first_imgWe’ve seen a great amount of multi-tools. Multi-tools shaped as credit cards, as pens, as bracelets. However, these only do one thing. They shrink your toolkit. Multi-tools, given their name, usually don’t go beyond tools, unless it’s the odd nail clipper or the bottle opener… and that makes them great for the tinkerer, the person who needs to fix things. They’re not particularly great for the traveler. Traveling/backpacking/camping have a slightly different set of requirements and an allen-key or a screw driver or a doesn’t do much in those scenarios.The Muncher by Full Windsor, however isn’t a multi-tool. It’s a multi-utensil. Built for the slightly sophisticated Bear Grylls in you, this little piece of metal fits all the tools you need to survive in the wild. Weighing in at a mere 0.7 ounces (20grams) this bad-boy fits in 10 different pieces of camping equipment into one slick, pocketable mass. The Muncher’s design looks a lot like a spork, but that’s just from afar. On closer inspection you’ll see that apart from being a spoon/fork amalgamation it even cuts, peels, slices, opens, fastens/loosens, and even ignites! Yes, the Muncher comes with a pretty handy flint-stick that allows you to not just start the fire, but even open the tinned food, and eat said food once you’re done cooking.The Muncher comes crafted in titanium, probably the most appropriate material for something of its nature. Titanium, for one, with its incredible strength makes great blades that don’t lose their edge easily. Titanium is also a wonderful material for making utensils because it doesn’t impart a metallic taste to the food, unlike Stainless Steel or Aluminum. It’s also known not to rust or catch stains, which means washing up after your dinner date with mother nature is an absolute breeze! Ditch the Swiss Army Knife the next time you go camping. The Muncher is a much better ‘weapon’ of choice!Designer: Mark WindsorClick Here To Buy NowAbout The MuncherThe Muncher packs a punch with 10 functionalities. Made from AEROSPACE GRADE TITANIUM, it is amazingly strong and light-weight at just 0.7oz / 20grams. The ideal companion on any trip where weight and space are a consideration. The Muncher’s versatility makes it an everyday carry for any adventurer or traveller, be it camping in your back yard to backpacking around the world.Easy To CleanBoth spork and serrated knife are highly polished for an easy to clean finish. Because it is made of titanium you will experience no metallic smell or taste. Also, it does not rust like other metals.A hypalon pouch keeps the utensil safely stowed away. The carabiner allows it to be attached almost anywhere for safe keeping. The pouch stores a ferrocerium fire starting flint that can be used in conjunction with the angled edge of the can opener to create a spark to get your fire going wherever in the wilderness you might be.Light, Open & EatIn the middle of the utensil you will find a bottle opener which also functions as a handy potato peeler. Next to this is a can opener and chord cutter. The end of the utensil can be used in a variety of ways, be it a flat head screw driver, ply-bar for opening lids or even a box cutter for opening food packaging.Click Here To Buy NowSharePinShareFlipSharePocket986 Shareslast_img read more