. All we should choose more accurate competition small keywords, such as "Dongguan electronics manufacturers, Dongguan furniture wholesale, Dongguan clothing brand, Dongguan papermaking enterprises" etc.. read more

Five steps of site internal optimization

fourth: the column page optimization

search engine spiders are relying on the website code to grab the code, so the cleanliness and accuracy to improve the website included quantity is very helpful, and now the most consistent with the written requirements of the search engine code is DIV+CSS code of the website, because this code does not have too much junk code and repeat code, so it is suggested that novice try to learn about DIV+CSS related knowledge, for the website optimization is of great help. read more

Love the acquisition of Shanghai PPS can bring new impetus to the development to the video search

video through vivid picture, effective to promote products from the two levels of the breadth and depth of information, and brand value, to obtain fast brand visibility and high flow, so as to bring the enterprise income, in order to people especially the business enterprise like. Remember last year, South Korea "the style" in the short time in the global hot, various industries have whipped up a style wind, visible video in the current network environment huge potential. And the study of video marketing practitioners in the unceasing increase, technology and tools are constantly search engine business, as a traditional flow into large, if not timely to meet the needs of users, it may be beyond the other video sites lead to the loss of core users, search engines and threatens the future living space. read more

Love Shanghai algorithm update snapshot fluctuating ranking disappear

The The

last night to today, which is 8-22 to 8-23, and estimated the love of Shanghai made a big update, do not say anything else, I first said the station, from yesterday began to love Shanghai snapshot has been changed, stay in 7-22, so every day I go to claim my snapshot before yesterday finally in response, sooner or later I see love in Shanghai yesterday to 8-21

this snapshot shows no open, do not know how to love Shanghai, last night, that is 8-22, a friend and I check my snapshots in different places, found the snapshot of stability in the 8-17 number, but today morning snapshot query, returned to 8-21 read more

Discussion on how to improve the weight of love Shanghai new station

the first A5 rainbow auxiliary (贵族宝贝 > welcome

is very important!

webmaster tools we can find that the number of the chain of the site more, to check the chain, the chain that release is more extensive, and the quality and feel good. What does this show? Oh, very simple, love Shanghai to the weight of a website is the role of the chain to many, personally feel that a good love Shanghai site is certainly more extensive publicity, and many places have left it links, and I stood just so so. Powerful chain quantity and quality have a wide range of read more

After making another Optimization not sticking to formalities Shanghai Longfeng standard


three: Internet information

: the main keyword saturated

search engine why has a special liking for the original love? Is not to provide convenience for the users? Just search a message to the sight is those who find the duplicate content and find, to find a few bright spots of the information. I do not know who is now a lazy, used for acquisition of pseudo original, or to write.

two: the optimization methods of saturated

currently has more than China Internet site in the construction process? In statistics there are 4 million numbers, but not to those statistics? Although the Ministry has been thorough record of the wind, but there is still a large number of the site did not record the operation of enron. Even more is the open outcry, the domestic free for the record……. In the huge web base, mainstream search engine keyword throughout every corner. At least hundreds of thousands of search related information, many tens of millions of information index. Illustrates a what kind of phenomenon? Network has become the economy is a indivisible part of the entity, the more influence and realistic hook. Even in the fierce competition environment, optimization is to make more and more people turn to the long term, to dilute the pressure of their own, in order to make a living. Have to say, from the point of reflection, the main keyword has tended to market saturation, otherwise it is not necessary to do what the long tail word. read more

2013 Shanghai Shanghai dragon love worth the attention of the ER aspects of adjustment

love the official website of the Shanghai

Under the Shanghai

with the development of Internet, Internet fraud is becoming more and more serious, love Shanghai is 360 search queries about the medical treatment or other reasons based on love, the start of the Shanghai site certification, a love of Shanghai certified official website, display the site directly behind the title; the other is a security alliance with V certification. There are V words at the back of the link.

this position than on the right side of the promotion advertisement closer, more eye-catching, mainly because it is still pictures, but I don’t understand how this show, but need to have certain keywords can trigger heat content recommendation right, are interested can study earlier, maybe get accurate a flow way. read more

And this is the red net sellers together create numerous brand new electricity supplierAll over the

what caused the current TMT industry investment boom? Excessive hot money is the core.

, the entire US economic recovery and opening of the listing window, also stimulated an investment boom. Red dot investment senior analyst Xie morning star analysis, the environment changed three factors directly affect the capital market investment boom. First, the market economy has fully recovered, investors holding optimistic attitude to the U.S. economy, the U.S. stock price doubled from last year to this year overall, the highest point in the end of March this year. Second, open the window; listing last year, there are 10 stocks listed in the United States, the first half of this year there are 8 listed, September will usher in the market value of the largest technology company listed Alibaba; third, market frontline funds are melting into a new sum of money, including IDG, Jingwei, Qiming, Shun, GGV, blue Chi, these funds need to be in two to three years will invest these funds out, even millions of dollars a year investment demand. read more