first_imgMicrosoft has revealed the results of the interactive polling component of its live streaming of last night’s presidential debate. Among those who identified themselves as undeclared for either candidate before the debate, 51% said President Obama won the battle.Only 17% said Romney was the victor, with 32% unable to say either one stole the show. Of the undecided voters, 28% said they began leaning Obama after the debate, compared to just 10% for Romney. For everyone else, the debate was not enough to decisively sway them to one side or the other.There could be an argument that the average user who is technologically adept enough to watch the debate on Xbox Live is probably a younger voter, and demographics prove younger voters lean for the Democrat, so the results should be taken with a grain of salt. However, after the first debate earlier this month, Xbox Live polling results revealed Mitt Romney as the winner, so it is clear that the Xbox 360 community is at least generally a fair sample of the entire country.Perhaps the more significant numbers, though, are related to just the sheer reach of people that Microsoft is now capturing. More than 100,000 people “engaged” in this week’s presidential debate via Xbox Live. There were as many as 40,000 users answering live poll questions as the debate was unfolding in real time.This is easily the biggest role that a video game platform has ever played on the political process. In fact, Microsoft called it one of the largest “single-screen interactive TV experiences” of all time. With a total of 2 million real-time individual responses to various poll questions, that is a declaration that probably holds muster.The final presidential debate will occur on October 22. Xbox 360 owners will of course be able to stream the entire presentation live. It will be interesting to see if even more people participate for the final debate.via Major Nelsonlast_img read more